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Luda Pecurka

Learning to mod GTA San Andreas

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Luda Pecurka

I apologize if this is not a proper place to ask such questions, but I don't know where else to post this.


I thought about remodeling some vehicles, map and some characters while having them all textured properly and exported into GTA San Andreas. The thing is I don't know to do any of these, expect extracting gta3.img, importing models to ZModeler and 3D modeling in simplier program named Blender...  and I know it sounds silly.. a kid thinking about all this at once while not knowing sh*t about it.   I don't know is ZModeler good enough for remodeling vehicles, map or characters, but I am willing to learn if there is another program or if ZModeler must be used. For textures I will try to do the same, but I don't know any program, nor have any for it. So, if anyone is willing to give a little help, some information about this, tutorials for programs or something else, then please do.. I will be more than thankful for that.


I mean, I just want to get into this thing for once, I simply love it.. I love this game in every aspect and I just want to make it a bit better however I could and still leave it look the way it should, but more detailed and not so unrealistic.

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3ds max is the most recomended software to be used for SA Modding , it could help you on 3d modeling , convert map , create map , rigging skin , create skin , convert vehicle , create vehicle , uv mapping texture , edit 3d model texture and more.


i suggest you try 3ds max 2010-2012 for stable version for SA Modding but you could try 3ds Max 2016-2020 for more advanced tool in order to 3d modeling.

there are plenty of tutorial on youtube that you can learn.

Good Luck !

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