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Just me or is the camera / movement horrible?


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My biggest issue by far with this game is how the camera moves your player very slowly, but I still move him with the keyboard. It just feels super weird, I can't think of any other games I have played in recent memory which have these funky horrible camera controls. When I move the mouse I expect the player to not move as well, this way I can rotate the camera around to see while still moving the keyboard in whichever direction. The camera will freely swing around SO damn much that it really feels as if it should not affect player direction. Let me swing the camera while fully controlling movement direction on the keyboard like in so many games.


It's confusing because they allow the camera to swing around almost as if they want it to be a free rotating cam, but then it slowly will move the direction of the character. Trying to rotate the camera to see and then counter the movement with the keyboard is very difficult. Is there some mod or setting to completely disable the character from turning at all when I turn the mouse? It feels like it would be much easier to have that or just have it so the camera moves the player much faster. It's the most awkward controls and to top it off everything feels slow, maybe that's just the feeling they are going for. Moving around inside a house or anywhere, it just feels super slow and funky. I hope the game picks up and the controls aren't so much of an annoying focus. 


Maybe it's just me, but I often like to fully swing the camera in any direction and I will adjust the movement keys as needed based on which direction I am rotating it or just change the movement setting to be player relative and keep holding the same movement key down while freely rotating in any direction at any moment no problem.



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In the camera settings, there is a camera follow setting, set that to off. I think in controls you can set horse control and player control to horse/player relative instead of camera relative.

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6 hours ago, Mored said:

In the camera settings, there is a camera follow setting, set that to off. I think in controls you can set horse control and player control to horse/player relative instead of camera relative.

This kind of works, but you can only set it to horse relative / camera relative, there is no option for 3rd person on the player. It's so weird because if you get on a caravan the control are PERFECT. You can drive the caravan with WASD and rotate the camera freely with the mouse and the mouse rotation will not turn the caravan at all. I am on that mission taking the girls into town and when you are riding the horses the camera absolutely will not rotate the horse, super weird. Maybe this is a good sign it can be fixed easily with mods. This setting already exist in game because it works great on the wagon, just need to get it applied globally to all movement. 


When I turn camera follow to off it kind of works, but only because it rotates super fast and you can't look around as freely because with this setting off you turn instantly as you move the mouse. Not sure, but it might be better playing with it off. I would love to be able to freely rotate the camera at any position any time w/o forcing the player to rotate so you can walk / run down a path in one direction while turning to look behind you or to the side and stay on the path, but I guess it's not possible w/o a mod. It's just kind of sad that we don't have such a basic feature in a AAA game. Other than trying to do this, the overall gameplay feels better with it off. It's better in pretty much every situation other than being able to freely rotate, I guess it will have to do. If it could be set to player relative with camera follow off, it would be perfect. Somehow they manage to botch the control two different ways.



Edited by WildBill_
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You just have to get used to adjusting pressing WASD on the fly, as you move the camera around. I got used to that pretty quickly in this game. One thing though, I have done a lot of weird 180's while on horseback. I don't remember it being like that on console.

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