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Why are only GSF, Ballas and Vagos counted in gang stats?

Ballas King

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The least favorite gang stat can include: GSF, Balls, Vagos, Aztecas, Da Nangs, Triads, Riffas, Mafia


But the stats of "the biggest gang", "the second biggest gang" and "third biggest gang" only includes GSF, Ballas and Vagos. Even if either of them have 0 territory they are still counted 3rd biggest gang, and other gangs like say Aztecas despite having more territories arent counted. You can only engage in gang wars and take over teritories (without using glictes and other tricks) with Balls and Vagos . So is that why they are the only three gang counted "mainstream gangs" while the rest "bystander gangs" ? Is it ever possible to include gangs like Aztecas and Rifas into the biggest, 2nd biggest and 3rd biggest gang stats? It is p[ossible to take over their territories and also include them on more territories with tricks, but will that impact the 1st, 2nd and 3rd biggest gangs stats ?.

Edited by Ballas King
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I assume these were removed, or at least disabled, when other territories were removed. The reason why GSF, Ballas and Vagos are included in the stats is because they're the only gang that are relevant as far as game mechanics are concerned. It might be possible to goad glitched territories into taking over more areas but I don't think they'd display.

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I think that by the elimination of being able to conquer territories of other gangs such as Los Aztecas, Triads and Other bands; Only the Vagos, Ballas and GSF are the only bands shown in these statistics. And As Rhoda says: "The reason why GSF, Ballas and Vagos are included in the statistics is because they are the only gang that is relevant when it comes to game mechanics."

Edited by Ricbit
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I agree Rockstar probably didn't find it relevant to include the other gangs in the stats, since you can't make territory wars with them.

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On consideration,  These gangs are fought only once or by accident, whereas, the listed gangs are repeatedly confronted.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I've found very interesting thing about Gang 9 and Gang 10 in the statistics:


If you kill any Gang 9/10 member in the very beginning of the game, they're never shown on the Least Favorite Gang. You can even kill thousands of them, but the gang will never appear on that section (even though they get counted as enemy gang members killed). For example: if you kill a Balla and 10 Gang 9/10 members, it'll show that you have killed 11 enemy gang members but the least favorite gang will still be Ballas. It's clearly seen that Rockstar has disbaled them showing on the least favorite gang. However, if you install Silent's Extended Gang Wars mod and give Gang 9/10 most teritorry fromall gangs, they'll get shown on 1st/2nd/3rd biggest gang and they'll be named as "Gang 9"/"Gang 10". If you don't believe me, try all of that yourself and you'll see. Maybe I'll even ever make a video about this.

Hmm interesting. Long ago I tried and tried in vain to make Aztecas be the 3rd biggest gang and totally replace the  Vagos, would be amazing if I can do that after all  these year XD.

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