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Why Are the Modders Allowed?

Go to solution Solved by Jason,

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People keep complaining about glitches in RDR2 Online. I play on XBox One and I've noticed a distinct pattern. If I can't set up a camp, if my camp despawns and won't set up, if my game slows to a crawl, if the animals aren't spawning correctly... all I have to do is look at the player list and I see a chunk of the players have levels of 101+, 200+, even 300+. This is cheating. It's not possible within the rules of the game. Modding isn't allowed online. Their mods are hurting the stability of the server.


Once I start server hopping and find a game that isn't full of modders, the game works properly. The glitches don't seem to be the fault of Rockstar except for the fact that they are not banning these people or at least forcibly stripping their mods when they log in. So why won't Rockstar do anything about it?


Fix the stability - get rid of those pesky modders.

Edited by astonefox
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What makes you think levels 100+, 200+ & 300+ are modders?  How is it not possible within the rules of the game???  Please explain.  I was a day one player, have two accounts, one at 160 and the other at 130.  I don't mod or glitch, as far as I know modding isn't even possible on consoles.  There are plenty of people playing this game with 300+ ranks that are perfectly legit.  

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  • Solution

Nothing to do with modding, which at the very least is difficult to do on consoles if not impossible when it comes to online games. It's not difficult to reach level 100 or higher in RDO and people hit it only a week or two after launch last year. With things like the new Roles, it's even easier now.

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