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vram overloaded and resolution bug


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The latest update has increased the demand that the game places on my GPU so that it exceeds the vram cap. My PC can play Witcher 3 and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey with a mix of medium and high settings and was previously able to play Red Dead 2 mostly on medium. However, after the recent update the game exceeds the vram cap of 1708MB with almost every single setting on low. What has happened??


I am also unable to change the resolution while using Vulkan. If I change to DirectX 12 I can lower it from 1080p but the game freezes and stutters as soon as I do so. I can change the resolution through NVidea GeForce, but when I do that the game will load in a windowed mode, with a tiny window whose size depends on whether or not I picked 900 or 720p. If I try and set the game back to full-screen with this decreased resolution it will once again freeze and stutter to the point that I cannot even click “confirm” or leave the settings menu, let alone play the game. Changing resolution should be one of the most basic functions of a graphics menu and yet Red Dead Redemption 2 breaks the second that I try.

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Basically anyone with a 4GB card or less got screwed over big style by the last patch:

1) The game seriously lowballs the amount of VRAM you have available. I understand it will need to keep some in reserve but not over one quarter of the card!

2) The last update meant increasing the settings now shows it uses more VRAM, so settings that could be achieved at launch are no longer possible.

3) The game does not allow you The exceed the VRAM limit and my game won’t even run if I manually edit the settings xml to do so.

4) Our best hope is R* increase the amount of VRAM detected by the game or add a command line to turn the limit off.


If anyone has a clever work around, I’d love to hear it!

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Honestly it would all be solvable if I could just decrease the resolution to 1600-900p without the game either crashing or trapping me in small-windowed mode 

I believe Rockstar said that this patch was only a temporary workaround while they set things up with Nvidia (wich they should obviously have done before launch), so fingers crossed we might get a fix to this. It’s still a piss take for them to kneecap a huge proportion of PCs after launch 

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