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How to change the name of your GTA SA user file folder in documents!

Keeping Busy I hope?

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Keeping Busy I hope?

Hi everyone.


Welcome to my guide on how to change the name of your GTA SA User File folder that's in documents, and make it being used by documents.


Thought I'd share this simple method, as it could be useful for modders, and other people who'd like to get their hands on this.


This should work for STEAM and RETAIL versions of the game.


I don't know about cracked/pirated versions of the game, lmao.


This method is pretty simple!


What you need is:


Hex Editor: https://mh-nexus.de/en/hxd/




*NOTE:* The version used of the exe is 1.0 of this simple tutorial.




Okay, now let's say you got both.


First, open HxD.



Next, once opened the program, click on "File" and then "Open". 


After, locate your GTA SA exe and then click "Open".


Then, search for "GTA San Andreas User Files". I'd recommend you using the "Find" option. It should be there when you put your mouse pointer onto "Search". :)


Once found, change the name to whatever you want! For example, I'm gonna say "GTA San An  YT  User Files". Just make sure its 26 characters exactly, otherwise it won't work as it should. 


By the way, the red text and the red numbers are the new and modified data. They don't mean that somethings wrong, or there's a mistake, or if there isn't 26 characters exact, just to let you know. They just show the new and modified data, like I said. Also, just a great tip to know, spaces are counted as characters too, so don't worry if you even have 6 letters and the other 20 are spaces. You can use numbers for also, as they will count has characters too. Just use any characters you want in other words. One more thing, the 26 characters are gonna decide your folder name, that's when the title comes in handy, if you get me! :D


After all that, at last, after you're done editing, click on "File" and then "Save", and you are done! 


I hope this guide helped you! 

And I hope this will keep you busy. 😛 


For any mistakes/suggestions or ideas, please use the comment section below! 

I appreciate all your feedback about my guide!


I will try to fix any mistakes as soon as I can, just to let you know.



Keeping Busy I hope?



UPDATE 1: Guide uploaded. [17/11/2019].



UPDATE 2: Few grammar issues fixed. And also added some new "spoiler formats". [17/11/2019].



UPDATE 3: GRAMMAR fixes, again. Probably last one for today, or, now, lol. [17/11/2019].





How to I get rid of spoilers, please help me. I'm a noob, I know. 😛, Nvm, I found out myself, lmao.




gtg for now, bye yall for now!



wkalivetodaygtg for now, bye yall for now!

gtg for now, bye yall for now!

gtg again for now yall, okay, bye yall for now ! 



anyways, whatever, gtg for now, bye yall for now!




Edited by lil weasel
consolidating multiple post.
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