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Rockstar Games Launcher Download Speed Issues

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So the new patch is out for Red Dead and I am permanently barred from playing it because I can't download it. I've been having issues with this from the get-go. I attempted to download the GTA Classics from their website a long time ago and bailed because all it did was tank my download speed. It was nothing short of a miracle that I managed to download L.A. Noire.


My issue, to clarify, is that the Rockstar Launcher, for me anyways, is causing my entire computer to have a god damned aneurysm. Every time I attempt to download something, it downloads WELL under my usual download speed. Additionally, because of how RGL tries to avoid corrupted files, I lose progress every time the download slows to a halt. On top of all of that, if flat-out bricks my wifi. I had to sent the computer to my uncle's house to use his faster wifi speed just to get Red Dead II to download safely. And even then, he told me that his own wifi shut down once or twice during the course of the download process. When I got the computer back, I waited nearly 8 hours for the game's first patch, which, if I recall correctly, was 2.7GB, to download so I could finally play the game. Now patch 1.14 is out and I can no longer play because my download speed has tanked to an all-time low no matter what I do.


If anyone has any idea how to help, I need it. I was thinking maybe a competent computer nut could isolate the necessary update files and send them to me so I could surgically implant them into the game's directory and then verify integrity from there but, that sounds like pure fiction the more I think about it. Please help me.

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