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[PS4/PS5] DPSRPC RP Active Recruitment

James Smith

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Who We Are 

The Department of Public Safety is a roleplaying community on Grand Theft Auto V; Online for PlayStation 4. We provide quality services to attract, develop, motivate and retain a diverse community with a supportive, realistic, and professional community environment. We do this with an emphasis on member services, and the respect and trust of those who do business with us. As the Public Safety Community, we develop and deliver innovative programs, values, and services designed to uphold the durability of our community. Our core services and competencies include member recruitment, staffing, relations, organization, development, management, and regulatory compliance. We foster an environment that attracts and inspires excellence in people so that the Department of Public Safety in its entirely.  Our mission is to provide a virtual police role-play environment that is fun, exciting, and has a sense of reality.  All applicants are trained before becoming official community members. We use multiple systems and deploy rules that make our mission a success. You earn money by working a job within the patrols. We are looking for dedicated, responsible, and respectful members to join DPS.




Department of Safety is home to some of the most experienced members of the police role-playing community, being founded by members and leaders of past communities, one of the longest-lasting and most respected police clans on Grand Theft Auto: IV and V. Our officers patrol the entire City of Los Santos, Los Santos County and Blaine County collectively. The way we function is completely unique. For example, we have a government of four chief(s) who help run the community, so no single person has too much power. We have a full staff of dedicated commanders and members. Every member in DPS receives realistic training before becoming a member of the clan meaning like the way we train our applicants is completely different than any other clan. We have specialized departments, such as Member Relations that are fully focused on keeping DPS members happy, understanding what members want. DPS is a roleplaying community; our members always patrol with pride, duty and respect making us who we are today.

Join Us Today !!!  


Discord Link: https://discord.gg/WtaWYrpCPe


 Please remain patient with us since our team have their own real-life issues to deal in reality. Thanks for your cooperation and have a nice day. 


Our Aims: Member Happiness, Member Satisfaction and Member Relations

Edited by James Smith
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