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RDR2 mission wont progress

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In the mission where you are captured my colm and hung in a basement; after you grab the file, and pull out the bullet, it gives the next prompt to cauterize the wound with the candle. the only problem is nothing happens when i hit the buttons it tells me to hit (E to raise candle, LMB to cauterize the wound) it lets me raise the candle, and than tells me to hit LMB and it shows me that the game knows I'm hitting the button by slightly zooming in and The LMB indicator turns grey. I have reinstalled my game I have slept in game i have ventured the whole map (trying to pass time) but this mission is still wont get past this point. Im currently verifying the integrity of RDR2 but after this im completely out of ideas to fix this. and just to clarify i have had this problems maybe 2 weeks now i kinda just have been avoiding it and also i own the game trough the rock star launcher if that means anything.


Edit: the Scan came up with no errors


Edited by PIXLER

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I think you just need to hold it. It's like Arthur is aware of how much it will hurt and needs to build his courage. Try holding the button longer after you've raised the candle and it should work.

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I held it for i think 5 minutes one time and nothing happened.

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Sorry then, just did this a couple days ago and it worked. I raised the candle, but then kept lowering it. Finally I just held whatever prompts it displayed and he cauterized the wound. Good luck

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