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[MP] Undercover

Black Fox

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(by Black Fox)






Adam Cole, a 25 years old police officer, was sent undercover by the Las Venturas Police Department into the Colombian Cartel that has been a problem since their arrival in 1993. What will happen to Cole during his time as an undercover in the Colombian Cartel? Find out more in the mission pack!





Adam Cole


Adam Cole was born in 15th April 1990 in the city of Las Venturas. His parents died in a tragic car accident in the year 2000. He lived with his grandparents ever since. His ambition was to become a police officer and protect the city from any crimes and dangers. In 2011, he went to the police academy and passed with flying colours. He was assigned to the Las Venturas Police Department under Chief Oliver Banks.


Gustavo Sanchez


Gustavo Sanchez was born in 13th May 1988 in Mexico. His family moved to America in 1990 when Gustavo's father, Juan decided to buy a business in Las Venturas. Their business wasn't a success. Juan got involved with loan sharks and was beaten to death after failing to pay his debts. Gustavo been living with his mother ever since. When Gustavo grown up, he became a police officer because his mother wanted him to. In 2011, he met with Adam Cole and became close friend with him.


Benjamin Crane


Benjamin Crane was born in 20th March 1988 in Los Santos. He lived with a not so good family. His father, Robert Crane was a shop owner. However, Robert Crane was divorced with Maria Crane because Maria was caught cheating with other man. When Benjamin grew up, his father died because of heart attack. He decided he needed a better life and not continue his father's business. In 2008, he moved to Las Venturas and joined the police force. He became the receptionist in Las Venturas Police Department as his part-time job or when he is off-duty.


Oliver Banks



Oliver Banks was born in 18th January 1968 in Los Santos. His father, Jonathan Banks was a drunkard, so his mother, Jennifer Perch divorced his father and married a new man.

When Oliver grew up, he joined the police academy and undergo his training. He passed the training and became a police officer in Las Venturas. In 13th April 1980, Oliver Banks managed to shut down a whole drug operation ran by a Brazilian Cartel. Later, in 1999, he managed to arrest one of the notorious criminal in Las Venturas and eventually promoted to chief rank. He was put in charge of LVPD.


Rodrigo Costello


Rodrigo Costello was born in 20th August 1950 in Bogota, Colombia. He lived a rough life. His parents was killed during a raid by a group of unknown criminal in his area. Ever since, he lived on his own. When he grew up, he eventually met with Pablo Escobar, a famous drug lord and started working under him. He was one of the best member the cartel has to offer. He married with a woman, Maria Estebez in 1982. When Pablo Escobar died in 1993, he went to San Andreas to continue his boss's legacy. He brought some men from Colombia with him and are willing to hire anyone to work under him to expand his drug empire.


Manuel Costello


Manuel Costello was born in 15th September 1983. His parents rose him well. When he grew up, Manuel started to follow his father's footsteps and eventually work for him. Manuel Costello is rather serious and never fails in his jobs. Ever since, he became his father's right hand man and handle the cartel when his father is not around. It can be said that he lived a very good and luxury life with his father, Rodrigo. In 2015, he met with the undercover Adam Cole.


Agent Johnny


Although his real name is unknown, Johnny was born in 3rd October 1969. Johnny was raised by his parents in San Fierro. His father was a police officer while his mother was an office clerk. In 1989, he joined the CIA and was involved in various secret missions. In year 2015, he was sent to San Andreas to clear up Russian threats. The rest of the information are redacted.


Agent Shaw


Agent Shaw was the one in charge in the CIA branch of San Andreas. He led many operations taking down the Russian threats in San Andreas. His past life is unknown, and the rest of the information are redacted.


Grigori Kostalov


Grigori Kostalov was born in Moscow, Russia in 1968. He grew up with his parents who worked as farmers at that time. Sometime in 1989, he joined a secret government organization and was sent to San Andreas to gather information and spy on the enemies.










Chapter 1 - Taking down the Cartel

- The Introduction: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/62812

- Gustavo Sanchez: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/62813

- Welcome to the Underground World: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/62814

- Mind Your Own Business: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/62815

- Retake What Is Ours: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/62862


Chapter 2 - The End of the Cartel


Chapter 3 - New place, New boss, new job.


Chapter 4 - The Finale





- Credits to myself, Black Fox for developing and making the missions.

- Credits to Dutchy3010 and PatrickW for creating DYOM.




Author note:

- The mission are still under development and will be released once finished.

- The first four missions has been released, please check them out!

- The fifth mission for Chapter 1 has been released.



Edited by Black Fox
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