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In-game benchmark UPDATED

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Spectacular game! I've barely scratched the surface though. Been tweaking settings, eye-candy, etc. and running benches. Is the performance demand during the benchmark indicative of most (95% or so) of regular game-play? I want to get my performance down pat but don't want to waste time getting it set for the benchmark if 50% of the game is more demanding.




Edit: It seems that, like many games, stepping back just a bit from the max settings gives a healthy boost to performance while sacrificing almost nothing.

With the in-game benchmark and everything on Ultra (minus MSAA. Using high TAA instead), I'm netting around 31.6 min, 143.8 max, and 43.2 average. If I step back Reflection Q, Water Q, Volumetrics Q, and Near Volumetrics Q just one step from the highest, I'm getting 35.4 min, 143.9 max, and 55.8 average. The average FPS gain is huge without any discernible loss in quality (so far). Also, I haven't experienced any of the CTDs that many people are posting about. Every once in a while I do get the half-second stutter during the in-game benchmark. I don't think this is indicative of anything wrong though. This game pushes hardware to its limits so this is to be expected at max settings. When I turn down the settings a bit the stuttering ceases completely. If anyone is looking for a great optimization guide look no further than below. This is the best optimization review thus far. Kudos to these guys for going through this hugely time-consuming task. Can't wait for part 2!


For reference, my system -

i9-9900k OCd

Vega64 OCd






Edited by Alceryes

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Part 2 of the Hardware Unboxed optimization is up!



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Why waste time in benchmark, the game is going to run different anyway. I haven't seen a game that the benchmark gives real indication of performance. Just tweak it as you play. Anyone on PC kind of should have a basic idea of what settings cripple performance and which are gpu / cpu heavy. Seems like a massive waste of time if you goal is just to find optimal settings before you even start the game. I only see maybe two benchmarks needing to be done before starting and the rest can easily be done as you go. For your hardware, max it out see what you get, make some tweaks see what you get, make the tweaks again, start playing, should be very close by this point and small tweaks to go.

Edited by WildBill_

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1 hour ago, WildBill_ said:

Why waste time in benchmark, the game is going to run different anyway.

So that I can test the performance hit of different settings, on the fly, in similar scenarios.


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