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No Meta, Many Problems

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So I actively find as much meta to turn off before beginning any open world game -- so that means no minimap, map, mission objectives and many other things of that nature -- but how they do side missions in this game (not main ones!) is mind boggling to this playstyle. I can get a side mission and do my best to find and complete it (or multiple tasks involved) but if you get another side mission while doing the first mission it will, how shall I say this, it'll "despawn the original objectives" until you now do this brand new mission.


So many of these side missions do this (once again not Main quests! I understand how these work to move the story and all the connections to the story along so they must "despawn" everything else) and it's becoming maddening. For instance I'm attempting to find this chick who owes the gang money at Emerald Ranch but she literally doesn't exist so after well over 10 hours of looking everywhere around this place I finally gave in and looked at the Pause Menu map to see what TF is going on and all the objectives I had on the map were to find the Four Gunslingers the guy in saloon gave me in Valentine.


Trying to play this game the way I think it should be played (no meta) I see this is going to be impossible if this is how they have it setup.


The only Meta/Casual Helper in the game so far I absolutely must use in Dead Eye (not for combat though) to track. Especially that bear in The Hunting mission. Yeah after 3 or 4 hours trying to find where the bear went I finally gave in. Enjoy, make fun I guess.


I just wanted to say they [R*] once again did a terrible job on the questing system; story, presentation and dialog are great though.

Edited by 3erd43
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Rockstar designed their game for one way to play and one way only. The missions/quests are usually very linear and restrictive, even more than some actual linear games (uncharted, cod etc ). And other gameplay mechanics follow the same philosophy too.  So my suggestion is to toggle all your settings to default, which is apparently the “right way to be played”.  You interact with things the game want you to interact, and in a manner they expect you to behave, otherwise the game just wouldn’t work. 

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