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PC or XBox One S? which version to get?

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yo, I kinda skipped Episodes 10 years ago and I wanna play them now especially Gay Tony


which version should I pick up? I have a laptop i5-5200U, 8GB RAM and GTX950M with 4GB and an XBox one S.


Since I remember GTAIV was very poorly optimized Im just curious which version would be better for me. will the PC version work flawlessly on my laptop or still not?


I'll be playing on a 55" LCD TV



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aight, so - xbox one s - the game will run at 30-40 frames per second at 1080p, but the graphics will be the same as xbox 360 (medium&low)

gta 4 on ur laptop will be pulling somethin around 60 fps on 768p on highest settings, but if u have a 1080p display, then just turn down the settings to high&medium

still - no matter what resolution u will be playing on - u will be playing on ur laptop with higher frame-rate and better graphics, so the choice is obvious + u can get gta 4 complete edition on steam really cheap if u wait for discounts

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Guest Billy Russo

If you can run it on PC, I'd go with that. Plus the fact you can mod it if you want. Gives you more freedom than playing it on the One S.


The 360 version is definitely fine as well though, it's the best console version. Might look a bit dated to some now, but the gameplay and story still holds up. I still think it looks great on 360.

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