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HoSc Assassin

Hand of Shadows Recruitment

Recommended Posts

HoSc Assassin

Welcome to the Hand of Shadows clan official recruitment post for GTAO & RDR2O.





The Shadows Will Consume You

Xbox One Clan

Role-Playing & Competitive

GTA5 Online RDR2 Online




Hand of Shadows Clan is a Role-playing Assassin type clan and we are seeking out new players who very much have the playstyle of an Assassin. Don't get ahead of yourself just yet, you will need to earn your place in the Assassin ranks after going through the lower ranks but as an Assassin type player, you already know that ranks are earned and not given.


Everyone else is welcome to come join we don't need you to be over level 1000 or have a wealthy bank account it makes no difference to us as Assassins can be from all backgrounds besides once you start training with us I'm sure you'll have more combatants skill then allot of other players out there and the jobs we do have decent payouts legitimately.


Before reading more.


First things first you must know about before continuing to read this post is the Requirements are important and so is our clan website and the rules we follow. The Hand of Shadows clan isn't for the weak negative mined players and you will be tested if not by the mentors but by the shadows among us.  When you join you'll be in a trial period until further notice. Listening to instructions and patience is the key to success here.




Must be active at least twice a week.

You must always keep this crew set as active crew.

You must have a Mic/headset as communication is most important.

16+ only but aged 18+ to be eligible for higher commanding roles.

Have a sense of humour.

Be a team player.

Have a good attitude to other members.

Not to use any glitches or mods when with other members it's a big no no.



What to expect.


Role-play: depending on what we are doing as a clan for example - GTA5 Online if we are doing biker MC jobs etc.. then it's MC outfits with bikes, Club owner or CEO jobs etc.. will be suited up in your best suit and when it's time to be Assassins then you'll be told Assassin uniforms or as being an Assassin you'll need to fit in anywhere so it depends on your job. Red Dead Redemption online will heavily involve Role-play as outlaws but with a twist, we will represent the posse with Red in our outfits.


Competitive: once you reach a specific rank within the clan you'll be eligible to join our competitive team on RDRO and GTA5O. Competing for the Clan in Head to Head Crew vs Crew battles from 2v2 to 10v10s and will gain you the most respect you'll ever achieve and not just from our clan but from the competitive community these 2 games have to offer and when Rockstar host the live streams of the top crews I'm sure you'll want to peace of that cake. That's if we are chosen.


Ranks: There are lots of ranks to climb within the clan but If you don't care about ranks and just want to chill with members then we respect that and if you do then ranks are earned and it's on your performance that'll earn those ranks.

Promotion and Demotions go on performance within the clan and obviously the higher you go it is harder to earn and easier to lose.


Events and Clan sessions: Events are posted on the discord group in the week for weekend events or just clan session but we make sure we always set something for the clan to look forward to for the weekend.


You can earn shark cards on GTA5 in clan events.


Variety of Games: As a clan we play almost about anything our members consist of all kinds of players from the racer to shooters and adventurous type players so if you ever find yourself getting a little bored of RDRO or GTA5O you'll be pleased to know we play a whole variety of games and new upcoming games we like to jump on when release day is here.


Strong adult humour and plenty of banta between members.


Rules to follow. (You'll see the rules on the website and in discord)


What you should know.


We don't use any glitches or mods when with other members it's a big no no within the clan especially do not use them during the competitive situation as we are known for being an honest clan in the Competitive community.


The clan is 100% active. Inactive members are removed unless they have a valid reason (I.e moving house, girlfriend, wife or bf is pregnant etc..)


Having a great attitude to other members and being loyal is rewarded.


Ranks are to be earned while getting them does require you to follow a higher ranks orders and helping with the grind that's being paid or not. If you follow orders and earn your ranks you'll soon be the boss and you'll have your own team.


What we do on GTA5 Online.


Clan Events

(Playlists, Car Meets, Race days and Birthday Events)


Double Money jobs

(most the jobs they throw at us with double money is definitely going to be taken advantage of)



(Assassinations + Protection)


Training Days

(Crew battle Training)


Promotion & Demotion

(Gives the player a challenge and also depends on your clan performance)


Clan Ranking

(Achieve clan position and Respect)


Rank uniforms and Clan vehicles (used when clan are together)


How to join.


Leave a comment below of your best 3 strengths and why you want to join. One of our members who are eligible to recruit will get in touch with you and will decide if they will mentor you.


Once in


You'll undergo a trial period until further notice and be given a recruits uniform while you go through the process of joining us and you'll have this uniform for at least 3 ranks.


You'll be trained and brought up through the ranks by your mentor as you take on the training ranks. Good luck.


Rockstar club crew.

Comment below before joining.


Join the Discord for more information or to talk with members.


Edited by HoSc Assassin
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HoSc Assassin

We are still taking on new and experienced players to join our ranks and to learn in the way of the shadows so that you become one of our brothers / sister.


To become an Initiate leave a comment. 


If you need more information we have open channels on our discord and you can speak to members first hand. 

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Happy new year everyone! HoSc is still looking for new recruits to join us as we look to make 2020 our biggest and best year yet! 

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HoSc Assassin

Happy new years to all crews and players love from HoSc. hope you all have a great year and to keep going strong. If your a free agent your more then welcome to join. We have 4 mentors now so more the chances of getting a spot in HoSc good luck. 

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Starting to get a few new members joining lately, any new recruits can expect weekly or fortnightly clan events this year on a whole variety of games but the biggest and best clan events will be on gtav and possibly rdr2, so for anyone that’s interested just leave a little bit of info about yourself and why you would like to join and we’ll get back to you ASAP 👍🏾

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First clan event of 2020 done and dusted, was sooo much fun and big thanks to everyone that turned up, haven’t laughed that hard in ages!!

Edited by HoScPhenom
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On 1/12/2020 at 4:07 AM, HoScPhenom said:

First clan event of 2020 done and dusted, was sooo much fun and big thanks to everyone that turned up, haven’t laughed that hard in ages!!

Hell yeah! Epic event! 2020 gonna be a lit year for HoSc

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