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MADVAL2's Revived MVL Conversion Topic (CLOSED) (School Starts Tomorrow)

Recommended Posts







Where i do turn Mods That Replace Vehicles into MVL Format

Im not stealing Models,i just Simply Converting them into MVL Vehicles,Because i Hate Replacing the Current VC Vehicles

So Since the Original Topic Was Deleted For no Reason,I Revived it into Something new


Also Sorry for no Screenshots in here,since im new,i dont know how can i put screenshots in here




Releases For Now

Dup's Toyota MR-2 Conversion

Rockq1's Peterbilt 379 Conversion

DNRapper's Caprice Conversion

Limon and MindForget's Corvette Big Muscle Conversion

X2X123's GTA III School Bus Conversion

Futurama_Freak1's Trashed Car Conversion

Johnny52002's Ford Fiesta MK3 Conversion

Turpuli's Vehicles Conversion

Unreleased Conversion Pack

Crafterpro99's Supra MK2 and Thepudhleader's Benson Crew Cab Conversion

More Unreleased Conversion Pack (The Last Conversions)



Rockq1's Peterbilt 379 Firetruck Conversion

Credits to Rockq1 For his Model

XML File By me


It Features Blue and Red Siren Lights


Download Alpha Version of the MVL,I cant figure it out how can i make it sound like the other vehicles





Dup's Toyota MR-2 SW20 Conversion

Credits to Dup For His MR-2 Model

Edited Stallion XML File By me


Donwload Alpha Version Because It always Keeps on going Sideways Only




DNRapper's Chevy Caprice Estate Conversion

Credits to DNRapper For his Caprice Model

Edited Regina XML By Me


Download Alpha Version because i may soon Update that MVL Conversion


(NEW) V2 Download,Yes i Changed the Wheels to the Oceanic Ones


MindForget and Limon's Chevy Corvette Big Muscle Conversion

Credits to MindForger and Limon for their Original Mod

Cuban XML Edit By Me


Another Alpha Download link



X2X123's School Bus Restoration Conversion

Credits to X2X123 For his School Bus Restoration Model

XML Bus Edit by me


Click here to go to School


Futurama_Freak1's Driveable Trashed Car Conversion

Credits to Futurama_Freak1 For His Trash Car Model

   XML Idaho Edit By Me


It Features a Buzzing Sound,meaning the Battery is Broken and does those sounds


Here is the Keys to that Unrestored Idaho




(New) Johnny52002's Ford Fiesta MK3 Conversion

Credits to Johnny52002 for his Fiesta Model

XML Manana Edit by me


Alpha Link since the Doors are Bugged



Turpuli's Vehicle Pack Conversion (NEW and Updated)

Yes,after This Reached 60 Views,i Updated this Topic

Credits to Turpuli for his Awesome Vehicles


Update,Added the 1965 Mustang and 1971 Plymouth GTX


XML Edits By me


Sadly,no ingame Picture,just the Vehicle List


Moddb Download Link





So this is a Unreleased Pack of the Past

Conversions made in the Past days


Credits to

Suction Test Man For his 2004 Banshee Model

Alex1235 For His 1989 Batmobile Model

Carface for his 1971 Chrysler new Yorker

Superfly Driver for his 1973 Buick Riviera

Dopeman0360 For his 1998 Chevy Corvette C5


XML Edits by Me Again


Moddb Download Link


Thepudhleader and Crafterpro99's Benson Crew Cab and 1984 Toyota Supra Conversion (NEW)

Yes I Released 2 New MVL Conversions During Thanksgiving

Credits to

Thepudhleader for his Benson Crew Cab Model

Crafterpro99 For His Toyota Supra MK2 Model


XML Edits by Me


1984 Supra Link

Benson Crew Cab Link



More Unreleased Conversions

Pack (New and Last)

So I Decided To Release The Last Conversions Before School Starts Tomorrow

Credits to

D-Keeb for his 1998 Audi S8 TND Model

Armin for his 1983 Toyota Sprinter Trueno Model

£ºStrikeìá For his 1983 Toyota Corolla Levin Model

Neflection For his 1982 Firebird Model


XML Edits By Me


Moddb Link



More to Come Very Soon Once School Ended....


Also,pls dont delete this topic,im not stealing models,im making Conversions of old Vehicles that Replace their Chasis Counterpart



School Starts Tomorrow

Edited by MADVAL2
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This Topic is Dead,Im Going to School Tomorrow,Ill Lock it once i Done Something new

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