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Red Dead Redemption 2 on Google Stadia - Reviewed by Digital Foundry

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Summary for Red Dead Redemption 2 on Google Stadia  


A few days ago, Digital Foundry reviewed the Google Stadia version with some positive and negative news. Google offers three modes which are that can be found in the mobile app: 


  • Best visual quality [Rendering games in 4K resolution]  
  • Balanced [Benefits from higher frame-rate]
  • Limited data useable [Assuming the same as balanced but worse image quality]  


Digital Foundry discovered Google's official browser, Google Chrome was able to render the game with an uncapped frame-rate [60FPS], although the frame-rate is not consistent during most gameplay scenarios, their testing shows the frame-rate often drops below averagely 57-50 FPS. However, the best visual quality mode has a capped frame-rate of 30 FPS while the resolution is set at 2560 x1440 (1440p). In addition, Digital Foundry found the input latency is much lower on Google Stadia than Microsoft's Xbox One X console that I think is very interesting! In regards to image quality, Stadia's is not too impressive, you'll see some comparisons in Digital Foundry's video that is linked below. 


Thanks to Digital Foundry we have some settings Stadia is likely using (pure speculation).


  • Anisotropic filtering: Significantly lower than XB1X
  • Lighting quality: Medium
  • Reflection quality Low (similar to XB1X)
  • Near shadows: High
  • Far shadows: High (better than XB1X)
  • Volumetric shadows: Low to Medium (similar to XB1X)
  • Tessellation: High Tree Level of Detail:
  • Low Grass Level of Detail:
  • Low Fur Quality: Medium
  • Overall texture quality: Ultra


Digital Foundry Analysis



Edited by VideoTech UK
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Interesting.  So for all the boast about Stadia being more powerful than a PS4 Pro and Xbox One X combined, the port we get is worse than both.

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Doesn't surprise me. The cloud hardware they're using is probably not that gaming oriented, plus it's probably a VM so there will be some overhead involved. That Linux port released on an actual PC will likely perform much better.

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So... they have a linux build for stadia but they won't release a linux build for regular consumers...

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I think they might in the future.

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From most the reviews I've seen, this thing is dead on arrival without any dramatic improvements to the way literally everything works.

Edited by oCrapaCreeper

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Lock n' Stock

Lmao, Stadia is such a failure. Google shouldn't have even bothered.

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Confused. What's the point of paying all this money for the service + the game separately, while also ensuring your internet connection is up to snuff... if you can't even do 4K 60 FPS on it.


Okay, granted with RDR2 that's asking a lot. But Stadia is too. 

Edited by Xerukal

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Updated post with updated information, sorry the late update. :) 

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