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Grand Theft Auto: Carcer City (2020 Version)


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Loading Theme:

Portishead - Sheared Times


Written by sabitsuki

Loosely based on ObsydianRaven's 2011 concept.


Other concepts by me:

Grand Theft Auto: Borders

Grand Theft Auto: The Inner Circle


















"The year is 1996. The turn of the century looms over the horizon as civilization embraces a new era, marked by breakthroughs in technology and global communication on a scale never before seen in human history. Optimism prevails as a period of prosperity and seemingly never-ending economic growth engulfs America's coastal cities, while the ghosts of the Rust Belt are left to their own devices. Fresh out of the state pen, a man, born and bred in a city that thrives in violence and vice at the brink of a massive gang war, journeys across his hometown, coming to terms with his past, a quest of vengeance and a changing time."






GTA: Carcer City, as its name implies, takes place in Carcer City, in the fictional Midwestern state of Musketoon (loosely based on Indiana and Michigan, with elements of Pennsylvania and Illinois), near the Canadian border. Mostly based on Detroit, the city also takes influences from other Rust Belt cities such as Flint, Gary and Pittsburgh. A dangerous city long past its prime, it is surrounded by suburban areas, both rich and poor, forests, two relatively large lakes and connecting rivers, a mountain with a waterfall and a significantly safer, yet smaller city based on Ann Arbor west to it. Set between 1996 and 1997, and briefly during the 1970s and 1989, there is a consistent grunge/industrial tone to the game, with the default color grading for the game being that of a rusted sepia filter, which can be changed in-game through the filters menu.


Returning to the roots of the series, as well as the gritty atmosphere of The Lost And Damned, GTA: Carcer City features one main protagonist, although the player briefly takes control of a few other characters momentarily over the course of the storyline. The story, split into 7 Chapters with a Prologue in the style of RDR2, with each chapter taking place in a different season. A morality system exists in-game, and can determine the fate of certain primary characters in the storyline, with a dialogue wheel system similar to Mass Effect being present in the game. There are three endings in the game, an honorable criminal ending, a neutral criminal ending and a dishonorable criminal ending, all three which involve Ricky leaving the city behind him.


Beginning in the winter of 1989, there is a time skip of seven years to springtime of 1996, which coincides with Chapter 1, and ending in the warm summer of 1997, coinciding with Chapter 7.


Other than main storyline missions, the player can engage in other side activities, both action-based and ambient.


Borrowing from the first Saints Row, many in-game stores have opening and closing times, with some exceptions such as 24-hour convenience stores, and sales for discounted goods are advertised through the game's radio.


Many activities from previous GTAs are featured in GTA: Carcer City, such as, but not limited to, Drug Dealing, Racing (Illegal and Legal), Rampages, Gambling, Vigilante, Taxi Driver, Valet and Clubbing (in this case, Raving), along with new activities including Loan Sharking, Rave Bounties, Cage Fights, Blackmail, Devil's Night, Bar Brawls, Rooftop Assassinations, Protection Money Collection, Bet Fixing, Small Town Nightwatch and a much more improved Store Holdup system that functions much like a cross between Saints Row 1 and RDR2.


Ambient activities include Drinking (many accessible bars and pubs), Strip Clubs, Fishing, Eating, Consumption of certain Drugs, Hunting, Pool, Basketball, Photography, working at an Auto Shop and Random Encounters. An early form of the internet can also be used in-game, with an early email used to communicate with characters, drug pushers and weapon dealers in-game as well as a leisure-based web-hosting service based on Yahoo! Geocities which explores the more humorous and satirical elements of the game. TV shows are back and greater than ever, with a larger number of mocap-based TV shows that contrast with the predominantly cartoon-based programs in GTA V, with many shows that parody cheesy 80s-90s action shows, sitcoms and soap operas, as well as an MTV pastiche that plays a mixture of trippy animations and certain licensed music videos from the era.


Safehouses can be bought around the map, and hotels and motels can be rented temporarily as a single save point.


Cores return from RDR2, though they are slightly more dumbed down and less realistic for gameplay purposes, being limited to Health, Stamina and Strength cores. With the presence of changing seasons, much like in RDR2, wearing inappropriate clothing for certain seasons (especially during the winter) can result in an adverse impact on your cores.


The protagonist communicates through both a 2-way Pager and a Cellphone based on the Nokia 8110, the former mostly used to know about special drug or weapons deals around the city which acts as a companion device to the in-game email.


There are a total of 16 radio stations in-game, 2 of which are talk show stations. Playing a wide variety of music, ranging from rock, metal, techno and hip-hop from the mid-90s to more somber and relaxed jazz and soul tracks from the 50s to 80s, the game attempts to encompass the musical tastes and origins of Detroit, as well as the ethos of Generation X, along with the themes featured in the storyline, in order to create a unique musical experience. Music on the stations can also be purchased in music stores around the map, and are listenable through the Panoramic Strutter, an MP3 Player modelled after the South Korean MPMan.


Many of the features, and others, will be elaborated on in greater detail either in this post or in future posts.







To be added soon...




To be added soon...




To be added soon...




To be added soon...


Set in the fictional Weldon County, Musketoon (based on Wayne County, Michigan), the in-game map comprises of several locales, with a main city (Carcer City), a smaller lakeside city (Antigone Falls), three smaller townships/suburban areas (Carlton, Fleming and Boulder), two lakes (McMillan Lake and Parrish Lake), a natural preserve/forest (Musketoon State Nature Trail), a mountain hiking/road trail (Rusty Valley) with a bumpy waterfall (Humphrey Rapids), all connected by two interstate freeways (I-11 and I-13).


The complete map for this concept will be added in in the near future.



Carcer City

Antigone Falls



Population: 1,500,000

Served by:

Carcer City Police Department (CCPD)

Carcer City Tram Authority

The El

Carcer Buses




Founded in 1879 formerly as the site of a large penitentiary and located in the eastern part of the map, Carcer City was known by the affectionate nickname "Assembly City" due to its successful auto-manufacturing industry prior to the 70s. By the mid-90s, due to the import boom, white flight and a poor transition to the information age, the city has deteriorated into a downtrodden Rust Belt enclave with a rapidly dwindling population, with stretches of urban sprawl and abandoned structures, rife with high rates of drug use, corruption, crime and murder. Property values in the city are at an all-time low, with certain properties going for as much as $500. Mostly based on the real city of Detroit, Michigan, Carcer City also takes influences from other places such as Flint, Michigan, Gary, Indiana, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with a train system that is comparable to the Chicago L and a tram line that often breaks down due to poor maintenance. It is served by the Carcer City Police Department (CCPD) and the Carcer City Council.


Demographically, the city is roughly 55% black and 35% white, much like Detroit in real life. There is also a growing Hispanic (mostly from Mexico) and Southeast Asian (Hmong) population in the city.


Other than cars, the city is also known for its steel buildings and Art Deco and Post-Modern style architecture, with many of its tallest and most iconic buildings constructed solely out of either steel or sandstone in a distinct Depression-era style not dissimilar to those seen in Liberty City, albeit more sparse and further apart in terms of scale. It was also widely known as the city that revitalized jazz and soul music back in the 60s, and in the 90s gave birth to a regionally distinct form of hip hop and techno, two genres which have radio stations in the game.


Gangs are a huge problem in the city and its surrounding suburban areas, with over 10 gangs claiming different areas as their turf. Skirmishes often happen on the streets, with gang members shooting at each other, dealing drugs, stealing cars, committing store stick-ups and tagging their turf, even in broad daylight. Two of the most powerful gangs in the city, The Pharaohs and The Motor Union, are just inches away from a gang war, after a long uneasy truce. Corruption is rampant, both in the political and judicial system, and the cops in the CCPD and even the City Council are more than willing to take bribes from drug dealers and criminals in the area. Illegal raves also pop up regularly around the city, typically around abandoned industrial spaces such as warehouses and factories, where the hedonistic youth of the city congregate in a night of drugs, booze and dancing.


Devil's Night happens on Friday every week, where the city briefly falls into a state of anarchy. It is a period where gangs and youth go out on the streets and cause as much violence and havoc as they can; breaking into stores and stealing items, setting cars on fire, beating people up and vandalizing public property. A vigilante group, The Seraphs of Carcer, was formed to combat these problems head on, and the player is able to join them to patrol the streets during this night.


The city is divided into six neighborhoods, with each neighborhood containing a specific land use and demographic. This division is brought about by the Wapachee River, an infamous waterway that periodically catches fire due to the waste present inside it. There is also a noticeable wealth inequality in the city which can be observed in areas such as the intersection between Hemsworth Park and Brenton, where upper class suburbs oftentimes clash with the dilapidated ghettos within a mere block. The city is also implied to have a large water bridge over the St. Denis Lake (essentially the infinite sea eastwards from the city) that crosses over to the Canadian border, which is not seen in-game.


Despite its origins in the series, Carcer City in the HD Universe is definitely not as anarchic and violent as it was in Manhunt, socially resembling more like a cross between Stilwater in SR1 and Baltimore in The Wire, with an atmosphere that is comparable to Louisiana in True Detective. That said, many references to it will appear in the game, including a few districts that share names with the ones featured in the original Manhunt.







Poppy Row


Isle Blanc






Allistor Park


Athens Boulevard

Wapona Hills


Alcove Waterbay


Based on New Center, Detroit, Concord is located west of Midtown and south of Fernbrooke, and is considered to be the city's historic residential district, with many fancy villa-style suburban homes, apartments and restaurants located here, in close proximity to the city's cultural Downtown neighborhood. Home to the luxurious Wapona Hills gated community where most of the city's out-of-towners, politicians and yuppies reside, policed heavily by Carcer City's finest. The neighborhood is not free from crime, however, as two gangs, Da Northside Click and Delta Chargers MC, claim Nightingale and Athens Boulevard, two of the neighborhood's poorest districts, as their turf. Another gang, The Jury, consisting of masked upper-class yuppies with a penchant for ultraviolence who only hang out after midnight and during Devil's Night, also have a set in Ravenwood.





Lafayette Historical District

Fitzgerald Arts District

Jorge's Point

Fischer Corridor


The arts and commercial district of Carcer City, right above Downtown. Home to many decrepit art deco buildings, theatres, mom-and-pop dollar stores and auto-shops, including Tommy's, whose shop is located down at Fischer Corridor near Downtown. Originally one of the safer neighborhoods in Carcer City, it is, by 1996, a dangerous place to live, with a new gang, The Midtown Hoods, vying over control of the districts against Warlord Nation and The Hampton Shootaz.


There are tram stops located around the districts of Fischer Corridor and Lafayette Historical District, both which lead to Downtown.




Fremont Avenue Arcade District

Harlequin Park

Plemmons Financial District

Byron Henderson Promenade

Helens Creek


Union Market


The second largest neighborhood in Carcer City, and a hub for commerce and finance. Many of Carcer City's famed structures and districts are located here, such as the Fremont Avenue Arcade District, a famous shopping district, The Vapid Block in Plemmons Financial, The J.Jones Building in Palisades, the Oldman Courthouse in Helens Creek and The Trinity located at the Byron Henderson Promenade, just to name a few. The Vault Hotel (based on the Detroit Foundation Hotel), which is prominently featured in the game's prologue as the site of the heist, is located at The Arcade. Other landmarks and areas of interest include Harlequin Park, an amalgamation of the Grand Circus Park and the Campus Martius Park where Downtown's ill-maintained green space is located, as well as Shaw's Harbor in The Promenade, where the city's steel is exported to other states and Canada through the use of freights and small ships. A city circle tram line is also based in Downtown, being connected to Fischer Corridor and Lafayette Historical District in Midtown.


 One of the bad areas in town, Downtown Carcer is home to many of the city's gangs and sets, from biker gangs such as The Angels Of Death, Latino syndicates such as The Spanish Lords to African-American gangs such as Da Clubs and The Desert Kings present in different areas of the map.


The Pharaohs are based in Union Market, being headquartered in the J.Geills Building, at a street corner near Palisades. 




Hemsworth Park

Nickel Village


Van Dyke Boulevard


East Stills

West Stills

Warrington Airport

The Waterfront


Located north of Concord and west from Downtown Carcer is the city's very own piece of low-rate suburbia, loosely based on Eastern Market, Detroit, Glen Park, Gary, and other non-specific areas of the Woodward Corridor. The largest neighborhood in Carcer City, it is a predominantly working-class neighborhood which runs the gamut from richer enclaves such as Brenton to dangerous ghettos such as the infamous Hemsworth Park and the Stills, where they are, to this day, hubs of intense gang activity. The neighborhood is turfed by gangs such as Warlord Nation and The Desert Kings, gangs which also hold turf in Midtown and Downtown and are affiliates to The Pharaohs, along with Da Aces, which together with Da Clubs form Da 5th Avenue Family, essentially a rival gang to The Pharaohs. A white street gang, The Flushes, also have a set in Van Dyke Boulevard, where they mostly peddle drugs and organize raves. A large Hmong immigrant population exists in the neighborhood of Edenwood, where an ethnic gang, The Wild Boyz, claim as their turf and engage in illegal street races around the city. The city's airport, called the Warrington International Airport, is located in its own district south of the Stills, accessible from Downtown.


Many abandoned structures can be found in the neighborhoods of Nickel Village and certain parts of Hemsworth Park, where barely any traffic runs through, giving players a great opportunity for some urban exploration.




East Los Albos

West Los Albos

Little Warsaw


Lewis Factory District


Located north of Midtown, and sharing turf with parts of Fernbrooke and Concord and connected to Kingfisher by bridge, Poppy Row is a mixed industrial/residential neighborhood with a historic Polish and Ukrainian-American diaspora in Little Warsaw and a growing Mexican population in the formerly industrial-based neighborhood of Los Albos. Home to a few Catholic denominations, pierogi shops, suburban areas and many struggling factories, it is located not too far away from the main I-11 freeway. Two main gangs, The Warsaw Posse, a Slavic-American gang associated with both The Flushes and The Motor Union, and The Innocentz, a newly formed Latino gang composed of youths and gangsters who enjoy painting their faces with Dia De Los Muertos-style facepaint, control this neighborhood, although due to their shared Catholic background they are not engaged in any gang war.


Speaking of The Motor Union, their base of operations is located in the neighborhood of Silvertown, in a formerly abandoned Bravado factory, renovated into an office block in a contemporary style.




Santos-Elroy Industrial Park

Kowalski Lakefront

Carcer City Forge


Hollow's Point


Easternmost neighborhood that shares part of its land with Poppy Row, angling at the Wapachee River. Though being mostly a downtrodden industrial area, a beach-like lakefront known as the Kowalski Lakefront is located south of Kingfisher, where inhabitants from the city come to contemplate and smoke, staring out across the foggy Canadian border. Other than its industrial use, Kingfisher is home to three other locales exclusive to the area, such as the historic Carcer City Forge, an abandoned metal foundry located closer inland, Denton, home to Carcer City's own scrapyard and city dump, and finally Hollow's Point, a small port that acts as a much more discreet stopover point as opposed to Shaw's Harbor in Downtown.


A small white supremacist gang, The Skinz, is based in both The Forge and Denton, hanging around scrapyards, spouting white power slogans, drinking and shooting bottles. Another gang, Deadlocks MC, is based in the Santos-Elroy Industrial Park. The Cheatham Jetty at Hollow's Point is used as a body disposal site, where gangs such as The Pavanos and The Motor Union use to execute traitors or enemies.




An island located along the Wapachee River, between the districts of East Stills in Fernbrooke and Helens Creek in Downtown. Based on Belle Isle, Detroit, the island is home to the large Gallagher Planetarium, the Concord Yacht Club and the Carcer City Memorial Park. The island is connected to the mainland via the Flow Bridge.


One of the neutral areas in the game, with only a few members of either The Jury or The Streetwannabes hanging around and loitering between the three landmarks.



Population: 89,000

Served by:
Antigone Falls Police Department (AFPD)

Antigone Falls Trams (AFT)

A.F. Bus Depot




Located west on the game's map, Antigone Falls is Carcer's very own neighboring city, and considerably safer at that. Loosely based on Ann Arbor, Michigan, Grand Rapids, Michigan and Traverse City, Michigan, and geographically based on Grand Rapids, Antigone Falls is the city that Carcer City could have been, Antigone Falls was able to overcome the Rust Belt issues that were present in the latter, mostly due to its significantly smaller population, a much more efficient city council as well as a heavy investment in its tech and research industries. The environment of the city is also much cleaner and eco-friendly compared to Carcer City, overlooking the majestic McMillan Lake and the Rusty Valley and being a short drive away from the Nature Trail. Gang presence still exists, however, although it is not as big of a problem as it is in Carcer City.


Demographically, it is generally whiter than Carcer City, being almost 50% white with only about 30% of the city being black. Composed mostly of former Carcer City residents, retirees and tech whizzes from San Andreas and Liberty City, Antigone Falls is a Midwestern soccer mom hellhole in the making.






Riker's Airfield





The city's metropolitan area, filled with bars, coffee shops, a few malls and offices, with bike-friendly paths. With Bean Machines, Burger Shots and faux-Asian restaurants in every corner, it is globalization manifest. A tram service is active in this district, which connects to the trendier Uptown neighborhood. A large park called Audrey Park is perched near Uptown, where an enterable museum built in a Modernist style similar to that of Frank Lloyd Wright's is located. A stadium known as the Musketoon Stadium is located in the heart of Downtown.


While there is noticeably less crime in the area compared to Downtown Carcer, certain members of the Perello Mafia (based on The Detroit Partnership) congregate outside bars and the city's only strip club, Rocketgirl, at nighttime, after being kicked out from Carcer City by the combined forces of The Pharaohs, The Motor Union and The Pavanos, where they engage in mostly small-time crimes such as protection rackets, fraud, strip club management and loan sharking, with the occasional drug dealing.



A youth-dominated district filled with clothing stores, artisan eateries and coffee shops, tech startups and art galleries. The area of town that attempts to recreate, and capitalize on, the ideal essence of small-town living. Live shows by small-town emo/indie rock bands and a few rap/R&B groups from Carcer City are performed in The Trailer, a retro 50s-inspired diner located beside Wellers Bridge which connects to Downtown.



A large suburban area located right beside the McMillan Lake, in full view of the Rusty Valley, perfect for retiring, raising a family or lying low in Witness Protection. Filled with rows of plain-looking suburban houses, cul-de-sacs and gas stations every two blocks, it is the quintessential Midwestern suburb for a boring, yet secure life. A family mall known as the Tampa Mall is located here, with a large parking space that is perfect for shootouts, and a famous fishing spot, The McMillan Boardwalk, is located closer to the lake.



Adjacent to both Tampa and McMillan Lake, Riker's Airfield is a long strip of land designed with the aircraft enthusiast in mind. A few hangars and suburban enclaves are located here, near the I-13 freeway. Airshows such as The Cunning Stunts Festival are based here.







Served by:

Hard-As Interstate Bus Travel

Musketoon State Troopers



The game's little piece of Midwestern Americana, with each town having its own personality and color. Some are safe havens for small-town living, others are worse off than Carcer City in terms of post-80s decline.





Population: 330

Based on Flint, Michigan. Located inland, about 5 miles away from Carcer City along the I-11 and bordering the Parrish Lake, Carlton is a depressed small town surrounded by a dying steel mill, where half its population are addicted to methamphetamine. With broken down, dilapidated 1970s-era suburban housing, an old skate park and dirty convenience stores in every corner, with a landscape of highways and vast plains/prairies that reach to nowhere and a high crime and drug abuse rate among its youth, Carlton is as close as the game can get to a depiction of a decrepit small town as seen in films such as Gummo.



Population: 1115

Loosely based on Ypsilanti, Michigan. A relatively successful small town located dead center in the map, with a thriving produce industry. It is famous for its berry farms and sunflower fields, known collectively as the Fleming Fields. It is also home to a few quaint motels, gardens and coffee shops, providing players with the perfect photo opportunity, especially in the Online mode.



Population: 475

A foggy cliffside town in the intersection between The Nature Trail and The Rusty Valley, about 5 miles northeast of Antigone Falls. It is a quiet town where, despite its friendly locals and magnificent views of the surrounding coast, forests and mountains, is home to many urban legends, supernatural myths and an unsolved murder of a young receptionist. It is a short drive away from the Humphrey Rapids, and it is where the famous Davison Motel, a wooden cabin-based motel, and Boulder Diner, known for its coffee and cherry pie, are located.



McMillan Lake

Parrish Lake

Humphrey Rapids

Musketoon State Nature Trail

Rusty Valley


Serviced by:

Musketoon Park Rangers

Musketoon State Troopers

Weldon County Fire Department



Being close in proximity to Canada, Weldon County generally experiences a mild-to-cold temperate climate common in these areas as compared to other parts of the state, with lukewarm summers and cold winters all-year round, with moderate levels of rainfall. Being a relatively obscure state as compared to either Liberty State or San Andreas, at least internationally, Musketoon receives the pleasure of not having any pesky tourists ruining or damaging the natural landscape, a task that is already fulfilled by the local Americans and Canadians travelling for a stopover. 


Home to some of the Midwest's undiscovered natural wonders, Weldon County provides hours of entertainment for its visitors by just stopping by and enjoying its fantastic scenery.





A large lake located adjacent to the city of Antigone Falls. A city landmark as well as the newfound pride and joy of Musketoonites, the lake is surrounded by the suburb of Tampa and overlooks the majestic Rusty Valley and its surrounding forests. Other than its scenery, the lake is also a renowned fishing spot, with many species of carp, salmon and sturgeon just waiting to be caught in the clean waters. Boats can be rented from a shack at the McMillan Boardwalk, if you're willing to pay, that is. The locals would tell you to visit the lake when it is foggy to truly experience its beauty.


 A tributary called the Alonzo Tributary originating from the valley as well as two distributaries, the Leeman River and the Raclette River, are connected to the lake.


Many species of wildlife also congregate in their natural environment in parts of the lake untouched by civilization, with animals such as hogs, deers, elk, moose, beavers, goats and even brown bears that can be seen drinking from the lake and its nearby rivers, with waterfowl such as ducks or grebes swimming around the lake.


A mysterious shrine-like area called Joakim's Folly exists on a small isle somewhere in the center of the lake, leading to an underground passage.



A smaller, algae-rich prairie lake located nearby the small town of Carlton, with a few ponds surrounding it. Though not as clean as compared to McMillan Lake due to a nearby steel mill, it remains a pretty sight to behold near the dilapidated town and is perhaps the last bastion of sanity for its inhabitants. Many residents from Carlton go to the lake either to swim, to shower, organize barbecues, fight or just to smoke.


Given its close proximity to the I-11 as well as prior deforestation of the area surrounding the lake, wildlife are a rare sight around it, with the occasional doe galloping across the plains, narrowly avoiding the passing vehicles on the freeway. Fish aren't as plenty as it is in McMillan, but they can still be caught. Ducks can also sometimes be observed swimming around the lake.



Like Tongva Valley, but bigger and with higher rapids, complete with a mid-sized waterfall for those mean jumps. One of the must-sees in Musketoon, the Humphrey Rapids are connected directly to the Rusty Valley, and are a great place for inter-county rafting. An observation deck of the rapids is located near the town of Boulder.



A dense temperate forest slash mountain, complete with walking and hiking trails. A few cabins are located by the base of the trail, where they serve as nothing more than glorified tourist traps selling kitschy T-shirts and tacky souvenirs. There are a few observation decks located at different altitudes of the trail, and there is a cave near the center of the trail that leads to the Rusty Valley.



A collective set of two mountains with a valley in between. The true landmarks of Weldon County, fog can often be observed around this valley, especially in the wee hours of the morning. Many rivers and lake around the city originate from the valley, and the summit of the mountains are tipped with snow, even during the summer. Contains several base jump points and decks for those interested in the art of parachuting.






Borrowing the narrative style from RDR2 and Bully as well as the character arcs seen in films such as Pulp Fiction and games such as Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, albeit restricted only to specific missions, GTA: Carcer City is split into 7 Chapters, with each chapter taking place in varying seasons. The prologue begins in 1989, chapters 1-4 in 1996 and chapters 5-7 in 1997, along with flashback sequences back to either the mid-to-late 1970s or back to 1989.


Our main protagonist, Richard "Ricky" Youngblood, will be the leading man in this story, though other characters, such as Corey WalkerJacob "Jake" Rodchenko, Tina RochesterTommy Youngblood, Agent Alan Hendricks and Marvin "8-Bit" Haroldson are briefly playable in certain missions.


The list of missions are as follows (usually in chronological order), followed by a brief description of the missions. There are altogether __ missions in GTA: Carcer City.



Year: Winter, 1989.






Prologue Mission

Home Free!

The Midtown Posse, which include a then-21-year old Ricky, hit up the Blackburn Residence in Wapona Hills during a Christmas gala in the Winter of '89, thanks to a tip-off from the Walker Brothers. They hold almost everyone at the mansion hostage, as they attempt to steal as much as they can during their time there, sparing no guest nor owner. All goes well, until certain unforseen events occur...



Year: Spring, 1996.






Mission 1

Highway To Hell

An intro driving mission of sorts. Ricky finds himself suddenly out of prison after a seven-year stint, thanks to an anonymous party pulling the strings in the corrupt Musketoonian judicial system. His uncle Tommy fetches him from the pen, as they head back to his garage at the Fischer Corridor. Halfway on the road, Ricky takes the wheel, and discusses his plans for vengeance.


Mission 2

Street Kids

Ricky helps out around Tommy's Autoparts with garage work, with his uncle showing the ropes on how to chop up and fix vehicles in the event of a breakdown, through client work. They soon face trouble from a couple of Streetwannabes, who knock out an unsuspecting client and jack his car, forcing Ricky to go on a wild car chase to retrieve the stolen vehicle. Chop Shop tutorial mission.


Mission 3

Calling It A Day

Closing time at Tommy's Autoparts, Ricky and Tommy engage in small-talk over a couple of beers, when a posse of Hampton Shootaz street thugs bust in with hammers, bats and guns, trying to pull a stick-up at the garage. Melee combat tutorial mission.


Mission 4 (Final)

Beer Run

Tommy sends out Ricky to the nearest 24/7 two blocks from the garage to run some errands for the old man. The shopping list? Just one pack of ice cold Logger for both of them to share. Upon arriving, however, Ricky finds the clerk dead, while the store is completely overrun by a posse of psychotic, drug-addled Flushes members. A manhunt for Ricky ensues across the derelict town square in the Arts district as Ricky kills the entire posse, grabs the case and makes a run for it, stealthily evading any gang member he encounters. Stealth mechanics tutorial mission.


Cutscene 1

The Mentor

Ricky meets an old friend, and mentor, at the garage during a regular business day. Top Gun offers Ricky a business proposition, as the ex-convict considers going back to the now-lucrative drug trade, much to Tommy's dismay.




Mission 1

Getting In On The Ground Floor

Ricky takes Top Gun's offer to be a dealer for the Warlord Nation once more, and the man sends his protege, a 16-year old named 8-Bit, to show him the ropes of the intricate drug trade in Carcer City. They soon run into trouble with other gangs, and even the law. Drug dealing tutorial mission.


Mission 2

Vans Off The Wall

The rivals of the Warlord Nation, Da Aces, are running their drug smuggling operations out of vans, packing drugs discreetly into different areas of the vehicle, according to a little birdie out on the streets. Top Gun orders Ricky to take out two of the vans, and to steal one for his own use, though this time, 8-Bit isn't available for a team-up. Drug van mission.


Mission 3 (Final)

Running Up That Hill

Top Gun discovers a large stash of cocaine making its rounds in Hemsworth Park, one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the city, and orders 8-Bit and Ricky to go grab the stash, paying them both a higher rate than usual. A dangerous footchase ensues, as 8-Bit opens up to Ricky about his past, and his future for his family and the gang.






Cutscene 1

The Sitdown

A sitdown between two of the city's most powerful gangs, The Motor Union and The Pharaohs, takes place. The player controls a Desert Kings member, Tina Rochester, as she silently watches the conversation take place between the two leaders.


Cutscene 2

The Traitors

Tina and her boyfriend, Desert Kings lieutenant MK, meet up with a high-ranking member of the Union, a man known as Lay Armstrong, later that night. Turns out, all three of them are driven to achieve mutually-beneficial goals, with similar lusts for power. Lay brings a third party in for assistance.






Mission 1

Gross Violations

Impressed by the Hemsworth Park job, Ricky's notoriety continues to grow in the Carcer City underworld, as Top Gun reintroduces him to his best friend and leader of The Desert Kings, Niner. Niner sends Ricky out on a job to oversee an arms deal between the Desert Kings and The Delta Chargers MC at a waste disposal plant in Kingfisher, only to realize upon arriving that all the dealers are dead, save for a sole Desert Kings member named Berto. A large gang of Skinz ambushes Ricky, as the two men attempt to retrieve what was left of the money and shipment.


Mission 2


Niner hears word on the street that Da Clubs are keeping three sets of Soviet surplus arms shipments at three different abandoned houses in the West Stills neighborhood of Carcer City. Ricky improvises and uses an unlikely weapon to destroy the goods; a modified, bulletproof Bulldozer from a nearby demolition site.


Mission 3 (Final)

Polishing The Brass

Niner provides Ricky a change of scenery, and tells him to bust up another gang's shipment instead, setting his eyes on the Warsaw Posse, hidden in a food truck in the underground basement of Tomasi's Gyros in Little Warsaw. A group of Polish-American gangsters tail Ricky as he attempts to hold up the restaurant and interrogate the owner, culminating in a wild drive-by shootout with the gang using whatever the man can find in the truck.








Cutscene 1 (End Of Chapter)

A Deal Is A Deal

Jake Rodchenko sets an example to traitors of The Motor Union by executing one of his own in front of his benefactors, members of the Pavano Crime Family out of Liberty. The leader of the crew, Al Marchetti, however, isn't entire convinced.



Year: Summer, 1996.


One month later...






Cutscene 1

The Man In The Tower

After receiving Niner's phonecall, Ricky heads to the J.Geills Building in Union Park, where he encounters trouble with a racist member of The Pharaohs, Lil' Dwaine. He takes matters into his own hands, and much to Luther Harper's amusement, Ricky brings a special guest to the boardroom.




Mission 1

Addicted To Speed

Top Gun informs Ricky about someone who knows where Brandon might be over the cellular. Meeting Seth and Top Gun at Los Borrachos in West Los Albos, the Innocentz gangbanger pits Ricky on his first job to gain his trust. He sends Ricky Downtown to bust a deal between Da Clubs and Da Northside Click; a street-racing syndicate of middle-to-upper-class black Carcerian speedfreaks. The target? A tuned-out, imported-from-Japan Harimau fitted with some really cool gadgets.


Mission 2

And Let God Sort Them Out...

With a vendetta against the Skinz, Seth sics Ricky out against the white supremacists at the Denton Junkyard in Kingfisher, where he hijacks an armored Melissa muscle car and runs the entire gang down, before taking part in a wild chase across the freeways of Carcer City.


Mission 3 (Final)

Fools Gold

Setting his eyes on the rich district of Concord, Seth sends Ricky out on the final job of the season; steal 3 exotic European vehicles in the specified locations, a Boudoir, an Argent and a Canaan. Seems like an easy job, until Ricky realizes that high society also packs heat.




Mission 1

Night Moves

Ricky responds to a job from Niner, though he isn't exactly pleased with the situation back at J.Geills. He sends Ricky and Berto together on a job, where they have to steal a shipment from a gang of Spanish Lords, hailing from the East Coast, located in an abandoned Irish bar downtown. Ricky has to provide sniper support as Berto fights his way through waves of gangsters inside the bar.


Mission 2 (Final)

Call To Arms

Before handing the reigns over to Luther, Niner, who begins to trust the man, sends Ricky out on one last job. He is sent to the Kingfisher docks, where a mid-sized shipment of arms hailing from Canada arrives in Carcer City via the St. Clair Lake. Unfortunately for the Desert Kings, midway-through the unloading, Border Police leads a raid. Upon realizing that the cops have been paid off by an unknown rival gang after they begin executing members of The Pharaohs, Ricky and company attempt to keep their hold on the shipment, eliminating waves of bent police before escaping with a shipment of weapons packed in a quad bike.




Mission 1

American Values

Ricky makes a formal introduction of himself to Luther, the leader of the biggest gang in town, The Pharoahs. Luther sees potential in the young man, in spite of his ethnicity, and sends him first to wiretap a corrupt member of city hall by bugging his hotel room and car.


Mission 2


Turns out, the alderman has links to a dubious out-of-town arms smuggling ring, a connection unsanctioned by both the Motor Union and the Pharaohs. Luther partners Ricky with his best man, Roy Hutchinson, as they drive to Sonny's Chips near the Trinity Towers, to talk some sense into the man.


Mission 3 (Final)

Summer Of Lead

The man in the suit isn't going to budge, and neither will Luther. Finding out the location of the alderman's safehouse, Luther sends out both Roy and Ricky in a chopper to take out the alderman and his entourage, Full Metal Jacket style.




Mission 1 (Final)


Ricky returns back to the garage, while Tommy, in a brief period of sobriety, tells him to leave town while he still can, leading to a tense conversation between uncle and nephew.


The scene then switches to Tina and MK at one of the Pharaoh's biggest arms smuggling fronts in the industrial district, where they attempt to reason with an old friend, before the bikers arrive to tear the place apart.



Year: Fall-Winter, 1996.





Year: Winter, 1996. Winter, early 1997.





Year: Spring, 1997.





Year: Spring-Summer, 1997.





Year: Summer, 1997.





Year: Summer, 1997.





Year: Summer, 1997.





Year: Summer-Fall, 1997.










The cast of characters featured in GTA: Carcer City, with each character having different motivations and reasons for doing what they do. Many characters do not make it by the end of the storyline.



The playable character of the storyline.



"Don't remember too much about the rez, but really it ain't much different from this city. Folks come here to f*ck, kill and get high like back home, it's the sorta place America likes to forget ever existed, and guess what? I'm gonna tap into this market like the true American I am."

Portrayed by: Alex Meraz (Film Reel) (Interview) (Javi - Animal Kingdom)

The protagonist of the game. He is a 28-year old Native American criminal of Lakota descent who was born in South Yankton and raised in Carcer City. Growing up in the infamous Primrose Native American Reservation, with high rates of drug use, alcoholism and crime, he moves to Carcer City with his uncle Tommy in 1976, after his parents were killed during a drug raid at the rez in '75, which traumatized him significantly. Even as a young boy in the rez, Ricky was no stranger to criminal activity, and was often involved with gangs in the early-to-mid 70s, acting as a carrier for the local meth rings in the area.


In 1976, a year after his parents' deaths, his uncle Tommy decides to move to Carcer City, taking Ricky along with him in an attempt to start life afresh. Unfortunately, the city had already fallen from grace, experiencing a rapid state of decline at this point and becoming just as bad as, if not worse, than the rez. Tommy was unable to stop Ricky from succumbing into the criminal underworld, something that he regrets deeply when Ricky talks to him around Chapter 3. Starting at the young age of 14, he becomes a drug dealer, and becomes well-known in the underground as a petty, yet efficient criminal, working for barons such as Tyrone Jefferson and Top Gun, the latter whom he shares a mentor-student relationship with. During this period in the 80s, he also gets acquainted with Aaron Hughes, who later on becomes his best friend, and starts dating a girl named Lydia Waczynski, both hailing from Hampton, Midtown. He later forms a gang with three other men, Brandon DeVaughn, Corey Walker and Robbie Walker, who together with Aaron, became collectively known as The Midtown Posse.


The posse would go on to perform a string of low profile scores and stick-ups across town in the mid-to-late 80s, with varying degrees of success.This culminates with what was supposed to be their largest score yet, The Vault Hotel in Downtown Carcer City. It ends with a betrayal, and both Robbie and Aaron wind up getting killed, while Corey, Brandon and an unknown accomplice make their escape from the hotel. Ricky is wounded, and after getting hopitalized is sentenced to 25 to life in a state penitentiary for felony armed robbery, with no chance of parole. He is granted early release in the spring of 1996, much to his surprise, and walks free. In a quest of vengeance and a desire to seek answers for his release, Ricky begins his journey across Carcer City and Weldon County, working for the city's various gangs in an attempt to find out more about the whereabouts of both Corey and Brandon.


He begins by going back to work for Top Gun, who is now the leader of Warlord Nation, a powerful African-American gang in the city, and from there he becomes acquainted with feared organizations such as The Pharaohs and The Motor Union. Things do not go the way he expects them to, as he discovers that greed takes precedence in this line of work, that betrayals are a part and parcel in the life of a criminal in Carcer City, and witnesses the beginning of a city-wide gang war firsthand, seeing powerful figures such as Luther Harper getting killed like they were nothing. This slowly wears on him, and even after exacting his revenge on Brandon in Chapter 4, he begins to feel directionless and depressed over his quest for vengeance, coming to the realization that if he didn't kill these men he was after, the city would simply finish the job for him.


This sentiment is later strengthened in Chapters 5 and 6, when he meets up with Lydia and Corey, and the murderer of his parents, the retired FIB agent Alan Hendricks. Learning that Corey was the one who got the legal system to grant him an early release and has a wife and child in the city, Ricky decides to team up with him to stop the current leader of The Motor Union, Lachlan "Lay" Armstrong. He gets Jane and Alice Walker out of the city, and the two men, together with an exiled Jake Rodchenko, begin their onslaught on the organization, which ends with Jake and Lay's death, and possibly Corey's, depending on the choices made in Chapter 7.


Exhausted from all that's happened, he returns to Tommy's to reflect on his journey, with the two men discussing Ricky's character, which depending on the level of honor he has, can either be a positive, neutral or negative reflection. He decides to put his life behind him and leave town for good, and goes straight, with Tommy wishing him the best.


Starting off with a black and silver 1982 Imponte Ruiner as his personal vehicle in the spring of 1996, he switches to a savoy blue 1996 Vapid Coquette in the winter of the same year, which he takes from Brandon after dealing with him. Both vehicles are typically tuned to Carcer Rock Nation 99.5, The Box or Carcer City Public Radio.



The most important characters in the storyline.



"Betrayal happens everywhere kid, its an instinct that's existed in the animal kingdom since the dawn of time. I've seen it in 'nam, at the rez, over here. I'm tellin' you, it ain't worth goin' after these guys."

Portrayed by: James Duval (Interview) (Jordan White - Doom Generation)

The 47-year old uncle and surrogate parent of Ricky, former Indian Rights activist and a Vietnam War veteran who served as a Sergeant in the Battle of Khe Sanh. He is the first deuteragonist of the storyline, and is briefly playable at the beginning of Chapter 5. Running a repair garage and spray shop in Fischer Corridor, Midtown, Tommy is a man with a deeply troubled past, and tries to steer Ricky in the right path after his release from prison in 1996.


Raised in the Primrose Reservation, South Yankton, he joins the local Indian Rights movement after returning from Vietnam in the early 70s, where he meets up with a close friend, Channing Wells, in the group's activities. A young rebel like Ricky at the time, he would often get into fights and engage in protesting together with him while visiting nearby strip clubs after a long day's work. This all changes during a violent protest in 1974, when the group occupies the mostly-white nearby town of Pawnee Falls after a Native American woman named Mariam Redcloud was murdered there a week earlier. The FIB and a NOOSE Riot Team are engaged to quash the protests, and Tommy is handed a Hawk & Little Equalizer by Channing to protect himself. Scaring off Riot Police and the FIB, he eventually kills 3 FIB agents with the revolver in self-defence, and hands the gun back to Channing, before the two are arrested by the local PD. Thinking that it was Channing that pulled the trigger on the three agents that day, the authorities blame him for the murders, and he is sentenced to life in prison with no parole, while Tommy gets slapped with a meager two years for assault a few weeks after the protest.


He feels remorse, knowing that he set Channing up, and a year later, he learns inside that his brother Craig was killed by FIB agents during a drug raid, leaving behind an orphaned young Ricky. With a new sense of obligation after getting out of prison in 1976, he and Ricky head west to Carcer City, Musketoon, to start life anew. He buys an old garage in Fischer Corridor and renames it Tommy's Autoparts, and tries to make as much money as he can possibly do with it to help pay for Ricky's studies, to help him avoid a life of crime. Unfortunately, the city was already on its way to becoming a Rust Belt town due to the closure of many of its factories and stores, and was unable to stop Ricky from its corruption.


In 1996, Ricky is released from prison, after serving seven years, and Tommy picks him up from the state pen. They drive back to the garage, and Tommy puts him to do some honest work, helping clients fix their vehicles, towing broken vehicles to the garage, dismantling and putting together car parts, while occasionally running into members of The Hampton Shootaz and The Streetwannabes, who attempt to rob or extort the joint. This brief period of honest work comes to an end, as a regular customer, Warlord Nation leader and Ricky and Aaron's old acquaintance Top Gun, visits his store. Both men greet each other with open arms, and lets him back into the business, much to Tommy's disapproval, thus setting a series of events that would change the landscape of Carcer City's gangs forever.


During this time, Ricky still regularly comes back to Tommy's, where they have conversations covering a wide range of topics, such as morality, betrayal, rez life and Tommy's past, with Ricky often asking the latter for advice on what to do. He also runs into other characters along the way in his store, such as Niner, Corey Walker and Jake Rodchenko, where they briefly talk about their experiences in the Vietnam War.


Ricky returns to the shop again in Chapter 5 after killing Brandon, once again working full-time for Tommy, more than eager to do honest work again after narrowly avoiding death in the previous chapters. He helps one of Tommy's friends to drive a few vehicles across town to Antigone Falls, where he briefly races cars with Tommy and his old friend in that city, Frank Hampton, who runs Hampton's Cars in Tampa. He is impressed with his performance in the race, and tasks Ricky with doing a few more low-profile jobs such as fixing cars, moving trucks rowed with cars from across town and test-driving the cars in the city with potential clients. He also manages to stop thugs from the Perello Crime Family from extorting his business for protection money, beating them up with a crowbar at the dealership.


In 1997, once Ricky's journey is over, he returns to Tommy's to reflect on his experiences, which can be positive, neutral or negative, depending on what choices Ricky makes over the course of the storyline. Ricky packs his things and heads over to his car, as the two men share a final embrace. He wishes his nephew good luck, and he drives out of the garage and into the I-13 freeway, leaving the city and his violent past behind him.



"I don't regret the things I've done... even if it got my own brother killed. Just... make sure Jane and my little girl make it out of the city, Ricky. They got nothin' to do with this mess."

Portrayed by: Matthew Fahey (Film Reel)

A 30-year old former drug dealer and later a high-ranking member of The Motor Union. Initially an antagonist, he later becomes the second deuteragonist of the storyline, and is briefly playable at the beginning of Chapter 7. Growing up in relative poverty, his father Samuel was a Vietnam vet who struggled with alcoholism and PTSD, often taking out his anger on his own family. Both Corey and Robbie would often leave their home to go outside to experience the world of Carcer City for themselves, eventually leading to the drug market. At the time of Samuel's death, the Walker Brothers were known in the underworld as a successful duo of teenage drug dealers, peddling crack, heroin and weed to the populace. He also dates a woman named Jane Salenkova during this time, who together they have a daughter named Alice.


 The brothers later become friends with, and team up with Ricky Youngblood, Aaron Hughes and Brandon DeVaughn to form the Midtown Posse in 1984, though during this time he begins to piece together the connection between Samuel and The Motor Union, without the posse's or even Robbie's knowledge. He hooks up with Motor Union lieutenant Lachlan Armstrong, and as a form of initiation, he is tasked with robbing The Vault Hotel with the rest of the posse, which they do so in 1989. At the end of the heist however, and without his knowledge, Lay, conspiring with Brandon, wounds Ricky and kills both Robbie and Aaron in order to 'tie up loose ends', something that Corey is both horrified and angered to know about.


At this point on, Corey becomes a full-fledged lieutenant of The Motor Union, though he becomes miserable and cynical due to this experience, while Brandon goes on to become the leader of a new faction called The Midtown Hoods. He goes quiet, and upon discovering that Ricky is still alive and is serving time in prison for robbery, he tries to redeem himself by pulling a few favors in the legal system to give him an early release, which successfully happens in the spring of 1996, seven years after the hotel heist. During this time he also marries Jane, who together with Alice, now reside in Brenton, Fernbrooke.


In Chapter 6, in the summer of 1997, as internal conflicts continue to brew within The Motor Union, he sends a series of anonymous letters to Ricky at Tommy's Autoparts, giving him the location of Earle, a member of The Skinz who knows where Doyle McDonald, the president of The Deadlocks MC who is responsible for Pharaohs leader Luther Harper's death, is. He beats it out of Earle at a mill in Santos-Elroy Industrial before destroying the rest of the Deadlocks operations in the district. After killing Doyle at the Carcer City Forge, Ricky returns to Tommy's, where Corey finally makes his appearance. Ricky is initially hostile, pointing his gun at his former friend, blaming him for Aaron and Robbie's deaths, but soon comes to learn that the man, dressed in an unkempt khaki suit and sporting an untrimmed beard, is a shell of himself after that eventful night. He also learns that it was Corey who bribed the legal system to grant him an early release and has a wife and child who might possibly get killed in the crossfire.


Ricky forms an alliance with Corey once again, and together with former Motor Union leader Jake Rodchenko, the three men go after both Al Marchetti and Lay Armstrong, while Ricky sends Jane and Alice to Warrington Airport to escape to San Andreas. While Jake doesn't make it to the end, Ricky manages to kill Al Marchetti, after him and Corey escape from a Pavano/Motor Union shootout either at Jake's Mansion in Wapona Hills or at The Motor Union headquarters in Silvertown. Before the final mission, they interrogate Jonas, a member of The Flushes and a DJ performing at an illegal rave in the Lewis Factory District, for the whereabouts of Lay, and depending on the choices made earlier in the chapter, he either reveals the location as the penthouse of The Trinity Hotel & Nightclub in Downtown or The Gallagher Planetarium on Isle Belle, where he organizes a gala for his new leadership.


Corey either survives or dies depending on which path Ricky suggests at the beginning of Chapter 7.


In the Take Back The Union ending, he walks out of the Planetarium together with Ricky, completely exhausted and dead inside after all that has happened, and walks across the breezy Memorial Park garden, passing by Lay's corpse without looking at it. Ricky suggests that Corey join his family in San Andreas to 'escape the bullsh*t', but he disagrees, claiming that half the city wants him dead now after killing both Lay and Al, and that he doesn't want his family to be in danger again. Now a ghost, he silently parts ways with Ricky, possibly moving from state to state, without a family to take care of him. Ricky then goes to his car, returning back to Tommy's.


In the Destroy The Union ending, after executing a wounded Lay at the edge of a table at the penthouse upper deck of The Trinity Hotel, overlooking the fantastic night sky and Carcer City skyline, he takes a nearby Jerry Can and enters the penthouse vault, filled with what's left of The Motor Union's finances. He douses the notes with gasoline, but collapses against the wall inside from a mortal wound in the abdomen. He thanks Ricky, who is wounded in the knee after getting shot by Lay earlier, for everything, that 'no one would want them dead' after this since the money was gone, and tells him to look out for his family. Before Ricky can rush in to save his friend after slowly getting up, Corey lights a match, and the entire vault goes ablaze. Ricky slowly turns his back and walks back downstairs, taking the elevator to the ground floor of the hotel. With that, The Motor Union dies along with Corey Walker, as Ricky returns back to Tommy's.



"You gotta burn your mark in this city that god forgot about, Ricky! That's the only way you can survive!"

Portrayed by: Jermelle Simon (Film Reel)

A former friend of Ricky Youngblood, and the main antagonist in the first part of the game. He is a street racer who conspires with Lay Armstrong, whom he knows personally even before the heist, and Corey Walker to betray the posse at the  in 1989, so that they can collect funds for The Motor Union. This results in the deaths of Aaron and Robbie and the arrest of Ricky. In exchange, he is given his own piece of turf in Midtown and forms the The Midtown Hoods, where they are at war with other Midtown-based gangs such as The Hampton Shootaz and Warlord Nation. Ricky first runs into Brandon in Chapter 3 through Seth Valeria, an Innocentz member who is a business partner of Top Gun. They pretend to not know each other and even do a few jobs together. Once Luther Harper is killed and Niner and Ricky are sent to destroy The Deadlocks MC's operations in Kingfisher, the latter runs into Seth again at an abandoned factory in Nickel Village after receiving yet another phone call from him for a final job, this time accompanied by Brandon and his Hoods. Brandon sarcastically greets Ricky, asking him about how much he 'likes it up the ass in the pen'. Ricky responds by calling him a 'two-bit prick' and that he is not going to get away with this. Brandon laughs, telling him that Ricky 'ain't goin' back inside this time' and that he is going 'to hit the dirt like a dog in this joint'. The two men sic their gangs at him before making their escape. Ricky manages to survive the ambush, and is able to track down Seth in Los Albos.


From there he finds out where Brandon is through a dying Seth at a mall in West Los Albos, and quickly drives to a Videogeddon Arcade in Jorge's Point, where the Hoods reside. After a violent shootout with Brandon's gang, and running through the arcade and the streets outside, both Brandon and Ricky get involved in a long car chase spanning half the city and parts of the nearby town of Carlton. Brandon eventually stops his '96 Vapid Coquette in Concord, while Ricky's Ruiner is close to totalled after crashing into a passing fruit truck nearby. Ricky begins his pursuit on foot, chasing Brandon across the suburbs of Concord, eventually reaching The Waterfront overlooking Midtown. Brandon tries to make a jump into the Wapachee River, but is shot twice, once in the chest and once in the leg, mortally wounding him.


Here Ricky is presented with two options to determine Brandon's fate.


If the Kill Brandon option is selected, Ricky raises his gun at Brandon, asking him why he betrayed the posse. Brandon simply responds with a dying laughter, saying that it doesn't matter who dies anyway, since 'we're nobodies in this town' , that he was merely taking the opportunities that were given to him and that he would do it all over again if he had the chance. After finishing his final sentence, Ricky calls Brandon 'a selfish piece of sh*t', and pulls the trigger, killing him, before entering his Phobos nearby, as the sounds of police sirens ring in the distance.


If the Leave Brandon option is selected, Ricky raises his gun at first, then slowly holsters it, and turns his back, walking away from Brandon. The man shouts at Ricky, insulting him and demanding to know why he does not just put him out of his misery there and then. Ricky responds that he 'isn't worth the time'  and that a quick death is too good for him. After a final 'f*ck you'  from Brandon, Ricky enters the Phobos to make his escape, and leaves him to bleed to death in the sidewalk on The Waterfront, out in the cold Carcer City snowfall.


From there on, Brandon's slick new Phobos becomes Ricky's new personal vehicle, and The Motor Union arc of the storyline begins.



"My hands are tied, Jake. Nothin' I can do."

Portrayed by: PJ Sosko (Film Reel)

The main antagonist of the game, and basically what happens when you put Micah Bell in a modern-day Rust Belt setting. He is a 32-year old high-ranking member of The Motor Union, with a deadly ambition to run it on his own. A man that revels in violence and death, even before serving a few tours in the Gulf War, as stated by Corey, 'The war revealed to him who he really was.'  He is later discovered to be the man who shot Ricky, Aaron and Robbie during the botched robbery of 1989.


A sociopathic individual without any sense of empathy, he secretly strikes a deal with The Pavanos and starts a rouse from within The Motor Union as well as with other gangs in the city, and later usurps Rodchenko's position in the gang, betraying him and Corey in the process. A man driven by greed and a lust for power, money and influence are the main motivators for a virtueless man like Lay, and will not think twice to stab his friends in the back to reach this goal. This can be observed in situations such as him murdering Desert Kings lieutenants Tina Rochester and Marco Kingsley in cold blood after they have outlived their usefulness to him, as well as hiring The Deadlocks MC to assassinate Luther Harper to start a gang war in the city. He also has Jake killed in the game's third last mission. 


His treacherous actions eventually come back to bite him in the ass in Chapter 7, and he gets his comeuppance when both Corey and Ricky destroy his heroin and weapon operations and wipe out what's left of The Motor Union, and the feud ends with either Corey personally executing him in the rooftop penthouse of The Trinity Hotel & Nightclub, or with both Ricky and Corey shooting him off a platform at The Gallagher Planetarium on Isle Blanc, where he falls to his death on the garden below, in the game's two possible final missions.



"It's always gonna be hard to get by in this city so long as the average American chooses to buy a nip car over a homemade one."

Portrayed by: James C. Burns (Film Reel) (Sgt. Frank Woods - Call Of Duty)

The 52-year old leader of The Motor Union and Vietnam War veteran, also briefly playable in Chapter 6 and 7. He is the tritagonist in the second half of the storyline. A Ukrainian-American who served in the Easter Offensive and the Fall of Saigon as a 1st Lieutenant and a former factory worker in Carcer City, he returns to the city only to find that all the factories are closing down due to the import boom, and that his wife, Sophia, is struggling with leukemia. After many unsuccessful attempts to find jobs inside the city to pay for Sophia's medical bills, she unfortunately passes away from the illness, leaving Jacob extremely disgruntled and angry.


In 1977, he founds The Motor Union, an organization composed of former factory workers, Vietnam War veterans and their descendants to demand for a return of investment and infrastructure to Carcer City, even if it means using violence to do so. They drive out the Perello Crime Family with the help of The Pavanos in 1979, in which Jake kills the Don and repossesses the mansion for himself, and take over their operations, and start gaining a lot of influence in the city. While this may have worked for a while, with successes such as forming a truce with The Pharaohs, working with The Pavanos and making certain connections with other gangs and even with members of the City Council and the Mayor, many of the Union's members do not see eye to eye with the issues faced at present, and some are in because of status and wealth. This eventually leads to an internal conflict and a civil war within the organization.


Sometime between 1989 and 1993 he brings Corey into the organization through Lay, due to his late father Samuel formerly being a soldier for them. He rises through the ranks and eventually becomes a lieutenant, which he reveals to Ricky at the end of Chapter 6.


First meeting Ricky at a bar in Chapter 2, he comes to learn to respect his way of thinking, after a moment of hesitation, and both soon establish a strong friendship by the end of Chapter 6, exchanging pieces of advice and their views on life.


Depending on Ricky's choice in Chapter 7, he can either die in a blaze of glory in the Destroy The Union path, shooting as many members of Lay's faction and the Pavanos as he can before being shot by a gallery of bullets in front of Ricky and Corey at his mansion in Wapona Hills, or he will be executed by the Pavanos at Hollow's Point after getting falsely lead by a Union car in the Take Back The Union path, in the same manner as Frederick Wazlowski in Chapter 1, remaining defiant all the way through.


Also, don't call him a commie because of his surname, as a dumb Pavano soldier in the game finds out.



"Do what you have to, Jake. Just remember The Commission's cut, or we're gonna have problems."

Portrayed by: Lenny Venito (Interview) (Hood #6 - Manhunt)

One of the main antagonists in the game. A cunning and ruthless caporegime of the Liberty-based Pavano Crime Family who has a close, yet deteriorating working relationship with The Motor Union. He receives a monthly tribute from The Motor Union's operations in exchange for weapons, political influence and its regular financing, while secretly bleeding both the organization and the city dry by agreeing to perpetuate gang and turf wars.


Having worked with Jake and The Motor Union since the early 80s, Al realizes that the man himself might be too old to continue running things like they used to, becoming increasingly skeptical of his leadership, corroborated with a lower tribute payment than usual in the early-to-mid 90s. Jake attempts to prove himself to the Pavanos that he is still the real deal, such as dealing with thieves such as Frederick Kozlowski and going into the heroin business, which he personally dislikes, but the damage had already been done. Al makes a deal with one of the lieutenants of the organization, Lay Armstrong, giving him the finances and bribes he needs to hire people such as M.K., Tina Rochester and Doyle McDonald to kick up a storm in the city so that he can usurp Jake's position in the gang. While the plan itself is successful, Al does not take into account other members of The Motor Union still loyal to Jake.


In the last two chapters, Ricky, Corey and an exiled Jake go after both the Pavanos and Lay's Motor Union faction, either in an attempt to take back the organization or to destroy it completely, depending on Ricky's choices. Though Jake is killed in the process, Ricky is still able to catch up to Al, and in the penultimate mission of the game, he finally kills him during a bloody shootout with his crew at the Paul Magnum Concert Hall in Fischer Corridor, Midtown, shooting him in the back as he stumbles through the building's exit.



"Everyone got a price in this city, Ricky. That includes me and you."

Portrayed by: Jaime Lincoln Smith (Film Reel)

The leader of the Warlord Nation street gang and later the new leader of The Pharaohs. He is the tritagonist in the first half of the storyline. Ricky used to work for him as a drug dealer in his younger days, and later rejoins him back in the business after getting out of prison. Together with Niner's Desert Kings, they both act as street level gangsters for the larger Pharaohs organization, where they also serve as lieutenants for the organization's meetings. His best friend since childhood, Keith "Niner" Owens, is the leader of The Desert Kings, a gang which is likewise associated with The Pharaohs.


In 1996, Top Gun first runs into a fresh-out-of-jail Ricky at Tommy's Autoparts, where he is a regular patron. After a moment of reminiscing, Top Gun pulls Ricky back into the game, and invites him to his restaurant, The Lafayette Soul Kitchen, where, with the help of a teenage drug dealer Marvin "8-Bit" Haroldson, he is tasked with performing different types of jobs such as doing drug deals, taking money from drug users and shooting or beating up rival gang members in Midtown, in exchange for information regarding Brandon's exact whereabouts. He eventually introduces Ricky to Seth Valeria, an Innocentz member who knew Brandon in passing, while also introducing him to his friend, Keith "Niner" Owens, who in turn makes an appointment for him to see The Pharaohs leader, Luther Harper, and his bodyguard, Roy Hutchinson, at the J.Geills Building in Union Market for some extra work.


Ricky, going to the building alone at Niner's behest, approaches a hostile member of The Pharaohs hanging outside , Lil' Dwaine, who makes several racist remarks about his ethnicity, refusing to let him in. He is soon beaten, pistol-whipped and carried at gunpoint to the building's meeting room by Ricky, where he finally meets up with Luther and Roy, introducing themselves as the leaders of the gang. Luther tells Ricky to be on the lookout for future jobs at his organization, and to pay for Lil' Dwaine's 'nose transplant'. Ricky responds by tossing a couple of bills on the table next to Lil' Dwaine before leaving.


Ricky goes to Los Albos and does a few jobs for Seth first, mostly involving auto theft, smuggling and chop shops, and comes to a point where he runs into Brandon and his gang. The two pretend not to know each other, and due to the fact that it was technically peacetime in Carcer City's criminal underworld, both parties did not want to arouse any attention from their actions, and hence there was no intent of harm, yet. Ricky takes note of this, and returns to work for The Pharaohs, during a period when skirmishes between them and The Motor Union were beginning. Because the skirmishes were occurring in profitable areas important to The Pharaohs, Luther Harper believes that there might be a mole in the organization.


He immediately draws his attention to Ricky, an outsider who hasn't worked with the organization for long and has assaulted one of the group's members on the first day. The Pharaohs and The Desert Kings both point their guns at Ricky in the room, as he calmly maintains his innocence, but Top Gun intervenes and begins to vouch for his old friend, stating that Ricky, a Native American man fresh out of prison, had no business with The Motor Union to begin with. As the search for the mole continues, Top Gun, Ricky, Luther and Roy respond to the skirmishes that were happening in their turf, wasting members of The Motor Union who were causing a ruckus in the area. At this point, Luther suspects Lil' Dwaine to be the mole, since he has not been attending the meetings and was involved in temporary alliances with members of the rival 5th Avenue Family, who might also be a threat to The Pharaohs. To prove his loyalty and innocence, Luther sends Ricky to kill Lil' Dwaine and his faction, which he does so successfully, while the actual moles, Desert Kings lieutenants Marco "M.K." Kingsley and Tina Rochester, continue to rendezvous with Lachlan "Lay" Armstrong of The Motor Union, sharing similar ambitions of power and influence.


By the time Ricky,Top Gun and Niner find out about their roles, however, both M.K. and Tina mysteriously disappear, possibly killed by The Motor Union or by some other party. At this point, the skirmishes were becoming increasingly violent, and talks between the two gangs were rapidly deteriorating. Organizing one last meeting with Jacob "Jake" Rodchenko, who maintains that he never approved, nor does he know who did the skirmishes, Luther, together with Roy, Ricky, Top Gun and Niner, make their way to the building and orders his men to form a convoy on the way there.


Halfway through Downtown, however, they are ambushed by members of The Motor Union, resulting in the deaths of Roy and Luther, as Ricky, Top Gun and Niner all narrowly escape the shootout. Taking a dead body with them, they discover that it was in fact, The Deadlocks MC disguised as The Motor Union, that ambushed the convoy and started those skirmishes in the first place. This harrowing realization did not stop the gang war from proceeding, as Carcer City approaches one of its darkest days.


Top Gun hastily takes over Luther's position in a now-weakened Pharaohs, and orders Ricky and Niner to head down to the Santos-Elroy Industrial District to destroy as many Deadlocks MC operations as they can, while he handles the gang war between them and The Motor Union. Slowly, Niner begins to feel a sense of jealousy of Top Gun's new position, which only gets stronger as the chapters continue. Ricky eventually moves away from the Pharaohs as he gets closer to finding out where Brandon is, through Seth, who will also betray him in Chapter 4.


By Chapter 7, the gang war dies down due to the internal struggles faced by The Motor Union during this time, and The Pharaohs, though still in a weakened state, were slowly getting back up. Top Gun, at the restaurant and now dressed in a black suit with a pale yellow inner shirt, is about to leave and head out to the J. Geills Building, when he runs into either 8-Bit or Niner, depending on the type of advice Ricky gives the former in Chapter 1.


If the Leave Town advice is given, Niner will appear at the restaurant's entrance, and the two briefly talk about childhood. Top Gun discards the nostalgia trip, stating that 'the good ol' days are long f*ckin' dead'. As he turns his back, he sees 8-Bit with a gun pointed at him. The 15-year old pulls the trigger and shoots Top Gun five times, killing him instantly, as he slumps against the counter in shock. Niner slowly walks over and takes the gun away, giving him money and tells 8-Bit to take his mother with him and leave Carcer City for good, and that there's a car waiting for him outside. Niner pats 8-Bit on the shoulder, as the boy takes one last look at his mentor, before silently leaving the restaurant.


If the Rise Through The Ranks advice is given, 8-Bit will meet up with with Top Gun, where they discuss their relationship. 8-Bit and Top Gun have a heart-to-heart about family life, with the former talking about his mother and Top Gun talking about his late father. Top Gun ends off by saying that so long he keeps his head up and play it cool, he is able to leave the city with his mother in no time. As Top Gun walks towards the exit, Niner approaches him from a backdoor with a Hawk & Little Larssen 10mm, and fires two rounds in his back, his limp body falling just before the door. Niner solemnly holsters his weapon and gives 8-Bit money to leave town with his mother, but he refuses, stating that with Top Gun dead, he can run The Pharaohs alongside him. Niner appears visibly disturbed and horrified that a young boy would say such a thing, and before a response is given, the game transitions back to Ricky's point of view.


Ricky finds Top Gun's corpse in the restaurant later on, and his plan for getting backup from The Pharaohs in their war against Lay goes bust with his death.



N: "You remember when we used to hang around here when we was kids, when your old man's sittin' right there, countin' his stacks while we was fiddlin' with the radio, playin' board games an' sh*t?"

TG: "I popped him right there too, Niner. I was ten years old. It ain't worth remembering."

Portrayed by: Charles Parnell (Interview) (Arthur - Pariah)

The leader of The Desert Kings street gang and affiliated with The Pharaohs. Currently engaging in skirmishes with Da Clubs, a 5th Avenue Family subgroup. He is a childhood friend of Top Gun, much in the same way as Aaron and Ricky. He first runs into Ricky after the latter does a few errands for Top Gun, and likewise gives him a couple of jobs for some extra cash as well as a test to gauge his usefulness. He asks Ricky to track down a rival dealer from Da Clubs in Fernbrooke, where he gets involved in one of the game's first few dynamic on-foot chases. Impressed with the results, he then proceeds to set an appointment for Ricky to see Luther Harper and the rest of The Pharaohs in Union Market.


Later, as tensions begin to brew between The Motor Union and The Pharaohs, he starts to distrust Ricky, thinking that he was the mole that Luther was talking about, and also raises his gun at him at one of the more tense meetings. This immediately stops when Top Gun vouches for Ricky, thus deescalating the situation. Niner soon finds out from one of his men, Berto, that two of his lieutenants and friends, M.K. and Tina, were the true moles, and he becomes distraught, slowly and unconsciously beginning his path of darkness, ambition and greed, just like them. Unfortunately, not long after this, both Luther Harper and Roy Hutchinson as well as Berto are killed in an ambush en route to the J. Geills Building in Union Market, with Top Gun, Niner and Ricky narrowly escaping with their lives. They take a body with them, and soon realize that it was in fact, members of The Deadlocks MC disguised as The Motor Union that started the ambush.


He teams up with Ricky again after Top Gun becomes the leader of The Pharaohs, where they both head out to Kingfisher to destroy most of The Deadlock MC's heroin operations as revenge for Luther Harper and Roy Hutchinson's deaths. Though his relationship with Ricky, who will soon leave The Pharaohs after Brandon's death, improves considerably during this time, his jealousy for Top Gun's position continues to grow.


He is not seen again until the summer of 1997 in Chapter 7, where he returns to The Lafayette Soul Kitchen to confront Top Gun, where either he or 8-Bit kills Top Gun inside his restaurant. It is heavily implied that he takes over the Pharaohs at this point, with 8-Bit possibly becoming his right-hand man depending on the choices Ricky makes in the game.


He is averse to having teenagers and minors work for him, believing it to be morally wrong, in contrast to Top Gun, who has members in his gang who are in their late teens, such as 8-Bit. This dislike for having children work in the game can be seen in in-game models of The Desert Kings members, who generally look older than members of Warlord Nation, as well as his final appearance, where he encourages 8-Bit just to leave town with his mother and never look back again, and is horrified if he decides to stay as a lieutenant of his gang.



"It ain't even about the people anymore, and I ain't surprised. Greed is what turned this city upside down, and and it's gonna be what kills this organization."

Portrayed by: Kevin Michael Richardson (Voice Work)

The 60-year old leader of The Pharaohs and former right hand of the now-deceased Civil Rights leader Kevin Jackson III. Being a member of the organization of the gang since its inception in 1956, he watches as The Pharaohs are forced to shift from a well-intended Civil Rights group which started as a way to improve the conditions of black people in Carcer City, to a  and vicious criminal organization with ties to narcotics and weapons trade around and outside the Midwest, their influence reaching to the coasts and even to the inner regions of Canada and Mexico. After the violent 1968 Carcer City Racial Riots, Luther witnesses his boss and friend, Kevin Jackson III, succumbing to an undisclosed illness on his deathbed, and takes the reigns of the group soon after.


This takeover comes at a very turbulent time of the city's history, as the import boom starts circa 1970, resulting in the closure and slowdown of Carcer City's auto-manufacturing and steel industry and causing a massive spike of unemployment and crime.The Pharaohs have no choice but to resort to crime to ensure its survival and hold over the city. He establishes ties in the weapons and narcotics trade around the Midwest in the 70s, and sometime before 1996, he makes strong alliances with gangs such as The Desert Kings and Warlord Nation, and even signs a truce with The Motor Union, an equally powerful organization, during this time, where the gangs would often come together for a sit-down where they continue to establish diplomatic ties and resolve disputes with one another. They remain powerful and influential across Carcer City, until 1996, when skirmishes between them and The Motor Union begin.


As the skirmishes were happening in areas that house The Pharaohs' drug and weapon operations, Luther's right-hand man, Roy Hutchinson, suspects a mole within the organization, to which the old man immediately agrees. As the attacks continue to worsen, so do the ties between The Motor Union, where Jake continues to contact Luther over the line, with the former maintaining that he knows nothing of, and does not approve, of the skirmishes by his organization. The two men continue to search for the mole in the organization, and almost kill Ricky in the meeting room of the J.Geills Building at one point, before Top Gun intervenes, claiming that someone like Ricky would not even associate with the likes of The Motor Union in the first place.


He eventually places blame on a Pharaohs lieutenant named Lil' Dwaine, whom Ricky assaulted on his first day to the building. Believing him to be the mole due to his absence from gang meetings as well as his connections to Da 5th Avenue Family, a rival gang of The Pharaohs, he sends Ricky to kill him and his faction, to both clear loose ends as well as to prove his loyalty and innocence to the gang.


Later on, he finds out from Niner that Desert Kings members Marco Kingsley and Tina Rochester, who have recently disappeared, were in fact, the true moles of the organization, and that Lil' Dwaine had actually been innocent this whole time. He becomes disheartened, and organizes one last sit-down with Jacob Rodchenko in order to find out more about his side of the story as well as to mend the already-broken relationship between the two gangs.


The Pharaohs organize a convoy for protection on their trip to the J.Geills Building, and midway through their trip in Union Market, the convoy is ambushed by The Motor Union, and both Roy and Luther are killed. The gang war between the two organizations begins with his death, and The Pharaohs, leaderless and without a proper successor, employs Warlord Nation leader Top Gun to take over Luther's position in the gang.



The second most important characters in the storyline.



"You're a smarter person than you were in '88, Ricky, and I can sense that. There's still time to change."

Ricky's 26-year old ex-girlfriend, formerly from the district of Hampton in Midtown, where Aaron and Ricky grew up. The two have dated since they were teenagers, and later broke up amicably sometime around 1988, a year before the hotel heist. A former party girl, she, Ricky, Alex and Aaron used to go to underground raves and punk shows to party, sell drugs and use drugs, and would spend whatever drug money they had left on sports car rentals, cheap clothes and hotel rooms. After graduating high school, however, she wises up and comes to the realization that there might not be a future left for her if she continues to lead her life the way it was, and tries to unsuccessfully get Ricky to leave the city with her at the time of their breakup.


Lydia later runs into Ricky midway into Chapter 5, back in the city to collect some cash from their old home in Hampton for her sick mother. Moving on from a former life of drugs and partying, she now works as an accountant in Antigone Falls, unmarried and still containing feelings for Ricky. They discuss Ricky's prison sentence and mourn Aaron's death, and depending on the outcome of the Stranger mission, they both also talk about the current situation of her brother Alex, who is a heroin addict undergoing rehabilitation. At first responding with hostility, the pair gradually warm up and later reconcile, even going on a date again, doing activities such as visiting the town of Fleming and off-roading across the plains after a short police chase. Despite all this however, Ricky is not confident about getting back together with her again due to their lifestyle differences and his quest for vengeance, and is fearful of being unable to change his character, admitting that 'there isn't much left for me out there in the world after I'm done with this'. After a final heart-to-heart conversation at the end of the chapter, they part ways, and Lydia returns to Antigone Falls, advising Ricky to continue his search for a better life.



"You got a great habit of bringing putos I don't even know into my place of work, Top Gun."

A car thief and member of The Innocentz with a sick sense of humor, and a secondary antagonist in the storyline. Initially a contact of Top Gun, he later betrays Ricky and reveals his affiliation with The Midtown Hoods towards the end of Chapter 4.


Top Gun introduces Ricky to Seth at a dive bar in East Los Albos at the beginning of Chapter 2, who has personally worked with Brandon DeVaughn in passing. Seth is generally distrustful of Ricky, only chooses to work with him because of his connection to Top Gun. He tasks Ricky with several auto-theft related jobs, such as stealing certain prized vehicles from the rich residents of Concord, disguising as a guard to steal a coveted 1996 BF Autobahner concept car and even shooting through members of the Skinz to get to a target vehicle at the Denton Junkyard, sometimes with the help of Brandon and his Hoods. He also puts Ricky's mechanical skills to good use, and sometimes requests him to chop up the vehicles that he steals so that he sell the parts to street racers around town.


During this time, Ricky grows increasingly disturbed and contemptuous of Seth's sadistic behavior and inappropriate humor, and in his final mission, he makes Ricky jack a hot rod variant of a 1933 Vapid Hustler from Delta Chargers MC territory, with the owner of the vehicle, Delta Chargers Sergeant-at-Arms Rodney Clarence, inside as a hostage. Ricky returns to Seth's West Los Albos lowrider garage, and after a brief conversation about betrayal with Rodney, Seth takes a nearby chisel and gouges the biker's eyes out, before killing him by stabbing him in the chest several times. Ricky is horrified by this, and keeps his distance from Seth until Chapter 4.


After taking revenge on The Deadlocks MC, Seth calls Ricky to head down to the old Vapid plant in Nickel Village for a final job, asking him to come alone. He arrives and comes face-to-face with both Brandon and Seth, and several members of their respective gangs, who intend to kill him right there in the plant. Ricky manages to survive the attack, killing many members of the Innocentz and the Hoods before chasing after Seth in a car chase, where he stops at the Three Leaves Shopping Mall in West Los Albos. Ricky takes note of Seth's location, and in the following mission, during the mall's after hours, he shoots through several waves of Innocentz and gets to Seth at a food court located on the mall's third floor. After defeating him in a one-on-one gun battle, Ricky approaches a dying Seth, and demands to know where Brandon and his Hoods are. Seth, who now respects Ricky because of his audacity to go after his gang alone, reveals Brandon's location to be that of a Videogeddon arcade located in Jorge's Point in Poppy Row. Ricky then exits the mall, leaving Seth to die from his injuries.



"A soldier's gotta do what he's gotta do, ain't got time to ask questions."

A 15-year old young adult and drug dealer, and a member of Warlord Nation, briefly playable in Chapter 7. Coming from a rough background, he joins Top Gun's gang in order to make enough money to get him and his mother out of town to somewhere safer from his abusive stepfather. Ricky is shown to be very sympathetic to his situation, seeing a lot of himself in him and his own childhood. Despite this, however, it is later shown that 8-Bit is secretly working with Niner and The Desert Kings, acting as a lookout for his gang.


The player can choose what kind of advice Ricky gives to 8-Bit. He can either persuade 8-Bit to follow his goal of escaping the city with his mother, or he can advise him to continue rising through the ranks to a high-enough stage where he can protect her without leaving. This leads to two outcomes halfway through Chapter 7, with either him personally gunning down Top Gun in his restaurant in front of Niner before leaving town, or witnessing Niner shooting Top Gun in the back as he leaves the restaurant, with him voluntarily agreeing to take his place, much to Niner's reluctance.



"So you're that Injun that's been runnin' around, stirrin' all kinds of sh*t! Me and the brothers are gonna kill you right here, right now!"

The president of the Santos-Elroy-based outlaw motorcycle outfit The Deadlocks MC, and a secondary antagonist in the game. He is associated with Lay Armstrong, and was hired to assassinate Pharaohs leader Luther Harper, posing as a member of The Motor Union, in order to start a gang war between the two factions, which he does so successfully midway through Chapter 3. The gang's associates, Warlord Nation leader Top Gun and Desert Kings leader Niner, with the help of Ricky eventually track his gang's clubhouse in Santos-Elroy, taking out as many members as they can and destroying their drug operations, but the damage was done, as a gang war between The Pharaohs and The Union begins.


Doyle evades retaliation for his misdeeds until Chapter 6, when Ricky takes out the last of his operations. He faces off Ricky in the overgrown Carcer City Forge, where he and the rest of his gang, are wiped out.



"Please make sure Corey's okay, I'm not sure how a child is going to live without a father."

The girlfriend, later wife of Corey Walker and the mother of their child, Alice. She personally knows Ricky prior to 1989, and they meet each other one last time in Chapter 7. As the civil war within The Motor Union rages on, Corey tasks Ricky with transporting Jane, and their daughter, to the Warrington Airport, on a direct ticket to Playa del Rifa, San Andreas. Before leaving, Jane hugs and thanks Ricky, and wishes both Corey and him the best and remain safe during this turbulent time in the city.



"What's going on? Where's my dad?"

Corey and Jane's 8-year old daughter. It is due to her inception that Corey did what he did, giving up his life of dealing and hustling, betraying his friends in the Midtown Posse and joining The Motor Union to try and turn the tide of the city from its state of decline. When he realizes that The Motor Union is beyond saving due to greed, the gang wars and internal conflict, he immediately rings up Ricky, a rekindled friend, and tells him to drive both Jane and Alice to the airport on a one-way ticket to Playa del Rifa in order to escape from the violence of the city. He successfully does so, and the two escape, continuing their new life in sunny San Andreas.



"If loyalty meant sittin' and waitin', with my black ass hangin' in the wind for low pay , a high occupational risk with zero chance of ever movin' on up, then f*ck it."

A high-ranking member of The Desert Kings, a friend of Niner and a secondary antagonist in the early chapters of the game. Believing himself to be constantly kicked down by the bureaucracy of The Pharaohs, M.K., along with his girlfriend Tina, collude with Lay Armstrong of The Motor Union, acting as whistleblowers for the organization's weaknesses, in order to put The Pharaohs at a standstill so that the two can usurp Luther Harper's position. Together with Doyle McDonald of The Deadlocks MC, the group engage in the deliberate sabotage of certain locales in Carcer City important to The Pharaohs, where the couple even guns down a few members of their own faction to allow for the skirmishes to happen, though M.K. appears to be hesitant about doing so at first.


He finally gets his at the end of Chapter 3, together with Tina, as a sociopathic Lay unsurprisingly betrays them. Believing them to have outlived their usefulness, Lay meets them at Shaw's Harbor along with some of his crew at midnight, where they are unceremoniously killed by him. He is killed first before a horrified Tina, who repeatedly curses at Lay before meeting her demise a few seconds later. The men dump their bodies in the ocean, and they drive away from the harbor, thus beginning Chapter 4.



"You know the cards have always been placed against us, our people. This IS the way out, Marc. For once, we can finally take control of our own motherf*ckin' lives, without taking orders from nobody."

Another high-ranking member of The Desert Kings and secondary antagonist in the earlier chapters, briefly playable in Chapters 1 and 2. She is M.K.'s girlfriend who, like him, is secretly blowing the whistle on certain weaknesses of The Pharaohs to Motor Union lieutenant Lay Armstrong for some extra cash, and plans to take over the organization with him once Luther is killed. She is much more unhinged than M.K., not hesitating to kill her own friends to expose the weaknesses of The Pharaohs to Lay and Doyle, unlike M.K..


Before Luther's death in Chapter 4, she, along with M.K. are asked to meet Lay at Shaw's Harbor at midnight to discuss further plans. They arrive, and they are met with Lay and his men. Lay greets them both and gives a nervous M.K. a hug, and tells them both that 'no one's gonna know about this'. He steps back and raises his Vom Feuer Brandy, firing a round into M.K.'s head. Tina screams and insults Lay before meeting her doom soon after.



"I second that notion, Niner. It was MK and Tina that done did it. I feared for my life, and went outta town fo' a while. I'm sorry."

A foot soldier of The Desert Kings whose short life spans unfortunate encounters with people, first encountered by Ricky in one of Niner's missions. He meets Ricky at a dock after the latter busts up an arms shipment spearheaded by Da Clubs and corrupt customs officers. As soon as The Desert Kings begin packing product, two helicopters come in guns blazing, injuring Berto and killing a few Desert Kings members. He manages to survive, and drives off with the product. He is seen again later at the end of Chapter 2, during a shootout between Tina, MK and another lieutenant of the Desert Kings, Ruby Jackson, in an abandoned lot near a Pharaohs weapons storage site in Kingfisher, where he learns about their hand in the betrayal of the gang while hiding behind a wall, and escaping the shootout after that.


Fearful for his life, Berto goes into hiding for four months, before coming out into the open in Chapter 4 after learning of Lil' Dwaine's death at the hands of Ricky. He gets out of hiding and explains the situation to Niner, who then beats him in the face, and reprimands him for not bringing this news sooner, before apologizing, though at this point, he begins his path of darkness upon learning of his friends' betrayals. He, together with Niner, Top Gun and Ricky, are later tasked with forming an entourage for The Pharaohs on their way to the J.Geills Building for one last sit-down with The Motor Union, in the brink of a gang war.


That said, after cheating death throughout Chapters 2 and 3, he is unfortunately killed at by an unknown thug during the ambush later on which also took the lives of Pharaohs leaders Luther Harper and Roy Hutchinson.



"I... think about it every day. Sometimes I don't even know how I can manage to live with it for so long."

A retired FIB agent currently living in Tampa, Antigone Falls, and the man who shot Ricky's parents dead in a drug raid gone wrong. He is briefly playable in Chapter 6 before the mission where Ricky meets up with him, where the incident is shown from his perspective in 1975. Regretful and unable to get over the fact that he orphaned Ricky at a young age, he retires from the FIB early and moves to Antigone Falls, resorting to alcoholism to manage his pain. His whereabouts are given to Ricky by Corey and the two manage to meet up at the end of Chapter 6. The two men share a drink and discuss morality, with Ricky stating that "God couldn't care less". Alan expects Ricky to kill him, but to his surprise is later forgiven by the latter, who at this point is growing tired of a life of crime and revenge.



"So you're Tommy's kid huh? Well a pal of Tommy's a pal of mine, so I say."

Tommy's client and old friend who lives in Antigone Falls. He runs a car dealership called Hampton's Cars in the Tampa suburb where Ricky and Tommy work at in Chapter 5. A law-abiding citizen and one of the game's only honest folk, he pays the two men accordingly for their services and for helping around the dealership, and even races with them at one point. When a group of Perello mobsters attempt to muscle in, Ricky manages to stop them, beating them up and threatening them to never return to the shop. Frank is thankful, and offers a 30% discount for vehicles that are bought from his dealership. He waves Ricky and Tommy goodbye as they return to Carcer City midway through the chapter.



"Ain't nobody 'round here, Cochise. You better get yo' dumb pipe-smokin' ass outta here before you start to piss me off."

A member of The Pharaohs, and a minor antagonist in the storyline. Lil' Dwaine first meets Ricky outside of the J.Geills Building in Downtown in Chapter 2, where he racially abuses him. Ricky responds by beating him in the face with a pistol and dragging him inside the building, where they meet Luther Harper and Roy Hutchinson in the building's meeting room on the 26th floor. After introducing himself to The Pharaohs, who are amused by this incident, Luther orders Ricky to pay for Lil' Dwaine's medical bills, which the man responds by tossing a few bills on the table next to him.


He is not seen again until midway through Chapter 3, when Luther and Roy suspect him to be the mole in the organization, and sends Ricky to finish him off and his crew. He reaches an abandoned house in Hemsworth Park where Lil' Dwaine and his gang hides out, and the two engage in a shootout at the house's back lawn. He proclaims his innocence throughout the shooting, and admits that 'M.K. and his bitch are up to something', before he is killed by Ricky.



"I think we might have figured out who the tattletale is."

The personal bodyguard of Luther Harper and a Gulf War veteran. He works very closely with Luther in the organization's activities and was the first man to suspect a mole during Chapter 2. He briefly works together with Ricky in Chapters 2 and 3, mostly engaging in community-based missions, shooting at members of Da 5th Avenue Family who attack the gang's businesses and curbing the skirmishes set off by The Motor Union. He asks Ricky about his time in prison, and the two engage in friendly small talk, with Roy joking that prison 'can't be worse than the burning oil wells in Kuwait'.


He is later killed along with Luther in Chapter 4, when The Deadlocks MC, disguised as The Motor Union, attack The Pharaohs convoy that he was in. He dies instantly in a drive-by shooting by a disguised motorcycle CCPD officer who drives alongside Luther's 1976 Declasse Quixote en route to the J.Geills building for a sitdown with Jake Rodchenko. The officer is killed by Ricky, and a massive shootout occurs at Union Market, which he, Top Gun and Niner narrowly escape from.



"About f*ckin' time we hit the big one! Ain't that right, fellas?"

The younger brother of Corey Walker, and a drug dealer in Carcer City. Growing up together with Robbie in Poppy Row, his father Samuel, a Vietnam War veteran and later a soldier for The Motor Union, was an abusive parent who would often lash out on his own kids during one of his PTSD-induced episodes. Together with his brother, who is protective of Robbie, they run away from their home and begin their life as teenage drug dealers. An ambitious young man in the criminal underworld, Robbie would often explore different opportunities for the brothers to make money whenever possible, while Corey remains stoic, keeping a lookout for any potential risks in these deals.


Sometime in 1988, Corey discovers Samuel's association with the infamous Motor Union, and without Robbie's or the posse's knowledge, other than Brandon, who knows The Motor Union in passing, visits the organization in Silvertown. He comes into contact with both Jake Rodchenko and Lay Armstrong, with the latter giving him a job involving the robbery of The Vault Hotel in Downtown as a form of initiation, as well as to collect funds for the gang.


A year later, the posse gets ready for the heist, and drives to the hotel. It goes well for the most part, until the end, when Lay comes out into the open and kills both Aaron and Robbie, and wounds Ricky, without Corey's knowledge. Corey is understandably pissed and horrified by this, and starts yelling at both Lay and Brandon for killing his brother, after which the latter responds calmly that he is simply tying up loose ends and that 'the pigs need someone in the frame'. Lay almost executes Ricky, but Corey stops him, telling him to leave it. The three make their escape from the hotel soon after, leaving his brother and two friends behind for the cops to find.


Fast forward to 1996, and Corey, now a full-fledged member of the dying Motor Union, is now a broken shell of himself, still haunted by Robbie's death and Ricky's arrest. When Ricky finally meets him again towards the end of Chapter 6, he decides to set things right and avenge his brother's death, as the two, together with an exiled Jake, begin their onslaught on The Motor Union under Lay's rule.



"That's what homies do, Ricky. We look out for each other, don't matter if it rains or shines."

Ricky's best friend since his early teenage years in Carcer City. Starting their drug dealing and hustling careers together, they would often get involved with many different characters and activities around the city, such as attending raves and shows together with Lydia and Krissy, performing liquor store stick-ups and even acting as business partners during drug deals. They soon go the under the wing of a dealer named T.J., who Aaron murders after enduring weeks of abuse, and then Top Gun, who treats the two much better. In 1984, a year after running into Top Gun, both Aaron and Ricky get acquainted with Brandon DeVaughn and The Walker Brothers, where together they form a 5-man gang known as The Midtown Posse in the neighborhood of the same name.


As a collective, the five men perform stick-ups and scores around town, with varying degrees of success. Ricky recalls to Lydia in Chapter 5 that Aaron was almost killed at a dive bar in Concord by an armed Skinz bartender during one of their failed scores, where he fires a shotgun at Aaron even before he walks inside the bar, 'for the crime of being a young black man in Carcer City'. Despite a number of failed scores, life was generally good for both Ricky and Aaron during this time in the 80s.


In 1989, the posse eventually sets their sights on The Vault Hotel at The Arcade in Downtown, with an elaborate heist plan written by Corey. The plan goes smoothly until the end, when both Aaron and Robbie were killed by an unknown accomplice of Brandon and Corey, and Ricky is wounded. A bleeding Ricky crawls towards Aaron and pulls his mask off, along with Robbie, and realizes that two of his friends are now dead, before passing out, leaving the three to be found by the cops.


In 1996, many characters would mourn his death, including Ricky, Tommy, Top Gun, Krissy, Lydia and even Corey, who would remember him as the one person in the Midtown Posse who kept the gang's spirits up even in the darkest of times.



Characters that are not seen that much, but are still important to the storyline.



"I don't ever want to hear another damn word from your mouth, kid! Get on outside!"

Ricky's deceased father, Tommy's brother and drug dealer from the Primrose Reservation in South Yankton. He is only seen in flashback sequences in Chapter 7 as well as during Ricky's blackouts. A strict and borderline abusive father, he hits his son when something bad in the rez involving him happens. Both Craig and his wife Alisa are accidentally shot and killed in 1975 by FIB agent Alan Hendricks after a false order was given to breach the house the family was in.



"It's okay, Ricky. It's over, you're fine."

Ricky's deceased mother and drug dealer from the Primrose rez. Like Craig, she is only seen in flashbacks in Chapter 7 and during one of Ricky's blackouts. In contrast to Craig, and despite her profession, she is shown to be extremely caring towards her son, and constantly encourages him to do well in school and to avoid gangs and the life of crime. When she is killed, a young Ricky bursts out of hiding and tearfully cradles her dead body, something that Alan was unable to get over even in 1996, when Ricky meets him again.



"They got the whole Pentagon up here, Tommy. On our goddamn land, no less."

Tommy's friend in the rez and a member of the local Indian Rights movement during the 1970s, seen in a flashback at the beginning of Chapter 6. Channing is framed by Tommy after killing three FIB agents during a violent protest at a nearby town in 1974, causing him to serve life in prison with no parole, another one of his biggest life regrets. As of 1996, he is still serving time in prison.



Jake: "Your father was a mean son of a bitch, kid. And I don't necessarily mean that in a nice way."

Corey: "Tell me about it."

The father of Corey and Robbie and a soldier of The Motor Union at the time of his death, seen in a flashback mission in 1979 towards the end of Chapter 6. Seeing the brutalities of the war in the late 60s, it scars him psychologically, and often abuses his kids and drinks alcohol in order to ease his pain. Joining The Motor Union in 1977, however, gives him a new lease in life, as together with Jake Rodchenko, they drive the Perellos out of Carcer City, with the help of the Pavanos in 1979, killing Don Vinnie Perello at his home in Wapona Hills, which would eventually become Jake's. He dies sometime in the early 80s, possibly due to alcohol poisoning, but his psychopathy and actions are still remembered by several characters in the game.



"Take it easy, Jake. We'll work something out together."

The late wife of Motor Union leader Jake Rodchenko, only seen in flashbacks during Chapter 6, when he visits her gravestone in Ravenwood. Sometime while Jake is serving in Vietnam, Sophia contracts leukemia, requiring copious amounts of treatment to keep the cancer at bay. Jake, worried for her health, does several different odd jobs, on top of his own factory job, to pay for Sophia's treatment. Unfortunately for him, a few months after working for the factory, the company lays him off, telling him that they 'can't compete with Japan' and are going bankrupt. He heads to other factories in town, who all tell him the same thing, one way or another. 


Unable to pay for Sophia's treatment, he is forced to watch Sophia die on a hospital bed from the illness in 1976. This impacts Jake greatly, and he is now determined to return jobs back to the city, doing whatever it takes, which finally results in him founding The Motor Union in 1977, a year after Sophia's death.



"Listen baby-killer, you an' your lil' posse better clear off 'fore things get real nasty 'round here..."

The don of The Perello Crime Family who who used to run Carcer City in the 60s and 70s. In 1979, as The Motor Union begins its rise to power, Jake meets Vinnie outside his mansion in Wapona Hills. Vinnie laughs at his face at first, but as more of his men show up, together with Al Marchetti and The Pavanos, he runs back inside and goes into hiding.


The Motor Union and The Pavanos both storm the mansion, and Jake personally executes Vinnie at his garden, solidifying his rule of the city.



"F*ck me... I'd never expected it to go down like this."

An FIB handler and direct superior of agent Alan Hendricks, who oversaw the incident at the Primrose Reservation. Eric, based on local intelligence he receives from the local Native American Sheriff's Department about a house in the rez that is used to cook methamphetamine, orders rookie FIB agent Alan Hendricks to 'get ready to breach and see who might be inside'. Alan, falsely interpreting the order as a threat, kicks the door down and begins to shoot all the drug dealers with a Hawk & Little Pumper-11, including both Craig and Alisa Youngblood, the latter whom is unarmed. Eric reprimands the rookie over the radio, asking him what the hell he just did, and runs inside the house, where together with Alan, they witness a young Ricky crying over Alisa's dead body.


He is not seen again after this, and sometime after the incident, Alan voluntarily leaves the FIB and moves to Tampa, Antigone Falls.



"I knew you was full of sh*t, MK. You been plannin' this sh*t for some time, haven't you?"

A Desert Kings lieutenant who runs one of The Pharaohs' many weapons storage plants, located in Kingfisher. She is seen at the end of Chapter 2, where she meets up with both MK and Tina outside the plant for a chat. After taking a tour around the weapons plant, MK attempts to get Ruby, a close friend of his, on their side. This does not work, as Ruby reveals herself to be loyal to Luther and Niner. It eventually culminates with a standoff between her and Tina and MK, with Ruby cursing at MK for his disloyalty to the gang. This drives Tina over the edge, and she kills the lieutenant with a bullet to the head. They kill the other witnesses of the act as well, except for Berto, who hides behind a wall during the confrontation. 


Her death becomes a catalyst for the events that unfold throughout Chapters 3 and 4, as MK and Tina continue to inform Lay and Doyle of other important operations belonging to The Pharaohs in Carcer City.



"When the time comes, you keep our people together. That's all I ask, brother."

An activist and leader of The Pharaohs when they were still a Civil Rights group in the 1960s and early 1970s. Seen briefly in a late 60s flashback sequence at the beginning of Chapter 4, Luther Harper was his right-hand man and personal bodyguard during that time, where they were both involved in trying to stop the racial riots that broke out in '68. The last thing he wanted to see was to see the organization turn to crime and watch black people kill each other, which unfortunately turned out to be the case. A documentary of The Pharaohs, featuring him and Luther, can be watched at the Lygon Cinema in Downtown.



"You two motherf*ckers better bring back some bread by the end of the day or there gonna be hell to pay."

A burly drug dealer only seen in Ricky's blackout flashbacks. Aaron and Ricky worked for him as teenagers prior to working with Top Gun, where he would often skim off the top and bully them into submission. One day Aaron decides that T.J. has abused the two for too long, and decides to talk to him face-to-face at his crackhouse. Aaron ends up shooting T.J. in the face, much to Ricky's dismay, and both are forced to shoot whoever attacks them as they leave the crackhouse.



"You ripped me off first, Seth. You dumb junkie f*ck! It was you that took those bricks offa me in the first place!"

The Sergeant-at-Arms of the Delta Chargers MC outlaw motorcycle gang. He and Seth Valeria of The Innocentz have some history together, and Ricky is ordered by the latter to take him, together with his ride, to his garage in West Los Albos. After Ricky successfully completes the job, Seth has a brief conversation with Rodney about betrayal, before brutally murdering him with a chisel. Ricky, disgusted by this, chooses to keep off Seth for a while, not seeing him again until Chapter 4. 



"I dunno sh*t, for f*ck's sake! I'm just a DJ!"

A member of The Flushes and a party D.J. who knows about Lay's whereabouts in Chapter 7. Both Corey and Ricky scare him by peeping half his body out of the car window on the I-11 at high speed to get him to talk, after the latter chases him through a rave and throughout the Lewis Factory District.



"Up yours you redskin motherf*cker! You an' Doyle can kiss my ass!"

A member of The Skinz gang and an associate of The Deadlocks MC. Ricky briefly encounters him in Chapter 6, and beats him up for information about Doyle McDonald and his whereabouts in Kingfisher, after receiving an unknown letter at Tommy's about it. After seemingly surrendering, he immediately commits perfidy and shoots back at Ricky, leading to his and the rest of his gang's deaths.



"I didn't rip you off, Mr. Rodchenko. Those guinea assholes did."

A member of The Warsaw Posse who stole money from The Motor Union. He is caught, and used as an example of how The Motor Union deals with perceived traitors and enemies of the organization, to convince the Pavanos that they have things under control in Carcer City. He is brought to the secluded port at Hollow's Point with another unnamed accomplice, where they are shot and killed by Jake and his men in front of Pavano caporegime Al Marchetti and his crew, with their bodies falling into the St. Denis Lake.



"So you're goin' after that maricon Valeria? Good riddance to him."

A female member of The Innocentz and the owner of a specialty gun store near the St. Luisa Church in East Los Albos, known for her dry, sassy and sarcastic personality. She is the only gun store owner in the game to play a role in the main storyline. She first meets Ricky during one of Niner's jobs, where he delivers a shipment of weapons to her. She is later seen again in Chapter 4, where Ricky visits her again for some heavy weaponry against Seth Valeria and his gang at the Three Leaves Shopping Mall.


She is shown to dislike Seth, despite them being in the same gang, and shows no concern when Ricky openly tells her that he is going to kill him.



Some are comedic, some are serious. Either way, they're people that Ricky run into on the street, and they all have different stories to tell.



"Sucks that you broke up with her, man. We could've been a thing again..."

Lydia's junkie brother who is addicted to heroin. Meeting Ricky outside Lucky's, Alex tells him that a heroin dealer working with The Midtown Shootaz is threatening to kill him for not paying for his fix. He quickly beats up the dealer and gives him his money and after that, he can either choose to give money to Alex to pay for his next fix or drive him to rehab. In the next two encounters, Alex repeatedly asks for money to pay for his fix, and Ricky is again presented with the same choices, along with an option to just give him heroin directly if he has it in his inventory.


Regardless, by the end of the fourth encounter, Ricky brings Alex straight to rehab, telling him to get himself cleaned up and to go back to his sister in Antigone Falls.



A: "Way to go, you useless piece of sh*t! You could've left me to be killed by some crazy crackhead in this town!"

M: "Compared to the guys we know already? O-ho-ho! These fine people are saints compared to them!"

An amateur bank robber and stripper couple from North Yankton in town for a few days, pulling low-profile small-time scores for extra money. Ricky first meets Amanda outside the Love & Buckets strip club in Downtown, where she is almost killed by an angry patron outside the club. After dropping her off at a motel, Ricky likewise runs into Michael later on, who is bleeding from the arm at a sidewalk near a shot-up 24/7. He refuses to be sent to a hospital, saying that 'Amanda can handle it', and Ricky likewise drives him back to the motel. In-vehicle conversations allude to Brad, Jimmy, Trevor and Lester, who are featured in GTA V.


In the final encounter, the two stage a planned heist at a small Fleeca bank in Fernbrooke, near the outskirts of town, hiring Ricky as a getaway driver. The heist is successful, and Ricky manages to shake the cops. Dropping the couple off at the train station, Michael says the same famous line he tells the guard in Ludendorff eight years later, to which Ricky responds with 'That's that line from that bad movie, right?'. Laughing it off, Michael and Amanda give Ricky his cut, and the couple leave town, not to be seen again.



"Hey there! You look like a promising young man!  Would you like to engage yourself in the exciting American pastime of sports betting?"

A corrupt sports commentator and secretly a bookie for some of the big games in town. Introducing the Game-Fixing sub-missions in the game, he asks Ricky to go around town, performing acts of sabotage against rival sports and car teams around town, such as a mission involving beating up members of The Liberty City Rampage with a baseball bat inside a hotel lobby in order to allow The Carcer City Clits to gain the upper hand. He advises Ricky to bet some cash on a fixed team before beginning a mission.


In his final encounter, his fixings are discovered by members of The Pavano Family, and in revenge they put a hit out on him. Ricky guns down the hit squad that storms the studio, and he quickly drives Jeffrey to the train station in Midtown 'on a one-way trip to Toronto'. He continues to keep in touch with Ricky via email, and sends out mail regarding games around town containing potential fixings that he can do if he 'wants to earn the extra pocket money'.



B: [in Russian] "We didn't embezzle any goddamned money, Smirnov. The money is being spent for the glory of the Motherland, or what's left of it."

M: "Don't worry about that, she gets drunk sometimes and speaks in tongues."

R: "Sounded like Russian to me, just saying."

Two Russian sleeper agents that continue to reside in Carcer City even after the fall of the Soviet Union five years prior. Speaking with fluent American accents and only conversing in their native language over the radio, they introduce the Rooftop Assassinations sub-missions in the game where they task Ricky with sniping certain targets in office buildings around the city and on the street from a high vantage point, in exchange for a lot of money. It is heavily implied that the couple are defectors who intend to lead the rest of their lives as peaceful Americans in the Midwest while leeching money off what's left of the Kremlin, and that the targets are Russian spies or Russian Mafia members intending to expose them.


The Kremlin soon find out about this ploy, and in the final encounter, they send in other sleeper agents to come to kill them. Alexei, Nina and Ricky manage to fend them off, and then drive over to Union Market to kill their handler who ratted on the couple. They thank Ricky, and soon leave for Vice City to start a new life, sending him a postcard along the way.


After this encounter, an unknown person who goes by the name "The Fixer" will send Ricky emails regarding targets around town that need to be eliminated if he wants to make some extra dough, providing him with a sniper rifle on-site.



"If it ain't da baddest motherf*cker I know! How da f*ck are you, Ricky?"

A young Hmong American street racer and a member of the Wild Boyz gang in Edenwood. Speaking in a faux-urban accent, he introduces Ricky to the world of illegal street racing, and initially challenges him to a one-on-one red light race across the city. After that, he brings Ricky to one of the few tuner garages in the city that his gang owns, called Wang-Anne Tuners, where he can modify predominantly JDM vehicles, which includes both cars and motorcycles, for the purpose of street racing.


After winning all 20 races on the board outside any Wang-Anne Tuners in Carcer City, Paul urgently calls Ricky to head over to his place, where he learns that members of Da Northside Click are planning on bringing the hurt to him and his businesses due to Ricky winning all the races. The pair enter Paul's tuned out '93 Karin Kasai, with Ricky riding shotgun as they get on the I-13 freeway for a high-speed drive-by shootout. Here Ricky is tasked with shooting and disabling as many Northside Click cars as he can in the given time limit with the Hawk & Little Belt-Ringer provided, before destroying the leader car at the front of the convoy. The driver of the car, a Northside Click lieutenant who goes by the name Lil' E, slumps at the side of the road, heavily wounded from the shootings. Lil' E tells Paul to 'go f*ck himself' and yells incoherently before the pair shoots him, Ricardo Diaz-style.


Paul thanks Ricky for his help, and as a reward he is now able to get a 40% discount from all Wang-Anne Tuners in the city along with the custom Kasai, which spawns at the lot next to the garage in Edenwood.



"Ah, Ricky, just in time, amigo! Are you ready to race again?"

A Hispanic businessman from Alderney, highly implied to be a member of a drug cartel, currently in Antigone Falls on some business. He introduces Ricky to the world of rally racing and Grand Prix. Meeting Ricky at a local bar in Downtown and after a friendly chat, Enrico brings him to the back lot to show him one of his vehicles, a spanking-new '95 Pegassi Corsa. He lets Ricky test drive it around Rusty Valley and the freeway in a time trial, and is impressed by his performance.


He then invites Ricky to take part in the Musketoon State Grand Prix, a legal 15-course event that takes place throughout all of Weldon County, involving a mixture of Formula 1-esque racing, Grand Prix motorcycle racing and rally racing, all in an effort to ward off attention from his money laundering activities. He also introduces Ricky to the Pegassi Autos mod garage, where he can mod certain vehicles for the purpose of rally racing and competitive racing.


After coming in first in all Grand Prix races, Enrico and Ricky meet up at the Musketoon Stadium, where they run into Enrico's cartel crew. Enrico hands a cartel member two cases filled with clean cash, and as soon as the deal closes, a NOOSE team ambushes the stadium. Enrico is shot and killed, and Ricky fights through swarms of NOOSE and what's left of the cartel, acquiring one of the cases in the process. Driving away from the stadium using Enrico's Corsa, Ricky soon realizes that the case is tagged with a sensor. He grabs $20,000 and tosses the rest of the money and the case on the I-11 for the cartel to find.


Upon completion of the final encounter, all transactions within Pegassi Autos as well as the Firenze Car Dealership in Antigone Falls are 30% off, and the Pegassi Corsa, the '96 Pegassi Z3500 and the '73 Lampadati Tropos Rallye now spawn in the parking lot next to the garage. The Grand Prix can also now be replayed by Ricky if he wants to make extra bank for his travels.



"Looks like I got myself in quite the pickle again. Mind bein' a dear and help me out of this little palaver?"

A ditsy hiker hailing from Canada with a strong accent, travelling around Weldon County, and appreciating its scenery. Ricky first runs into her at one of the observation decks of The Musketoon State Nature Trail, where she is standing on the edge of a cliff and spreading her hands outwards. She almost falls over, but Ricky quickly grabs her before she actually falls. She thanks Ricky, who tells her to watch out for any dangerous places.


Subsequent encounters involve her getting caught in all manners of ridiculous situations, such as hanging from a rock at the top of Rusty Valley, getting tangled up in rope suspended from the middle of a mountain bridge outside Boulder and even comes face to face with a wild brown bear, who has no qualms about mauling her if Ricky did not intervene. Ricky grows frustrated, and tells her to 'get a helmet or something'.


In her final encounter, Ricky meets her at The Daisy Inn in Fleming, in front of its sunflower fields, where she resides on her last day before going back to Canada. They have a short chat, where Monroe talks about how she is keeping a diary of all her travels inside the motel room, and is in Fleming for the sole purpose of visiting the sunflower fields, a surprisingly harmless activity given her previous experiences. She gets off her chair as Ricky watches her run towards the fields before tripping over, falling headfirst into the ground and breaking her neck. Her body goes limp, and Ricky, surprised by this event, calls the paramedics.


They arrive, and attempt to revive Monroe to no avail, saying that 'she's got some sh*tty luck', to which Ricky says that he begs to differ. Ricky then takes her diary from her hotel room, before continuing with his journey.


"What up though! Shiiiiit, is that you Ricky? I ain't seen you since you and Aaron iced T.J.!"

A hobbyist brawler friend of Ricky's from his early days in Carcer City and a drug dealer working with The Hampton Shootaz. She introduces Ricky to the Cage Fights in Carcer City. In their first encounter, they spar at a parking lot outside the cage fight venue, and Ricky learns a few new moves and methods of countering attacks. He also learns how to use the environment to his advantage, such as beating a person's face with a dumpster lid. Impressed with Ricky's ability, Krissy encourages him to take part in the Cage Fight Tournament, a strictly non-lethal 10-round tournament where fighters can only use fist-to-cuffs.


After Ricky completes the tournament, Krissy and Ricky have a friendly spar once again, before they are interrupted by members of The Midtown Hoods, who intend to rob them. They quickly make an example of all of them, despite being outnumbered, and manage to escape from the area. They soon head over to a nearby motel where they have a one-night stand.


In the morning, before they go their separate ways, they have a short conversation where Ricky briefly talks about Aaron's death and his life in prison and in response, Krissy talks about her life with The Shootaz and how the danger of it does not make her happy, and aspires to be a professional MMA fighter if she has the chance. They empathize with each others' situations, with Krissy admitting that 'the world don't make no f*ckin' sense sometimes', and share a kiss, and right before Krissy leaves, she gives her number to Ricky, telling him to give her a call if he needs someone to talk to. Ricky smiles and gets dressed while Krissy enters her car outside.


Upon completion of this final encounter, Krissy is now available as a booty call, and Ricky can choose to take part in the tournament again if he wants to make some extra money.



"Picture a burning oil barrel rolling across a dirty, ashy parking lot at sundown while some guy shoots up smack in the foreground. That's the true embodiment of America right there."

An auteur photographer and director from Broker with a strange name and a fixation for forgotten American cities and depressed landscapes, and a parody of director and photographer Harmony Korine as well as director Stan Brakhage. Ricky first runs into him in Carlton, where he gives him a professional film camera for his own use. After taking a few photographs of the Rust Belt landscape of Carlton and Carcer City, Nevermore teaches Ricky how to process and filter film in order to create unique photographs for his collection, using the storage room at Tommy's. He grows to respect the photographer for his craft and passion, despite his poor grasp on the situation of the city. He takes a few more photographs of the people in Carlton and Carcer City for Nevermore, as part of a sophomore art project called The Victims of Carcer City that he intends to submit to the Liberty State Film Institute in Algonquin, and as a reward he pays Ricky $200 for every photograph he takes and filters.


In his final encounter, while Nevermore is in the process of filming a handheld art film near Fernbrooke, a member of Da Aces assaults him and steals his camera. Ricky chases after the gang member and beats him up, and he returns the camera to Nevermore. The film runs out, but Nevermore is pleased, claiming that 'the grit of the city is all in that tape'. He thanks a confused Ricky, and walks away, telling him that his film will be up in the cinemas soon.


A few days after this encounter, his sophomore directorial debut, Derringer, is available for viewing at either The Paul Magnum Concert Hall in Midtown, Carcer City or at The Musketoon Theater in Uptown, Antigone Falls.



"There's a big market in Japan for this kind of thing, kid. Do you want in or out?"

A video nasty director who films ultra-violent exploitation movies. He introduces the Rampages sub-missions that can be played in the game. A former A-list Vinewood director, he falls from grace amidst a series of sexual harassment allegations, and moves himself to Carcer City, where he films violent amateur films for sale to powerful Japanese clients.


He first meet Ricky in Little Warsaw, where he has finished wrapping up one of his scenes for his unnamed new feature film. Ricky greets him, and the two soon have a short friendly chat about films, which devolves into a tirade against the state of Vinewood in the 90s. He calls the board of directors 'a bunch of wine-sipping clowns' and Shoulder Of Orion II 'the worst picture to have ever graced the silver screen'. Before Ricky walks away due to Jerry's irrational anger he stops him, and asks if he wants to play a role in his new film. Jerry then says it involves a lot of shooting, and that Ricky will be handsomely compensated for his time. Ricky obliges, and receives a Shrewsbury Devotchka and 25 grenades for the scene.


He is then asked to shoot as many members of The Warsaw Posse as he can within the given time frame, with bonus cash awarded if he manages to fulfill the scene's quotas, such as attaining headshots, blowing up vehicles, and killing a certain amount of gang members, all to an energetic 90s industrial-inspired dynamic score by HEALTH.


Once the time limit is reached, Jerry congratulates Ricky, praising him as 'a natural method actor'. Ricky looks back at the bodies, and asks if those gang members were really actors or actual gang members who were killed during the filming of the scene. Jerry shakes the question off, and tells Ricky that scenes like these are being filmed all over town, and all he has to do is to look out for red dumpsters around the city and in Antigone Falls, which contain the necessary weapons he needs for the scene. Jerry shakes a quizzical Ricky's hand, and tells him that he looks forward to working with him.


After completing all 20 Rampages, Jerry rings Ricky up, telling him to meet outside the Weasel Theater in Downtown. He reaches, and Jerry introduces him to a Japanese businessman named Shintaro Iseyaki. He speaks, in broken English, that he enjoys Jerry's films, and wants Ricky to star in more of them. Jerry then says that he's 'got some chump from Death Row all roofied up and ready to go' and that he hopes that Ricky can co-star as 'one of the film's hunters'. Ricky immediately turns down the offer, and calls the two men 'a pair of mental house escapees' before walking away. Jerry immediately gets ideas for a new gang of hunters after hearing this, and discusses with Shintaro about it in their upcoming film, that he is 'thinking of calling them The Smileys'.


After this encounter, Ricky can choose to replay The Rampages as much as he pleases for extra bread, and all he has to do is go to a red dumpster in the city, where the player can press a prompt near it to initiate the activity.



"There is no righteousness left to save humanity, Mr. Youngblood. This film is enough proof of that."

A female member of The Jury who introduces Ricky to the Blackmail sub-missions, and speaks with a mid-Atlantic accent. Ricky first meets Kiara, who is dressed like a regular civilian, at Ravenwood, where she is in the process of dragging a naked man into the trunk of a car. Ricky helps her and they both drive to a secluded spot in the outskirts of the city. The man awakes, and is revealed to be an Alderman named Curtis Wellington, who Ricky has seen on TV. Kiara, now masked and wearing Jury attire, takes a stun prod from the trunk and begins to shock him and chase him around the dirt road, while Ricky is tasked with filming the whole incident on tape. Ricky is disturbed at first, but later finds out that Kiara was in fact, paid to do this by a rival Alderman running for office as part of a blackmail operation. She gives Ricky part of the cut and tells him to visit her at crowded areas around the city, such as bars and markets, where she has more work for him.


The two continue their blackmail of various high-profile businessmen, politicians and even senatorial candidates such as Joe Lawton, who they catch having oral sex performed on him by his intern secretary. Ricky is amazed and humored that rich people would knowingly do such things with their power, and Kiara tells him to not be so surprised.


Upon completion of the final encounter, Kiara invites Ricky over to her house in Allistor Park for 'some coffee', but Ricky is hesitant, knowing that she might potentially have something up her sleeve if he followed. Kiara assures him that everything is alright, and even if she did, 'everyone would have already known by now'. Ricky laughs it off and they both enter her fancy abode. Kiara gives Ricky her contact number, and is now available as a booty call. She also occasionally sends emails to Ricky about potential blackmail opportunities around the city if he wants to make some money.



"Let's face it, buddy. Not only do the cops in this city suck, they're also keepin' a hell lot of dead skeletons in the closet. Dead skeletons that, if used to pull a few strings, will be to the great benefit of the both of us."

A corrupt CCPD detective who is trying to steal important documents and federal money to further his own career. He introduces Ricky to the Office Massacres sub-missions in the game.


Ricky first meets him outside One Carcer in Union Market, where he appears to to be having a somewhat heated phonecall with an unknown associate. He asks what's wrong, and Duke responds with an overwhelmingly negative critique of Carcer City's law enforcement and justice system, to which Ricky replies indifferently, stating that he has no interest in his opinions. Duke then gives Ricky a proposition; Located on the top floor is a briefcase full of cash and documents held by the manager of the CCPD's personal funds, if someone were to storm the building, raise hell and acquire said briefcase, both Duke and Ricky would gain a lot from it, financially.


Ricky agrees, and enters the building, taking the elevator to the second floor, which takes the appearance of a typical mid-90s office cubicle setting. Ricky soon realizes that all the office drones are armed with pistols, shotguns and sub-machine guns, and gets into a shootout with them, where he is tasked with eliminating all enemies in the room to a dynamic techno-inspired darkwave score reminiscent of John Carpenter soundtracks, which the player can keep track of using the 'Drones Wasted' counter on the side of the screen. After a short break, the second wave begins, with a bastion of armed security personnel, equipped with slightly more powerful shotguns and sub-machine guns, entering the venue through the elevators present from different sides the floor. By the third wave, NOOSE teams will be dispatched, and elite police forces will rappel through the building's windows, armed with powerful carbine rifles and shotguns, while throwing smoke grenades around the office for less visibility. Ricky takes them all out, and grabs a key card from one of the dead office drones, going to a higher floor.


This goes on for two more floors, with each floor layout being different from the last. Ricky soon reaches the top floor, where he kills both the manager and his bodyguard, before taking the briefcase from the table and heading back to the ground floor. Duke takes the briefcase off Ricky's hands and gives him his cut, telling him that there are other buildings around Downtown that houses the documents he needs, and that he can keep whatever cash he finds in his building assaults.


After this encounter, Ricky is tasked with completing the rest of the Office Massacres in different landmark office buildings across Downtown Carcer City, and eventually culminates with Ricky storming the CCPD Downtown Precinct Building, where he kills Chief of Police Reynold Kowalski.


After completing all 6 Office Massacres, Duke calls Ricky and tells him to meet at a multi-storey car park in Byron Henderson Promenade to collect the documents. He arrives, and Duke, along with the rest of his squad of equally corrupt detectives, all point their guns at him. Duke sarcastically thanks Ricky for all the work that he has done for him, and that he is slated to becoming the next Chief of Police 'by next year'. Duke then packs the documents into his 1995 Vapid Unmarked Cruiser, and tells Ricky that he will thank him in his inauguration speech. As soon as Duke leaves the car park, the detectives open fire and Ricky hides behind a parked vehicle, where he manages to shoot all of them dead. Ricky then heads into his personal vehicle and chases after Duke, managing to kill him on a chase along the I-13. He then acquires a three-star wanted level, which he eventually loses.


A few hours after the completion of the final encounter, a Weasel News report comes on on the in-game radio. The report describes the circumstances of Police Chief Reynold Kowalski's death as well as instances of mass shootings across famous office blocks in Downtown Carcer City, and that authorities have discovered an abandoned squad car along the I-13, containing the dead body of Duke Morrison as well as a briefcase full of classified police documents. The CCPD rule Duke as the perpetrator of the shootings and the murders, and conclude that the detective was killed by his own hand.


Office Massacres can also now be replayed by Ricky for extra money, which he can do so by approaching any elevator located at the ground floor of the buildings associated with the sub-mission, where the player has to press the prompt to initiate the activity. 



"There is a great indescribable evil in this world, Ricky. But there is also good."

A 19-year old receptionist who was brutally murdered in the town of Boulder, Musketoon, around 1991, which shocked the town considerably, as nothing like that has happened before. After meeting her crying father, Andrew Toddqvist, at the steps of The Davison Motel, a series of side quests are unlocked, where Ricky has to solve the mystery of Helena's unusual murder, and over the course of it, he soon discovers a malignant supernatural presence in the seemingly peaceful mountainside town that has existed since the arrival of European immigrants to the area.


Ricky questions several witnesses and residents of the small town, such as Boulder Diner proprietor Mary Weathers, welder Leland Becker and Helena's best friend Jasmine Kolbeck, who all share their anecdotes of Helena, and all point toward a cliffside lover's lane outside Boulder where Helena would often frequent, and that her body was found along the stepping stones of The Humphrey Rapids.


Ricky goes to the lover's lane first to investigate, and finds nothing. He then heads over to the stepping stones, checking for any traces of clothing or blood along the stones of the waterfall. He finds an odd pendant with strange engravings on it as well as a locket containing a couple of smiling pictures of Helena on it. Ricky removes the picture and finds some writing on the back of it, referring to a man named Archie. He brings it back to Mary Weathers, where she states that Archie refers to Archibald "Archie" Selwyn, the town's pretty boy quarterback who was the former captain of the Boulder High School football team, as well as Helena's former boyfriend. Mary says that he can be found at a club called Revolver's located east of town, along the I-11, and says that she knows nothing about the pendant.


Ricky heads over to Revolver's and encounters Archie, who is high on ecstasy. He takes Archie out and dunks his head in a water tank nearby, before coming back to his senses. Depressed by Helena's death, Archie goes over to his 1985 Willard Buckwalter and takes an old photo book out, claiming that he took it from Helena's father Andrew without him knowing about it, and that Helena's family was 'getting in on some real f*cked up occult sh*t'. He flips to a page showing an area of The Humphrey Rapids much further upriver from the site of Helena's body. The same strange characters on the pendant are drawn in pen on the page, along with some writing in English at the bottom; "WEDNESDAY, 3A.M.". Ricky then asks for the Toddqvists home address, which Archie immediately gives. Before Ricky leaves, he asks why Archie doesn't want to check for himself, to which he replies that he's 'too chickensh*t' to do it and that he does not want to risk himself getting killed or arrested over this. He wishes Ricky good luck and to 'find the f*ck that killed Helena'.


On any Wednesday, at about 3am, Ricky visits the site that was featured in the photo book, and begins to experience disturbing hallucinations. He witnesses a series of events happening along the creek, such as a group of Scandinavian immigrants executing a row of Indians, a woman with face paint killing a man with a revolver and dragging his corpse to the creek, both dressed in 1940s clothing, and a group of cloaked entities performing an occult ritual. Most disturbingly of all, he sees the murder of Helena Toddqvist by her own father, donning the same face paint as the woman, where she is beaten with a shovel, dragged over to the bank of the Rapids and drowned. 


Realizing that no one is at home, Ricky secretly breaks into Andrew's house at night where he finds a series of news clippings, archives and photographs, on a table in the living room, some written in archaic Swedish and some dating back to the 1800s. He soon realizes that the Toddqvists are entrapped in some kind of family curse and ritual, where members of the family would often kill one another along the rapids, possibly as some kind of divine retribution for their crimes against the indigenous population. Ricky goes to Helena's room on the second floor and reads her diary, which confirms his suspicions. At this point, he meets the ghost of Helena Toddqvist.


They have a conversation about the dark history of Musketoon, as well as her family, and talks about how the state itself is cursed from the start, with events such as the Toddqvist family curse as well as the fall of Carcer City as proof of some kind of primal, supernatural evil inherent in nature that's out to haunt humanity. She soon realizes that Ricky is Native American himself, and, almost apologizes, when Ricky stops her, saying that she shouldn't apologize for 'something her great grandparents did'. Helena then gives off Andrew's location in the hills of the Musketoon State Nature Trail, telling him to come only at night, and asks Ricky to put an end to the family curse once and for all by killing her father. Before Helena leaves, she tells Ricky that despite the presence of a violent evil in the world, she knows that a good still exists out there. Ricky peeps out, and realizes that Helena has disappeared. He takes Helena's diary for safekeeping and leaves the house.


Ricky follows Helena's advice, and visits this site in the Nature Trail. He once again experiences rapid hallucinations of the Toddqvists, hearing sounds of indiscernible screaming and heated conversations as he approaches a cabin in the woods, possibly where Andrew resides. As Ricky approaches the door he is immediately tackled by Andrew Toddqvist, covered in face paint, who lunges at him with a combat knife, attempting to kill him. He wrestles Andrew off and pulls out his gun, shooting Andrew, mortally wounding him. Andrew, bleeding to death and coming to his senses, tells Ricky to drag him inside the cabin, which was the family's hunting cabin, and asks him to burn it down. Ricky obliges, and pours gasoline all over the cabin before leaving, and lights a match outside, setting it on fire.


Once the final encounter is finished, Ricky can choose to go back to the four people to break the news, with each person reacting differently. Mary and Leland both respond with shock and relief, shocked that a man like Andrew would do such a thing to his own daughter and relieved that the mystery has been cracked, with the former rewarding Ricky by serving him for free at the diner. Jasmine and Archie respond with sadness, claiming that Helena had always been a nice girl and that nothing like that should even happen to her in the first place.



"I have secluded myself from a world of hate, Richard! This underground passage is my sanctuary!"

A deranged survivalist who resides at Joakim's Folly on an isle at the center of McMillan Lake, restricting himself from human contact since 1965 and surviving off canned food and lake water for almost three decades. He is only available during the Epilogue, once the main storyline of the game is completed.


Stated to be the physical manifestation of vice and immorality in the universe, Joakim congratulates Ricky upon seeing him for his 'work' in Carcer City, and leads him inside his Folly, which is heavily implied to be an extradimensional space.





One of the most dangerous cities in America, there is bound to be an abundance of gang presence in Carcer City, and its surrounding areas. With over 20 gangs claiming turf in the city, there is no shortage of debauchery between them, with skirmishes, shootings, taggings and fights happening on a daily basis.




Ethnicity: Mostly White, some Black and Hispanic members.


Age group: Mid-20s to early 60s



Byron Henderson Promenade, Downtown

Silvertown, Poppy Row

Wapona Hills, Concord

Ravenwood, Concord



1996 Obey Tailgater

1993 Declasse Granger

1995 Albany Washington

1996 Benefactor Schafter



Combat Knife


Baseball Bat

Golf Club

Hawk & Little Elgin

Vom Feuer Larssen 10mm

Hawk & Little Equalizer

Vom Feuer Pumper-11

Vom Feuer Kleiner

Vom Feuer Helsing

Hawk & Little Charlie

Vom Feuer MF-84


Favorite Stations:

Assembly City Rock 98.7FM

Carcer Rock Nation Radio

We Know The Truth (WKTT)


Notable Members:

Jake Rodchenko

Lay Armstrong

Corey Walker

Samuel Walker



A mostly white criminal organization based in Silvertown in Poppy Row, and one of Carcer City's most influential and feared gangs. Founded in 1977 by Jacob Rodchenko, they are composed entirely of disgruntled former factory workers and Vietnam War veterans, along with their descendants. The organization intends to restore Carcer City back to its former glory by demanding out-of-towners, politicians, criminals and businessmen to bring their investment and influence to the city, even if it means using violence or blackmail to do so. This works well somewhat in its early years, where they manage to transform Downtown, Isle Blanc, Concord and parts of Midtown back into livable spaces. By the end of the 80s, however, due to greed and ambition as well as the crack epidemic, internal struggles begin to affect the organization, culminating with the overthrow of the organization's current leader by a younger lieutenant, Lachlan Armstrong.


A civil war finally breaks out within the organization, and by the summer of 1997, with the deaths of both Jake and Lay, The Motor Union is completely decimated and therefore disbanded, with many of its members either killed, choosing to drop their flags and leave town or forced to join other gangs in the city. Their gang members and vehicles will no longer spawn in the city and other gangs such as Da Northside Click, Delta Chargers MCThe Warsaw Posse, The FlushesThe Jury and even the Perello Crime Family, their former enemies, will now take over their former territories, thus filling the power vacuum left by them. Members of The Flushes and Streetwannabes will now congregate near their former Silvertown headquarters, turning it into a drug den, and members of The Jury will now hang around Jake's mansion in Wapona Hills.


They are allied with The Warsaw Posse and The Flushes, two other Caucasian street gangs in the city. They also have a truce with The Pharaohs, though this is broken later in the storyline. Most importantly, they have a working relationship with the Liberty-based Pavano Crime Family, which provides financing, political power and influence in exchange for a monthly tribute, and also helped the gang push the native Perello Crime Family out of the city.


Their gang color is olive, reflecting the military background of many of its members.




Ethnicity: Black


Age Group: Early-20s to early-60s



Union Market, Downtown

Palisades, Downtown

Fischer Corridor, Midtown

Fremont Avenue Arcade District, Downtown

Few locales in Fernbrooke, Poppy Row and Concord



1965 Vapid Chino

1993 Declasse Granger

1970 Albany Emperor

1976 Declasse Quixote






Baseball Bat

Golf Club

Hawk & Little Elgin

Vom Feuer Larssen 10mm

Vom Feuer Brandy

Vom Feuer Pumper-11

Hawk & Little AW-5

Shrewsbury Devotchka

Hawk & Little Andouille

Hawk & Little Charlie


Favorite Stations:

The Sho-Down 95.7

For Lovers

Gold 105


Notable Members:

Luther Harper

Roy Hutchinson

Lil' Dwaine

Top Gun (Later)



Founded by Civil Rights activist Kevin Jackson III in July 1956, The Pharaohs are among the city's most powerful and oldest gangs, along with The Motor Union, and one of the most well-organized black gangs in the city. Beginning as a Civil Rights group during the late 50s and 60s, they were instrumental in their role of preventing the already-violent 1968 Carcer City Racial Riots from getting any worse. It goes downhill from there, however, as people continued to leave the city and it became much harder for black people to get jobs due to the import boom and political corruption. The original morals of the group began to erode as early as 1975, and it was accelerated by the crack epidemic of the 80s, where many of its members either started to deal or smoke it. By 1996, they have become a full-blown criminal organization, with ties to the narcotics industry, media and the City Council. Two other gangs in the city, Warlord Nation and The Desert Kings, establish close ties to the organization, with their leaders and lieutenants often coming to their meetings. They also have a truce with The Motor Union, another powerful organization in the city, though this is broken in the storyline.


Their main rivals are Da 5th Avenue Families, another organized African-American gang whose members originate from Holland and Firefly Island in Liberty City. Their subgroups, Da Clubs and Da Aces, are engaged in turf wars with the three gangs throughout the city.


Despite all this, the gang still carries itself as a formal organization, donning black suits with gold or yellow undertones as a throwback to their original purpose in the 60s. They are currently lead by Luther Harper, who was the former bodyguard and right-hand man of Kevin Jackson III.


By 1997, they are severely weakened, with Da Clubs and Da Aces taking control of some of their former territories in Fernbrooke and Downtown after their leader Luther was killed in the winter of 1996 by members of The Deadlocks MC, coupled with a gang war against The Motor Union. Powell "Top Gun" Haynes, formerly the leader of Midtown-based gang Warlord Nation, now takes the throne of the organization.




Ethnicity: Italian-American

Age group: Mid-20s to early 50s



Byron Henderson Promenade, Downtown

Palisades, Downtown

The Waterfront, Concord

Wapona Hills, Concord

Allistor Park, Concord



1994 Ubermacht Sentinel

1995 Pfister JVE

1996 Benefactor Serrano




Baseball Bat

Golf Club

Vom Feuer KLLR 7

Vom Feuer Larssen 10mm

Hawk & Little Equalizer

Vom Feuer Brandy

Vom Feuer Pumper-11

Vom Feuer SF-95

Vom Feuer Kleiner

Vom Feuer Helsing

Hawk & Little Charlie

Vom Feuer MF-84


Favorite Stations:

Blue Room Radio

Assembly Rock Radio 98.7FM


Notable Members:

Al Marchetti



The second most powerful Mafia family in Liberty City, and one whose talons are dug deep into Carcer City's criminal underground. The current crew based in the city is lead by a caporegime named Alphonse Marchetti. They work very closely with The Motor Union, exchanging political influence, financing and judicial bribery in exchange for a monthly tribute from their operations. However, this relationship is shown to be deteriorating as the story progresses, due to the current Motor Union boss, Jack Rodchenko, struggling to pay his monthly tribute. The organization later collaborates with Lay Armstrong, a younger lieutenant of the Union, to start a rouse in the city in order to have him take over the gang, exiling Jake in the process.


By the end of the game, due to the death of their leader Al and his crew, and their allies during Corey Walker's war against The Motor Union and the mafia, they are effectively driven off the city, with many of their former territories eventually taken over by other gangs such as The Jury, Da Clubs, Da Northside Click, The Angels of Death MC, The Spanish Lords, and even the Perellos, who they drove out the city back in 1979.




Ethnicity: Mostly Black, some White and Hispanic members

Age group: Early 20s to early 30s



Hampton, Midtown

Fischer Corridor, Midtown

Jorge's Point, Midtown

Fitzgerald Arts District, Midtown

Harlequin Park, Downtown



1967 Declasse Impaler

1984 Dinka Maceo

1978 Declasse Rancher XL

1987 Willard Faction




Favorite Stations:

The Sho-Down 95.7

Carcer City Underground

Neo-Carcer FM


Notable Members:

Brandon DeVaughn



Founded by Brandon DeVaughn, The Midtown Hoods are one of Carcer City's newest gangs, and perhaps one of the first mixed race street gangs in the city. Preferring to conceal their identities and to instill fear in their enemies, many members choose to don wrestling masks or bandannas as part of their gang attire. Combining the grungy grit of predominantly white biker gangs and the streetwise sentiments of black street gangs, The Midtown Hoods are slowly encroaching in on the neighborhood they are found in, dealing drugs, stealing cars and racing, and get involved in feuds with other local Midtown gangs such as The Hampton Shootaz and Warlord Nation, though according to Top Gun, the beef between the gangs is not significant enough to warrant a full scale gang war.


They are associated with The Motor Union as well as The Innocentz, who lieutenant Seth Valeria is closely associated with Brandon, engaging in mutual jobs involving car theft and chop shops.


After Brandon's death in Chapter 4, the gang is weakened, with some of their turf taken over by members of The Shootaz and The Nation. However, it is heavily implied that Brandon is replaced by a new, unseen leader, and it is suggested, according to gang dialogue, that he or she is much more capable at running the gang as compared to the former, that they are 'slowly making moves'.




Ethnicity: Black

Age group:  Early 20s to early 30s.








Favorite Stations:

The Sho-Down 95.7

Gold 105

Scratch That! 107.1FM


Notable Members:



Tina Rochester



A large African-American street gang based in Downtown, eastern Fernbrooke and parts of Kingfisher, led by Keith "Niner" Owens, the childhood friend of Top Gun, who leads The Warlord Nation gang. They have an intense rivalry against Da Clubs, a Downtown-based gang which, together with Da Aces, form Da 5th Avenue Families, a larger criminal enterprise originating from Holland and Firefly Island in Liberty City. Due to the relationship that both Niner and Top Gun have, the two gangs are extremely strong allies, even forming a sort of triple alliance with The Pharaohs, the most powerful black gang in Carcer City, where they organize sit-downs and have a say in the way things are run in town. In this triple alliance, with The Pharaohs handling legal matters and The Warlord Nation handling drugs, The Desert Kings are in charge of The Pharaoh's arms trade, and most missions given by Niner and his gang involve the procurement of several arms shipments, either from their end or from other gangs.


With the advent of the gang war in Chapter 4, however, The Desert Kings are placed at a standstill, with Da Clubs managing to take over bits of their turf in the ensuing chaos.


The gang has a largely sand-colored motif, owing to their name in reference to the Gulf War, and due to Niner's personal aversion towards hiring youngsters and teenagers into his gang, most members are in the least, in their early 20s.




Ethnicity: Black

Age group: Late teens to early 30s.








Favorite Stations:

The Sho-Down 95.7

Gold 105

Scratch That! 107.1FM


Notable Members:

Top Gun





Another large African-American gang in the city, and close allies with The Pharaohs and The Desert Kings. The Warlord Nation began as an offshoot of The Pharaohs in the early-70s when they were still a Civil Rights group, albeit more radical and black supremacist in nature. It is heavily implied to have been founded by Top Gun's unseen father, and it is all but stated that he pushed the gang into the drug trade, as they are notorious for in 1996. They control the neighborhoods of Midtown, parts of northern Downtown and parts of southern Poppy Row, where they are responsible for The Pharaohs' drug trade and production. Their current leader in 1996 is Powell "Top Gun" Haynes, a man who knows Ricky since his teens, and is his first criminal employer in the game after Ricky is released from prison. Like The Desert Kings, The Warlord Nation consider Da 5th Avenue Families to be their biggest adversaries, and a subset of the gang, a group known as Da Aces, are their sworn enemies and competitors in the drug trade.


Things go alright for The Warlord Nation until Chapter 4, when a gang war erupts between The Motor Union and The Pharaohs, stagnating the drug trade and leaving The Warlord Nation weakened. This is made worse once Luther and Roy are killed by the Deadlocks MC, disguised as the Motor Union as part of an elaborate plan to stir unrest in the gangs of Carcer City, and Top Gun, with more experience on the legal side of the business, is forced to step up as the new leader of The Pharaohs, leaving Warlord Nation under the control of his protege, 15-year old 8-Bit. After this, the gang loses some of its territory to Da Aces, though they still maintain a strong foothold over Midtown. 


Their motif is the pan-African colors over a black background, reflecting their history as a black supremacist gang. As such, one would be able to identify a member of the gang through the use of red, green, black and gold in their clothing.




Ethnicity: Black

Age group: Late teens to mid 30s.


Criminal Activities:








Favorite Stations:

The Sho-Down 95.7

Neo-Carcer FM

Scratch That! 107.1FM



A subset of Da 5th Avenue Families, a gang of hustlers originating from the district of the same name in Holland, Algonquin, as well as Firefly Island, Broker in Liberty City. Da 5th Avenue Families, after their establishment as one of the east coast's most influential gangs, begin their foray in Carcer City around the mid-80s, their first Midwestern venture. Much like The Pharaohs and their triple alliance, Da 5th Avenue Families follow a similar system, though leaning closer to the idea of different sets which were prevalent in the west coast as well as the south during this time. With that, Da Clubs were born out of this, and they are now responsible for much of the Families' chop shops, auto theft rings and weapons trade, the third venture which led to an intense rivalry with a local gang, The Desert Kings.


They hang mostly around Downtown and Kingfisher, where they get into skirmishes with The Desert Kings as well as other gangs, especially at night, and can be easily identified by their baggy red clothing and their large, tuned SUVs fitted with subwoofers, blasting hip hop and techno music in the vicinity.




Ethnicity: Black

Age group: Late teens to early 30s.








Favorite Stations:

The Sho-Down 95.7

Neo-Carcer FM

Scratch That! 107.1FM



The second subset of Da 5th Avenue Families, though this time based entirely in Fernbrooke. Their expertise is in the drug trade, and they are engaged in feuds with The Warlord Nation, their bitter enemies. Running crackhouses and drug labs throughout the neighborhood, they have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with, with enough finances to keep the cops away and to strike fear in the residents across Fernbrooke, especially in Hemsworth Park, where many of their operations are located.


They can be identified by their baggy, white clothing, in contrast to Da Clubs's red motif, and they mostly drive luxury sedans and sports coupes as a way to flaunt their drug-fueled wealth.




Ethnicity: Mostly White, some Black and Hispanic members.

Age group: Mid 20s to late 40s.








Favorite Stations:

Incurvatus 93.9FM

Assembly Rock Radio 98.7FM


Notable Members:

Doyle McDonald



The largest biker gang in the city and perhaps the Midwest, formed not too long after the end of the Vietnam War, based in Kingfisher. Comprised mostly of hellraisers, Vietnam veterans and ex-convicts, their insignia is that of two crosshairs interlacing each other, after the US Army unit of the same name that served in Vietnam, of which the gang's founding members served in. They are currently lead by a man named Doyle MacDonald, a young man who, ironically, did not serve in the Vietnam War, and it is heavily implied that he took power by betraying, killing or ratting out the original members of the gang.




Ethnicity: White

Age group: Early 20s to late 40s.








Favorite Stations:

The Box

Carcer Rock Nation Radio


Notable Members:




A group of white supremacists, skinheads and Neo-Nazis that hang out at the Carcer City Forge and the Santo-Elroy Industrial District.




Ethnicity: Hispanic, mostly Mexican

Age group: Late teens to late 20s. 








Favorite Stations:

The Box

Incurvatus 93.9FM

Carcer City Underground


Notable Members:

Seth Valeria

Clara Martinez



A recently-formed gang in Carcer City formed around 1992, composed mostly of local Mexican youths as well as Hispanic immigrants from either Mexico or Canada. The Innocentz run small-to-medium time chop shops, weapons and drugs operations across Poppy Row and Kingfisher, being mostly condensed in the Los Albos area, composed of both East and West Albos


Influenced by the Memphis rap scene that made its way to Carcer City from the South through radio, the 90s extreme metal scene as well as the traditional Dia de los Muertos holiday in Mexico where locals literally pay their respects to the dead, their aesthetic combines the Satanic elements of the two movements as well as the makeup of the third as a way to scare their enemies, with skull face paint inspired by the holiday as well as black, ripped hoodies and jackets to signify their allegiance to the gang. That said, this is all for show, and while there are some actual Satanists in the ranks, many of its members are practicing Catholics outside their gang lives, with many of them being part of the local denomination at the St. Luisa Church in East Los Albos. That saiid, this does not stop them from using brutal and sadistic tactics against their enemies, as Seth himself demonstrates to Ricky throughout Chapters 2 to 4.


Inspired by the Chicano culture in San Andreas as well, members of the gang driver neon-fitted lowriders, albeit with a black and red motif, blasting metal and horrorcore from their stereos in their turf. They are allies with the local Warsaw Posse, which is comprised of local Polish-Americans in Little Warsaw, their neighboring district, due to their shared Catholic background. That said, skirmishes between the two gangs occasionally happen, but very rarely.




Ethnicity: Mostly White, some Black members.

Age group: Early 20s to mid 30s.








Favorite Stations:

Blue Room Radio

The Cabaret


Notable Members:

Kiara Thomsen

Simon Orwell



A ragtag group of Clockwork Orange-esque rich kids and yuppies from Concord that revel in violence, carrying melee weapons with them whenever they can and inflicting pain on innocent bystanders and other gang members across the city. Their motives are unknown, but it is perhaps motivated by the nihilistic outlook and the constant violence that seems to always afflict their city, or a genuine sense of schadenfreude that they have seemed to discovered over their time living a sheltered suburban existence away from the gang culture in the southern regions of Carcer City. Other than pure, unadulterated violence, The Jury are also regular attendees at raves and both deal and take drugs, with ketamine and cocaine being their choice of drug to compliment their fast and violent lifestyles.


While they are mostly a nighttime gang due to most members working during the day, they progressively become an all-day gang over the course of the storyline, especially after the gang war in Chapter 4, when the city slowly turns into a state of anarchy.


Donning Mardi Gras and French-inspired burlesque masks or/and putting on strange, Bjork-like face paint or make-up, along with black-colored, stereotypically fancy clothing such as suits and slip dresses (not taking rave attire into account), they combine the elements of class and danger into their attire to intimidate other gangs in the city. They are also the only gang to have jazz/trip hop stations as their favorites to compliment their way of living, and normally drive luxury saloons and sports cars on their turf.




Ethnicity: Black

Age group: Early 20s to early 30s.








Favorite Stations:

Neo-Carcer FM

Cosmic FM

The Sho-Down 95.7


Notable Members:

Lil' E



A gang of middle-to-upper-class African-American gangsters and car-enthusiasts from Concord who actively take part in street races and run chop shops across the neighborhood.




Ethnicity: Hmong

Age group: Late teens to early 30s.








Favorite Stations:

Cosmic FM

Bass-Heds 98

Neo-Carcer FM


Notable Members:

Paul Vang



A small gang composed of predominantly Hmong as well as other Indochinese immigrants and youths who came to the United States after the Vietnam War as well as after the fall of the Soviet Union, based in Edenwood, Fernbrooke. Like Da Northside Click, they are actively involved in the illegal street-racing and tuning scene, and are slowly making names for themselves in said scene.




Ethnicity: Puerto Rican & Dominican.

Age group: Early 20s to mid 40s.








Favorite Stations:

The Sho-Down 95.7

Cosmic FM



A Puerto Rican and Dominican gang, that, like Da 5th Avenue Families before them, have a large influence over the east coast. That said, their presence in Carcer City is small, being composed of mostly flyover members from Liberty City in town for short-term business.




Ethnicity: Polish-American & Ukrainian-American

Age group: Early 20s to mid 40s.








Favorite Stations:

The Box

Carcer Rock Nation Radio

Assembly Rock Radio 98.7FM


Notable Members:

Frederick Kozlowski



One of the oldest gangs in Carcer City, The Warsaw Posse is perhaps one of the nation's only few gangs which are informally referred to as the Polish Mob. Composed of both immigrants from Poland as well as the multi-generational, historic Slavic-American diaspora which first arrived in the city during the 1910s, they are one of the more organized and legitimate gangs in the city, with many of their operations being mostly white-collar in nature. That said, they still engage in drug-dealing and weapons trade, often working hand-in-hand with The Motor Union and more recently, The Innocentz, in handling the more illicit side of the business.




Ethnicity: Mostly White, some Black and Hispanic members.

Age group: Late teens to late 20s.








Favorite Stations:

Neo-Carcer FM

Bass-Heds 98

Fuzzz 92.5FM


Notable Members:




A group of drug-addled youths, ravers and DJs of different backgrounds that organize, and take part in raves across Carcer City and Wayne County during the height of their popularity in the 90s. Perpetually under the influence, the Flushes are




Ethnicity: Black

Age group: Late teens to early 30s.








Favorite Stations:

Carcer City Underground

The Sho-Down 95.7

Scratch That! 107.1FM


Notable Members:




A small African-American gang in Midtown and parts of Fernbrooke that started off independent from The Warlord Nation during the mid-80s. 




Ethnicity: Mixed

Age group: Late 20s to mid 40s.








Favorite Stations:

For Lovers

Assembly Rock Radio 98.7FM


Notable Members:

Rodney Clarence



A bozosoku-inspired biker gang from Concord with traditional 1-percenter elements, originating from Illinois.




Ethnicity: White

Age group: Late 20s to late 40s.








Favorite Stations:

Incurvatus 93.9FM

Carcer Rock Nation Radio


Notable Members:

Forrest Morello



An infamous white supremacist biker gang that began in San Fierro in the early 60s, with a small chapter located in Downtown, Carcer City.




Ethnicity: Various

Age group:  Late teens to early 30s.








Favorite Stations:

Bass-Heds 98

Fuzzz 92.5FM






Ethnicity: Mixed

Age group: Early 20s to early 40s.








Favorite Stations:

Carcer Rock Nation Radio

Fuzzz 92.5FM



A gang of female street criminals and vigilantes that ensure the safety of and defend prostitutes and other women from any instance of danger on the streets of Carcer City, especially at night, hanging around red light districts and in alleyways to look out for any violent johns and pimps in the area.




Ethnicity: Italian-American

Age group: Mid 20s to early 60s.








Favorite Stations:

Assembly Rock Radio 98.7FM

We Know The Truth (WKTT)


Notable Members:

Vinnie Perello



The historic Italian Mafia of Carcer City that began in the 1930s, loosely based on the Detroit Partnership in real life. They originally ran the city through the 40s to the mid-70s, until around 1979, when The Motor Union drove them out of the city, with the help of a crew of the Pavano Crime Family.




Ethnicity: Mixed

Age group: Early 20s to late 50s.








Favorite Stations:

We Know The Truth (WKTT)



Vigilantes from across Carcer City that defend the city from criminals during Devil's Night every Friday in Carcer City, inspired by the Angel's Night movement in Detroit.


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So far, this sounds pretty good. Would the weapons from Manhunt make a return? And how would the weapon system be? Would it be like Manhunt, GTA 5, or RDR 2?

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Yo I remember reading the original done by sethpenguin many many many years ago. So happy to see it return!

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I'm glad most of you are enjoying this concept, sorry if updates have been pretty sporadic, I got lots of real life stuff to handle and I haven't got much time. Really appreciate the feedback as well if you got any. I'll try and include more photographs, maps and artwork in this concept in the near future if possible 


I remade this concept because I feel like the mid-90s are a barely-treaded ground in the midst of all the 80s revival stuff that's going on right now, and as @universetwisters mentioned above, that concept really made an impression of me with its period, characters and setting.


Got lots of great ideas for the story, which is probably going to be as tragic as RDR2. I'm also thinking of having a young Michael and Amanda as strangers in this concept. The characters in general, especially the protagonist, are definitely going to be more sympathetic than Manhunt or sethpenguin's concept.


Radio stations are going to be dope, and there's going to be a 90s noise rock/dream pop station in game that's hosted by Gregg Araki.


As for weapons and weapons systems, it would be a bit more like GTA IV/RDR2 than Manhunt, where heavy weapons cannot be stored in the player's arsenal and you can switch/store weapons inside a vehicle, no Underworld kung fu-type stuff here, or the crazy ass weapon wheel in GTA V. I'll talk more about it in a future update.


Keep on the lookout for future updates, and thanks again for reading.


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This is a really awesome concept. The multiple story chapters taking place during different times of the year reminds me of Bully.


I bet one of the missions is probably gonna involve beating up a rival hockey team, maybe the Los Santos Kings, in order to give Carcer City's team (a possible parody of Detroit Red Wings) an advantage, similar to the mission "Two-Hand Toss" from GTA Advance.

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1 minute ago, Ivan1997GTA said:

This is a really awesome concept. I bet one of the story missions is probably gonna involve beating up a rival hockey team, maybe the Los Santos Kings, in order to give Carcer City's team (a possible parody of Detroit Red Wings) an advantage, similar to the mission "Two-Hand Toss" from GTA Advance.

oh man, definitely not the storyline, but it might be great for a stranger mission or the online

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I’m curious as to who the protagonist would be? Definitely need a strong memorable protagonist for this. Any ideas about physical appearance or anything? Considering the location and demographic I can kinda picture him in my head what he’d look like...

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I liked the prologue, but I was a bit irked by the return of more large snowy Rancher vehicles appearing in this prologue like in the V prologue. Why not change it to something a bit more nondescript and easier to get a hold of on the streets, like a sh*tty early 80s Buick Skylark or K car?


That little gripe aside, it’s perfect!

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12 hours ago, universetwisters said:

I was a bit irked by the return of more large snowy Rancher vehicles appearing in this prologue like in the V prologue. Why not change it to something a bit more nondescript and easier to get a hold of on the streets, like a sh*tty early 80s Buick Skylark or K car?

Issa getaway car, a buick aint gonna cut it. youre gonna need sumn that can go off the road especially in the snow

Edited by DownInTheHole
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1 hour ago, DownInTheHole said:

Issa getaway car, a buick aint gonna cut it. youre gonna need sumn that can go off the road especially in the snow


I dunno man, my front wheel drive skylark got me out of many a few issues but I gotchu

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This whole thing is taking way longer than i expected tbh, anyway Chapter 1 of the outline is finished, lemme know how it is, if i should continue it or not



Written by sabitsuki

Loosely based on ObsydianRaven's 2011 concept.















The game features a dynamic original score similar to GTA V and other recent Rockstar titles, being played in storyline missions, car chases, gang shootouts and even in ambient locations.


The game’s score is composed by a few main groups, which are influential trip-hop and alternative rock outfit UNKLE, lead by James Lavelle, who also have songs in the in-game stations as well as on Radio Broker in GTA IV, as well as frequent collaborators such as HEALTH, who composed the scores for Max Payne 3 and GTA Online’s Arena Wars,  and Oh No and Woody Jackson, who composed much of GTA V’s and GTA Online’s soundtracks. Mostly adopting a dark 90s-inspired industrial and grunge sound not unlike TLAD, the score also reflects on numerous other genres, such as Detroit techno, east coast hip hop, horrorcore, trip hop and even orchestral pieces.


Take A Daytrip, a production duo known for composing the explosive and fan-favorite Import/Export soundtrack in GTA Online, will also compose the game’s dynamic scores, with their tunes mostly heard in police chases and gang warfares, adding modern trap influences to the industrial and grunge-inspired scores of the former.




GTA: Carcer City features a total of 17 radio stations which broadcast throughout all of Weldon County, playing a wide variety of music that was popular between the 30s to 90s. Due to its close proximity to Liberty City, many east coast artists are featured in the game. Featuring 3 Rock stations, 2 Metal stations, 3 Electronic stations, 5 Hip Hop and R&B stations and 2 Jazz/Downtempo stations, GTA: Carcer City features the most diverse set of licensed music since IV.


The game attempts to recreate the ethos and vibe of Rust Belt cities in the mid-90s as well as to capture the entire feeling of angst of Generation X, and as such, the selected licensed songs in the stations are generally more somber and darker than GTA V. Certain tracks are anachronistic to the years of the game’s setting, but are important to the atmosphere of the in-game world.


The songs listed below can be purchased at any music store in the game, and are listenable through Ricky's Panoramic Strutter, an early MP3 Player, anywhere and anytime.




 "Featuring the best of grunge and alternative metal for an apathetic generation."

Genre: Grunge, Alternative Metal, Funk Metal

Type: Dynamic (with Commercials)

Location: Fremont Avenue Arcade District, Carcer City

Host: Mark Arm



One of Carcer City's 2 alternative rock stations during a period of its highest mainstream popularity, Carcer Rock Nation is in a way, a spiritual successor to Radio X in San Andreas, featuring playlist of relatively popular alternative metal tunes during the mid-90s along with more underground grunge tracks either pre or post-Nirvana. Thematically, it is darker in tone compared to the other alternative rock station, Fuzzz 92.5FM, which plays shoegazing, early-Britpop, noise rock, post-hardcore and art punk, generally on the lighter side of the rock spectrum.


It is hosted by Mark Arm, the vocalist of seminal grunge bands such as Mudhoney and Green River, two bands which have tracks on this station and were instrumental to the development of the grunge movement in the Pacific Northwest during the late 80s and 90s.




Metallica - One (1989)

Alice In Chains - Down In A Hole (1992)

Mudhoney - Touch Me, I'm Sick (1988)

Green River - Swallow My Pride (1985)

Jane's Addiction - Ted, Just Admit It... (1988)

Malfunkshun - Shotgun Wedding (1995)

Mother Love Bone - This Is Shangrila (1989)

Love And Rockets - Fever (1996)

Helmet - I Know (1994)

Deftones - Lifter (1995)

Living Colour - Fight The Fight (1990)

Type O Negative - Black No. 1 (Album Version) (1993)

Rollins Band - Liar (1994)

Skin Yard - 1,000 Smiling Knuckles (1991)

Gruntruck - Above Me (1992)

Iggy Pop - Wild America (1993)

L7 - Fuel My Fire (1994)

Hole – Violet (1995)

7 Year Bitch – 24,900 Miles Per Hour (1996)

Toadies - Backslider (1994)

Depeche Mode – In Your Room (1993)

Refused - Hook, Line And Sinker (1996)

Melvins - Night Goat (1993)

Love Battery - Out Of Focus (1992)

Truly - Blue Flame Ford (1995)

My Sister's Machine - Inside Of Me (1993)

Unsane - Alleged (1995)

Machines of Loving Grace - If I Should Explode (1993)

Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Blood Sugar Sex Magik (1991)




“Society wants you to think that dreamy and noisy are two words that shouldn’t go together. We’re here to prove them wrong. We present the new sound of alternative here, you whiny grunge kids.”

Genres: Noise Rock, Shoegazing, Post-Hardcore, Art Punk, Dream Pop

Type: Dynamic (with Commercials)

Location: Fremont Avenue Arcade District, Carcer City

Host: Gregg Araki



The second of the game’s two alternative rock stations, Fuzzz 92.5FM features a wider variety of music and genres compared to the former’s predominantly grunge and alternative metal format. Running the gamut from shoegaze and Britpop to post-hardcore and art punk, the station is generally noisier, yet lighter in tone compared to the former.


It is hosted by Gregg Araki, director of the Teenage Apocalypse Trilogy, composed of three films Totally fecked UpThe Doom Generation and Nowhere, all starring James Duval, who plays Tommy Youngblood in the game. He often places shoegazing and dream pop soundtracks into his films, tastes which are reflected on the station’s songs.




Dinosaur Jr. – Feel The Pain (1994)

Sonic Youth – Sugar Kane (1992)

The Smashing Pumpkins – Rocket (1993)

The Amps – Tipp City (1995)

Medicine – Aruca (1992)

The Breeders – Invisible Man (1993)

Redd Kross - Visionary (1993)

Husker Du – Don’t Want To Know If You’re Lonely (1986)

Local H – Bound For The Floor (1996)

The Afghan Whigs – Conjure Me (1992)

Jawbox – Mirrorful (1996)

Fugazi – Smallpox Champion (1993)

Drive Like Jehu – Caress (1993)

Brainiac – Hot Metal Doberman's (1994)

Beck - Novacane (1996)

P*rno For Pyros – Dogs Rule The Night (1996)

The Stone Roses – I Wanna Be Adored (1989)

The Verve - Blue (1993)

The Jesus And Mary Chain – Happy When It Rains (1987)

The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Anemone (1996)

Primal Scream – Star (1997)

Ash – Lose Control (1996)

Lush – Nothing Natural (1992)

Ned’s Atomic Dustbin – Kill Your Television (1991)

Cocteau Twins – Heaven Or Las Vegas (1990)

Chapterhouse – Pearl (1991)

Ride – Seagull (1990)

Cranes – Jewel (1993)

Pale Saints – Kinky Love (1991)

Swervedriver – Never Lose That Feeling (1993)




“Flashback to the all the hard rock and heavy metal, from when Carcer was still making cars, all from the safety of Antigone Falls.”

Genre: Glam Rock, Heavy Metal, Protopunk, Hard Rock

Type: Dynamic (with Commercials)

Location: Downtown, Antigone Falls

Host: Suzi Quatro



Playing music from ‘back when Carcer City was called 'Assembly City'', the station plays classic rock and metal, mostly in the genres of hair metal, glam rock and protopunk, featuring old school acts such as Hendrix, MC5 to The Stooges, glam rock greats such as T.Rex and Sweet to modern heavy metal bands such as AC/DC and Warrant. The station’s headquarters, ironically enough, is located in Antigone Falls, instead of Carcer City, where many of the city’s former residents now reside.


It is hosted by Suzi Quatro, known as ‘The Queen of Glam Rock’, with a string of 70s hits to her name.




Jimi Hendrix – Ezy Ryder (1969)

MC5 – Kick Out The Jams (1969)

The Stooges – Search And Destroy (1973)

New York Dolls – Vietnamese Baby (1973)

Johnny Thunders – You Can’t Put Your Arm Around A Memory (1978)

Richard Hell & The Voidoids – Blank Generation (1977)

T. Rex – 20th Century Boy (1973)

Sweet – Burning (1973)

Slade – Hear Me Calling (1972)

Suzi Quatro – 48 Crash (1973)

Iggy Pop – Neighborhood Threat (1977)

KISS – Detroit Rock City (1976)

AC/DC – Shoot To Thrill (1980)

Def Leppard – Rock Rock (Till You Drop) (1983)

Motley Crue – Live Wire (1981)

Skid Row – Monkey Business (1991)

Ratt – Between The Eyes (1985)

Ratt – Way Cool Jr. (1988)

Warrant - You're the Only Hell Your Mama Ever Raised (1990)

Rage - A Pilgrim's Path (1988)

Vixen – Hell Raisers (1988)

Slaughter – Up All Night (1989)

Roxx Gang – Fastest Gun In Town (1988)

W.A.S.P. – Harder Faster (1987)

Rhino Bucket – Beat To Death Like A Dog (1992)

Dangerous Toys – Teas’n, Pleas’n (1989)

Winger – Seventeen (1988)




"Beats direct from LC, The Sho-Down presents the best in underground hip hop in a post-pager age."

Genre: Hardcore hip hop, East Coast hip hop, Boom Bap

Type: Dynamic

Location: Harlequin Park, Downtown, Carcer City

Host: GZA



Given its closer proximity to the east coast, Carcer City is much more exposed to the likes of Nas and Notorious B.I.G. rather than N.W.A. and 2Pac. The station plays predominantly hardcore hip hop from the 90s.


It is hosted by GZA, one of the founding members of the influential hip hop group Wu-Tang Clan, whose tracks as well as the ones by other members of the group in their solo careers are featured on this station. Originating from Holland in Algonquin as a Midwestern offshoot of The Beat 102.7, the station makes many references to the disgruntled state of Carcer City, and often calls for the federal government to take action to clean the city up, as GZA describes, "Sh*t looks worse than South Bohan in '82".




Nas - The World Is Yours (1994)

O.C. - O-Zone (1994)

Jay-Z - Can't Knock The Hustle (1996)

Gang Starr - Tonz 'O' Gunz (1993)

Group Home - Up Against The Wall (Getaway Car Remix) (1995)

Wu-Tang Clan - Clan In Da Front (1993)

Wu-Tang Clan - Protect Ya Neck (1993)

Ol' Dirty Bastard (feat. Killah Priest & RZA & Masta Killa & Buddha Monk) - Snakes (1995)

Raekwon (feat. Nas) - Verbal Intercourse (1995)

Ghostface Killah (feat. Raekwon & RZA & Inspectah Deck & Masta Killa) - Assassination Day (1996)

GZA (feat. Killah Priest) - B.I.B.L.E. (1995)

Fugees - Fu-Gee-La (1995)

Masta Ace - Born To Roll (1995)

Junior M.A.F.I.A. - Get Money (1995)

The Notorious B.I.G. - Hypnotize (1997)

Mobb Deep - Cradle To The Grave (1995)

Redman - Time 4 Sum Aksion (1992)

Queen Latifah – U.N.I.T.Y. (1993)

DMX - How's It Going Down (1998)

M.O.P. - Rugged Neva Smooth (DJ Premier Mix) (1994)

Gravediggaz - Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide (1994)

Mad Lion & KRS One - Double Trouble (1994)

Lost Boyz - Renee (1996)

Big L - Street Struck (1995)

Shyheim - Real Bad Boys (1996)

Big Squig - No More Running From The Cops (1995)

O.G.C. - Elite Fleet (1996)

Heltah Skeltah - Letha Brainz Blo (1996)

Smif-n-Wessun - Stand Strong (1995)

Onyx - Slam (1993)



"Conscious beats for the soul, this city needs it."

Genre: Alternative Hip Hop, Jazz Rap, Boom Bap

Type: Dynamic

Location: Harlequin Park, Downtown, Carcer City

Host: Illa J



The sister station of The Sho-Down, Scratch That! is the second of the three hip hop stations in Carcer City, playing mostly underground boom bap, alternative hip hop and conscious rap cuts during the era, with a clear jazz influence, with artists such as The Pharcyde, A Tribe Called Quest and Digable Planets. A number of tracks are also produced by the late J Dilla of Slum Village, who hails from Detroit. J Dilla is said to be the 'godfather of lo-fi hip hop'.


The station is hosted by John Yancey, also known as Illa J, a rapper who is the brother of J Dilla. None of his tracks are featured on this station.



Little Indian - One Little Indian (J Dilla Remix) (1995)

Slum Village - Players (1997)

A Tribe Called Quest (feat. Tammy Lucas) - 1nce Again (1996)

Mr Mic Rippa - '96 Cream Hunt (1996)

Basement Khemist - Correct Technique (1995)

Godfather Don - Status (1996)

Camp Lo - Coolie High (1996)

De La Soul (feat. Common) - The Bizness (1996)

Souls Of Mischief - Never No More (1993)

Proof - Da Science (1996)

Natives From Da Unda'ground (feat. Crystal Clear) - Pack Da House (1996)

Street Smartz - Problemz (1996)

Jeru The Damaja - Me Or The Papes (1996)

Godfather Don - Status (1996)

The Pharcyde - Y? (1995)

Shadez Of Brooklyn - Change (1996)

Da Grassroots (feat. Elemental) - Drama (1995)

Black Moon - Who Got The Props (1992)

AZ - Rather Unique (1995)

Digable Planets - Black Ego (1994)

Bahamadia - Uknowhowwedu (1996)

Puppets Of Chaos - Tru Dat (1996)

Blaque Spurm - Nonoxynol Rhymin (1995)

Frankenstein - U.V. (1997)

World Renown - Long Gev (1995)

Shrlock - For What It Was (1996)

Crooklyn Dodgers - Crooklyn (1994)

Truz - True Dawgs (1996)

Bush Babees - Gravity (1996)



"Southern horrorcore to signify the beginning of the end, where violence and death thrive."

Genre: Memphis Rap, Horrorcore, Crunk

Type: Dynamic

Location: Hemsworth Park, Carcer City

Type: Dynamic

Host: DJ Paul



An odd decision to include a Memphis rap station in a Midwestern city, but it works. Loosely based on the radio station of the same name in the original concept, C.C.U. plays Memphis horrorcore and Southern hip hop bootleg tapes from the 90s, and therefore is of a noticeably lower quality than the other two hip hop stations, which compliments the eerie aesthetic. The Memphis rap scene would influence later hip hop scenes such as crunk in the 2000s and trap/cloud rap in the 2010s and 2020s.


It is hosted by DJ Paul, one of the founding members of Three Six Mafia (Known in the 90s as Triple 6 Mafia or Three 6 Mafia), a famed horrorcore group originally from Memphis. He uses a lo-fi microphone to provide commentary, giving it a shoddy quality similar to that of Frank Ocean's in blonded Los Santos.




187 Family - Player Haters (1996)

Lil Fly - Anna Got Me Clickin' (1994)

2 Lo Key - On That Devil Sh*t (1994)

Koopsta Knicca - Stash Pot (1999)

Mack D.L.E. – Buddah (1994)

Tommy Wright III - 187 In Progress (1994)

Lil Gin - Strapped At All Times (1996)

Tom Skee Mask - Niggas Watch Your Back (1994)

Criminal Manne (feat. Lil V-Dog & Killamac) - Cold Blooded (1996)

Three 6 Mafia - Be A Witness (1995)

Three 6 Mafia - Mystic Stylez (1995)

Lil Corb - Deadly Friend (1994)

DJ Paul & Juicy J (feat. Scanman, K-Rock & M.C. Mack) - Runnin' Lip (1995)

Buckshot, Criminal Manne & Primo - Ridin Steamer (Born 2 Loose) (1994)

Gimisum Family - Gimisum Redrum (1995)

Ten Wanted Men - All About Dat Cash (1995)

Project Pat (feat. Lord Infamous & DJ Paul) - Murderers & Robbers (2000)

M.C. Mack - EZ Come, EZ Go (2000)

Shawty Pimp - You Can't Play No Playa (1995)

Gangsta Pat - Deadly Verses (1995)

Kingpin Skinny Pimp - Nobody Crosses Me (1996)

DJ Zirk - Lockem In Da Trunk (1993)

Children Of The Corn - Witch Way Should I Go? (1995)

Lady Bee - Jealous Bitch (1993)

Lil Sko – Victim Of A Stang (1998)

North Memphis Playa Click - Mack's About His Hustle (1996)



GOLD 105

"Overproduced corporate R&B and Hip Hop Soul to cruise around the remnants of the city to.”

Genre: Contemporary R&B, Hip Hop Soul, New Jack Swing

Type: Dynamic (with Commercials)

Location: Byron Henderson Promenade, Downtown, Carcer City

Host: Coko



The station plays mostly modern and radio-friendly R&B and pop that was popular during the mid-90s, along with New Jack Swing and neo-Soul tunes, featuring artists such as SWV, TLC, Brandy, Troop and Erykah Badu. A few songs from GTA IV and V also make a re-appearance here.


It is hosted by Coko, the lead singer of the girl group SWV, who have a few songs in this station.




Tevin Campbell – Can We Talk (1993)

Brandy – I Wanna Be Down (1994)

D’Angelo – Brown Sugar (1995)

Erykah Badu – On & On (1996)

Erykah Badu – Next Lifetime (1996)

The Fugees – Ready Or Not (1996)

Total (feat. The Notorious B.I.G.) - Can't You See (1996)

Jodeci – Feenin' (1993)

Pebbles – Giving You The Benefit (1990)

Hi-Five – She’s Playing Hard To Get (1992)

Silk – Freak Me (1993)

D.R.S. – 44 Ways (1993)

New Edition – If It Isn’t Love (1988)

Troop – Spread My Wings (1989)

Shanice – It’s For You (1993)

Faith Evans – Ain’t Nobody (1995)

Dru Hill – Sleeping In My Bed (So So Def Remix) (1996)

Ginuwine – Tell Me Do U Wanna (1996)

Monica – Before You Walk Out Of My Life (1995)

Immature - Never Lie (1994)

Maxwell - Sumthin' Sumthin' (1996)

Toni Braxton – You’re Making Me High (1996)

Boyz II Men – Please Don’t Go (1990)

Mary J. Blige – My Life (1994)

Aaliyah – Hot Like Fire (1996)

SWV – Rain (1997)

SWV – Anything (Album Version) (1992)

TLC – Waterfalls (1994)




"A chilled-out drum & bass mix for coming down."

Genre: Intelligent D&B, Atmospheric D&B

Type: Continuous (No Commercials)

Location: Palisades, Downtown, Carcer City

Host: DJ Bailey



The station marks a return of drum n’ bass music from the 3D Era, though it now plays Intelligent and Atmospheric D&B as opposed to the neurofunk and jungle of both MSX FM incarnations in III and LCS, and thus is considerably more mellow and much suited to driving and racing rather than dancing. It also features artists outside of the Moving Shadow label, such as Goldie, LTJ Bukem and Adam F. It is one of the four stations in the game that play in illegal raves that happen randomly around the city.


It is hosted by jungle/drum n’ bass jockey DJ Bailey, and is loosely based on this 1996 mix by him.


[Youtube Playlist]




Goldie – Inner City Life (1995)

Jonny L – I’m Leaving (1996)

The Sentinel – Awakening (1995)

Future Engineers – The Silence (1997)

Chameleon – Links (1995)

Shifty – Jazz Ass (1996)

Intense – Positive Notions (1996)

Wax Doctor – Offshore Drift (1996)

Mouly & Lucida – Chilled (1995)

LTJ Bukem – Horizons (1996)

Lemon D - I Can't Stop (1996)

Dillinja – Sovereign Melody (1994)

Roni Size – Down (1996)

Fuze - Anything Goes (1996)

Mastermind – Imagine (1996)

EZ Rollers – Retro (1997)

Shogun – Pegasus (1996)

Adam F – Circles (1995)

Wayward Mind - Homeland (Subject To Reason Mix) (1996)

MLO - New Generation (Boymerang Remix) (1996)

Nookie - Only You (1994)




“Extreme metal to compliment those tranquil Gothic hymns you hear at church service.”

Genre: Death Metal, Black Metal, Thrash Metal

Type: Dynamic (with Commercials)

Location: Ravenwood, Concord, Carcer City

Host: Randy Blythe



The station plays metal on the more extreme end of the rock spectrum, and is a spiritual successor to TLAD’s version of LCHC. It is favored by more stereotypically extremist and edgy gangs such as Angels Of Death MC, The Skinz and The Innocentz.


It is hosted by Randy Blythe, the vocalist of thrash metal band Lamb Of God, though none of the band’s tracks are featured on this station.




Kreator – Pleasure To Kill (1986)

Pantera – 10s (1996)

Slayer – Killing Fields (1994)

Machine Head – Davidian (1994)

Sepultura – The Hunt (1993)

Carnivore – Thermonuclear Warrior (1985)

Napalm Death – Plague Rages (1994)

Cannibal Corpse – The Bleeding (1994)

Bathory – Woman Of Dark Desires (1987)

Death – Misanthrope (1995)

Death Angel – Kill As One (1987)

Satyricon – Forhekset (1994)

Dark Funeral – Secret Of The Black Arts (1996)

Entombed – Left Hand Path (1990)

Exodus – The Toxic Waltz (1989)

Carcass – Incarnated Solvent Abuse (1991)




“Sad lyrics mixed with chopped-and-screwed hip-hop beats that sounds like it's from a 60s spy thriller. Trust us, it’s better than it sounds.”

Genre: Trip Hop, Dark Cabaret, Downtempo, Experimental Pop

Type: Dynamic (with Commercials)

Location: Union Market, Downtown, Carcer City

Host: Skye



A trip hop and downtempo station in the game during the genres’ widest mainstream popularity in the mid-to-late 1990s. It also contains many of the game’s anachronistic tracks. Playing a mixture of dark cabaret tracks from the likes of Lamb, Sneaker Pimps and Portishead, to more chilled-out downtempo tunes from Laika, Thievery Corporation and Alpha, the station tries to prove itself to the masses that trip hop isn’t just confined to the boundaries and stereotypes that the mainstream sets out to it.


It is hosted by Morcheeba vocalist Skye Edwards, who has a track on this station.




Morcheeba – Trigger Hippie (1996)

Morcheeba - Howling (1996)

Moloko – Dominoid (1995)

Moloko - Boo (1995)

Mandalay – Opposites (1998)

Portishead – Strangers (1994)

Portishead – Pedestal (1994)

Bjork – Army Of Me (1995)

Ruby – Paraffin (1996)

Saint Etienne – Filthy (1993)

Everything But The Girl – Single (1994)

Thievery Corporation – Lebanese Blonde (1998)

Smoke City – Underwater Love (1997)

Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy (1991)

Massive Attack – Karmacoma (1995)

Laika – Sugar Daddy (1994)

Laika – Prairie Dog (1997)

Radiohead – Climbing Up The Walls (Zero 7 Remix) (1997)

Sneaker Pimps – Post Modern Sleaze (1996)

Hooverphonic – Innervoice (1996)

Alpha – Rain (1997)

Archive – Nothing Else (1996)

Lamb - Cotton Wool (1996)

Lamb – Gold (1996)

Lamb – Gorecki (1996)

Leftfield – Original (1995)

DJ Shadow – Midnight In A Perfect World (1996)

Underworld - Stagger (1996)

UNKLE (feat. Alice Temple) - Bloodstain (1998)

UNKLE (feat. Richard Ashcoft) – Lonely Soul (1998)

UNKLE (feat. Thom Yorke) – Rabbit In Your Headlights (1998)




"Get aggravated with a curated playlist of premier industrial tracks on The Box."

Genre: Industrial Rock, Industrial Metal

Type: Dynamic (With Commercials)

Location: Santos-Elroy Industrial District, Carcer City

Host: Richard Patrick



A game set in a 90s Rust Belt city would not be complete without an industrial station. The Box plays predominantly 90s industrial rock music, featuring among some of the most reputable acts during this time, such as KMFDM, Nine Inch Nails and Skinny Puppy, along with lesser known acts such as God Lives Underwater, Hate Dept. and Acumen Nation. The sound of the angst of Generation X after grunge, the movement's popularity was unfortunately cut short towards the turn of the century, roughly around the time of the tragic 1999 Columbine High School Shooting, where industrial acts were partly blamed for its occurrence.


It is hosted by Richard Patrick, a Nine Inch Nails associate and the frontman of industrial band Filter. It is one of the four stations where its tracks are used for illegal raves that randomly happen around the city.




Nine Inch Nails - Heresy (1994)

Skinny Puppy - Tin Omen (1989)

16 Volt - Two Wires Thin (1996)

Ministry - Just One Fix (1992)

Cubanate - Oxyacetylene (1994)

Curve - On The Wheel (1993)

Chemlab - Neurozone (1994)

Hate Dept. - Beat Me Up (1994)

Filter - Dose (1995)

Genitorturers - 120 Days (1993)

Godflesh - Hunter (1996)

Machines of Loving Grace - Kiss Destroyer (1995)

KMFDM - Juke-Joint Jezebel (1995)

KMFDM – Waste (1997)

God Lives Underwater - Lonely Again (1995)

White Zombie – Super-Charger Heaven (1995)

Marilyn Manson – 1996 (1996)

PIG – Ham Strung On The Highway (1995)

Acumen Nation - You Deal With This (1996)

Gravity Kills - Guilty (1996)

Stabbing Westward - Throw (1994)

Sister Machine Gun - Not My God (1992)

Circle Of Dust – Course Of Ruin (1994)

Hanzel und Gretyl - Watch TV Do Nothing (1995)

Front Line Assembly - Division Of Mind (1994)




“Jazz and Jazz Fusion, and some vocal Jazz so you so-called Jazz aficionados can shove it.”

Genre: Hard Bop, Jazz Fusion, Jazz-Funk

Location: Byron Henderson Promenade, Downtown, Carcer City

Type: Dynamic

Host: Kamasi Washington



The station plays a mixture of hard bop, jazz fusion and jazz funk from the late 50s to the early 70s, and plays tracks from both popular and underground jazz musicians during this era. One of the classier stations in the game, it is often played in five-star hotel rooms, fancy bars and lounges around Weldon County.


It is hosted by Kamasi Washington, a jazz saxophonist and collaborator of Thundercat, Kendrick Lamar and Flying Lotus. Like Randy Blythe in Incurvatus, none of his tracks are featured in the station.




John Coltrane – Traneing In (1957)

Catalyst – Suite For Albeniz (1975)

Gene Russell – My Favorite Things (1973)

Alice Coltrane (feat. Pharoah Sanders) - Journey In Satchidananda (1971)

Miles Davis - Lonely Fire (1974)

Don Cherry – Degi Degi (1975)

Eddie Henderson – Sunburst (1975)

Grant Green - Hey Western Union Man (1970)

James Moody – The World Is A Ghetto (1973)

Ahmad Jamal Trio - I Love Music (1970)

Donald Byrd – Fancy Free (1969)

Miles Davis – It’s About That Time (1969)

Thelonious Monk – Evidence (1963)

Wes Montgomery – Round Midnight (1966)

Roy Ayers – Daddy Bug (1969)




“Slow jams for intimate lovemaking.”

Genre: Soul, R&B

Location: Union Market, Downtown, Carcer City

Type: Dynamic

Host: Babyface



A quiet storm station in the same vein as The Vibe, Fever 105, The Lowdown and VCFL in previous GTAs, now featuring a playlist of predominantly mid-70s to mid-80s tracks, catering to Carcer City’s older black demographic. A few songs from Fever and VCFL return in this station.


It is hosted by Babyface, an R&B singer signed with Solar Records who was a former member of Manchild, a group based in Indianapolis who have a track in this station.




Anita Baker – Will You Be Mine (1983)

The Isley Brothers – For The Love Of You (1975)

The Manhattans – Shining Star (1980)

Teddy Pendergrass – It Don’t Hurt Now (1977)

Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson - We Almost Lost Detroit (1977)

L.T.D. – Love Ballad (1976)

Kool & The Gang – Summer Madness (1975)

Roy Ayers Ubiquity – Searching (1976)

Roy Ayers Ubiquity – Everybody Loves The Sunshine (1976)

Ethel Beatty – It’s Your Love (1981)

RAMP - Come Into Knowledge (1977)

The S.O.S. Band – Tell Me If You Still Care (1983)

Mtume - You Are My Sunshine (1984)

Commodores – Zoom (1977)

Sun – I Had A Choice (1978)

Frederick (feat. Janice Dowlen) – Gentle (1985)

Manchild – Especially For You (1977)

Ohio Players – I Want To Be Free (1974)

Rufus & Chaka Khan – Close The Door (1978)

O’Bryan – You And I (1983)

Colonel Abrams – Soon You’ll Be Gone (1987)

Randy Crawford - Secret Combination (1981)

Keni Burke – Risin’ To The Top (1982)

Barry White - Playing Your Game, Baby (1977)

Deniece Williams - Free (1976)

Eddie Kendricks - Intimate Friends (1977)

Rose Royce - Wishing On A Star (1977)

Pleasure - Living Without You (1980)

The Jones Girls – This Feeling’s Killing Me (1979)

High Inergy – You Can’t Turn Me Off (In The Middle Of Turning Me On) (1976)

Teddy Pendergrass (feat. Stephanie Mills) - Feel The Fire (1980)

Earth, Wind & Fire - Be Ever Wonderful (1977)

Cameo – Hangin’ Downtown (1984)

Bloodstone - We Go A Long Way Back (1980)




“Electronic music from the depths of a fallen city forgotten by the rest of the world.”

Genre: Detroit Techno, Deep House

Type: Dynamic (No Commercials)

Location: Palisades, Downtown, Carcer City

Host: Jeff Mills



The station plays underground dance floor techno hits, mostly from the Detroit area, though European artists are featured as well. Classic deep house tracks from Chicago and other cities are also played in the station. It follows a similar format to SF-UR in San Andreas, where tracks are not in order and played randomly, and there aren’t any commercials. It is generally favored by street racer-type gangs such as Da Northside Click and The Wild Boyz in the city, and one of the four stations in which its tracks are used in illegal raves and clubs across Weldon County.


It is hosted by Jeff Mills, an underground techno producer and DJ from Detroit who founded Underground Resistance together with Mad Mike and Robert Hood, a collective of Detroit-based producers known for a string of underground techno hits in the 90s to 2000s, some of which are featured in Rockstar’s other game, Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition.




Underground Resistance – The Seawolf (1992)

Underground Resistance – The Final Frontier (1991)

Planetary – First Contact (1993)

The Martian – Cosmic Movement (1993)

The Martian – Star Dancer (1993)

Kevin Saunderson – E-Dancer (1996)

Drexciya – Black Sea (1995)

Dopplereffekt - Superior Race (1995)

Juan Atkins – Urban Tropics (1991)

Scan 7 – Black Moon Rising (1993)

Sean Deason - Within (Vaporbass Mix) (1996)

Robert Hood – Detroit: One Circle (1996)

Suburban Knight – Nocturbulous (1991)

Stasis - Artifax (1993)

K-Hand – Starz (1995)

Aux 88 – The Flight (1996)

Underworld – Why, Why, Why (1993)

Aaron Arce – Pressure (1997)

Ability II - Pressure Dub (1990)

Anixus – So High (1993)

Jeff Mills – Late Night (Mills Mix) (1993)

Rhythm II Rhythm - A Touch Of Jazz (Lifestyles Of The Rich Mix) (1992)

Glenn Underground – Detroitism (1995)




“Rain or shine, the rave never ends.”

Genre: Breakbeat Hardcore, Rave

Location: Unknown

Type: Continuous

Host: None



Another dance station in the game that marks the reintroduction of breakbeat hardcore in the series since Brooklyn Underground FM in GTA 1. Considered one of the game’s grimier stations, it is one of the four stations that play in illegal raves around the city.


There are no hosts for this station, though the station is partly inspired by this breakbeat hardcore mix by Mickey Beam.




Shades Of Rhythm – Sweet Sensation (Ray Keith Remix) (1991)

Nookie – Give A Little Love (94 Remix) (1994)

Neuromancer – Pennywise (1992)

Psychotropic – Hypnosis (SL2 Remix) (1992)

MC Lethal - Rave Digger (DJ SS Remix) (1992)

The House Crew - Euphoria (Nino's Dream) (1993)

Baby D - Let Me Be Your Fantasy (1992)

Reckless - Time To Make The Floor Burn (1991)

N.R.G. – It’s Ruff (1992)

Skanna – Nightstalker (1993)

Phantasy & Gemini – Everybody’s Under The Influence (1992)

N-Joi – Drumstruck (1993)

Origin Unknown – Valley Of The Shadows (1996)

The Prodigy – Wind It Up (1991)

The Prodigy -Your Love (Remix) (1991)

Warp 69 – Natural High (1994)

M-D-Emm - Fly Free (Feel The Beat Remix) (1993)




“The road to freedom and liberty, one dead insurgent at a time.”

Genre: Political Talk Show and Entertainment News

Location: Downtown, Carcer City

Type: Dynamic

Host: Various


A conservative and entertainment news talk show station that broadcasts throughout the Midwest and East Coast, extremely popular among right-wingers for its no-holds-barred, over-the-top content.




Oval Room Madness!

Locker room talk in D.C., where gossip about the new intern sucking the prez's runner-up prevails through the airwaves. Hosted by political commentators Eliza Iliopoulos and Jason Wilkes, Oval Room Madness is the kind of show that will keep you hours on up, shaking your head is despair as you patiently observe the slow death of the country.


The Internet: A Terrifying Reality

With Y2K just around the corner, conspiracy theorist Eli Rookes takes the airwaves of Carcer City and Weldon City by surprise as he invites guests and academics to his show to discuss the impending dot-com boom and misinformation revolving around the impending millenium apocalypse, only for them to be talked down to by a lunatic.


The guests for this season's show are Gregg Walters, an equally paranoid conspiracy theorist who believes that the Internet is a Zionist conspiracy design to emasculate the white man, Sarah H. Silver, a sociologist, and Alderman Randall Davidson, a member of the Carcer City elite who intends to run for mayor in 2000. It devolves into a vulgar fight and ends with Gregg pulling out a machine pistol and holding the entire studio hostage, before a NOOSE Team is dispatched and shoots the man down live.


Entertaining America!

Gossip news for Vinewood, fake tits and celebrities who can never seem to be left alone. Hosted by paparazzi Michael Davis and tabloid editor Martha Reeves, they discuss all things pop culture, as well as upcoming films and music on MeTV. An exclusive interview with Jack Howitzer, currently incarcerated, is also present, where he mistakes the two for Viet Cong, as well as Lazlow, who is in Los Santos, hiding himself in a motel room.


The Boom Mike & Larry David Show

A conservative humor show starring two working-class men Micah "Boom Mike" Lawrence and Larry David Simpson. They discuss the swing operation in the Middle East, the alleged sex tapes leaked of the POTUS, the Balkan War and finally a shared hatred towards Democrats and Liberals, all while shooting pyramid stacks of beer cans in their backyard.



“An avenue of speech for a dead-in-the-water city."

Genre: General Talk Show

Location: Downtown, Carcer City

Type: Dynamic

Host: Various


A left-wing talk show station with the intent to bring the podium to the people of Weldon County, though many of their shows are financed by corporations.




The Outsourcing

A talk show sponsored by Karin starring host Johnny Waters and Karin spokesperson Danielle Bonnelli. The station discusses the perks of outsourcing jobs overseas to 'keep America great, and their pockets lined', and to encourage men who have recently had their jobs laid off by the factories across Weldon County to instead, work at all-American establishments such as Burger Shot. An interview with a former factory worker Landon Coltrane is present in this show, though it is heavily implied that he is doing the interview against his will.


Hockey Wars

A sports show that, despite its name, focuses on a wide range of sports starring Jefferey Steinback, an ecstatic sports commentator who describes the events of game results with an exaggerated bias, often with sexual innuendos peppered across it. As GTA: Carcer City features sports as a gambling mechanic, Hockey Wars is entirely dynamic, and whoever wins or loses depends entirely on the outcome of the match.


Lakeside Game

A fishing show set in Tampa, Antigone Falls, featuring two Vietnam War veterans, Quentin "Tex" Jackson and Pete Szabo. Much like Bait and Switch, much of the show's humor is derived from the characters conflating the innocent act of fishing with their violent experiences during the war.


Suburban Detective

Starring real estate agent Darcy Brown, the show revolves around his antics across Weldon county as he attempts to value the property, often without the owner's consent. He almost gets killed in one scenario, losing his ear in the process, but continues on like it was nothing.





Like in GTA IV, GTA: Carcer City features music played during lap dances in strip clubs that are not heard on any of the radio stations. However, these tracks can still be bought from any music store in the game.


Genres vary from industrial rock and breakbeat to dancehall and Miami bass, depending on the strip club's atmosphere.




Machines of Loving Grace - Golgotha Tenement Blues (1994)

Massive Attack - Angel (1998)

Lords of Acid  - Out Comes The Evil (1994)

Agent Provocateur - Red Tape (1995)

Fluke - Atom Bomb (1997)

The Chemical Brothers - Piku (1997)

MC 900 ft. Jesus - The City Sleeps (1991)

Shabba Ranks - Respect (1993)

Rick James - Cold Blooded (1983)

Dis-N-Dat - Freak Me Baby (1994)

The Egyptian Lover - I Want Cha (1988)

Anquette - Shake It (Do The 61st) (1986)

Terror Fabulous - Gangster's Anthem (1994)






Carcer City may be a depressed Rust Belt city with a terrible outlook, but it is in one's struggle where happiness can truly be found. As a young man in 1996, Ricky can engage in several different forms of harmless entertainment, if he's not slinging drugs, killing people, talking to Tommy at the garage, or driving around and listening to the radio. He can take part in the proud American pastime of watching TV, where many channels, especially the young adult favorite MeTV, with its trippy animations and music videos, are available for viewing. Collectible automobile posters in both Japanese and English, pin-ups and local Peanuts-esque comic strips are scattered all around Weldon County for Ricky to find. And if that bores him, watch a live show, or a movie! There is no shortage of live entertainment, as well as viewings of one of those terrible Oscar bait sci-fi dramas such as Shoulder Of Orion II that Vinewood seems to churn out every quarter or a cheesy 80s action film by Jack Howitzer, where he goes around a jungle, blasting Asian people into oblivion, in one of Carcer City's and Antigone Falls' many historic theaters and cinemas. The Internet, though at its infancy, is home to numerous hours of entertainment, where a primitive hosting service known as The Netherworld exists for viewing, mostly by amateur web designers and folks with a passion, adding tacky bright vector designs and texts as well as low-poly GIFs to their homepages where they endlessly talk about their interests.



There are a total of five channels Ricky can watch at any safehouse or temporary lodging in Weldon County, with each channel tailored to a specific demographic.





A network based entirely around music and experimental media. For shows too edgy and far-out to be on commercial networks. Also features a wide array of real-life music videos from the 90s for viewing. A parody of 90s era MTV and BET, though elements of Adult Swim are also present.


Beyond The Static

An anthology of deranged animations by different animators and artists, curated by real life Off The Air producer Dave Hughes. Based on MTV's Liquid Television, there is a distinct 90s feel to the show, with hefty amounts of exaggerated grotesque clips, rotorscoped Heavy Metal animations and claymation shorts filmed on 35mm , with every episode following a common theme, though Rockstar's signature style can still be felt throughout it. There are altogether four episodes of Beyond The Static, with each episode title being that of a single word.


Princess Robot Bubblegum

An iconic anime series from Japan taking the States by storm, about scantily-clad schoolgirls fighting gigantic tentacled monsters, as ephebophilic onlookers observe from a distance, where the opening and credits sequences are of a considerably higher quality than the actual show itself. Watch as the title character takes on large behemoths in a 10 minute long fight scene consisting of only talking and panning shots, as well as intricate and sexually explicit transformation sequences that perpetuate the idea of a male gaze. But that's not all, a filler episode set at a Fish Market in Shibuya, with nothing to do with the show's canon, is also available for viewing! Based on Sailor Moon.


Beneath Plumbers Skyway

Basically what happens when Clerks goes reality TV, it is a mockumentary and a mumblecore review show set at a 24/7 in Tudor, Alderney overlooking the Plumbers Skyway, shot entirely in black and white. Starring a pair of 20-something slackers, Trey Brunelli and Brad Mahogany, the show follows their antics around the store as they poorly review albums and films while running into a range of eccentric characters, such as their girlfriends, random thieves, junkies and even mayoral candidates.


MeTV Rundown

Perhaps the biggest reason why many young Americans love to watch MeTV. A block that screens vapid, expensive and flamboyant licensed music videos from the 80s to 90s, with many of the songs available on the radio stations themselves. From the humorous close-up of Peter Steele's face in Black No. 1 to the conspicuous CGI of Waterfalls, MeTV Rundown provides no shortage of entertainment from the comfort of one's home. The current VJ for MeTV is Andee, who would later go on to host pop stations in Liberty State.


List of music videos:


Weazel Sports

An aid to the Gambling and Game-Fixing sub-missions of the game, Weazel Sports presents live footage of nationwide sports and racing events for an audience too paranoid to leave the safety of their homes for, as they sit at the edge of their seats, screaming obscenities at the teams they bet their life savings on. Based on FOX Sports.


Conglomerated National Television (CNT)

For shows too safe not to appear on MeTV. Catered to teenagers and young adults who like watching bad teen fantasy shows and supernatural dramas with quippy dialogue, commercially-viable Gen X nihilism and obviously-staged mumblecore elements. Loosely based on The WB and ABC.


The Incident at Las Venturas

A seemingly regular soap opera about a rich, overpaid FIB agent Oliver Valentine, who is tasked with going to The Strip in Las Venturas to investigate the murder of a woman, where he spends much of the time eating, drinking and trying his luck on the tables, while wasting over 20 episodes to find out who the real killer is and dreaming about weird-looking people who talk funny, that might possibly give him cryptic hints about it, or maybe they're just drunk, we don't know for sure. He eventually learns that the casino town is haunted by a supernatural presence dating back to a molasses flood in the 20s, and soon the viewers start to see a lot of young women screaming for absolutely no reason. Based on Twin Peaks and Casino, with elements of Silent Hill.


Marnie The Monster Killer

Extremely popular among young adults and inspiring a lot of bad fan fiction, it is a show about a sociopathic Rockford Hills High student named Marnie Van Halen who also doubles as a monster killer by night, going to the nether realm and slaughtering entire villages of innocent monsters. Containing lots of snappy dialogue and romantic subtext, even during the most inappropriate of times, Marnie shows absolutely no remorse for her actions, as she curb stomps an infant demon to death after defeating the alpha bitch of the school in a chainsaw duel. Based on Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Doom.


Nadie The Nihilist

A show for angsty teenagers with superiority complexes. This animated sitcom is about an anthropomorphic daisy and university student named Nadie Wright who spouts a lot of obscure literary references and sarcastically inputs her cynical socio-political views to the world around her, with a particular affinity for 'honest'  90s culture in opposition to the 'overly-idealistic and unbearably bright'  80s. Embodying the nosy vapidity and skepticism of Generation X, and together with her equally deadpan and constantly eye-rolling Goth best friend and anthropomorphic magpie Pauline Simmons, she soon realizes that her annoying musings have some substance to them, as both girls embark on a drug-induced journey across San Andreas, to an epic grunge and riot grrrl soundtrack, where they encounter acts of extreme violence and weirdness, and culminates with them narrowly stopping an accidental, negligent nuclear launch by the Pentagon. Based mostly on Daria and Beavis & Butthead, though it is essentially Regular Show set in the GTA Universe.


The Science Of Crime: Big Rotten Apple

A boring police procedural with implausible science fiction and supernatural elements, based on The X-Files. Following yet another pair of LCPD detectives, Jeremy Freelander and Monica Cifuentes, they investigate a creepy boat near The Carraways that no one seems to go to, as well as a Chinese restaurant in Algonquin that never seems to run out of special sauce. The actors themselves are aware of the financial woes faced by the series, and spare no effort to subtly lampoon the presence of supernatural elements in what was originally supposed to be a straight forward, gritty drama show.


Just The Five Of Us

Based on Seinfield and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air with elements of MadTV, the family-friendly sitcom stars a family of five that don't seem to go together at first glance, but do. The family consists of a pyromaniac on the run, an investment banker with a growth-related impediment who is in dire need of female sexual contact, a drunken hobo who pisses everywhere, and finally, the humble, yet oblivious Chesterfields, who own the house the family resides in. Laugh tracks are used in excessive amounts, even during scenes of murder and arson.


Primo American Network (PAN)

A parody of AMC and NBC, PAN broadcasts mostly 80s-to-90s soap operas, action TV, infomercials and direct-to-film dramas, appealing to mostly jingoists, goths, old people and edgy teenagers.


Angel and the Knight

A cheesy 80s-to-90s action TV show about a pair of poorly-matched cops that attempt to take down the Mexican cartel in Los Santos. Chris Van Angel is a womanizer and former Vietnam pilot who can't seem to stop firing his service pistol at innocents and harassing the ladies, while Bonnie Knight is an alcoholic ninja and relentless harlot who blows both men and women to extract vital information about the cartel. Their main adversary is a drug baron named Rodrigo Rodriguez, an infamous drug lord played by an Italian-American with a stereotypical Latin American accent who seems to perpetually sunbathe at his big mansion in Tongva Hills, surrounded by scantily-clad women that play frisbee and brown men dressed in blinding pastels carrying obvious gun props. They get into many over-the-top gunfights, explosions and car chases, and even engage in a hot air balloon chase across the Grand Senora Desert against a cartel lieutenant, firing rocket launchers at random intervals. Based on Miami Vice and American Ninja.



Featuring Adam Sandoval, a disgruntled office drone with nothing to lose, stuck in grimy late-80s Liberty City, ready to kill all the scum in the city, as well anyone he finds really annoying to his image of an ideal world. After taking a gun off a dead gangster in Hove Beach, Adam begins his onslaught across the city on a vigilante rampage, where he rakes up the kill count with every new weapon he acquires from the streets, as he makes his way to see his asshole manager. He picks up a wrestling mask along the way, and it becomes his trademark. Based on Falling Down, Death Wish and The Crow.


Esa Puta (That Whore)

An extremely hammy, Mexican Spanish-language and subtitled telenovela about two rich and dysfunctional families living in Monterrey, extremely popular even among Western audiences. A feud between two powerful families ensue after the granddaughter of the Hernandez family gets pregnant during a coke binge. Lots of fighting, drinking and swearing with ridiculous slowdowns and jump cuts that make other soap operas look tame in comparison. After much unrest, the show ends with two of the most hot-tempered and violent members of each family engaging in an old west style duel. Based on Maria la del Barrio.


The Heroes of America

Guest animated by Powerhouse Animation, the show is essentially a tribute to Heavy Metal and G.I. Joe, though it somewhat resembles Saturday Morning Cartoons as well. Starring a group of special forces, they take on the cartel, the Soviets, and even take on otherworldly creatures such as orc guilds and cyborgs as well, causing an untold amount of collateral damage in the process.


Carcer Infomercials

A series of random infomercials paid for by the Carcer City Media Council, all starring a man named Clayton Jackson, as well as his silent assistant, Cindy, who he is implied to have a bad relationship with. Functioning much like an infomercial version of The Incredible Kleinman, these shorts revolve around the shenanigans faced by the two individuals, and sometimes, the characters are either injured or even killed on air while trying out the products.

Weazel News

Based on FOX News, and confirming the prejudices of the American people since the dawn of time. One of the more dynamic channels in the game, the broadcasts featured on the channel change with accordance to storyline events as well as the types of activities Ricky does in Weldon County that is enough to warrant media attention, such as Hold-Ups, Four-Star Police Chases and Office Massacres. That said, fixed, scripted shows still appear on the channel.



Things that Ricky can collect all over Weldon County, such as posters, illustrations and comic strips, which he can view from his table at any safehouse or lodging, along with storyline-related artifacts and character Polaroids.





There are just over 30 posters of cars and motorbikes pasted on walls around Carcer City and Carlton for Ricky to take. These posters range from vintage hand-drawn Declasse, Bravado, Vapid and Dundreary posters and promos from the 60s to mid-80s to more modern, Y2K-aesthetic adverts for late-80s-to-90s Karin, Dinka, Benefactor or Ubermacht vehicles done in a style reminiscent of Ridge Racer: Type 4 or The Designers Republic, written in either English, Japanese or French. These posters will be stored in a folder at Tommy's, though they can also be viewed from any safehouse.



Found inside building interiors, there are 20 Pin-Ups of female models that Ricky can collect in game. They can range from the classic topless view to more stylistic and glamour-based photoshoots such as Gothic or Rave-inspired shots, including a few that reference The Crow, Serial Experiments Lain as well as an infamous Playstation ad. The Pin-Ups can be viewed from a folder at Tommy's, though they can also be viewed at any safehouse.



A series of short, yet surprisingly heartwarming 4-panel comic strips drawn in the style of Calvin & Hobbes featuring a young boy who lives in the suburbs of Carcer City, often heading out to the nearby factories to observe the process of car-making. He engages in deep conversations with his anthropomorphic stuffed bear, as well as with local factory workers and residents of the city in an almost journalistic style, and overall the comic presents a more idealistic, utopian version of Carcer City that was present in the 1950s, when the comics were first published. There are a total of 25 strips that Ricky can collect all over Weldon County, and they are stored in a photobook at Tommy's where he can view them, though they are also available at any other safehouse.



Other than scripted, recent flyers that are pasted on walls around the city which point out to future raves, there are other flyers from before 1996 that are left scattered on the streets of Carcer City. Either hand drawn or vector-based, they provide an insight to the rave culture present in the city during the prior acid house days, with 40 flyers available for collection. These flyers will be stored in a photobook at Tommy's, though they can also be viewed from any safehouse.



Items that are taken by Ricky over the course of the storyline as well as stranger missions. Things such as Brandon's pink slip in Chapter 4, Jake's dogtags in Chapter 7 and Helena's diary in her stranger mission are kept by Ricky in Tommy's Office for safekeeping, and can be accessed from it anytime, coupled with a short description of the item. However, he is unable to view them from other safehouses.



Gritty, sepia-toned polaroids of the characters and gangs in Weldon County are available for Ricky to view once he runs into them, with certain characters such as Lydia, Kiara and Krissy having multiple polaroids due to their romantic connection to him as well as Jake, Corey and Tommy, due to their importance to the storyline. A short, often sardonic description of the characters and gangs are written by Ricky to aid with the understanding of the photographs. It is only available to view at Tommy's, much like the artifacts.


Ranging from auteur cinema and summer blockbusters to live jazz/soul performances and hip hop/indie gigs, there is always something to see in Weldon County.






Shoulder Of Orion II

A boring science fiction movie from 1992 that nerds and social outcasts enjoy for some reason. Set in a far future where a multiracial group of soldiers, named Warrocket 1, attempt to save planet Earth from a species of plant-alien beasts who, strangely enough, can somehow converse in English. The war goes south and the Earth almost gets destroyed, until a sudden deus ex machima is shoehorned into the script. It is revealed that a member of the crew is able to time travel via masturbating furiously in the ship's locker room, Time Ranger-style, and he manages to go back to the start of the invasion and kill the alien lord responsible. Based on Aliens.


Exploder: Evacuator Part II

Starring Jack Howitzer, this 1986 popcorn flick features a former Vietnam War Green Beret Tim Tomahawk, a PTSD-laden psychotic who is somehow recommissioned into performing black operations for the US Military and the IAA. Under the guise of his family's kidnap by communists, the US Government sends Tim back into Cambodia, where he teams up with his old partner, Ho Chi, to save his family, while secretly expanding on their drug operations in the region. In the violence, Tim kills nearly 500 people with a knife and machine gun alone, and once Ho Chi is killed, Tim goes on a blood-fueled rampage, destroying the city of Banlung with a weaponized Higgins Helitours Maverick. He retrieves his family from a burning bar frequented by sex expatriates, and the film ends on a jingoistic note. Based on Rambo: First Blood Part II and Commando.


L.S. Fiasco

Set in Los Santos in 1953, this neo-noir film is bound to get audiences snoring in their seats, with its extremely convoluted plot revolving around the corrupt men of the Vinewood elite, the media and the San Andrean justice system. The story centers around Vice detective, Ray Earl Grey Tea, a hedonistic and brutal cowboy cop who plants guns on everybody to cover his tracks, and his idealistic and naive partner, Steve Carr, a greenhorn detective new to all the bureaucracy and red tape of the LSPD. They uncover a Vinewood conspiracy of deadly underground communists, and the film ends with an epic gunfight where both men shoot up the entire police department and media press, including the chief, at some rich guy's place in Chumash. Lots of blonde femme fatales dressed in black nightgowns in this one. Based on L.A. Confidential and To Live And Die In L.A..


Ballin': The Trippy Chronicle

A basketball movie where live-action and animation collide, though fanservice, musicals and comedic gags are much more prevalent in the film rather than the art of the sport itself. Starring a struggling NBA player named Vernon May, the man is just going about his business and practicing in the court when he encounters a cartoon pig from the animation realm named Peter Oinks, and his scantily-clad and busty companion, Matilda Mulls. With more licensed songs than an open world crime action video game, the film is essentially just one big training montage, though instead of the typical mentor-to-student treatment, you get annoying two-dimensional metaphysical abominations singing in falsetto and dropping cartoon anchors on players on the opposing team. Based on Space Jam.


Black And White Man

A neo-noir thriller movie about a struggling jazz bassist named Arlen Davids in Los Santos who is haunted by visions of his evil persona after killing an old friend at a dive bar. In the midst of the madness, he gets tangled up with a few Mafia mobsters, and he witnesses a caporegime beat an innocent man up over a minor traffic transgression. Many cryptic phrases with no relevance or cohesion to the plot are uttered by the sultry female characters in the gilm, and a strange man with no eyebrows engage in awkward high school locker room talk with Arlen at a boring cocktail party in Marlowe Drive. A cult classic in the making, the film is a favorite among elitist film snobs and mass murderers. Based on Lost Highway.



An indie film directed by film student and visual artist Americus Nevermore. A movie with no plot filmed in the Dogme 95 style, this thoroughly pretentious and low-budget film's premise is that of strange happenings in downtrodden Midwestern cities and small towns, from a bourgeois outsider's perspective. The film burns out towards the end as the camcorder used to film the movie is stolen by an unseen assailant, before yet another unseen man is shown to return it to Nevermore, who hops into his car and drives off. Loosely based on Gummo and Trash Humpers.



Reviving soul and jazz in the 60s, Carcer City and its surrounding townships are bastions of great music and culture for those seeking an escape from the violence in the city. The historic Paul Magnum Concert Hall, located in Midtown Carcer City and known for its spacious, acoustic main hall, features a great selection of jazz, 60s-revival soul and country while The Trailer, a famed musical venue in Antigone Falls and an avenue of expression for the youth of Weldon County, features alternative hip hop and R&B groups as well as underground emo and indie rock bands, with many of the performances motion captured and performed by actual guest artists from around the USA, albeit with fictional in-game personas.


The songs featured in the live shows can be purchased from music stores around the map for Ricky to listen to on his Strutter.


Paul Magnum Concert Hall:

The Midtown Jazz Sextet

A local jazz sextet from Brenton, featuring a trumpet player, an 2 saxophone players, a drummer, a piano player and a bass player.


The Serviettes

A 60s-revival girl group inspired by the likes of The Supremes or Martha & The Vandellas.


Logan Sanders

A country singer from down south, and a homage to singers such as Johnny Cash or Waylon Jennings. 


The Trailer:

The Spiritual Front

An alternative hip hop group from Palisades, Carcer City, portrayed by members of the Detroit-based rap group Clear Soul Forces.



An R&B duo about to go Vinewood performing at The Trailer to promote their new EP, portrayed by members of the Los Angeles-based R&B group KING


Reverberations Of The Streets

Another alternative hip hop group, one female and two male, this time from Fischer Corridor with a much more socially conscious sound, portrayed by members of actual hip hop group Digable Planets, who have a track in The Sho-Down.


Elementary School Rejects

An emo/post-hardcore act inspired by bands such as Don Caballero, portrayed by actual math rock group CHON.


Cleopatra y Alexander

A female-fronted indie rock, jangle pop and post-grunge band whose sound can be considered ahead of its time, portrayed by members of Best Coast.



With the internet at its infancy, computers in GTA: Carcer City generally have two uses, which is either for email, or to access The Netherworld, an early web-hosting service based on Yahoo! Geocities, which saw its popularity peak in the mid-to-late 1990s.





There are a few websites that are accessible via The Netherworld, most of which are comedic in nature.


Listed below are a few selections from this pool of websites.


Wayne's Place

A stereotypically American website that features hilariously masculine pictures of trucks, scantily-clad women, skulls and barbecues with classic rock playing on the homepage, along with many references to the Second Amendment and a love for American freedom. The website is hosted by a man named Wayne Jemmings, an ultranationalistic redneck who lives in Carlton, and harbors a strong hatred towards anything foreign, with a strong dislike in particular towards the French.


I Am Depressed As F*ck

A painfully gothic webpage run by Sammy, a bratty teenager currently living with her parents in Playa del Rifa. She uses the webpage to post violent and dark film stills, comics and images as well as to share her thoughts about nihilism and living a sheltered life in a military base, calling her father, a US Army Lieutenant, a deadbeat. She is a big fan of Nadie The Nihilist, who she bases her entire philosophy on.


Totally Not A Cooking Page!

A body disposal tutorial website disguised as an innocuous meal recipes guide, implied to be run by a serial killer, for other serial killers. Many slip-of-the-tongue moments can be observed in the recipes, such as a Swedish Meatball recipe which also doubles as a description of a murder at an abattoir. Clicking on pictures of food will redirect to a circled area on the in-game map, that, should Ricky choose to visit these areas, will be marked by the recent site of a murder.


Lenti Law: You Break It, We Fix It!

A tacky criminal and elderly law firm website run by a sleazy lawyer in Weldon County named Henry Lenti. Running the website like a car dealership, Lenti makes the webpage hard to navigate, with certain links on it leading to TV advertisements of Lenti promoting his law firm. The man is depicted as an energetic piece of work, and if is testimonials are to be believed, he is a man who is genuinely skilled at his craft.


The Nylon Road

A forum disguised as an unassuming unfinished website for drug dealers to connect with each other. Ricky can use the website to share his details with other drug dealers in Carcer City and Weldon County and he can negotiate prices here as well. He can also choose to email these drug dealers to arrange meet-ups with them. Many of the game's most negotiable drug dealers can be found on the Nylon Road.



An early form of mass communication, Ricky can use the email function on a computer to reply to important emails from storyline characters and side activities as well as arrange meet-ups with drug dealers or to accept discounts from certain outlets. A spam folder is also present, and the computer is able to detect it and move them accordingly.



Video game arcades were big in the 90s, and this is reflected in the presence of Videogeddon gaming arcades across Weldon County, with branches in Downtown, Poppy Row and Fernbrooke in Carcer City, and all the way up in Boulder and Antigone Falls. Many parodies of classic fighting, racing and shoot-em-games are available for playing in these arcades, and achieving the top score in some of them can unlock special clothing which Ricky can wear in-game.


List of games:


Ronin: Street Tournament

An early 3D fighting game featuring a group of participants, skilled in a certain martial arts style, featuring a total of eight playable characters. Going through eight stages of progressively tougher opponents, you face with the founder of the tournament, who fights you at his penthouse in Tokyo. Based on Tekken 3.


Flamin' Fists of Shaolin III

Like Ronin, but sprite-based and much more violent. Causing a rouse and a swing of parental controversy at its release, the game is set in a dark alternate reality where martial arts is king, and matches more often than not result in death. The game is set on a secluded island off the coast of Hong Kong, where a death tournament takes place. Fatalities can be performed with button combinations once an enemy is unconscious. Based on Mortal Kombat III.


Bohan Beatdown

A sidescrolling fighting game set in Liberty City, featuring three playable characters, Andre, Belinda and Carlos. You go through hordes of street punks and thugs across the city and eventually face up with the corrupt mayor in the final level, where you take down his bodyguards and finally himself. Based on Streets of Rage II.


 Millennium Cruising

A relaxed racing game where you drive through a series of picturesque courses in the 1996 Millennium Grand Prix, featuring a hypnotic drum-n-bass, downtempo and ambient trance soundtrack. You pick a car and a lady of your choice and you compete with other racers for first place, while impressing your girl along the way. Based on R4: Ridge Racer Type 4 and Outrun, with elements of Gran Turismo.



Pronounced 'see', this futuristic racing game has you take control of a spaceship of your choice, set in a backdrop rife with product placement with absolutely ear-splitting acid techno and trance soundtrack and a distinctive graphic style. Based on Wipeout 2097.


60 Seconds

A run-and-gun rail shooter that has you playing as a secret agent for Interpol, a man named Robert Nautilus, with your quest being to investigate a terrorist organization and their activities on an island off the coast of Cyprus, as well as to retrieve a VIP named Oksana Petrova. It soon goes to hell, and Robert has to get through three stages of non-stop action and shooting, with boss battles prevalent across the game. Based on Time Crisis II.


QUB3D: Heartbeat Edition

A colorful puzzle game originally made for the Japanese market. The game takes a spin on the traditional QUB3D formula, now featuring a much more vibrant and distinctively Y2K aesthetic, with a progressive trance soundtrack to boot. The cubes now have numbers to them, with the numbers coinciding with increasing scores as you pile the combinations up. Based on Puyo Pop Fever and Tetris Attack.


Krishna Killer

A throwback to the original GTA, coincidentally released on the same year as the game's setting, this top-down shooter let's you pick a selection of eight characters, all from the first game, where you are tasked with killing as many members of the Hare Krishna as you can, all who get progressively better weapons as the waves go by.



A game requiring you to shoot as many basketballs into the net as you can. Beating the high score unlocks a unique Videogeddon basketball jersey that Ricky can wear in-game.


Turkey Hunter

A miniature bowling game that is available to play at any arcade. Scoring a turkey (Three strikes in a row) in this game will unlock a unique Videogeddon bowling shirt that Ricky can wear in-game.






One of the most dangerous cities in America, and possibly the earthly equivalent of Purgatory or Hell, there's bound to be a large circulation of weapons within the city.


Due to the 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban, Ammunation only sells small arms and melee weapons, and therefore Ricky has to resort to doing business with the dealers around town if he wants to get the good stuff.


Due to his affiliation with The Pharaohs early in the game, Ricky can call in a weapons dealer named Tyrell Gamble, who drives a gun van on-location where he can buy most of the weapons that are available in the game. However, the prices are generally higher than most sellers in the game, and therefore it is much more financially advisable for Ricky to make his purchase from one of Carcer City's many weapons dealers and gangs.


There are a few notable weapons dealers in the city who Ricky can potentially hook up and do business with.


Warlord Nation member Kenneth "Kilo" Harvey out near the Soul Kitchen in Lafayette sells cheap, basic arms by budget gun company Shrewsbury and slightly more mid-tier household favorite Hawk & Little, as well as a few basic street-wise melee weapons such as lead pipes, chainlocks or blackjacks, at a much lower price than Ammunation, which sells similar weapons.


Innocentz member Clara Martinez runs a backstreet shop near the St. Luisa Church in East Los Albos where she sells much more powerful shotguns and compacts by Shrewsbury and Hawk & Little, as well as hollow point rounds, designed to inflict as much pain to the enemy as possible. She also has the largest line of sharp melee weapons ranging from switchblades and combat knives to the dreaded ax and machete.


Angels Of Death member Forrest Morello runs an underground gun store near the AOC clubhouse in Palisades, where he is in the business of mid-tier arms by Shrewsbury, Hawk & Little and some of Vom Feuer's output. He also sells crude blunt melee weapons such as pool cues, nailed baseball bats, hammers and sledgehammers. He sells incendiary rounds as well, setting Ricky's enemies on fire if shot at. 


Jury member Simon Orwell runs his guns operation off a yacht at the Concord Yacht Club in Isle Blanc, where he sells top-of-the-line pistols, shotguns, machine guns and rifles, mostly by Vom Feuer or Hawk & Little, along with 'classier' melee weapons such as tasers, antique knives, stun prods and golf clubs. On the pricier side, but still cheaper than getting it from Tyrell, nonetheless. He sells armor piercing (AP) rounds as well, which may prove effective if Ricky ever gets himself into a shootout with NOOSE or FIB officers.


Vietnam War vet Phil Parsons runs a shack along the I-13 towards Carlton, where he sells heavy weapons which Ricky cannot store in his arsenal, but can store in the trunk of any vehicle. His line runs the gamut from homemade Flamethrowers and the single-use BFG-500 rocket launcher to Hue Offensive favorites such as the Hawk & Little Belt-Ringer LMG and the Hawk & Little Saigon Serpent pump-action grenade launcher. The apocalypse is now, and Phil sells it all like hotcakes.




A mixture of the disposable, constantly-switching-out nature of Mafia III and Max Payne 3 as well as the old-school single-slot weapons system of GTA IV, GTA: Carcer City strives for realism, but not at the expense of fun. 


The game features 6 arsenal weapons slots (Melee, Pistol, ShotgunSMGBattle Rifle and Sniper Rifle) and one disposable weapons slot (Heavy Weaponry). Ricky can carry two types of thrown weapons as well, and has to switch out between them if he wants to use another type of throwable. Environmental weapons can also be picked up, and can either be thrown or used like a regular melee weapon. A weapons wheel similar to Max Payne 3, Mafia 3 and RDR2 is present in the game, for ease of access.


Weapons can also be used as improvised melee weapons if Ricky runs out of ammo or decides that for some reason he doesn't need the magazine in his gun anymore.


Borrowing the idea of weapons storage on horses in RDR2, GTA: Carcer City allows Ricky to switch out weapons within any vehicle he drives, with a maximum of two weapons in the car (or more depending on what vehicle he drives), either slung along racks along the driver/pilot's seat, or in the case of motorcycles, placed in saddlebags which automatically appear if they haven't got them already.


 Enemy weapons, both firearms and melee, can be disarmed by Ricky, and weapons can be thrown at other enemies to hurt them, though more on these features, and others, will be covered in the General Gameplay Mechanics bit later on.




Featuring numerous pastiches of real life weapons, Carcer City is an all-American gun-lovers paradise where everything can be easily acquired for the right price.




Stuff that Ricky can pick up from the streets of Carcer City, and Weldon County as a whole. It it bleeds, it leads. They can range from anything from bricks and golf balls, which only can be thrown, to bottles to long planks which can be used as regular, yet temporary weapons that break after a period of its use. There are no specific icons for environmental weapons, and an open palm icon with an arrow on it is used to signify that Ricky is wielding one.



Golf ball


Newspaper bundle


Trash bag

Pizza Box










Bar stool



Broken pipe




Glass shard



Fire extinguisher

Kitchen knife




Due to the game's improved fighting mechanics, there are now many different weapons Ricky can use if he wants to engage in the old fist-to-cuffs, with almost every weapon having its own unique finishing move animation. Blunt weapons generally deal more damage, but they do not cause enemies to bleed, while sharp weapons tend to be the opposite of this. Special weapons include the taser and stun prod, which have their own unique properties.




1. Blackjack: A shortened version of a regular bat, and the civilian version of the police nightstick. Often used by street gangs, hooligans and thugs as a coward's weapon. Deals moderate damage and medium range.


2. Nightstick: Standard-issue for most cops in both cities, used to exercise their power over the good people. Deals moderate damage and medium range.


3. Hammer: Perfect for busting up some poor john's hands in a strip club, and a deadly weapon if used with precision. The Jury loves to use this weapon for some reason. Deals moderate-to-high damage but short range.


4. Slim jim: Used by most car thieves in town for their bread and butter, but it can be used by Ricky as a weapon if he doesn't just want to discreetly hop into people's rides. Moderate damage but short range.


5. Gaffer hook: Used by fishermen and civilians near lakes and streams, occasionally found in the docks of Carcer. Used to catch fish, but if you're resourceful, it's a pretty good weapon. Deals moderate damage and high range.


6. Lead pipe: Used by plumbers to install proper sanitation in houses, but that can't work when all the plumbers in Carcer are out of a job. Time for Ricky to figure out its next best use. Moderate damage and high range.


7. Baseball bat: Made of 101% pure Aluminum, baby! And it can bust a man's head open like a melon. Used mostly by black gangsters in town. Deals Moderate-to-high damage and high range.


8. Nailed baseball bat: A wooden bat with tacks on it for extra pain. As if the satisfaction of a home run isn't enough for you already. Deals high damage and high range.


9. Crowbar: For prying and crying. Pretty good weapon in the hands of someone irresponsible, with easy swing. Deals moderate damage and high range.


10. Sledgehammer: Construction workers in The Motor Union's pockets use these in their line of work. Ricky can use them too, if he doesn't mind the swing. High damage and high range.


11. Golf club: The star sign of a country club asshole. Another one of The Jury's favorites, maybe they just like to flaunt their wealth, on top of hurting people. High damage and high range.


12. Chainlock: An improvised weapon comprising of two ends of a chain link locked together. Also called a smiley. Used by low level thugs such as the Streetwannabes. Moderate-to-high damage and medium range.


13. Pool cue: Found on billards tables in bars across town, just waiting for the next lucky feller to use it during a bar brawl. Moderate damage and medium range.


14.  Tire iron: The first melee weapon Ricky gets his hands on in the game, once he starts working at Tommy's Autoparts. Shaped just well enough to bash someone's cranium in. Moderate damage but short range.


15. Flashlight: Used by security guards and cops when patrolling dangerous neighborhoods and drug shipments. Made of a rock-hard material that seems to do a lot of damage. Moderate-to-high damage and medium range.




1. Switchblade: The classier version of a regular butterfly knife, made for conceal carry. Used by the city's more powerful gangs. High damage but short range.


2. Pocket knife: A junkie's favorite weapon for holding up an old lady in an alleyway for her purse. Cheap, reliable and made in Japan. High damage but short range.


3. Combat knife: Same knife the infantry and Marines used in 'nam. Teach your enemies a piece of history with this one. Based on a S1 Bowie. Use by many gangs throughout Carcer City. High damage but short-to-medium range.


4. Antique knife: A family knife that's engraved with some rich guy's name. Used to cut steak, also used to cut people. High damage but short-to-medium range.


5. Ax: Essential lumberjack companion, but repurposed for killing by Carcer City's denizens. Used by biker gangs and a favorite of the sadistic Innocentz. High damage and medium range.


6. Machete: One of the deadliest melee weapons in the game. Can cut a man's head clean off from his body with a correctly timed swing. Used by powerful gangs such as The Pharaohs as well as street gangs such as The Jury or The Innocentz. High damage and medium-to-high range.


7. Chisel: Used by sculptors to make works of art, and used by members of the Innocentz to make crude Glasgow Smiles on their victims. High damage and short-to-medium range.




1. Taser: A handheld electric chair, used by cops when Ricky gets a two-star wanted level. Resembles a conventional taser rather than a stun gun seen in GTA V. If shocked for too long, the victim might catch fire. High damage but short range.


2. Stun prod: A longer version of the taser, used to stun livestock, but also used to stun people and weirdos in S&M dungeons. A favorite of The Jury. High damage and high range.




The traditional sidearm of a Carcer City gunslinger, with eight different types of guns to choose from.


1. Shrewsbury PG-89: Based on a well-known Czech design that's used in the Velvet Revolution. Deadly accurate with low recoil, and automatic fire. Based on a CZ-75.


2. Vom Feuer KLLR 7: Standard-issue for the CCPD. Holds enough rounds to stop a bear. Based on a Glock 17.


3. Shrewsbury Little Man: Conceal-carry heater for muggers on a budget. Was slated to the main sidearm for a well-known Vinewood spy agent in an upcoming picture, but dropped due to better guns being out there in the market. Compensates its small size and capacity for relatively high power. Based on a Walther PPK.


4. Hawk & Little Elgin: Utilizing the same design since the 30s. Used in a lot of wars, including the one in Carcer City. A street favorite due to its reliability. Based on a Browning Hi-Power.


5. Hawk & Little Saturday Night Deluxe: Cheaply produced and powerful enough to blow a hole through a car door. It's been in the hands of bootleggers and gumshoes down to members of the cartel and the Vice Squad. Downside is it has poor range and bad reloading time, due to it being a snub-nosed revolver. Based on a Colt Detective Special.


6. Vom Feuer Larssen 10mm: An expensive pistol used only by the richer criminals in town. Chambered for the powerful 10mm round, VCPD found these on a lot of dead Colombians and Cubans during the drug wars down south 15 years ago. Based on a Bren Ten.


7. Hawk & Little Equalizer: A powerful handcannon, chambered for the .357. No one's feeling lucky when one of these things are pointed at them. Based on a Colt Python.


8. Vom Feuer Brandy: Joint Israeli-American project. The handgun version of the Equalizer, with the same amount of pain for less than half of the reloading time. Based on a Desert Eagle.




Guns that are great for crowd control and massacres at short range.


1. Shrewsbury Doe-hunter: A classic double-barreled shotgun great for hunting both wildlife and people, with relatively good range and recoil for a gun of its type. Downside is obviously its capacity and reloading time. Based on an Uplander Supreme.


2. Shrewsbury Repeater 1890: A relic of a gun that's been used since cowboys, with its barrel sawn-off for more pain. Has a unique reloading mechanism involving flipping the gun's lever to eject used bullets, and thus can be fired from a vehicle. Based on a Winchester Model 1887.


3. Hawk & Little Rioter: Colloquially known as the Streetsweeper, and originally developed in South Africa. Used by riot police in many countries, and used mostly by biker gangs in Carcer City. Fires semi-automatically, with high capacity. Can also be fired from vehicles, due to its light weight. Based on an Armsel Striker.


4. Vom Feuer Pumper-11: A pump-action found in the trunk of many police vehicles, and it is only used when cops find themselves stuck in the creek without a paddle. Based on an Ithaca 37.


5. Vom Feuer SF-95: A semi-automatic used by NOOSE teams at five-star wanted levels and above. Used by special forces to breach doors in urban warfare operations. Based on a Benelli M3.


6. Vom Feuer Franco: For those seeking absolute carnage. Originally a semi-automatic shotgun, it is now tweaked to fire automatically. Once again, it is marred by low capacity and extremely high recoil. Based on a SPAS-12.




Compact, reliable and great for bad guys at medium range.


1. Shrewsbury Lowrider: Popularized by the Ballas and West Coast rappers in San Andreas, the Lowrider now finds itself in the hands of many street criminals in Carcer City. Based on a TEC-9.


2. Hawk & Little PHG-71: Originally used in Vietnam by helicopter pilots and other vehicular personnel as a personal defense weapon if they get stranded, now used by gangsters in drive-by shootings when others get stranded. Based on a MAC-10.


3. Vom Feuer Kleiner: The wonders of German engineering at your doorstep. Designed with precision, with high rate of fire and great accuracy. Based on a Steyr TMP


4. Shrewsbury Tarantula: Another Czech-inspired firearm, and one that is favored by the city's many biker gangs, for its rugged wooden design and its great stopping power. Based on a Skorpion vz. 61.


5. Shrewsbury S44: An antique gun that was used in WW2 and Korea, now used by many disgruntled white gangsters and youths in the city. Based on a M3 Grease Gun.


6. Hawk & Little AW-5: Distinct design, used by many cartel members in Vice City back in the 80s, pairing well with their fast cars and fast women. Now used by street gangs and organizations in Carcer City. Based on an Uzi.


7. Vom Feuer Helsing: A powerful SMG used by elite forces in their special ops and assassinations of puppet figures around South America, Africa and Asia. It is what Ricky uses in the prologue. Based on a H&K MP5.




Powerful military-grade guns that shouldn't be on the street, but are.


1. Hawk & Little Andouille: Semi-automatic rifle that's stable, accurate and powerful, and just one scope away from becoming a sniper rifle. Make your shots count with this one. Based on a M14.


2. Shrewsbury Malenkaya: A compact version of the Devotchka without a stock for better reliability, used in a lot of rap videos and promos. Very popular among many street gangs in Carcer. Based on a Mini Draco.


3. Shrewsbury Devotchka: Russian-inspired assault rifle that has seen countless appearances in wars and skirmishes around the world. Powerful, reliable and great stopping power. Based on an AK-74.


4. Hawk & Little Charlie: Used by SOG teams in Vietnam during their black operations against the Soviets and the Viet Cong, the Charlie has now found its way to the streets of Carcer City, where it is used by many street gangs, from The Deadlocks MC to The Pharaohs. Based on a CAR-15 Commando.


5. Vom Feuer MF-84: An updated, improved version of the Charlie by H&L, featuring lesser recoil, higher rate of fire and a higher capacity, though it is less powerful. Used by NOOSE and FIB teams at higher wanted levels, cops in important places and by powerful gangs such as The Motor Union. Based on a M4 Carbine.


6. Vom Feuer Gewehr-56: A bullpup rifle that's great for sharpshooting, and for impressing the ladies at the tech fair. Recoil is almost non-existent in this gun. Based on a Steyr AUG.




Guns for picking enemies off, one by one, to get them running scared at a distance.


1. Shrewsbury Bezhat: A semi-auto sniper rifle with a unique stock for gripping. Used in the Afghanistan war by the Soviets back in the late 80s. Based on a Dragunov.


2. Hawk & Little Pendleton: Another semi-auto, though this time it's American-made, and has less recoil to sit better for weaker American shoulders. Based on a PSG-1.


3. Hawk & Little S-68: A basic bolt-action sniper rifle that's both economical and easy to carry. Based on a M40.


4. Vom Feuer STG-200: A military-grade bolt-action longshooter that's seen recent action in the Gulf War, among others. In the black market for a very high price. Based on an AWM.


5. Vom Feuer Deathstalker: Chambered for the .50 Cal round, this anti-materiel powerhouse can kill three or more people standing in the same line. Based on a Barrett M82.



Extremely powerful weapons that Ricky cannot store in his arsenal, but can store in the trunk or storage of any vehicle. Can be purchased from Phil Parsons's place near Carlton.


1. Flamethrower: A homemade flamethrower with a propane tank attached and an oil-soaked rag at the tip of it, requiring the user to light it up if they ever want a good old fashioned barbecue. Based on this flamethrower from The Last Of Us.


2. Hawk & Little Belt-Ringer: Famous light machine gun used in Vietnam, seen in lots of war movies, often paired with some classical orchestral piece or something, how cliche. Based on a M60 machine gun.


3. Vom Feuer Tactical 91: The Belt-Ringer's cockier stepson. Featuring a game-changing gas-operated system as well as a quick-change barrel for easier use in the field. Based on a M249 SAW.


4. Vom Feuer Minigun: The most powerful weapon in the game, and can easily destroy vehicles in mere seconds. It is heavy, however, and therefore can only be hip-fired. Based on a M134.


5. Shrewsbury Leafblower: A single-shot grenade launcher that's popular among rednecks as a replacement weapon for dynamite, during fishing. Gets its name from Marines in the jungles of Vietnam, where it is used to blow up and give away Viet Cong positions. Based on a M79 Thumper.


6. Hawk & Little Saigon Serpent: A pump-action grenade launcher that's great for impressing the ladies. Originally developed as an experimental version of the Leafblower for testing in San Andreas during the early 70s. Based on a China Lake Grenade Launcher.


7. Vom Feuer XPD Century: A repeater grenade launcher that's revolutionary for its revolver-like system, allowing for quicker firing. Based on a Milkor MGL.


8. Shrewsbury BFG-500: Single-use, disposable rocket launcher that's cheaply produced and used throughout Carcer City. If you're lucky, you can find one in the trunk of a car you steal. Based on an AT4.


9. Hawk & Little MPG-10: A multi-use rocket launcher that's used to blow up tanks and armored vehicles by insurgents funded by the IAA. Based on a RPG-7.


10. Vom Feuer Seeker: A homing missile launcher that's designed to chase the enemy till his legs can't run anymore. Based on a FIM-92 Stinger.




1. Grenades


2. Pipe Bombs


3. Smoke Grenades


4. Sticky Bombs


5. Molotov Cocktails


6. Flashbangs






Taking influence from 90s cinema, GTA: Carcer City's cinematography style is distinct and unique, and differs greatly from GTA V's cinema verite, Parks & Recreation-esque filming style.


A longshot, POV style camera movement similar to the Pusher films is often adopted in cutscenes, giving the game an extremely claustrophobic and amateur feel, which fits in greatly with the gritty mid-90s atmosphere. In more violent scenes involving gunfights and toe-to-toe scuffles, the cinematography feels war movie-ish, though strangely arthouse and dreamlike, with low temporality in certain scenes, much like the shots seen in Three Kings and Fallen Angels. In more contemplative and quiet scenes, more wide angle, still shots are featured, being atmospherically similar to films such as Sonatine or early Tarantino films such as Reservoir Dogs. Trunk shots and Dutch angles, staples of the 90s, are featured, though not as intrusive as it was back then.



Featured in GTA V as an aide to the camera and Rockstar Editor to improve the quality of pictures, filters now return in GTA: Carcer City as a way to make the in-game world look better. With 7 filters to choose from, the filters will be applied to not just the gameplay, but cutscenes and pause menus as well.


List of filters:



The default filter for the game. It is similar to the Sepia filter, but the discolorations are much more subdued and a rusted hue is adopted on the lens, giving the game a strong red-brown look, even during the winter. Night skies tend to look slightly purple under this filter.



Arguably the most neutral of the filters, Racer emphasizes the presence of vehicles and people as opposed to the backgrounds, which are given much more bland appearances in order to make the former stick out. Visually and aesthetically, it is very similar to the early Gran Turismo or Ridge Racer games, with the pause menu having a much stronger Y2K feel compared to the others.



If Wong Kar-Wai made a filter for the game. Emphasizing the complimentary colors and neons in-game, it is easily the most dreamlike of the filters, and lights would often smear out like some apparition, especially at night.



Unsurprisingly, Carcer City is a warzone, and this filter is designed to emulate the low saturated Gulf War journalist pictures that were taken during this time. Visually, it is very similar to Three Kings.



For those wanting the game to look like an early Tarantino picture, complete with slight film grain and vivid whites, along with a warm yellowish look that was common in film during the 1990s.



A flashback to the 70s, complete with slight vignettes and a stained look to emulate the glory days of Assembly City.



Not black-and-white as most would believe. Instead, the filter strengthens areas of darkness and light in game, creating areas of subdued chiaroscuro not unlike a Michael Mann or David Lynch film.


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I like the radio listings! But if I can offer some critique, it upsets me that some of the stations from IV are coming back. I know it feeds into the “nearby carcer city” comment from III, but it just seems weird that radio stations from NYC would be able to be picked up in a Michigan expy. If I were you, I’d replace JNR with a public radio station (or give CCPR a jazz block like how my local NPR station plays elevator music from time to time), make The Beat “Tha Carcer Jam” or something edgy, make Rise FM something equally edgy like “Da Bass-ment”. Idk, feel free to ignore this but it’s just my two cents to make the concept feel less borrowed on other stuff.


Also nice to see my Skylark show up in some missions. Buckwalter, that’s a decent sounding name for it! Did it come from anything or just some random word searching? Regardless, I can’t wait to see the vehicle list when it’s ready!

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On 12/15/2019 at 1:57 PM, universetwisters said:

I know it feeds into the “nearby carcer city” comment from III, but it just seems weird that radio stations from NYC would be able to be picked up in a Michigan expy.

yeah that was the whole idea from the beginning, and also because i thought hot 97 (the real life counterpart of the beat) also broadcasts in detroit, and it turns out that i was wrong (they have their hip hop station called WJLB). anyway i got new names for the stations, the beat is now the sho-down (reference to the whole wu tang vibe), jnr is now blue room radio and rise fm is now bass-heds 98 (sounds f*ckin lame, but it works).


On 12/15/2019 at 1:57 PM, universetwisters said:

If I were you, I’d replace JNR with a public radio station (or give CCPR a jazz block like how my local NPR station plays elevator music from time to time)

nah to me i think weird 70s eastern-inspired jazz fusion and avant garde type stuff really fits well with the urban decay of carcer city since it also parallels with the deaths and evolutions of many jazz musicians during the time (like miles davis, dont tell me you wouldnt wanna listen to lonely fire while driving across an abandoned factory district in fake detroit)


as for merging it with the talk show, hell no man! should be its own thing


On 12/15/2019 at 1:57 PM, universetwisters said:

Buckwalter, that’s a decent sounding name for it! Did it come from anything or just some random word searching?

it was random, and i thought it sounds cool. that boxy ass car looks like the typa ride that some old dude would call a buckwalter



anyway, im making playlists on youtube for all the stations in the game since a forum update might potentially f*ck up the links, will put em next to the stations once im done with em

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12 hours ago, DownInTheHole said:

 rise fm is now bass-heds 98 (sounds f*ckin lame, but it works)


I mean in it's defense anyone who thinks rave music is actually good enough to not be lame is lame themselves and I'm such a f*cking fruity ravehead I've got stickers for it on the back of my irl Willard Buckwalter

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  • 3 weeks later...
On 12/17/2019 at 10:45 PM, Ivan1997GTA said:

I sense that there's gonna be a parody of "KaBlam!", along with parodies of "Duckman" and "Beavis and Butt-head" among the featured TV shows.

There is a Beavis and Butthead parody in this but its mostly live action cheesy soap operas and action tv and film. I think the 90s had a good mix of edge and cheese which made all the angsty stuff look really funny imo. People were still kinda clinging on to the over-the-top action movies of the 80s, combined with the cyberpunk, edginess and fashion of the later part of the 90s, which is an area i wanted to showcase more in this concept, along with the whole classic MTV thing where they show actual music videos as opposed to rich people hitting each other.


In other news, I added a whole bunch of new songs to the stations, especially The Sho-Down, which is now the biggest station in the game, with 50 individual tracks. Almost half of Chapter 2 of the outline and much of Part 2 is finished. Part 3 of the concept is coming soon.


Might post an overview of my next concept, Grand Theft Auto: Borders, into the Lounge soon, which is set in the years 1994 and 2020 around the San Andrean border, in Los Santos, Santa Domingo and Ciudad Vizcaino. Some characters from Carcer City will reappear in this concept.

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  • 3 months later...

The Prologue and Chapters 1-3 of the outline are officially done. Lemme know what you think!

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  • 2 months later...

Chapter 4 is done, and The Pharaohs arc of the storyline is finished. Will write the second half of the storyline soon, which focuses on Corey and The Motor Union, as well as a side romance arc with Ricky's ex-girlfriend Lydia in Chapter 5. This dark storyline is going to have a bittersweet ending. It's been a ride, honestly, and I've enjoyed writing this concept a lot.


A new update with the Melee Combat, Arcade Games, Wanted Level System, Things To Do In Weldon County, Side Missions, Driving and the Vehicles List will be out soon. The Dust To Dust DLC will come after that with a Mafia and CCPD-centric storyline and a bunch of new songs on the radio (which I've posted on the Radio Station Thread), and a brand new Goa Trance station called Rush 93, hosted by British DJ Paul Oakenfold, loosely based on his 1999 Gatecrasher Mix, with artists such as Juno Reactor, Cosmosis and Infected Mushroom.


Thanks for reading, guys, and again, I'd appreciate feedback if there's anything you like, or don't like, about this concept, and I will do my best to address them. 

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Updated the arcade, film and internet section above, featuring parodies of existing games and media that came out in the mid-90s. The vehicles list will come soon.



Written by sabitsuki

Loosely based on ObsydianRaven's 2011 concept.







Inspired by heroic bloodshed films from Hong Kong, 1970s Yakuza films as well as classic gangster and street crime films, GTA: Carcer City features a living and breathing world that isn’t just for show. With the gangs in town more powerful than the cops, you are encouraged to conduct business with them and sometimes they can ask for favors on the street, though any stunt you pull in the city can potentially affect how they treat you, and at its worst, attempt to kill you on sight. The wanted level system has also been slightly tweaked, with cops now able to take note of your physical appearance and with their presence more prevalent in certain parts of the map, such as Concord in Carcer City or Tampa in Antigone Falls.


The game also features a number of changes in combat, part of which is explained above in the weapons section. Melee combat is now drastically improved and made more dynamic and badass, and executions can also be performed.






Cores return from RDR2, though they are not as intrusive. The key cores include Health, Stamina, Durability and Accuracy. While most of these cores increase naturally as Ricky progresses through the storyline, they are usually affected by the type of clothing he wears. Wearing inappropriate clothing during a season will decrease certain cores, whereas wearing a combination of clothing can sometimes enhance cores.


Food and drink can also temporarily affect how cores work in-game.






With the game set in the entire Weldon County, cops across town differ with each city or outskirt. Generally speaking, CCPD officers are generally more well-equipped and respond more quickly than say, the AFPD or the Sheriff’s Department/State Troopers that patrol the small towns, natural reserves and highways, though this means that when a high enough wanted level is reached, the NOOSE will be dispatched much earlier, usually at three-stars.


The game brings back the six-star wanted level system that was missing from GTA V, in part to make the game easier to play and more dynamic. Cops will also recognize your physical appearance as well as the vehicle you drive for a few hours after losing a wanted level, so it is advisable for Ricky to change out his wardrobe once he loses the tail.


Similar to the Saints Row and Mafia series, a heat system for the wanted level stars is present, and will decrease as time passes, with the stars acting as a meter. The stars will become progressively greyed out, and the search radius will also turn grey, indicating that the police are unable to locate Ricky in the area. Stay out of the radius for a while, and the wanted level is lost, though cop cars will still be on the lookout for the description until the stars disappear entirely.


Police cycles in the game are more predictable than GTA V, and patrol cops will generally patrol certain areas of the city in a fixed route. This allows Ricky to plan whatever crime he intends on doing without alerting them.


The Cop Car Counter also returns from Chinatown Wars, where you would have to cause a car to crash or shoot its tires out if you want to reduce the search radius of your wanted level. You can also toggle the camera in the settings for a close-up on the cop car crash if you want. Pay N’ Sprays and Mod Garages can also be used to evade the police, provided you are not in their sight.


Due to the pervasiveness of gangs in GTA: Carcer City, it is much harder to get your wanted level to rise up quickly, especially when you are in a bad neighborhood of Carcer City.

Simply put, the wanted system follows something like this.



Reserved for minor crimes such as getting into a fight with a random pedestrian, gang member or a police officer, killing a gang member in clear view of the law, mugging someone at gunpoint, stealing a car or vandalism (either through graffiti or by destroying public or private property.


Beat cops and security guards will respond non-lethally, and will come at Ricky and try to knock him out with a nightstick or tackle him into the ground to handcuff him.



Reserved for more serious crimes, such as killing someone in public in clear view of the law, be it a police officer or pedestrian, getting caught dealing drugs, robbing a store with an officer nearby, or presenting yourselves as a bigger nuisance to the cops than before.


Police or state trooper units will be dispatched and police dogs will also search the area for Ricky, though they will still respond non-lethally, unless provoked.



Reserved for violent crimes, such as performing massacres, robbing many stores, getting caught dealing many times, or killing an entire dispatch of police units in the area.


More heavily armed and armored units will be dispatched to the scene, though the NOOSE will be dispatched much earlier outside of Carcer City. A Police Maverick and a News Chopper will appear at the scene, with the former having a sniper in position to take the shot.



NOOSE teams will be dispatched across the county and roadblocks will be set up in certain freeways and junctions. Spike strips will also be employed by the police at these roadblocks. Two Police Mavericks armed with snipers will also be dispatched to the scene, where they attempt to take down Ricky from above.


Pedestrians will now run away from Ricky upon seeing him, or will attempt to kill him with a firearm in self-defence.



Traffic is reduced significantly, with citizens encouraged to stay at their homes, while more NOOSE teams and FIB units are dispatched to the area, bringing out armored NOOSE Grangers, Armored Rumpos and Enforcers to handle the situation, where officers will shoot from the railings. The two Police Mavericks are now replaced with two Annihilators carrying entire NOOSE teams that grapple down or snipe from their current positions. The NOOSE will now fire tear gas on the roads and streets to flush Ricky out.


Roadblocks become more common, and snipers are placed on elevated or vegetated positions to take Ricky out.


Police are now very aggressive, and will shoot Ricky on sight.


SIX STARS ******

National Guard is called in by the Governor of Musketoon, and entire platoons of guards are dispatched either in Barracks, Weaponized Patriots or Crusaders. The NOOSE will also bring in their APCs for support, firing 50. Caliber rounds at Ricky when they spot him. Rioting will happen on the streets in defiance of the curfew, and cops will begin to shoot pedestrians. The stars are now blacked out, indicating that there is no way to lose the wanted level unless Ricky uses a Pay N’ Spray or Mod Garage.





The fighting system in GTA: Carcer City is a mixture between GTA: Vice City Stories, GTA IV and RDR 2. Grappling, countering, choking and tackling all return in this game, though now you can check the health bars of each NPC you fight by targeting them.


You can not only disarm melee weapons, but firearms as well, either by creeping up on an unsuspecting enemy, countering them or by using the prompt at low health. Firearms and melee weapons can also now be thrown at the enemy to hurt them.

Finishers can now be performed on enemies with low health, and can be as basic as two swings across the face or as complex as a punch-kick combo. This also applies to melee weapons.


The enemy AI is drastically improved as well, and in melee situations, enemies further away will find something to pick to fight you with, and they can sometimes grapple you from behind, forcing you to break free from them. In gunfights, depending on how skilled they are at handling weapons, they will react differently to a combat situation with their own styles to take on the enemy. For example, the CCPD, Pharaohs or Motor Union members tend to be savvy and calm, and will take cover accordingly, and Flushes, Shootaz or Innocentz members tend to panic due to their inexperience, firing blindly from cover or charging at Ricky when they see him.


Executions can now be performed on low health enemies or unassuming pedestrians, and vary greatly depending on what type of weapon is being used.


Drive-bys are also improved, and as mentioned earlier, Ricky can now lock on to the tires of a vehicle or at a destructible environment to stop his pursuers.





The bounties system from GTA: Online returns in GTA: Carcer City, acting more as a gang counterpart to the wanted level system. Bounties are usually reserved for instances when Ricky kills too many members of a particular gang or when he snitches on too many drug dealers. Typically, a bounty would last for three days, and the value of bounty will increase as more gang members are killed. The higher the value of the bounty, the more gang members will come after you.


The bounty not only makes the gang in question hostile towards you, but every other gang in the county as well. This applies to Ricky’s allies, including the Warlord Nation, Desert Kings and The Pharaohs, as well as gangs outside of Carcer City, such as the Perello Mob in Antigone Falls. You will also be unable to perform any sort of drug dealing while having a bounty on your head.


Once the bounty is called off, a third of the money associated with the bounty will be wired to Ricky’s account, with an unknown messenger telling him to watch himself out there.





Not including the many hotels and motels that can be rented across Weldon County, the game features both storyline and purchasable properties that Ricky can use in-game. Ricky can renovate his purchasable safehouses as well by approaching a newspaper clipped on the wall or on the table.

List of safehouses:


Tommy’s Autoparts, Fischer Corridor, Midtown (Unlocked in Chapter 1)

Top Gun’s Apartment, Silvertown, Poppy Row (Unlocked in Chapter 4)

175 Ascott Drive, Tampa, Antigone Falls (Unlocked in Chapter 5)

Corey’s Hideout, Kowalski Waterfront, Kingfisher (Unlocked in Chapter 7)

Malcolm Apartment Loft, Harlequin Park, Downtown ($20,000)

Art Deco Condominium, Fremont Avenue Arcade District, Downtown ($50,000)

Penthouse at the Trinity One, Byron Henderson Promenade, Downtown ($200,000)

Colonial-style Home, Lafayette Historical District, Midtown ($7500)

1950s Modern House, Wapona Hills, Concord ($150,000)

Refurnished Brownstone, Ravenwood, Concord ($50,000)

Industrial Loft, Little Warsaw, Poppy Row ($10,000)

130 Ellis Boulevard, West Los Albos, Poppy Row ($5000)

Freeway House, Carcer City Forge, Kingfisher ($750)

Seed Projects, Hollow’s Point, Kingfisher ($1000)

Former Crack Den, Hemsworth Park, Fernbrooke ($50)

150 Swinger’s Avenue, Brenton, Fernbrooke ($5000)

Missouri Apartments, The Waterfront, Fernbrooke ($2000)

Old 70s House, Carlton ($1500)

Quaint Berry Fields Cottage, Fleming ($30,000)

Cliffside House, Boulder ($10,000)

Lakeshore House, Tampa, Antigone Falls ($20,000)

Millennia Studio Apartment, Uptown, Antigone Falls ($20,000)






There are many activities to do in Carcer City and the surrounding Weldon County, not including the ones covered in the earlier section.


List of activities:



Bars and nightclubs across town serve alcohol that Ricky can buy. Drink enough and Ricky will pass out, and a flashback sequence will take place, some of which are playable.



Ricky can rent a room for a few nights at any of the fine establishments across Weldon County if he wants to spend the night without staying at Tommy’s or the safehouses. Running the gamut from the penthouse at The Trinity Hotel & Nightclub to the humble Jefferson Motel in West Stills, there is no shortage of lodging for Ricky to stay in.


Taking Pictures

An avid photographer, Ricky owns two cameras, first a polaroid camera, given by Tommy, and the second, a professional film camera, given by director Americus Nevermore. He can switch between the two cameras, and has the ability to take selfies with it.


All photographs taken can be accessed either in the pause menu gallery or from a photo book at any safehouse.



A highlight of the 1990s that comes in two forms, legal and illegal. Legal raves take place in enclosed nightclubs and lounges, and normally have a chilled-out playlist of music from stations such as Gold 105, The Cabaret, the deep house cuts from Neo-Carcer FM as well as Cosmic FM, and are available every night.


Illegal raves, on the other hand, are much more energetic, taking the form of illegal warehouse or factory parties at grimey venues, having either a traditional 90s rave aesthetic or a more gothic, industrial vibe, playing music from The Box, Bass-Heds 98, Cosmic FM, the Detroit techno cuts from Neo-Carcer FM and in the Dust To Dust DLC, Rush 93. Unlike legal raves, illegal raves are promoted through randomized posters which state the day and venue of the rave, pasted all over Carcer City and Weldon County.


Entering a rave, Ricky can either get a drink, or play the Rave minigame, where he dances with a female NPC via a rhythm game. Impress her enough, and she will give you a happy ending and her phone number.



There are fast food places, small mom-and-pop restaurants and convenience stores across Weldon County that provide Ricky with food to replenish his health with for a few bucks. Ricky can either have it take away or he can eat within the establishment in question, with a cinematic view of Ricky looking around his surroundings as he eats.


Vending machines and food trucks around town can also be used to get food and drink.


Consumables can be accessed via an interaction menu in the style of GTA: Online, should Ricky get himself into a firefight.



A game that is normally found in taverns and bars. Ricky can either play with a stranger or alone, and he can also wager bets with another player.



Gambling takes two forms in the game.


Casino gambling, as its name implies, takes place at established casinos around the county, such as the Athens Casino and Resort in Little Warsaw or at Straight Flushes Slots in Ravenwood. Many games, such as Blackjack, Slot Machines, Craps and Roulette, can be played at the casinos.


Sports gambling, on the other hand, takes place at betting stations around town, where Ricky bets on a team of his choice in a few notable sports such as Racing, Hockey, Baseball or Football. That said, for maximum profit, do a few Game-Fixing missions prior to placing your bets to ensure victory on your side.



Ricky can buy vehicles from the various dealerships around the county. Some of the most notable dealerships include AutoEroticar, Hampton’s Cars and The Pegassi Dealership.



Ricky can buy clothing from the various outlets in town and around the county. Styles range from the predominantly grunge and urban-inspired apparel of Zip, the budget and dollar store Binco, the athletic look of ProLaps and the fancy suit and tie of Didler Sachs. Your appearance matters greatly, especially in a town where money is king.



Towards the natural reserve, Ricky can choose to take part in sanctioned hunting activities, either for fun or for money. Once a kill is performed, Ricky ties the carcass up on a pickup and drives back to the venue where the activity is first initiated, where the men-in-charge will rate the value of the kill.



Fishing can be performed in the lakes as well as certain areas of the map with a fishing shop, or when Ricky acquires a motorboat equipped with a fishing rod. With many fish ready to catch, Ricky can take his stash back to any fishing shop to sell off the fish that he has, or simply just let them go.


Strip Clubs

There are many venues that specialize in the flesh business should Ricky feel like it. Notable strip clubs in Weldon County include Lady B’s and The Bordello in Carcer City and Rocketgirl in Antigone Falls. A stripper will sometimes invite Ricky for a private dance, and will lead him to one of the rooms. Here a lap dance will take place, along with an exclusive playlist of music not featured on the radio. Ricky can choose to go touchy-feely with the stripper, at his discretion. Doing so will increase the like meter of the stripper, and once she is thoroughly impressed, she will be available as a booty call.



Streetwalkers can be found almost everywhere in Carcer City and Weldon County, selling their bodies for money in exchange for sexual services from the johns. That said, the prostitutes of Carcer City are protected by a group of female gangsters known as Hell’s Belles, who patrol the alleyways and lookout for any violence performed against these women of vice. Thus, it is not advisable for Ricky to attack or kill a hooker once he is done with her.






Side missions that Ricky can do if he wants to make some extra cash.


List of side missions:



Ricky can mug random pedestrians around Carcer City and Weldon County, either by chokeholding or threatening them at gunpoint. Richer districts and small towns tend to net more money, though police will generally respond more quickly in these areas.


Rooftop Assassinations

Sent via email by The Fixer, Ricky is tasked with eliminating the targets from an elevated position with the sniper rifle provided. Eliminate them all without fail for the maximum reward.



Sent via email by commentator Jefferey Steinback, Jefferey will send Ricky location of a sports team or player, and you are ordered to sabotage an upcoming game or match to fix the game. Sabotages can come in many forms, not limited to beating up an athlete, tainting the food supply, sabotaging a racing vehicle or calling in a group of hookers to distract the athletes. Once it is complete, Jefferey will advise Ricky to place his bets against the team he just sabotaged for maximum profit.



Sent via email by Jury member Kiera Thomsen, Ricky is tasked with performing blackmail on some of the key players in town, where he is tasked with objectives such as planting evidence in the DA’s room or taking pictures of figures in the act. Depending on how well the jobs are done, Kiera will pay a commission for the job with accordance to the level of detection.


Drug Dealing

One of the major sources of income for Ricky. Many drugs are dealt in Carcer City, and there is an unseen in-game economy based entirely on word-of-mouth. All of the gangs in town, save for the Streetwannabes and other unaffiliated groups, have a preferred drug that they buy and sell. Connections can be made either on the street, by email or through The Nylon Road, and destroying security cameras will allow more drug dealers to congregate, thus increasing the pool of dealers.


Ricky can also deal and sell drugs to party-goers at the raves, where he can sell party drugs such as ketamine and ecstasy at higher the market price.


Drugs that can be dealt:







Bath Salts




Angel Dust


Store Robberies

Another key feature in the game, functioning much like Saints Row 1. Ricky can disable all alarms and phone lines in the store and rob the register as well as the safe in the backroom. He can also choose to rob the patrons in the establishment. Ricky can also rob the store at night during after hours, where he has to break-in and quickly disable the alarm before stealing whatever he can in the darkness.


Drug Vans

Random colored vans belonging to gangs around Carcer City can be spotted driving around the county, carrying all kinds of drugs. If Ricky steals them, he can take the van back to Tommy’s or any Chop Shop around the map to drill them open to get the drugs, though he will be chased by the gangs in question.


Ammunation Trucks

Like the drug vans, Ammunation trucks can be found all over the map, carrying special weapons and ammo that are normally expensive to get. Damage the truck, and the driver hops out with a shotgun. Take him out and drive it to any back lot to pry the back of the trailer open for the shipment.


Chop Shop

Many Pay N’ Sprays and Mod Shops across the county have a list of vehicles that they want, and the list changes weekly. Bring a car back and Ricky will be sent to the garage where he will cut the cars up into individual parts. The level of accuracy of the cuts is directly proportional to Ricky’s pay.



Occasionally, on the street, or on foot, a random racer or citizen will challenge Ricky for money. This can come in the form of red-light races, bird-shooting, an on-foot race or fishing. Wager a bet, and hope for the best.


Street Favors

Gang members will sometimes go up to Ricky to ask for favors, such as helping them tag up a wall or smashing up a rival gang’s car. Ricky will be compensated financially with regards to the level of danger he is exposed to.


Rave Knockout

A man or woman outside a rave venue will task Ricky with going inside to snag a target by knocking him unconscious, before carrying him out to the target. Do it correctly, and Ricky will be rewarded.


Office Massacres

Can be repeated for money after completing Duke Morrison’s Stranger mission. Go to any of the mission’s buildings and head for the elevator, and Ricky will have to go through floors of enemies, each having three waves. Once he is done, Ricky heads to the top floor where he collects a briefcase of money for his efforts.


Warehouse Beatdown

Can be activated by going to any warehouse advertised on the street at a certain time. A group of lunatics will attempt to kill Ricky with melee weapons, and he will be required to get his hands on any melee weapon he can find to kill them. Finish five waves of this, and Ricky is rewarded.


Tuner Gathering

Can be played by turning up to either a WIld Boyz, Da Northside Click or Da Clubs gathering that appear randomly in the empty lots and parking spaces of the city. You can either praise or diss cars, which brings about different reactions from the gang members. Sometimes, the leader of the crew can also challenge Ricky to a race, or vice versa. Winning the race will give you a reward as well as a brief period of gang respect, where the gangs you beat will fight off any enemies hostile to you in their turf. However, sometimes the leader might not keep his end of the deal and turn against Ricky, and will either sic his posse at him or drive away with the prize money, forcing him to chase him.


 Cycles Gathering

Just like the Tuner gatherings, but for motorcycles. The gangs involved can either be Delta Chargers MC, Deadlocks MC or The Angels of Death MC.


Lowrider Gathering

Like the previous two gatherings, but for pimped-out lowriders, which can be accessed by visiting any Innocentz gathering in Los Albos. Other than races, a hydraulics competition can also be played, similar to GTA San Andreas,


Fight Club

Can be repeated after finishing Krissy’s Stranger mission. Strictly non-lethal and strictly fist-to-cuffs, Ricky goes through 10 rounds of fighting, and he can use the crowd to his advantage. Finish all 10 rounds successfully or retire after 5, and he will be rewarded.


Alternatively, Ricky can also bet on a fight.



Approach any red dumpster in town to start a Rampage. Ricky gets a weapon and 25 grenades, and he is tasked with killing as many gang members as he can under the time limit. He can also activate a special ability which will briefly turn him invincible.


Stunt Double

Respond to any emails regarding a stunt double to activate the mission. Ricky will get inside an explosion-proof and fire-proof sports car or motorbike and will perform stunts across the city while a camera crew films everything. Do it successfully, and he will be rewarded.



Activated by entering any police vehicle. Accept dispatch’s request and head down to the area in question to take down all street criminals and vehicles for money.


Seraphs of Carcer

Approach any member of the Seraphs of Carcer at night while wearing their uniform to activate the mission. Functions much like Vigilante, but more non-lethal in nature, as mostly melee weapons are used against the street criminals and gang members in town.


Devil’s Night

Approach any shopkeeper on Friday to activate this mission. Ricky can either go to the rooftop or protect the inside of the store, shooting any looter or arsonist on sight during this night of violence. Depending on the level of damage on the store, Ricky will be rewarded accordingly.


Taxi Driver

Simple task of driving a client from point A to B, though there are exceptions. Certain customers have special requests, such as driving slowly or quickly, and certain customers have insidious motives, such as unwittingly hiring Ricky as a getaway driver or attempting to mug him.



Drive with a pair of paramedics from any hospital in the city and county. Stop at a venue and let them take the patient up on a stretcher. Drive carefully and if the patient flatlines, head back to jolt him back to life.



Steal any fire truck in the game to activate. Help extinguish fires from across town and use the axe provided to bust into burning buildings to retrieve trapped individuals.


Ridin’ Shotgun

Can be activated by approaching any biker at a gathering. Here Ricky rides shotgun as the biker drives to his destination for a drug dealer, and he is tasked with taking out any enemies trailing the biker behind him.


Street Racing

A 10-course race that can be individually played or played as a whole after completing Paul Vang’s Stranger mission, by approaching the billboard outside Wang-Anne Tuners in Edenwood. The class of vehicle used affects the class of vehicles driven by the opponents.


Musketoon State Grand Prix

A 15-course racing grand prix which can be played individually or as a whole after completing Enrico Juarez’s stranger mission. Rather than bringing his own vehicle, Ricky is given a selection of vehicles that he can choose from, though they are all dependent on the class of vehicle used for the race.


Cunning Stunts Festival

Available at Riker's Airfield in Antigone Falls. Go to the booth and pick from a selection of classic planes, and make a choice between time trials, a race or stunt flying. Beat the time, reach the top 3 or impress everyone at the festival, and you will be rewarded.




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Written by sabitsuki

Loosely based on ObsydianRaven's 2011 concept.







With a big map spanning two cities and three small towns, with a sprawling network of natural reserves, fields and freeways, the selection and diversity of vehicles available is large. Due to the lack of military bases in the map, available aircraft and watercraft is limited mostly to commercial or civilian models.


The selection of cars and bikes in the game range from old school 50s-to-70s saloons and lowriders to the modern JDMs and imports of the mid-90s, all while keeping the game’s authenticity to its time period and culture. With the legacy of Carcer City as the epicenter of the American automobile, the variety of the cars that roam its streets reflects on this history.


Mod garages return from GTA V, taking the form of Pay N' Sprays. Special mod garages, such as Locomotives, Wang-Anne Tuners and Pegassi Autos, all cater to specific vehicles to install modifications unique to it.


During winter, many vehicles sport modified bumpers as well as off-road tires to adapt to the reduced traction of the roads, with certain vehicles appearing during this season sporting plows to clear the roads and pathways of snow.


There is a total of 18 vehicle classes in GTA: Carcer City, and the vehicles, along with their real-life counterparts, are listed below. The year of make along with the brand of vehicle is also listed.


List of vehicles:




1994 Albany Primo1992 Cadillac Seville

1977 Albany Reville1979 Cadillac Seville

1985 Karin Medina1985 Toyota Cressida/Mark II

1985 Willard Buckwalter1985 Buick Skylark

1986 Vapid Privateer1986 Ford LTD

1993 Karin Royalty1994 Acura Vigor

1986 Willard Willard1986 Buick LeSabre

1983 Willard Marbelle1981 Ford Granada

1980 Vapid Emperor1980 Cadillac Sedan Deville

1979 Bravado Encino - 1979 Dodge Diplomat

1994 Vapid Stanier1994 Ford Crown Victoria

1993 Albany Sunrise1993 Pontiac Bonneville

1997 Maibatsu Vincent1997 Mitsubishi Galant (Appears only in 1997)

1997 Willard Nebula1997 Buick Regal (Appears only in 1997)

1997 Dundreary Leo – 1998 Mercury Mystique/Ford Mondeo (Appears only in 1997)

1978 Vulcar Warrener1983 Toyota Corolla KE70

1997 Annis Durer1997 Mazda Capella (Appears only in 1997)

1994 Dundreary Admiral - 1994 Mercury Grand Marquis

1995 Albany Gerhardt - 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora

1996 Classique Forager - 1996 Saturn S Series

1996 Albany Oryx - 1996 Chevrolet Impala SS

1996 Karin Asterope - 1996 Nissan Maxima

1993 Karin Terrabelle - 1993 Nissan Sunny




1981 Vapid Lebanon1981 Cadillac Coupe DeVille

1988 Declasse Sabre1988 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS

 1991 Ubermacht Pampas1991 BMW Z1

1988 Dinka Hakumai1989 Honda Prelude

1987 Karin Dispera1987 Acura Integra

1993 Vapid Fortune1993 Ford Thunderbird

1992 Albany Cadrona1992 Chevrolet Cavalier

1987 Willard Faction1987 Buick Regal

1994 Karin Senora - 1994 Nissan Sentra

1995 Imponte DF8-90 - 1995 Pontiac Sunfire Coupe

1994 Enus Parsons - 1994 Bentley Continental R




1972 Declasse Rhapsody1970 AMC Pacer

1970 BF Weevil1970 Volkswagen Beetle

1984 Dinka Maceo1986 Honda Jazz

1965 Grotti Brioso1965 Fiat 500

1988 BF Club1988 Volkswagen Golf

1985 Dinka Atsui1985 Honda Civic Hatchback




1993 Vulcar Ingot1993 Volkswagen Passat (B3)

1994 Dinka Perennial1994 Honda Odyssey

1992 Zirconium Stratum1992 Honda Accord Wagon

1996 Karin Shanghai1996 Nissan Stagea

1995 Maibatsu Kirei - 1995 Subaru Legacy Station Wagon

1994 Vapid Minivan1994 Dodge Caravan

1972 Dundreary Regina1972 Chrysler Town & Country

1969 Declasse Jesuit1969 Chevrolet Chevelle Nomad

1988 Vapid Bedlam1988 Ford LTD Country Squire




1996 Gallivanter Baller1997 Land Rover Freelander

1985 Declasse Granger I1985 Chevrolet Suburban

1996 Declasse Granger II1996 Chevrolet Suburban

1996 Dundreary Landstalker1997 Ford Expedition

1996 Dinka Quest1996 Honda CR-V

1990 Canis Mesa Grande1990 Jeep Wrangler (YJ)

1996 Benefactor Serrano1998 Mercedes Benz M-Class

1993 Canis Seminole1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

1995 Karin Mountaineer1995 Mitsubishi Pajero

1996 Gallivanter Hollander1996 Range Rover Discovery Series I

1996 Karin Rolla 4X41996 Toyota Land Cruiser J80

1971 Gallivanter Huntley Classic1971 Range Rover Classic




1996 Vapid Sadler1997 Ford F150

1972 Declasse Yosemite1972 Chevrolet C10

1993 Vapid Bobcat1993 Chevrolet C/K GMT 400

1992 Declasse Rancher1992 Dodge RamCharger

1970 Vapid Contender Classic1970 GMC Jimmy

1997 Vapid Sandking1999 Chevrolet Silverado (Appears only in 1997)

1986 Maibatsu Rapid - 1986 Isuzu Faster




1989 Benefactor Feltzer1989 Mercedes Benz 560SL Convertible

1989 Ocelot Warbler1989 Jaguar XJS

1972 Cheval Picador1972 Chevrolet El Camino Ute

1963 Classique Helios1962 Oldsmobile Jetfire

1974 Dundreary Virgo1974 Mercury Cougar

1979 Dundreary Virgo Executive1979 Lincoln Mark V

1967 Declasse Impaler1967 Chevrolet Impala

1965 Vapid Chino1965 Lincoln Continental

1964 Albany Tremolo1964 Cadillac Series 62

1958 Declasse Remington1958 Lincoln Continental Mark III

1968 Albany Savanna1968 Chevrolet Biscayne

1959 Declasse Voodoo1959 Chevrolet Impala

1975 Albany Manana - 1975 Buick LeSabre




1977 Karin Melissa1977 Toyota Celica

1972 Karin 190z1972 Datsun 240z

1970 Albany Clover1970 Plymouth Duster

1969 Declasse Vigero1969 Chevrolet Camaro

1970 Vapid Ellie1970 Ford Mustang

1973 Bravado Gauntlet1973 Dodge Challenger

1970 Declasse Rattlesnake1970 Ford Torino GT

1932 Vapid Hustler1932 Ford Coupe Hot Rod

1972 Schyster Deviant1972 AMC Javelin

1969 Imponte Dukes1969 Dodge Charger

1970 Classique Sabre Turbo1970 Oldsmobile 442

1972 Declasse Tulip1972 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu

1969 Classique Stallion1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass

1972 Declasse Vamos1972 Chevrolet Nova

1965 Albany Buccaneer1965 Buick Riviera

1965 Vapid Blade1965 Ford Falcon

1953 Vapid Slamvan1953 Ford F-Series Rat Rod

1958 Declasse Tornado1958 Chevrolet Bel-Air

1956 Vapid Peyote1956 Ford Thunderbird

1947 Declasse Broadway1947 Cadillac Series 62

1973 Lampadati Tropos Rallye1973 Lancia Stratos




1996 Obey Tailgater 1996 Audi A4

1994 Fathom Dissenter1993 Infiniti J30

1996 Benefactor Schafter1996 Mercedes Benz E-Class

1976 Declasse Quixote1975 Oldsmobile 98 Regency

1995 Albany Washington1997 Lincoln Town Car

1997 Bravado ExSess1997 Dodge Intrepid (Appears only in 1997)

1997 Emperor Lokus 1997 Lexus GS (Appears only in 1997)

1997 Ennis Cognoscenti1998 Rover 75 (Appears only in 1997)

1996 Ubermacht Oracle1996 BMW E36

1997 Karin Millennia1997 Toyota Century (Appears only in 1997)

1990 Albany Stretch1990 Lincoln Town Car Limousine




1995 Karin Kuruma1995 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution EVO 3

1995 Maibatsu Taro1995 Subaru SVX

1996 Dinka Harimau1995 Nissan 300ZX

1996 Annis Elegy1996 Nissan Skyline R33 GTR

1996 Dinka Jester1996 Toyota Supra JZA80

1995 Dinka Harlot - 1995 Honda DC2 Integra Type R

1996 Karin Sultan1996 Subaru Impreza

1983 Karin Futo1983 Toyota Corolla Levin

1988 Karin Futo GTX1988 Toyota Corolla Sprinter Trueno AE86

1984 Dinka Blista Compact1984 Honda CR-X

1997 Dinka Blista Kanjo – 1997 Honda EK9 (Appears only in 1997)

1996 Maibatsu Penumbra1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse

1996 Vulcar Valhalla1997 Volvo C70

1995 Vapid Apollo1995 Ford Escort RS Cosworth

1994 Ubermacht Sentinel1994 BMW 8 Series

1984 Imponte Ruiner1984 Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am

1993 Vapid Uranus1993 Ford Mustang

1997 Bravado Buffalo VT1997 Chevrolet Camaro (Appears only in 1997)

1995 Pfister JVE1995 Porsche 968

1993 Karin Kasai - 1993 Mitsubishi 3000GT/Dodge Stealth

1997 Annis ZR3501997 Mazda RX-7 (Appears only in 1997)

1995 Vapid Flash - 1995 Ford Focus

1994 Imponte Dillinger - 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix

1995 XIV Boudoir - 1995 Alpine A610




1996 Vapid Bullet EX1995 Ford GT90 Concept

1995 Ocelot Ardent1995 Lotus Esprit

1997 Benefactor Clockwork1997 Mercedes Benz CLK GTR (Appears only in 1997)

1995 Pegassi Infernus1995 Lamborghini Diablo

1993 Dinka Hayaku1992 Honda NSX-R

1996 Pfister Comet1996 Porsche Boxster

1996 Grotti Deimos – 1996 Ferrari F50

1996 Progen GP1 - 1996 McLaren F1

1994 Ocelot Penetrator - 1994 Jaguar XJ220

1996 BF Autobahner1996 Volkswagen W12 Concept

1996 Grotti Cheetah1996 Ferrari Testarossa F512 M

1989 Grotti Canaan1989 Ferrari Mythos Concept

1994 Truffade Iris - 1994 Bugatti EB-110

1996 Bravado Banshee1996 Dodge Viper SR II

1967 Grotti Stinger1967 Ferrari 275 GTS

1996 Invetero Coquette1997 Chevrolet Corvette C5

1966 Pegassi Monroe1966 Lamborghini Miura

1968 Vapid Bullet Classic1968 Ford GT40

1995 Pegassi Corsa1995 Ferrari F310




1992 Bravado Rumpo1992 Ford E-Series

1995 Bravado Youga1995 Dodge Ram Van

1995 Vapid Speedo1995 Chevrolet Express

1985 Brute Boxville80s GMC Step Van

1986 Brute Camper1986 Chevrolet Winnebago Class C

1995 Brute Pony1995 Chevrolet Express Cargo

1974 Declasse Burrito1974 Plymouth Voyager

1993 Bravado Pawnee1993 GMC Vandura Rally




BMXGeneric Bicycle

ScorcherSaracen Zenith Pro Mountain Bicycle

WhippetRace Bicycle




1996 Sh*tzu PCJ-6001996 Honda CB400 Super Four

1985 Dinka F-Zero1985 Yamaha FZ750

1996 Sh*tzu Hakuchou1996 Honda CBR1100XX

1978 Sh*tzu Streetfighter1978 Honda CB250N

1995 Sh*tzu NRG-5001996 Suzuki GSX-R750

1996 Dinka Akuma1996 Buell S1 Lightning

1993 Pegassi Ruffian1993 Ducati Monster

1996 Pegassi Z35001996 Ducati 916

1993 Maibatsu Sanchez1993 Honda CRM 250

1972 Dinka Enduro1972 Honda XL250

1970 Steel Horse Cliffhanger1970 Harley-Davidson XR-750

1996 Liberty Chop Shop WolfsbaneHarley Davidson 1200 Custom

1995 Steel Horse AngelHarley Davidson FXSTC Softail Custom

1995 Steel Horse WayfarerHarley Davidson FXDWG Dyna Wild Glide

1995 Steel Horse ZombieExile HotRod

1995 Steel Horse WintergreenHarley Davidson Road King FLHR

1962 Principe FaggioPiaggio Vespa 50 Special

1994 Nagasaki BlazerYamaha Breeze




1994 MTL Packer1994 International 9000/9200

1995 Jobuilt PhantomPeterbilt 359 EXHD

1995 MTL FlatbedPeterbilt 379 Flatbed

1994 Maibatsu Mule - 1994 Isuzu Elf

1996 Brute Benson - 4700 International Series Delivery Truck

1996 Brute StockadeInternational 4700 Series

1996 HVY Ripley SCHOPF F300

1996 HVY AirtugGeneric Baggage Haulage Tug

1996 HVY BiffKenworth T800

1996 HVY MixerKenworth T800 Cement Truck

1996 HVY Snow Plow - Kenworth T800 Snow Plow Truck

1996 HVY ForkliftYale forklift

1990 Vapid Tow TruckChevrolet C/K Tow Truck

1996 Stanley Fieldmaster1996 Fendt 926 Vario

1996 Brute Carcer City Authority Public Bus1996 GMC RTS Bus w/ livery

1996 Brute Warrington Airport Shuttle Bus1996 GMC RTS Bus w/ livery

1996 Brute Dashound1998 MCI Renaissance E-Series

1992 Vapid News Van1992 Ford E-Series News Van

1996 DUDE Bulldozer - Generic Bulldozer




1994 Vapid Taxi1994 Ford Crown Victoria Taxi

1996 Brute AmbulanceGeneric Ford Ambulance

1996 Brute Fire Truck 90s Seagrave Marauder

1996 Brute Warrington Airport Fire Truck90s Seagrave Marauder w/ runway livery & paintjob

1994 Vapid CCPD Police Cruiser1994 Ford Crown Victoria Police Car (Detroit Police Department)

1994 Vapid NOOSE Cruiser1994 Ford Crown Victoria Police Car

1994 Vapid Unmarked Cruiser1994 Unmarked Ford Crown Victoria Police Car

1996 Vapid FIB Granger - 1996 Unmarked Chevrolet Suburban Patrol Car

1994 Vapid FIB Cruiser - 1994 Unmarked Ford Crown Victoria Police Car

1996 Brute NOOSE EnforcerLenco Bear

1996 Vapid Armored Rumpo Transporter1996 Ford E-Series Armored Police Transporter

1994 Steel Horse Police BikeHarley Davidson Road King FLHP Police Variant

1996 Vapid Sheriff's Department Police Cruiser - 1994 Ford Crown Victoria Police Car (Sheriff's Department)

1996 Declasse Musketoon State Trooper Granger - 1996 Chevrolet Suburban Patrol Car (Michigan State Troopers)

1996 Declasse Park Authority Granger - 1996 Chevrolet Suburban Patrol Car (Park Authority)

1994 Vapid AFPD Police Cruiser - 1994 Ford Crown Victoria Police Car (Ann Arbor Police Department)

1995 HVY APC1999 M1117 Armored Security Vehicle

1996 Mammoth Weaponized PatriotHumvee w/ heavy machine gun attachment

1996 Canis Crusader1997 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

1996 HVY BarracksOshkosh MTVR




1993 Albany FlyUS Sunrise1993 Pontiac Bonneville w/ livery

1994 Dinka FlyUS Perennial1994 Honda Odyssey w/ livery

1985 Vapid Vendor80s GMC Food Truck

1985 Vapid Mr. Tasty80s GMC Ice Cream Truck

1973 Brute Clara’s BusCustomized 1973 GM TDH 3302




1995 Buckingham MaverickBell 206

1974 Buckingham SparrowBell H-13 Sioux

1995 Buckingham SwiftAgustaWestland AW109S Grand

1996 Maibatsu Frogger1999 Eurocopter EC130

1995 Buckingham Police MaverickPolice Bell 206

1995 Buckingham Air AmbulanceBell 416 Air Ambulance

1995 Buckingham News FroggerEC130-inspired news chopper

1995 Western Company AnnihilatorSikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk

1940 Western Company DusterStearman PT-17

1942 P-45 Nokota P51 Mustang

1996 Buckingham GhawarBombardier Global Express

1987 Buckingham ShamalLearjet 55

1986 Western Company MallardZivko Edge 540

1935 Buckingham Howard NX-25Hughes H-1 Racer

1958 Buckingham Alpha-Z1Reberry 3M1C1R

1992 Mammoth Dodo - de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver




1995 Nagasaki DinghyGeneric rigid inflatable boat

1996 Speedophile SeasharkYamaha Waverunner

1990 Sh*tzu Jetmax Generic Speedboat

1994 Sh*tzu SqualoChris-Craft Stinger 390x

1996 Pegassi SpeederCoeur 290 Nighthawk

1991 Pegassi Violator1990 Riva Ferrari 32

1996 Nagasaki FloaterCigarette Racing Tirranna 59 AMG Edition

1995 Dinka MarquisAdjutor Yacht

1984 Pegassi RioGeneric catamaran yacht

1994 Dinka ReeferGeneric fishing boat

1974 Buckingham TugboatGeneric Tugboat

1992 Pegassi YolaLowe Jon L1648MT Aura

1990 Nagasaki VortexGeneric hovercraft

1996 Nagasaki Coast Guard - Generic Coast Guard Patrol boat

1996 Nagasaki Predator - Generic police patrol boat




Edited by sabitsuki
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Grand Theft Auto: Dust To Dust

A GTA: Carcer City Storyline DLC


(Theme Song)

Morcheeba - The Sea


Written by: sabitsuki






A storyline DLC for GTA: Carcer City, Dust To Dust is set in 1999, roughly about two years after the events of the former. Featuring a new cast of characters and storyline, Dust To Dust takes place in Carcer City, which is slowly breaking out from its cycle of violence as the turn of the century approaches. The CCPD and other public services in the city have undertaken massive overhauls, owing to federal government intervention as well as the upcoming election year, resembling more of a capable police force as present in other cities during this time, though like the gangs, a layer of corruption is still present.


The DLC centers around Ash Fontana, a soldier for the Perello Crime Family, which, after Vinnie Perello’s death in 1979, were forced to relocate to Antigone Falls, until now. The decimation of both The Motor Union and The Pharaohs meant that the floodgates to the city’s criminal underworld were now open again.


Or so it seemed.


With the cops now heavily-funded and upgraded and the 2000 Carcer City elections brewing over the horizon, the old system of gang-on-gang warfare is now about as obsolete as disco. However, this proves to be the least of their problems, as the prospect of turning states seems much more tempting, for the archaic methods of the Cosa Nostra no longer work in the eve of the rapidly changing 21st Century.


This also applies to their current rivals as well, the infamous Rybka Crime Family, led by matriarch Catherine “Mama Cat” Rybka, and her children, a subsect of the Warsaw Posse that was now clamoring for power in the ruins of yesteryear.


Meanwhile, as war inevitably happens for the final time, a new, incorruptible task force of the CCPD, designed to weed out these old gang elements, as well as to strengthen the bonds between the police and community, was now coming into fruition.


Dubbed The Legion, the task force was made up of only the cleanest and most upright cops in the city, consisting of survivors of the city who never took a bribe and fresh, idealistic greenhorns straight from the academy in nearby Ellis, with a genuine passion to improve their communities.


Two men in particular fitted those two roles like a glove. Detectives Wallace Worthen and Tyson Cooper, dressed up in their spick-and-span suits and ties and ready to take on the assignment to investigate these two criminal organizations, the two men enter their assigned unmarked cruiser, ready to clean up Carcer City from the inside out.


It was the nadir for the old way of life, and Ash was beginning to feel it. He has observed the suffering of the city first hand, and the don, his foster father, was growing increasingly distant. As he attempts to keep the family together, the only thing Ash has left in him is whether or not he wants to continue on the same path towards self-destruction, as many before him did.





A storyline sequel inspired by shows and films such as Sonatine, Fargo, Drive, Battles Without Honor and Humanity and The Sopranos, the game features three chapters, following a similar style to the original game. The DLC begins in the Summer of 1999, and ends in the Winter of the same year, with flashbacks taking place in the 1970s. Other than Ash himself, the player also takes control of several other characters in the game, including Marty Fontana, Mama Cat, Stefan RybkaDetective Tyson Cooper, Larry Gambino and Vera Rybka.



Year: Summer, 1999





Year: Summer, 1999






Year: Fall, 1999





Year: Winter, 1999





Year: Winter, 1999





Year: Winter, 1999








With a story now centered around The Mafia, The Polish Mob and The Law, an all-new cast of characters is introduced to the DLC, adding a new layer to the existing lore as well as tying up the chronicle of the events in Carcer City.





Ash Fontana

“Hate to say it, but I feel like the organization at this point’s like the fat kid at the back of the race. Our time is nigh, fellas, this Cosa Nostra gig is up for us. It died back in ’79, and it should stay dead.”

Portrayed by Anthony Bonaventura (Reel)

The playable protagonist in Dust To Dust. He is a 37-year old soldier for the Perello Crime Family, recently back in Carcer City to fill up the power vacuum left behind by The Motor Union and The Pharaohs after their gang war from 1996 to 1997. The adopted son of current don Marty Fontana, and with his crew of hedonistic and violent mafioso, clinging on to the old days of Omerta and the oath of brotherhood, he begins to feel a sense of emptiness inside of him, viewing himself and his friends as nothing more than relics of a bygone age. With their rivals, The Rybka Crime Family, clashing for power, though also suffering from similar issues, Ash finds himself stuck on a fence between loyalty and war.


Choosing to stay outside of Mafia turf, Ash currently resides in a humble apartment unit in East Stills, Fernbrooke, with a neighbor, a single mother named Selena Jefferson and her son, Arnold. Sharing their experiences living in Carcer City, Ash realizes that has a lot in common with her and they begin a platonic relationship.


As the Rybka-Perello war rages on, The Legion steps in, offering plea deals to everyone involved and taking down criminal operations across the city. Ash himself is no stranger to this, as over the course of this storyline, he meets Detectives Worthen and Cooper, with the latter treating him with greater respect and dignity, advising him to give up the act.


Between the cops breathing down his neck, the gang war, and later the infighting in the Perello Mob, Ash’s mission is now that of how to make things right for himself in a world that has left his kind behind.


Ash begins with $10,000 in cash at the beginning of the game, and drives a red 1999 Vapid Tempest, which is normally tuned to Assembly Rock Radio, We Know The Truth or Blue Room Radio.





Martino “Marty” Fontana

“This is my f*ck you to you, Vinnie. Thanks for lettin’ me put up with this sh*t, you f*ckin’ asshole.”

Portrayed by Arthur J. Nascarella (Reel)

The foster father of Ash, and the secondary antagonist in the DLC. He is the current leader of the Perello Crime Family, which does not have the structure of a traditional Cosa Nostra family. Implied to have taken the job in a whim as well as out of respect and honor for Vinnie Perello, he is shown to secretly dislike the job, as well as all the stresses that came with it. This hatred and resentment is represented by him urinating on Vinnie’s grave at the end of Chapter 1.


Formally an underboss of the organization, Marty’s relationship with Vinnie during his lifetime has been that of volatility and turbulence, with the latter often treating him with condescension and apathy, despite his hefty contributions to the family. When Vinnie dies at the hands of Jake Rodchenko and The Motor Union, Marty is forced to take over, as the gang relocates to the nearby Antigone Falls.


In mid-1998, after a major gang war In the city that leaves the big gangs in town completely destroyed, the Perellos return, and attempt to reestablish their former glory. Unfortunately for them, the rival Rybka Crime Family were already making moves during this time, which leads to conflict between the two groups, despite attempts at a truce.


Eventually, Marty wins the war, and personally shoots Catherine Rybka dead, but begins to see much of himself in her and her organization. This proves to be the case, as members of his crew begin to go rogue, and others turn states in the midst of gang infighting.


His relationship with Ash is a turbulent and uneasy one, as the man is not his blood. Treating his efforts with condescension and others with respect, this borderline abusive father-son relationship becomes the breaking point at the end of the DLC.


Detective Wallace Worthen

“As cliché as it sounds, the only good criminal in town is a dead one, Cooper. Don’t matter what color he is.”

Portrayed by James Anthony McBride (Reel)

A secondary antagonist and a cowboy cop who worked homicide for 20 years in the CCPD, watching several of his partners die in the process, before being transferred to The Legion for his clean record. Taking an aggressive stance towards crime, Detective Worthen is the sort of policeman who would shoot first, and ask questions later, doing whatever it takes to get crime off the streets.


Though partnered up with the more idealistic Tyson Cooper, Wallace prefers to work alone, sabotaging criminal operations across town to bring about permanent change to the landscape of the city. Shooting key members of these criminal organizations and starting wars that wipe both sides out, Wallace represents the more hardlined effects of rapid change to society.


Playing the bad cop to Tyson’s good cop, over the course of the storyline, Wallace beats confessions out of gang members, murders gang leaders such as Stefan Rybka and lets the unrest do its job for him, with no regard for the innocent lives that are lost in the process.


The beautiful big picture is what Worthen hopes to achieve through his questionable actions, though his partner sees another way around it.


Detective Tyson Cooper

“Take a deep breath, Ash. No reason to panic over this. We can work something out for your boys too, there’s no shame in that.”

Portrayed by Ike Amandi (Interview)

The first deuteragonist of the DLC and a newcoming CCPD detective assigned to The Legion, an anti-crime squad with the primary objective of dismantling all existing criminal organizations in the city by any means necessary. Growing up in Carcer City himself, Tyson was no stranger to the crime in the city, and was a gang member himself at one point, being a member of the Warlord Nation. He turns over a new leaf in his early 20s, and joins the CCPD, with a long-term goal of rebuilding his community and city for a better future.


Partnered with renegade cop Wallace Worthen, his dreams somewhat falter, however, as he observes the man take a hardliner approach to stop the criminals in town, often responding with brutal violence to burn the organizations inside out. He remains idealistic, despite this, and plays the good cop, genuinely trying to help gang members caught by the CCPD see the errors of their ways, without resorting to violence.


Cutting deals with Vera Rybka and Larry Gambino, Cooper finally meets Ash to discuss a deal for him, Selena and Arnold, after the man agrees to have a sit-down with him. This was done without the discretion of his partner Wallace, who harbors a strong dislike for criminals, and who eventually catches wind of this plan. The deal was penned under the condition that Ash was allow to tie up any loose ends he had in the mob, even if that means killing his former friends and bosses.


An upstanding cop who uses his past to strengthen his spirit, Cooper, in spite of his struggles in the department, as well as city dynamics, is at heart, a good man who understands what it is like to be an individual in Carcer City, and is willing to cut corners if it meant that lives are going to be saved in the long term.


Selena Jefferson

“Can’t even remember the last time Arnold had a cake for his birthday.”

Portrayed by Amanda Rivera (Reel)

The second deuteragonist and 25-year old single mother who lives in East Stills, Fernbrooke, who happens to be Ash’s neighbor. Her late husband was a member of The Pharaohs, who was killed during the gang war with The Motor Union back in 1996. She also has a 10-year old son named Arnold, currently attending elementary school in Brenton.


She first meets Ash in Chapter 1, where they engage in awkward small talk. This soon grows into a full-blown platonic relationship, as Ash continues to visit Selena and Arnold at their apartment, even throwing a small birthday party for the boy in Chapter 2. Revealing her past life to Ash, the man soon realizes that he has a lot in common with the woman; old-school relics lost in the rapidly quickening tide of the new century.


The Legion soon reach her door in Chapter 3, as infighting in the Perello Crime Family begins. She keeps a tight lid on Ash, despite repeated threats from Wallace Worthen and Tyson Cooper on getting charges for aiding and abetting. Ash soon finds out about this, and requests to meet Cooper in person. Cooper offers a deal to let Selena and Arnold, and later Ash, to migrate to Canada, while he remains in Carcer City to handle the Marty and Theo situation, without Worthen’s knowledge.


True to the detective’s word, Selena and her son move out of town for good towards the end of Chapter 3, where they anxiously await Ash’s arrival, as she continues to pray for his safety.


Catherine “Mama Cat” Rybka

“Kill me, but what’s that gonna do for you? You really think you’re just gonna get by after this? My own daughter went to the feds, for god’s sake. What makes you think you don’t have rats of your own?”

Portrayed by Jackie Weaver (Interview)

The matriarch of the Rybka Crime Family, a major subsect of The Warsaw Posse which used to rule much of Poppy Row in the 1970s, and now, like the Perellos, are reclaiming what they lost following the events of 1996-7.


Realizing that the power vacuum is now being filled up by these two organizations, Mama Cat does what anyone else smart enough in her situation would do; start a truce between the two gangs. This proves to be futile, as both gangs were already involved with fighting as well as the fundamental and cultural differences between Italian-American and Polish-American organizational structures.


A war inevitably happens, as progressively over the course of the DLC, with Vera turning states and later all of her children turning up dead, she becomes a hollow shell of her formally assertive and fair self, and only asks for Ash and Marty to just put her out of her misery.


That said, she alludes to the Perellos eventually suffering the same fate, which, prophetically, happens in Chapter 3.


Lorenzo “Larry” Gambino

“C’mon, Ash, quit actin’ like a pussy! Let’s get out there and kick some ass! Just like old times, eh?”

Portrayed by Jeff Schine (Mafia 3)

A soldier for the Perello Crime Family, and Ash’s best friend. He is the tritagonist of the DLC, and a man who, like Ash, is stuck between two worlds, holding the old-school Mafia values of honor, loyalty and riches to high regard while also struggling to keep up with the changes brought about during the turn of the century.


This extends to his personality as well, as it is shown that unlike Ash or Theo, Larry is hesitant about committing murders and killings against other gangs in the city, believing it to be going way too overboard. A man of simple pleasures, all he wants is just “a beer, a sports car, and a nice broad to put [his] hand around”.


Eventually, as the Perellos achieve their pyrrhic victory against The Warsaw Posse, The Legion begins their crackdown on the organization, as the ensuing infighting begins. With nowhere left to go and seeing his former gang break into pieces, he makes the hard decision of turning states with the help of Wallace Worthen and Tyson Cooper.


He secretly reveals this to Ash in Chapter 3, believing him to be the only man he can trust with this information. Ash calms down, before quietly warning him leave town as soon as he can before Theo’s men get to him, which he does so at the end of the DLC. In return, he tells Ash that Cooper is “one of the only good cops in town”, and that he should consider talking to him about his present situation if he really needs it.


An average joe brought up in the wrong line of work, Larry remains one of the DLC’s most decent characters, preferring to lead a normal and peaceful life over one that has its weight set in blood, bills and bullets.


Matteo “Theo” Santini

“This whole f*ckin’ town is Perello turf, and no pig or Polack is gonna say otherwise.”

Portrayed by Johnny Messner (Running Scared)

An impulsive and ambitious member of the Perello crew, and the main antagonist in the DLC. He believes that the Perellos are destined for greatness, and that the current leadership is bringing that potential down in the new age.


Growing up together with Larry and Ash, Theo was always known to have a sadistic streak, beating up and bullying other children in the neighborhood and running an extortion racket with his two friends. This eventually passes on to adulthood, where he is now always seen with a bat or a pistol on him, ready to raise hell if given the chance.


Running much of Carcer City’s gambling and loan sharking operations, he begins to harbor resentment against Marty’s stance on the Warsaw Posse, believing that only a war can resolve their disputes with them, which leads to conflict between him and Marty, Frankie and Larry, with Ash and Rollo acting as mediators. Unbeknownst to him, The Legion was on the trail on both organizations, and was about to turn the dynamic of the city upside down.


Soon, as infighting begins in the Perello mob, owing to accusations of rats within the organization, Theo splits off and begins his own faction of the Perello Mob, which again goes into war with Marty’s crew, as the cops creep closer.


That said, unlike Vera Rybka, Theo stays true to his convictions, holding on to his roots and upholding the old Mafioso regality in high regard, which grows increasingly archaic towards the turn of the century.


Vera Rybka

“Hey, wake up asshole. Isn’t it past your bedtime?”

Portrayed by Dana Christina (Reel)

The only daughter of Mama Cat, an enforcer for the Rybka Crime Family as well as another secondary antagonist in the DLC. The second-youngest of the Rybka siblings, she becomes an informant for The Legion around the middle of Chapter 2, without the discretion of the other members of the family, due to their investment in their war against the Perellos.


A cold, sultry and sarcastic member of the family, she runs the white-collar operations for the gang, being actively involved in money laundering, protection rackets and tax fraud. Together with her older brother and fellow enforcer, Sol, they also specialize in intimidation, torture and killings to anyone deemed a threat to the organization.


Like Theo in the Perellos, she, along with Sol, views the current state of the gang poorly, believing them to be nothing but shadows of their former selves. Often encouraging Mama Cat to instead just kill all their enemies and get it over with, she tags along with the rest of the family during their meet-ups with members of the Perello mob with a Blinder slung over her shoulder, always anticipating a fight with them.


That said, this is all for show, and towards the middle of Chapter 2, when The Legion begin their crackdown on both gangs, she is the first member of her gang to be targeted by Worthen and Cooper, who pay a visit to her home in that chapter.

They offer Vera a deal she cannot refuse; either give up the act, turn the family in and live a long life under Witness Protection, or get life for numerous felony charges.


Revealing her selfish nature, she takes the deal without anyone noticing, though she still remains a target for the Perellos. The foil to an honorable character like Sister Cat, she is the antithesis of the textbook Hollywood Mafioso, one without honor or loyalty, though in the end, she appears to redeem herself by going out guns blazing when the sh*t hits the fan.





Marlena “Coco” Kingsley

“Hey Ash, how you doin’? If you see Larry around tell him Marty’s lookin’ to tear him a new asshole on that Warsaw job!”

The leader of the girls working at the Perello-owned New Digs gentlemen’s club in Nightingale, Concord. She and Ash go way back since their days in Antigone Falls. A close friend and keeping the tabs on the mob’s activities, she is Ash’s go-to when he needs something done, be it faxing spreadsheets and invoices of weekly operations or just current happenings with the mob.


As the gang war and infighting rages on towards the end of the game, Ash advises Coco to leave town for a while with the rest of the girls for their own safety, but they refuse, believing themselves to be out of a job anyway even if they did. She continues to support Ash managerially, even as the gang continues to fall apart.


It is heavily implied that she works with Rollo Costanzi at the end of the DLC, who at that point, is likely the next successor of the Perello Mob.


Frankie “Old Man” Vallese

“Madonna mia, when you throw a punch, kid, make sure you pull back the elbow all the way back before going for the shot. I ain’t never seen such pussy shots since the Montreal Screwjob.”

The underboss of the Perello Crime Family, and a man who wishes to go back to the good old days before ‘79. A close associate to Marty who he used to roll with together with Vinnie, Frankie presents a more idealistic view on the lifestyle in direct contrast to his boss’s cynicism.


Loyal to the cause, though disliked by the younger members of the crew, the Old Man presents a window as to how the Perellos acted back in the 60s and 70s, and prefers it to remain as such. He remains loyal to Marty all the way, in spite of the infighting that happens in Chapter 3, which, in a test of ideology, leads to his death under the hands of Theo’s men.


Emilio “Milio” Genovese

“I’m just back from the docks after a hard day’s work, fellas. Got nothin’ to do with you Slavs.”

A mouthy member and wannabe tough guy of the Perello Crime Family, only in the business to enjoy the violent life it gives. A hedonist through and through, Milio is always eager to take part in a beatdown, a shooting or a robbery, until the tables turn on him, of course.


In early Chapter 2, Milio is captured by the Rybkas and is briefly tortured by Vera and Sol. Here he reveals his cowardice and, before spilling the beans on the crew, a gang war breaks out between the two groups, and in an impulsive decision, Vera and Sol decide to kill the man to prevent him from letting loose on the streets of Carcer City.


His body is later found by Marty and his crew midway through their fight against the Rybkas, which sows the seeds of violence even further.


Rollo Costanzi

“Ain’t much to say, Ash. If anything, it’s like ’79 all over again.”

A calm and collected soldier of the Perello Crime Family, who despite not growing up together with Larry and Ash, are good friends with the two men. Choosing to keep his mouth shut unless the situation calls for it, Rollo only acts when he has to, a trait which ensures his survival.


Stefan Rybka

“C’mon guys, think about it, and think on it real hard. How the f*ck is a war not gonna bring the feds into the picture?”

The eldest son of Mama Cat, and the second-in-charge of the Rybka Crime Family. Calm, collected and not prone to emotional or impulsive outbursts, he is essentially the Polish counterpart to Ash, being in charge of most of the family’s operations with the matriarch’s supervision, mentoring his youngest brother, Travis, along the way.


The voice of reason between Catherine and the siblings, his death, by the hands of Detective Worthen during a meet-up with Ash and the Perellos, only serves to galvanize the gang war.


Solomon “Sol” Rybka

“Goddamned wops, man. Should have killed them all when we had the chance.”

The second oldest Rybka son, and the family’s in-house torture technician. Running the unions in town, he wants nothing but to see the family rise to the top, not unlike his sister, Vera. Staying true to the family and doing it takes to get back at the Perellos, he continues to sic his men at their operations. Eventually, he storms the New Digs strip club, armed with a Justice automatic shotgun and a posse of Polish gang members, hoping to kill Marty personally.


Arnold “Arnie” Jefferson

“Uncle Ash? My mom’s out fetchin’ groceries, she says to come by later tonight.”

The 10-year old son of Selena, and a prospective student at Brenton Elementary. An obedient and polite kid with a bright future ahead of him, he comes to accept Ash as part of his family, once Selena and him cozy up to him over the course of the storyline.

Vinnie Perello

“C’mon Marty, you call this handling it? You’re a f*ckin’ joke, a stunad!”

The late boss of the Perello Crime Family up until 1979. A man who has once made it big in the 50s and 60s, age and arrogance soon takes the front row seat as the Perellos slowly begin to lose influence in the mid-70s, as Marty and Frankie begin to round up what was left of the old crew and make the big move to Antigone Falls.


Travis “Trey” Rybka

“F*ck you, man! I ain’t lettin’ you destroy my family!”

The youngest son of Mama Cat, and the most ambitious of the Rybka siblings. Currently in charge of a union warehouse in the Santos-Elroy Industrial District, he looks up to his brother, Stefan, as a role model, and is shown to be a stoic, but steady learner, believing that by taking his time and letting the experience kick in, he will be able to lead the gang in no time.


Unfortunately, this proves to be far from the truth, as the gang was stuck in a place it could not get out of. With the Perellos and The Legion over the horizon, Travis has his dreams shattered in the slowest, most painful way imaginable as he watches the gang war worsen after each passing day, taking the lives of most of his siblings in the process.


By the end of Chapter 2, he is a raving, despondent mess, armed with a G45 and protected by a few loyal men, fruitlessly defending what’s left of the family operations.


Vito Firenze

"Got all the firepower in this car to bring a small African nation down. What'cha need, Ash?"

The Perello Crime Family's personal arms dealer. A man who cracks jokes even in the darkest of situations, him and Ash are close friends. Due to police crackdowns on gangs all over the city, all of the arms dealers in the original storyline are unavailable. As such, Vito is the only man Ash can rely on if he wants access to all the cool guns.


Once called by Ash, Vito will appear in a black Mountaineer at a secure location, such as an alleyway, where he will sell the man weapons at a discounted price.







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Grand Theft Auto: Dust To Dust

GTA: Carcer City Storyline DLC


Written by: sabitsuki






Shifting away from the drug-dealing element in the vanilla game, Dust To Dust takes on a new approach to the mafia-centric storyline, though Ash is still able to push if he wants to.


Introducing Business Management, accessible from either the dining table in Ash’s apartment or the office at New Digs, Ash is able to format and design the structure of the Perello operations through the construction of spreadsheets, while also having access to the stock market as well as the traffic of customers present in a week, which he then faxes over to management. It goes both ways however, as more often than not, more profitable ventures will also lead to more attacks on these businesses by either The Warsaw Posse or another gang like The Flushes or Da Clubs.


The New Digs strip club can also be customized by Ash, with the interior, the façade, the furniture, the private rooms, the music, and even the general aesthetic and outfits worn by the strippers, fully editable.


Slash TV also returns from GTA: LCS, which now takes the form of a gritty, VHS-esque Battle Royale-like arena deathmatch that puts Ash together with a group of other men and women as they fight to the death with whatever weapon they can find. This minigame is accessible from Denton’s Junkyard at Kingfisher at night, and contains a total of 10 levels.


Racketeering is another new side mission in the game, accessible by responding to an email from either an associate of the Perellos, or New Digs manager Coco. Ranging from loan sharking, protection, hits, to outright gang warfare, there is a variety of playing styles that the player can experience by doing these jobs.


Other than activities, the CCPD in 1999 is generally much more aggressive and well-prepared for crime, owing to the the wise spending of new funds from the federal government, intervention from bodies such as the FIB and the Musketoon House of Representatives, a crackdown on city corruption as well as the upcoming elections. As such, police are now armed with far more powerful weapons such as Pacers, Helsing Compacts and Finishers, as well as updated, more modern police cruisers such as the Police Interceptors and Pursuit SUVs, and generally respond more quickly and efficiently to crimes than in 1996 to 1997. Gangs are also less of a visible sight in the city, owing to increased police presence, and as a result the city appears less of the anarchic hellscape it once was.





The DLC adds new songs to the existing soundtrack and radio stations, as well a brand-new radio station in-game. A total of 9 radio stations are updated here. Players with the Dust To Dust DLC installed will also be able to enjoy these tunes and shows in the original game as well, despite the anachronisms.




Fuzzz 92.5FM
"Gregg returns to Fuzzz with a playlist of dissonantly beautiful 90s alternative tracks."

Genre: Alternative Rock, Post-Grunge, Post-Hardcore, Shoegazing, Dream Pop, Grebo, Pop Punk

Host: Gregg Araki



New tracks:


Unrest – So Sick (1993)

Kelley Deal 6000 – Canyon (1996)

Pixies – Wave Of Mutilation (1989)

Soul Asylum – Somebody To Shove (1992)

Better Than Ezra – Desperately Wanting (1996)

Pushmonkey – Handslide (1998)

Sponge – Wax Ecstatic (To Sell Angelina) (1996)

Collective Soul – Simple (1995)

Quicksand – Fazer (1993)

That Petrol Emotion – Detonate My Dreams (1993)

Pop Will Eat Itself – Mother (1993)

EMF – Arizona (1992)

Mega City Four – Android Dreams (1995)

Moonshake – Gravity (1991)

The Sundays – God Made Me (1992)

A.R. Kane – Baby Milk Snatcher (1988)

Slowdive – 40 Days (1993)

Lush – Scarlet (Long Version) (1990)

Spirea X – Chlorine Dream (1991)

The Telescopes – Celeste (1991)

Adorable - Sistine Chapel Ceiling (1993)

Kitchens of Distinction - Drive That Fast (1991)

Catherine Wheel – I Want To Touch You (1992)


The Sho-Down 95.7

"Fresh, hardcore hip hop and party hits from Shaolin Island, brought to you by GZA."

Genre: Hardcore Hip Hop, East Coast Hip Hop, Boom Bap

Host: GZA



New tracks:


Mobb Deep - Shook Ones Pt. 2 (1996)

N.O.R.E. (feat. Nas) - Body In The Trunk (1998)

Mase (feat. DMX) - Take What's Yours (1997)

The L.O.X. - Bitches From Eastwick (1998)

Big Pun (feat. Prodigy & Inspectah Deck) - Tres Leches (Triboro Trilogy) (1998)

Craig Mack - Get Down (1994)

Das EFX (feat. Redman) - Rap Scholar (1998)

Lords of the Underground (feat. Supreme C) - Neva Faded (1994)

Blahzay Blahzay (feat. Mental Magician, Verbal Fist, Verbal Hoods) - Long Winded (1996)

Grand Puba - A Little Of This (1995)

The Wu-Tang Clan - A Better Tomorrow (1997)

Method Man - Method Man (Remix) (1994)

Capone-N-Noreaga (feat. Havoc & Tragedy) - Parole Violators (1997)

Rakim - Flow Forever (1999)

Black Star - Thieves In The Night (1998)

Inspectah Deck - Femme Fatale (1999)

GZA - 4th Chamber (1999)

Killarmy - Dress To Kill (1998)


Scratch That! 107.1FM

"An influx of jazzy hip hop beats by Illa J."

Genre: Alternative Hip Hop, Jazz Rap, Boom Bap

Host: Illa J



New tracks:


The Alkaholiks (feat. Xzibit) - Killin' It (1997)

Artifacts - The Interview (1997)

Citizen Kane - Elements of Mind (Black Rain Mix) (1996)

Shortie No Mass - Like This (1995)

Brand Nubian - Straight Off Da Head (1994)

Poor Righteous Teachers - Miss Ghetto (1996)

Slum VIllage (feat. Q-Tip) - Hold Tight (1999)

Reflection Eternal - Memories Live (2000)

Black Sheep - Me & My Brother (1994)

Lo Down - Mad Fright Night (1995)

Distortionists - Dope Compensation (1996)

K-Otix - Questions (1999)

Tribeca Sound - Street Jazz (1994)

East Flatbush Project - Can't Hold Back (1994)

Pete Rock - #1 Soul Brother (1998)

Sharpshooters (feat. Four Fifths) - Trust No One (1997)

Roughneck Soldiers - Kill Or Be Killed (1995)

Zion I - Venus (1999)


The Cabaret

"With the trip hop wave still going strong, Skye brings a few hot tracks trans-Atlantic by way of Bristol to the stereos of Carcer City."

Genre: Trip Hop, Downtempo, Chillout, Experimental Pop, Dark Cabaret, Nu-Jazz

Host: Skye



New tracks:


Supreme Beings of Leisure - Golddigger (2000)
Supreme Beings of Leisure - Under The Gun (2000)
Morcheeba - The Sea (1998)
Sneaker Pimps - Walking Zero (1996)
Kidneythieves - Trickster (1998)
Leftfield - Swords (1999)
Amon Tobin - Nova (1998)
Nightmares on Wax - Finer (1999)
Alpha - Slim (1997)
Laika - Bad Times (2000)
Saint Etienne - Wood Cabin (1998)
Single Gun Theory - Decimated (1994)
Single Gun Theory - The Sea of Core Experience (1994)
Bowery Electric - After Landing (2000)
Love Spirals Downwards - City Moon (1998)
Zero 7 (feat. Sia, Sophie Barker) - Destiny (2001)
Massive Attack (feat. Tracy Thorn) - Protection (1994)
Massive Attack - Daydreaming (1991)
Tricky - You Don't (1995)

DJ Rap - F*ck With Your Head (1999)

Emiliana Torrini - Unemployed In Summertime (1999)

Dot Allison - Color Me (1999)

Kruder & Dorfmeister - Original Bedroom Rockers (1993)

The Chemical Brothers - Alive Alone (1995)

Peace Orchestra - Marakesh (1999)

PJ Harvey - The Garden (1998) 

The Herbaliser - The Sensual Woman (1999)

Esthero - Breath From Another (1998)

Olive - Killing (1996)


Gold 105

"The golden age of contemporary R&B and Neo-soul, with new billboard-charting tracks for the folks in Assembly City."

Genre: Contemporary R&B, Neo-Soul, Hip Hop Soul

Host: Coko



New tracks:


SWV (feat. Foxy Brown) - Release Some Tension (1997)

Changing Faces (feat. Jay-Z) - All Of My Days (1997)

702 - Make Time (1999)

Blaque - Mind of a King (1999)

Lauryn Hill - Ex-Factor (1998)

Brandy - Learn The Hard Way (1998)

3LW - Til' I Say So (2000)

Faith Evans - Keep The Faith (1998)

Xscape - Hard To Say Goodbye (1995)

Case - Crazy (1996)

Jodeci - Freek'n You (1995)

Shai - During The Storm (1995)

After 7 - What U R 2 Me (1995)

Al B. Sure - Playing Games (1992)

Brownstone - Grapevyne (1993)

Kut Klose - Giving You My Love Again (1995)

TLC - I'm Good At Being Bad (1999)

Erykah Badu - Didn't Cha Know (2000)


The Box

"The industrial revolution of our time will never cease."

Genre: Industrial Metal, Industrial Rock, Industrial Dance, New Beat

Host: Richard Patrick



New tracks:


Acumen Nation - Queener (1996)
Lords of Acid - Young Boys (1995)
KMFDM - Ultra (1995)
Ministry - Bad Blood (Alternate Mix) (1998)
Chemlab - Chemical Halo (1993)
Tim Skold - P.A.M.F. (1996)
Machines of Loving Grace - Perfect Tan (Bikini Atoll) (1993)
My Life with The Thrill Kill Kult - Dope Doll Jungle (1997)
The Electric Hellfire Club - Mr. 44 (1993)
Curve - Chinese Burn (1998)
Prick - Animal (1995)
Sister Machine Gun - Think (1997)
The Clay People - Who Am I? (1998)
Gravity Kills - Wanted (1998)

Pitchshifter - W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G. (1998)

Chemlab - Exile On Mainline (1996)

MDFMK - Torpedoes (2000)

Filter - It's Gonna Kill Me (1999)

Ministry - Filth Pig (1996)

Fear Factory - Freedom Or Fire (1998)

Download - Glassblower (1996)


Cosmic FM

"Bailey brings in an extended ambient drum n' bass mix for your listening pleasure, featuring favorites from the likes of Omni Trio, EZ Rollers, Peshay and PFM."

Genre: Intelligent Drum n' Bass, Jungle, Atmospheric Drum n' Bass

Host: DJ Bailey



New tracks:


Jonny L - This Time (1996)

Tekniq - Razzmatazz (1996)

Mastermind - The Essence (1996)

Fuze - Fluctuations (1995)

Dillinja & Mystery - Deep Love (1995)

EZ Rollers - Walk This Land (1998)

Peshay - Psychosis (1994)

Lemon D - Urban Style Music (1995)

Dead Calm - Searchin' (1996)

J Majik - Sunray (Rufige Cru Remix) (1994)

Frequency - Ignition (1996)

Blame - Neptune (1996)

Aquasky - Desires (1995)

Parallax - Watercolours (1996)

 Hydro - The Zone (1996) 

Funky Technicians - Deja Vu (1996)

Omni Trio - Together (VIP) (1995)

Hyper-On Experience - East Coast Vibez (1996)

PFM - Cruising Detroit (1997) 

Boymerang - Soul Beat Runna (1998)


Assembly Rock Radio 98.7FM

"Bringing about the good ol' hard rock. Glam rock queen Suzi dishes more protopunk, heavy metal and rare 70s rock records on 98.7FM."

Genre: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Protopunk, Glam Rock, Hair Metal

Host: Suzi Quatro



New tracks:


Girlschool – Race With The Devil (1980)

Lynch Mob – Wicked Sensation (1990)

Slaughter – Burnin’ Bridges (1989)

Hanoi Rocks – Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (1984)

Enuff Z’Nuff – Finger On The Trigger (1989)

Gotthard – Hush (1992)

Megadeth – Tornado of Souls (1990)

Great White – Rollin’ Stoned (1998)

Tora Tora – Walkin’ Shoes (1989)

Bulletboys – Smooth Up In Ya (1988)

Dirty Looks – Oh Ruby (1988)


Blue Room Radio

"Back from the future, Kamasi spins a bunch of new tracks with a jazzy or funky touch."

Genre: Jazz Fusion, Jazz-Funk, Jazz

Host: Kamasi Washington



New tracks:


People’s Choice – Opus-de-funk (1976)

Dr. Lonnie Smith – Favors (1975)

Jimmy McGriff – Blue Juice (1968)

Bobby Hutcherson – Prime Thought (1976)

Richard “Groove” Holmes – Don’t Mess With Me (1971)

Marion Brown – Maimoun (1975)

Donald Byrd – The Emperor (1972)

Bobby Humphrey – Lonely Town, Lonely Street (1972)

Thelonious Monk - Ugly Beauty (1968)

Herbie Hancock - Cantaloupe Island (1964)

Wes Montgomery – A Day In The Life (1967)

Ahmad Jamal Trio – The Awakening (1970)

Red Garland – You Better Go Now (1979)


We Know The Truth

"Continuing with the great American pastime of pushing right wing bias and fear-mongering as we approach the dawn of Y2K."

Genre: Conservative Talk Show Station

Host: N/A


New shows:


The Martin Serious Show

Featuring Martin himself, as well as co-hosts, his idiot sidekick Smithy, token black transvestite Lisa Lynn and his straight man manager, Mark. They invite their guest, Al Di Napoli, then a recent star in movies such as Cunts from Outer Space III and Good Love, Bad Love, whose agent was in charge of bringing him to the show. Al becomes increasingly disturbed by the violent and intentionally edgy actions of Martin and his crew and storms off mid-way through the interview, only to have the ground around him shot at by a sniper in the audience.


The Time Ranger

Returning from GTA: VCS, everyone’s favorite time traveler returns to the airwaves, and this time, The Time Ranger visits Ancient Greece, where he scares the ladies and male concubines away with his small member. He then meets famous philosopher Plato, where together they attempt to solve the conundrum of Aphrodite’s voluptuous breasts, before being chased off by an angry mob of priests and nuns.


The Christian Corner

Hosted by Evangelical Christian and staunch conservative Mary Therese, the woman engages in right-wing rhetoric with her guests and actively promotes her book and Christian doctrine on the show. Her guests include Republican senator Richard J. Head, former Love Fist member-turned Tory candidate Baz Simmons and a clueless and airheaded valley girl from Los Santos named Jenna “Jenny” Vinci, whose rich parents sent her to the wrong show.



GTA: Dust To Dust features 1 new radio station, which can also be listened to in the original game if the DLC is installed.


Rush 93

"Ushering in the new millennium with a mix of hypnotizing Goa trance, curated by renowned DJ Paul Oakenfold."

Genre: Goa Trance, Progressive Trance, Psytrance

Host: Paul Oakenfold

Location: Unknown

Type: Continuous




Rush 93 plays a sub-genre of trance known as Goa Trance, which can trace its roots to the Indian state of the same name, and is distinguishable by a generally darker and more psychedelic/worldbeat-inspired sound. The station, like most other electronic stations in game, can be heard in nightclubs and raves across Weldon County.


It is hosted by Paul Oakenfold, a British trance DJ who popularized the genre in the 1990s. The mix featured in-game is loosely based on his 1999 Gatecrasher Mix on BBC Radio 1.




Planet Perfecto (feat. Grace) - Not Over Yet 99 (Breeder’s It Is Now Remix) (1999)

Cosmosis – The Ultimate Sin (1998)

Systembusters – Digital Self (1999)

Etnica – Tribute (1995)

Juno Reactor – Feel The Universe (1995)

Earthling – Just Say Yes (1999)

Infected Mushroom – Psycho (1999)

Juno Reactor – Guardian Angel (1995)

Electric Universe – Spectral Blue (1998)

Man With No Name – Own The World (1998)

X-Dream – The Second Room (A Trip) (1996)

Astral Projection – Nilaya (1999)

Push – Universal Nation (Ferry Corsten Remix) (1999)

The Space Brothers – Heaven Will Come (Olmec Head Vocals Mix) (1999)

Man With No Name – Vavoom (1998)

The Olmec Heads – Spiritualized (1999)

The Morrighan – Remember (To The Millennium) (Lange Remix) (1999)





Installing Dust To Dust will update current channels and cinemas with the new movies and TV shows, many of them parodies of existing media in the turn-of-the-century.




Get Out Of Los Santos

Starring washed up actor Sonny Barksdale as former 80s badass antihero Lieutenant Ice Millions, he is tricked by the president into doing his bidding after fooling around with a hooker working for the government diagnosed with a rare strain of the clap, in a dystopian USA. With a timer set on him before the disease kills him, he is forced to travel to war-torn Los Santos to retrieve a VIP, the hard-partying son of the prez who is kidnapped by warlord King Cock, before he receives the antidote. A spiritual sequel to the 1984 cult classic Get Out Of Algonquin, born out of a disdain for the executive meddling in Vinewood, this intentionally cheesy action thriller features bad CGI, corny dialogue, and even a scene where Ice surfs down the Los Santos Storm Drain with an old friend. Based on Escape from LA.


The Mainframe

Featuring five young adults who take LSD and entering the real world, where they soon realize is actually run by a race of sentient robots. Waking up in a space shuttle in space, they meet a senior black militant named Holt, who has a liking for spouting nonsensical koans and wise sayings. Armed with trenchcoats and duel weapons, accompanied by over-the-top Hong Kong action choreography and an industrial metal soundtrack that takes itself way too seriously, the young adults attempt to save the earth from these robots, who take the form of illusions of people they know personally. Expect pseudo-intellectual existential themes in this one. Based on The Matrix and TRON.





MeTV Rundown

Due to the introduction of newer music, more music videos are played by Andee after downloading this DLC.


List of music videos:


Vinewood Bloodbath

A deranged animation featuring fictionalized and heavily exaggerated celebrities fighting each other to the death using whatever weapon or object they can find. Starring commentators Jason Haggerty and Pablo Sanchez, they bring their sarcastic and tongue-in-cheek input to the brutal and destructive violence in front of them, as Jack Howitzer runs Lazlow’s head into a TV. Based on Celebrity Deathmatch.



Republican Space Rangers

A popular show in the 2000s that makes its debut on CNT in 1999. Starring Commander, Dick and Butch, the episode featured in the DLC is an origin story set in the Academy where the three men meet. It is here where they learn about, and adopt, the institutions of the great American foreign policy, as they pass the Space Ranger course with flying colors, bringing the heads of the dead aliens they have killed to the graduation ceremony.


Apollo: The Greek Asshole

Starring the Greek god of archery, music and dance, the story is a chronicle that spans across the Greek and North African lands, as together with his aloof and apathetic twin sister Artemis, Apollo sets foot on an odyssey to find his deadbeat dad, Zeus, who is out getting drunk with the fishes somewhere in Mesopotamia. Throughout the journey, he fights bandits, parties and drinks, argues with his sister and even spends a few nights at a local brothel in Egypt, making snide remarks at the audience and writers while also speaking with a strong Californian accent, as he continues the search for his father. Based on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.



The Triumphant Tigers

A classic 80s cartoon featuring a squadron of five humanoid tigers with Australian accents, as they attempt to protect their alcoholic community on Planet Zerhg from human colonizers. Banding together as one and lead by ringleader Symon, they use empty beer cans and bottles to fight their adversaries and use flaming pieces of copper wire as arrows. They eventually win, and spend the rest of the night at the local tavern, where they drink themselves into oblivion. Based on Thundercats.


The Arseface of the Night

A cop named Paul Newman gets shot in the face by a group of bandits in futuristic Carcer City, and seemingly dies, before being revived by a seedy corporation known as the Zaibatsu. He is revived and reanimated, though he now has a physical and speech impediment which cannot be fixed by modern medicine, and every women Paul meets now runs away screaming upon looking at his face. Given a new Deluxo courtesy of the Zaibatsu, Paul begins his journey across Carcer City, committing acts of police brutality, evidence-planting and issuing false charges on innocent people, as he attempts to get back at the gang that wronged him. Based on Robocop and Knight Rider.





Many new cars are featured in Dust To Dust, some from previous GTAs. Many Italian/European cars are featured here to fit in with the high-life Mafia theme in the DLC. The new cars are available from purchase at the dealerships in the original game once the DLC is installed.



1999 Vapid Tempest1999 Ford Taurus

1998 Karin Catalan1998 Toyota Camry

1996 Karin Serena - 1996 Toyota Carina ED

1996 Fathom Feroci - 1996 Infiniti I30



1994 Maxwell Asbo1994 Vauxhall Corsa C

1998 XIV Double1998 Citroen Xsara Coupe


Station Wagons/Family

1998 Obey Argento1998 Audi A6 Avant



1999 Bravado Gresley - 1999 Dodge Durango



1998 Mammoth Patriot1998 Hummer H1

1997 Bravado Faring - 1997 Dodge Sideliner

1999 Vapid Guardian1999 Ford F650 Super



1961 Classique Indiana1961 Oldsmobile 88

1959 Willard Salo1959 Buick Invicta


Muscle/Sports Classics

1966 Imponte Valore1966 Pontiac 2+2

1972 Declasse Pandemic1972 AMC Matador

1972 Dundreary Hellenbach1972 Mercury Cyclone GT

1968 Imponte Victor1968 Pontiac Grand Prix

1954 Lampadati Idaho1954 Facel Vega FVS

1965 Dewbauchee JB 7001965 Aston Martin DB5


Luxury Sedans

1999 Karin Melrose - 1999 Hyundai Equus

1987 Dewbauchee Equinox - 1989 Aston Martin Lagonda

1998 Enus Super Diamond - 1998 Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph



1992 Annis Veltra1992 Mazda Autozam AZ-1

1998 Lampadati Bristol1998 Alfa Romeo Spider

1988 Maibatsu Forum1988 Isuzu Piazza

1995 Vulcar Jansen1995 Volvo 480

1998 Karin Previon1998 Toyota Soarer

1999 Annis Ophelia - 1999 Mazda MX-5 Miata

1995 Grotti Bella1995 Fiat Barchetta

1992 Karin Skygazer - 1992 Toyota MR-2 TRD2000GT



1997 Bravado Gurkha1997 Dodge Copperhead

1996 Dewbauchee Kerela - 1996 TVR Cerbera

1995 Pegassi Fortissimo1995 Italdesign Cala

1994 Dewbauchee Zephyr1994 Lister Storm

1996 Grotti Ghiaccio1996 Ferrari 550 Barchetta Pininfarina

1965 Lampadati Salamander1965 Maserati Ghibli

1967 Grotti Vento Forte1967 Dino 206 GT

1997 Ocelot Huntress1997 Lotus Elise GT1

1974 Pegassi Torero - 1974 Lamborghini Countach 

1982 Invetero Deimos - 1982 Chevrolet Corvette C3 Collector's Edition



1999 Pegassi ScallionAprilia RSV Mille

1997 Sh*tzu Divinity 115Kawasaki ZXR 750

1999 Dinka FuritenSuzuki GSX-R 750 SRAD

 1998 Sh*tzu SourceYamaha YZF R1

1998 Maibatsu ManchezKawasaki KLR650

1997 Steel Horse FreewayHarley-Davidson Heritage



1999 Bravado Undercover SUV - 1999 Dodge Durango Undercover SUV





With the advent of the new century, newer weapons flood the streets, though some vintage weapons commonly associated with the Mafia also appear here. Like the music and vehicles, the weapons can be purchased from the respective gun dealers in the original game once the DLC is installed.


Melee Weapons

Wooden Carcer City Unicorns Baseball Bat



Hawk & Little PacerSig Sauer P226

Hawk & Little BurstBeretta 93R

Hawk & Little CaptainKimber Custom

Vom Feuer Mantega - Smith & Wesson Model 59



Shrewsbury LuparaLupara shotgun

Hawk & Little RockwellMossberg 590

Vom Feuer JusticeDaewoo USAS-12



Shrewsbury BelgianVigneron M2

Shrewsbury BlackshirtBeretta Model 38

Shrewsbury Ellis Keyboard – Thompson Submachine Gun

Hawk & Little RomanAgram 2000

Vom Feuer BlinderWalther MPL Submachine Gun

Vom Feuer Helsing Compact - H&K MP5K


Battle Rifles

Hawk & Little ConquerorRemington R5 RGP

Hawk & Little G45IMI Galil

Vom Feuer Finisher - H&K HK416

Vom Feuer StandardH&K G3

Vom Feuer SaboteurNexter FAMAS


Sniper Rifles

Vom Feuer Barrow - Denel NTW-20

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