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which rockstar game disappointed you the most?


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On 11/22/2019 at 4:52 PM, D T said:

Every Rockstar game after GTA IV disappointed me up until Red Dead Redemption 2. Max Payne 3 had some dope moments that I can appreciate now in retrospect, but yeah couldn't stand the story when it first came out. I'd say GTA V was the worst offender though - a technological masterpiece but the amount of sh*t writing and cut features makes me sad to this day. It's grown on me over the years but never felt so disappointed in my life as I did launch night.

Even rdr1?

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Algonquin Assassin
On 11/23/2019 at 10:34 PM, Algonquin Assassin said:

San Andreas.


I liked the simple approach of GTA III and Vice City, but I remember even back in 2004 being underwhelmed by San Andreas despite its bigger map, more features etc. Some people probably think I don't like San Andreas out of spite or something, but truthfully I've never really liked it very much.


Compared to GTA IV it's a joke of a game IMO. but even compared to GTA III and Vice City it felt like a step backwards. I was disappointed that was the direction the series was heading and the two games that followed didn't do much to inspire me either only that GTA IV course corrected things I may have stopped being a GTA fan altogether.


I realise I may be in a very small minority, but I don't f*cking care to be honest.


Wow. I was quite the c*nt bag towards San Andreas. My apologies.


Anyway GTAO and RDO really disappointed me. I loved the multiplayer components of GTA IV and RDR1 and assumed these would follow suit.


GTAO was good up until the heists update, but then it became a cluster f*ckery. With RDO I played it for a couple of hours and haven’t touched it since.


I wish the simple approach to multiplayer would come back, but in the world we live in where microtransactions rule the roost that’s not going to happen.

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Once again, Max Payne 3. Like, seriously - why create a game, if you want to completely abandon everything that was good about two games before?


Knock off, Rockstar.

Edited by Americana
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9 hours ago, Algonquin Assassin said:

I wish the simple approach to multiplayer would come back, but in the world we live in where microtransactions rule the roost that’s not going to happen.

Same that's how I prefer my multiplayer vibing with friends doing random sh*t and missions but I remember enjoying the early GTA online missions and I am sure that some people enjoyed some stuff that I didn't enjoy the online (if it's the flying bikes then I don't care this is GTA, not Saints Row)

There must be a way to balance things it's kinda hard especially that the two multiplayer games are different and appeals to different people, anyway I think I have heard that GTA 4 multiplayer got revived so I might check it when I have free time and forget about this torture session called GTA Online

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