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Exotic Flowers are Missing

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I’m not sure if anyone else experienced this bug or not, but shortly after I’ve given Algernon his first order of Egret plumes and Queen of the Night orchids, I went to get the next order.


At this point, I already got 20 Heron plumes and 30 Spoonbill plumes in advance, as well as 25 gator eggs and random numbers of orchids I come across in the Bayou. Once I started collecting the moccasin slipper orchids, I found it strange that some spots in the guides were missing, but didn’t worry too much since I eventually got all 10 orchids I needed. However, once I got that amount, literally every other orchid seems to have ceased existing.


I’m scouring every spot that’s supposed to have lady slipper orchids in Big Valley and Tall Trees, but they’re just not there. Now I also can’t find any of the other orchids, not even the ones I previously collected.


Is my save file cursed? Because closing the game, switching saves, and restarting the console did nothing to solve the issue.

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They're are a bunch of two Lady Slipper Orchids at Apple Seed Timber only available after Epilogue 1. So that would be why you cannot find them. Hope that helps





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I mean I can’t find any other orchids whatsoever after I finished picking the moccasin orchids, regardless if they’re lady slippers or cigar or rat tails or whatever.


And I’m playing as John now.

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Use this guide 

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A few things:

1) It will stop spawning orchids for the quests you haven’t started yet when you have 1 less than the required number. This is presumably done to stop you triggering and completing all AW’s missions in one go.

2) Orchids sometimes don’t spawn when a random event happens on top of them.

3) and I hope this isn’t your case - on my first playthrough I think I encountered a bug that stopped them all spawning - the only thing I could do was reload a previous save.

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6 hours ago, Jimbatron said:

the only thing I could do was reload a previous save.

I figured out how to restore my orchids. It was by accident, as I loaded the save file of my 1st playthrough which I hadn’t done Algernon’s quest and did something to trigger the auto save, then went back to my new 2nd playthrough that I’ve wanted to complete Algernon’s quest on.


I had saved near that bear cave in Big Valley, the one with the Lady Slipper outside and a dinosaur bone inside, and that Lady Slipper has finally returned from its absence and spawned where it was supposed to be. And so has every other orchid.


I should note that the rat tail orchid was the only one I had a significant amount of. Every other orchid was like picked once or twice so I could have Arthur draw them instead of John, who can’t draw for sh*t.

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