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Vigilante achievement question


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Hey could you clear this up for me, i have a vigilante level of 26 but i never received the "achievement unlocked" sms? Did i miss something? It's a cheatless save...

I'm at around 33% but i have only done 10 out of 30 "most wanted criminals" missions if that matters...

Another off topic question, can you skip friend activities without losing friend "like percentage"? Sometimes when im not on a mission i'm sort of doing things that count to 100% plus am almost always on a whole different island when friend calls... So just wondering about this...

Thanks in advance!

Edited by thisdjjdasiaa
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I'm not completely sure about the achievement but you have to do 20 vigilante missions and all the 30 most wanted as part of 100% completion 


If a friend calls and you don't want to hang out but don't want to lose like percentage, tell them yes, but then call straight back and cancel. This way the percentage stays the same (it goes up when you say yes and back down the same amount when you cancel), whereas if you just say no when they ask it goes down.


If you don't hang out with a friend for a long time you can sometimes get a text from them complaining about it and the like percentage goes down, and there's nothing you can do to avoid this. But you can just quickly hang out once to put it back up (tip if you're not a big fan of hanging out, whatever activity you've arranged you can go in a strip club with them and abandon them there and the hang out ends but they don't mind (they send you a text saying so) and the percentage goes up like any normal hang out, probably the quickest way since you don't have to take them home).

Edited by billiejoearmstrong8
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ahhh thanks i think i get now, i was thinking they are sort of "separate" achievements...

oh i didn't know you can cancel that will serve me great!

i like hanging out but with all the in-game tasks sometimes the timing is awkward...

thanks for the info man

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