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RDR2 PC Patch - 1207.73 (1.14) | 19/11/2019


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1 minute ago, xAUxInkerone said:

Hi im still randomly having crashes usually if i enter some towns but sometimes not, usually it will just freeze for a sec or two then back to game launcher "exited unexpectacly' error...but when runs it runs great after last patch and since this patch it feels little snapier tho its starting to happen more often than not. Cupl of crashes i seen the message 'not enough memory' which dont make sense i have 11g vram on Strix 1080Ti and 16g ram on 8700k  all other games run fine ....any ideas ?I already tried RStar Virtual ram fix.Thanks any input is appreciated.

The methodology of the crash you're saying makes it look like some instability going on with any of your OC.

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1 hour ago, RedIndianRobin said:

Well no new settings have been added. Also DeepSurface settings is set to High now instead of ultra in settings.xml.

Deepsurface was set back to Low for me, but snow glint was enabled.  In general, it seems like a good idea to check the file after updating with today's patch.

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Deep Surface quality was set to High here. Apparently, according to one of the R* support articles, the preset default settings (from the global balanced/performance/quality slider) depend on your GPU and are not the same for everyone, meaning that Balanced for a GTX 1060 user is not the same as for a 1050 user.

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2 minutes ago, RedIndianRobin said:

The methodology of the crash you're saying makes it look like some instability going on with any of your OC.

Im not running any overclocks ..the [email protected] 

Edited by xAUxInkerone
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51 minutes ago, Gwozdek said:

Now without command -cpuLoadRebalancing ??


single mode no freeze playing for 15 minutes 

online still freeze for few seconds,but no freeze in solo lobby,so i guess it's the network issue

-cpuload never solve freeze problem for me in last update

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The download begins almost at the end, so it's about 200-300 MB in reality.

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14 minutes ago, BlackScout said:

I need to run some more testing, looks promising and slightly better so far.


I meant Pass 1, sorry.







Swamp Benchmark

That's within margin of error no? A difference of 0.02% is nothing.

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1 minute ago, SuperHolySheep said:

That's within margin of error no? A difference of 0.02% is nothing.

I think the takeaway is that it's stuttering less whilst the average is kept the same, seems to be less spikes in the graphs.

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After the patch, I picked up the 4-5fps I lost on the benchmark after the last update (to 84fps @1440p), so frames are better with zero stuttering.  DX12 doesn't crash, but still comes at a cost of 8fps with the occasional stutter as before.  Looks like I'll be sticking with Vulkan.  (During the DX12 benchmark run in St. Denis, Arthur dropped the dynamite instead of throwing it at the police.  Exploded at his feet and knocked him down.  That was interesting.)


If the core drain is really fixed, this update seems like a winner.

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9 minutes ago, mas0764 said:

Hope you are right - what makes you say that though?

I tested the difference between 30 and 60 before this patch. 60 drained the cores about twice as fast as 30. I then tested 60 again after this patch and it is now the same as 30 was previously. I haven't tested 30 again for comparison though, so for all I know they just doubled how long it takes for cores to drain across the board.

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CPU Performance Test (results are varying slightly because I had an OC on my GPU before, disregard the average framerate, focus on the spikes and stability)


Lowest, 720p, 0.5x, cpuLoadRebalancing ON since there aren't patch notes to tell me whether it's been fixed or not, Vulkan API.

i3 8100

GTX 1050 Ti

2x8GB DDR4 2400







Awesome improvements!!!!


Desert? (I forgot the order)


Awesome stability!!!

Valentine?? (I forgot the order 2)


Jesus christ, so much better.

St. Denis:


It's not even aligning... MUCH better.



CPU Performance is overall a lot better. Those with higher end GPUs and weaker CPUs will be able to achieve higher framerates.
Those with low end everything are going to stay in that same mediocrity zone (me_irl) with potential improvements in some areas. YMMV.

Edited by BlackScout
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R* Support have just posted about this morning's RGL patch so the RDR2 patch notes are probably coming soon.

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1 minute ago, Gwozdek said:

Why they can't release it immediately, LOL

I'm guessing Support are the ones tasked with going through the bug trackers and releasing the patch notes for the "layman" to read. The developers who do the hard work don't have to do public facing support when a company has a dedicated support department.


Edit: They added the new RDO stuff to the 1.14 article but no patch notes yet...

Edited by Spider-Vice
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19 minutes ago, Xerukal said:

Wonder if horse dirt accumulation is also fixed along with core drain (at 60 FPS).

Cleaning your horse requires three button presses.

Edited by Spider-Vice
Stop doing what you're doing in eevery recent post. Edited post.
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I haven't seen this since Grand Theft Auto IV... Will report if it works.


Digging the game...


seg000:00000000034E8B08    00000010    C    availablevidmem //could mean that they are planning to bring GTA IV to the launcher, I'm not sure
seg000:00000000034E8CA8    0000000B    C    enableMGPU
seg000:00000000034E8CB8    00000012    C    allowResizeWindow
seg000:00000000034E8B18    00000010    C    FrameQueueLimit

They're next to VK stuff but should work with DX12... Still testing.
Uh... "-availablevidmem 2.0" made the game not show up the splash screen and jumped straight into the loading screen
EDIT2: Infinite loading as well

Edited by BlackScout
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2 minutes ago, Motka said:

Wait so does it not let you launch it with mods installed?

It does. It just warns you.

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3 hours ago, adigyran said:

this is a bad idea, because they might add new setting and possibly crash the game due to different settings

This is when I was getting crashes. while exiting the settings menu. Driving me nuts.

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I’m still getting stuttering and crashes I’m crashing even more now especially around black water for some reason. 
my specs are a 2080ti 

i9 9900k 5.0ghz 

16GB DDR4 3200MHZ 

installed on a SSD 

I’m using direct x 12 but vulkan still crashes and stutters just as bad it’s always mid game and can happen randomly. 

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