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Dumping ground for all my AI path node research


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Hey fellas, and the one girl.

So, I've been researching path nodes that the AI use to drive in V. I started work on a pretty ambitious and drawn out process of a mod, which involves me redesigning R*'s very old AI node links.

The reason I'm doing this, is to primarily increase vehicle speed to an insane amount. I want cars to whizz past at lethal speeds wherever they get the chance. The other accomplishments will be great action in smooth braking, variation in pileups/ rubbernecking, onoff-ramps, car parks and junctions. Smooth, meaning further possible sight distance, which correlates to perceived improved intelligence in drivers, increased brake reaction via input modulation for AI only - aka handling changes without affecting the player's experience in the same vehicles, and increased task times. Such as tailgating, distance braking, checking, side mirror and curb ups, crashes and possibly the most noticeable feature, speed tolerance around corners.


Cars will stick to even an insanely tight curve. Dependent on ped type they will tap their brakes, or skid momentarily as to give off an effect of relaxed driving in real life suddenly becoming manic in shock (aka hitting da brakes)


It's going to be a long task of releasing small updates constantly with areas covered in sections. An Alpha is up now for my mod, but may seem anti-climactic after this read. All in the test of time...


If it's okay with mods, I'm planning on making this the dumping ground for my research. People Googling in the future that way can come across this data.




On 11/17/2019 at 6:35 PM, Cal_fromdabow said:

Redesigning R*'s very old AI node links.

2010. That's nearly 10 years ago all you LSPDFR players are enjoying down in Los Santos - those nodes were placed by a designer.

Sure, updates, but not anything visual.

Edited by Cal_fromdabow
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