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How to I get an issue addressed? Where do I go to reach Rockstar?


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This is for
Red dead redemption 2 online. For gameplay on the morning of November 19 2019.
Between 3 and 4 am pacific time.  This morning in game, I was collecting coins for a complete set.. I have personally mapped the locations, which allows me to focus on, and gather all coins effectively during my pre-work gameplay.
At the 1792 Nickel coin location.. N.E of Annesburg near the railroad track.. specifically by the graves. My Player "glitched" as I entered the "Dig" Animation..
At which time I lost control of my character and he began to walk away in a straight line.. I was completely without control.
So.. I respawned, and ran back over to dig up my coin again.. it's nowhere to be found.. Metal detector is blank.. nothing.
I went on and finished the remainder of the collections and returned... Nothing!
Another player showed up and was able to collect his coin.
I logged out and back in... returned to the location... nothing!
Can I get that 1792 Nickel coin back please?
Now my whole rotation is off on my collection runs... this cost me 650.00 in game cash..
Can someone help..Or point me to someone who can please...?
Also my daily login reset a while back with over 50 days consecutive on it.. Can that be returned as well?
So.. I just need the coin and those 50 plus days back please!
Thanks to whoever in advance.



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