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This forum needs a delete post function


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Posting a separate topic for every single issue or question and very often at that could, in fact, be considered spamming. You were politely told so and weren't punished, just had your posts moved. This is a rather immature way to deal with this and it seems like you can't take any criticism - no matter how slight it is - without getting upset, which is... not cool?

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Funny, by posting this, you actually once again did what you were told to stop doing. There doesn't need to be an individual post for every single complaint you have.

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We are (somewhat lol) friendly, you're just throwing a tantrum for no good reason.

Edited by Miko19
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A whole lot of  complaining in this forum . But when someone actually has a question about the game and a quandry about gameplay it is considered not important and you have to search through a single all inclusive topic to find your answers. No thank you. Its not like this forum is crawling with people. Lets make all the people who are actually playing the game feel unwelcome here. All those replys made me think it my questions are considered non important. 

Edited by ViperDG
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Right, well, I tried being reasonable with you, but alas... Bon voyage, mon ami!

Edited by Miko19
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All questions are important to the person posing that question...other wise why would he take the time to come here and ask it.

Edited by ViperDG
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