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San Andreas was the last true GTA

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san andreas was pretty huge, but this “last true...” stuff doesn’t sound right. it all depends on who you are, if you don’t like the content of gta SA, that hugeness is nothin for you really.

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I’ve always considered GTA IV to be the last true GTA, despite introducing a more serious, linear style vs anything goes fun found in previous games.


However, “last true GTA” is subjective.


One can argue that GTA 2 was the last true GTA, since after that the whole series changed to becoming full 3D. 


Another argument can be made that there is no “last true GTA” since the series is constantly evolving and going with societal trends at the time.


I will say this though, the original “top down” GTA games don’t get enough love and recognition, and aside from the Z type reference in GTA 5, the creators seem to have no intention of expanding on this universe further. It’s a shame. 



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You know, we can consider Grand Theft Auto: Advance a last true Grand Theft Auto game, because some might think that only 2D Grand Theft Auto games are true Grand Theft Auto games.


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The last true GTA was the original Grand Theft Auto that came out in 1997 (Obvious sarcasm)

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San Andreas’ draw distance is absolute garbage.

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I guess the draw distance played a part in SA's map feeling really huge to the point where many disbelieve that V's map is larger than it. But it did suck when you were flying a plane and suddenly a tree appears out of nowhere

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