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NEW Idea's! Bare Knuckle Brawling! Please Chime in!


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Ladies and Gentlemen,

I present for your consideration... Bare knuckle fighting!

Add a training facility.

Add a trainer.

A circus tent environment with a Boxing ring and announcer. 

Add several layers of PVP and PVE avenues to greatness.

Can I get a HELL YES?!

Please help me to help you, make this a thing! lol! For the game dammit!

The fight dynamics are already awesome... and so far (So far) they are not highlighted as they should be...

However, I can't imagine this not already being in the works...It's a no brain-er, in my opinion!

See you out there!


P.S. Paint the picture of how it will look folks..

Please....be descriptive and be imaginative and feel free to add your own suggestions to the idea!

But Let's keep it seen by all as best we can!

This would be so cool!

Edited by Mr.Kiljoy
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Ragnar Stalheim

I think it's a great idea and thanks for giving me s reason to post my favorite western street fight scene!


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Your not alone, me and a buddy of mine were taking about a fight club before. We made an Xbox group and wanted to get people together to host a series of bar brawls in a tournament format.


unfortunately we never managed to get a group of interested people

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12 hours ago, Ragnar Stalheim said:

I think it's a great idea and thanks for giving me s reason to post my favorite western street fight scene!

Oh Yeah!... Deadwood!!

The fight with Al Swearengen and Sheriff Bullock was great too! I think That's the one... when his wife and kid show up as they fight..


Glad to see there's been some previous talk about this role...Hope it sinks in with someone, somewhere that might see it...Devs?


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I am with you (copied from another thread):


Im still dreaming of a cage fight mode. And a melee deathmatch inside any saloon would be epic, too

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