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Adding new dynamics objects into objects.dat

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There one thing that I discovered by myself, but incredibly, I never find anything about this, and I bet much people does NOT know much about: you can add more dynamic objects inside object.dat file, what allow for these objects to be smashable, breakable, animated and so on. Before everthing you need to use limit adjuster, or open limit adjuster or fastman limit adjuter (in this last one you will have to adjust manually), otherwise you will have problems while doing missions.



First of all, all objects added into objects.dat have to be defined inside ide file of course (the object must exist of course). When you open the object.dat you will find these identifications, for example:


cardboardbox2,        20.0,        20.0        0.99,        0.03,        50.0,        0.0,      2.5,    20,    2,    1,    0,    2,    0.0, 0.0, 0.0,        explosion_crate


* you will find the values info inside the object.dat itself



I create a model sample to add into object.dat:


sm_bevhiltree  1000.0,  2000.0,  0.97,  0.05,  50.0,  299.0, 0.50,    1, 1, 0,  0, 2, 0.0, 0.0, 3.0,  none


Note that this model (a tree model) does NOT exist in the object.dat, this model is originally totally solid, but when you add this, this model became smashable (when you explode it or hit it with a car). To add more I just search for the object name using MED (map editor) and I just added more:


sm_bevhiltree  1000.0,  2000.0,  0.97,  0.05,  50.0,  299.0, 0.50,    1, 1, 0,  0, 2, 0.0, 0.0, 3.0,  none

industshelves  1000.0,  2000.0,  0.97,  0.05,  50.0,  299.0, 0.50,    1, 1, 0,  0, 2, 0.0, 0.0, 3.0,  none

torino_mic  1000.0,  2000.0,  0.97,  0.05,  50.0,  299.0, 0.50,    1, 1, 0,  0, 2, 0.0, 0.0, 3.0,  none


If you want to try, create a blank txt file and copy it from there, and then copy from this file to the object.dat, but do NOT copy lines directly from the object.dat to object.dat because I think there are coded information that can cause problems if you do that directly from there, so if you copy a line from object.dat, copy this to a blank txt file and then copy from this blank txt file to the object.dat. Also be carefull for not duplicating an object, case it will cause glitches, so be sure that this object that you will add do not already exists in object.dat.


But I think it is better for just copy my sample models from here, cause I think some original lines from object.dat may have special info (as animated attributes) that can cause glitches with wrong objects.


Update: it is better for just copy my samples and do the procedure of first copying it to a blank notepad before pasting it to object.dat, and avoid copying lines originally inside object.dat (or you can even create it, and for this check a sample to identify the structure and the right spaces), and this is due to the fact that I explain in my other topic at the end of this page.


OBS: avoid the add objects with LOD (long distance) system and do NOT add objects that have text system (coded text system) as the street signs, because if you do you have to delete the text from the object dff using rw analyse (deleting GTA light section). 


IMPORTANT: it does NOT matter if you add or NOT a new object entry, but I do NOT recommend to change the original objects entries values inside object.dat, because I have tested using unmodded gta sa original and just tried to change the values inside (without adding nothing to object.dat) and after about the eight time you change a value, when you start and then close the game, an error windows will appear, and although you can still play, this error will appear. For information about this problem read my other topic: 




Edited by TKat
Forget one thing.

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