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 something like a ranch update that you will have to have your own ranch where you breed , train , sell and get horses through there. the ranch could also serve as a permanent base of operation while your camp could be your forward operating base. you could also use the ranch to make money through farming or ranching other livestock with missions that invlove you stealing from either npc farms/ranches. the ranch could also essentially lead of to many more expansions. 


what do you think?

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Although ranching is somewhat an important element of the epilogue, picking up horse sh*t and moving hay bales sucked the life out of me.


And since you have posted this in the RDR2 subforum, I assume you are referring to the actual story mode. That won't simply work out according to the story.


  1. During the events of the Van der Linde gang where you play as Arthur, you are a nomade and always on the run. The gang's camp funds are sh*t, and although they dream of heading West or go to Haiti to retire from crime, they would never realistically have the funds to run a ranch in the then present location and time of the game.
  2. During the events of the Epilogue where you play as John, you do have a ranch which is pretty cool (I guess), so the aspect of actually running a legimate ranch through added content is ideal, but boring since it makes the cowboy simulator into Farming Simulator 1907. Running the ranch illegally does not add up to the story, since John has chosen to cut out is life as an outlaw in order to secure a stable and safe environment for Jack and Abigail - and save his relationship to them.

So unless you Rick-and-Morty-endless-timeline-izer the story principals of RDR2 and somewhat make it seem rational that either protagonists in their own respective time period can own a ranch, rustle cattle and rob farmers, the idea is water down the drain.

Edited by paperbagdude

JohnXina - Discord Emojispacer.pngJohnXina - Discord Emoji

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I just wanna buy them and hire workers to do the sh*tty work. Make money off them and maybe the odd mission to fight off prey or thieves maybe.


Other cool roles would be hired gun, organized crime, military career, fishing, hunting.


Having your own saloon/kitchen or smith would be cool too.



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