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Random crashes at worst times. Any solid help?


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Man.. Just man. The game will run fine for a hour or two then at the worst times boom. Mainly in towns or some cut scenes I noticed this happens. Oddly enough the game runs smooth. Always have solid frames even moments before the crashes. Just unexpectedly. Here are a few things I've tried.


-Everything exe runs as administrator. Rockstar launcher, epic launcher, and even the rdr2.exe. 

-Tried changing from vulkan to DirectX12 (however game refuses to launch at all if its on x12)

-Tried changing a few graphics options. V sync (don't imadgine this would make a difference but regardless doesn't help)

-Went in windows 10 virus threat protection. Tried adding rdr2.exe as exception then tried disabling it still doesn't help

-GPU has latest drivers

-Latest Windows 10 updated.


I read making sure you're bios is upated then I also ready you shouldn't update your bios and thats a terrible idea... Never heard of a troubleshoot for a video game where it ask you to update your bios. I spent all the time doing some hunting then moments after I get into town boom. Everythings lost. It's just sad man. This game is amazing but can almost feel unplayable. I'm sick of anticipating in fear if its gonna crash now, or later. I'm not fond of trying to change any other graphics options. Oddly enough lowering the graphics makes it worse causing weird glitching to happen. I get its freshly released on PC but still. Maybe I have no choice but to wait for Rockstar to do some updating. 

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It seemed I was getting consistent crashes when doing a wanted bounty, somehow managed to get the first one done after a few crashes.  When trying to do Ellie Anne Swan I've had it crash in a couple of different places on the road back to Valentine, I had her over my shoulder on the door step of the sheriff's office when it crashed and decided to hell with those quests I don't have time for it.  I did notice I was doing a quest where John had me hitch my horse to the post outside the sheriff's office and it crashed.  Seems there's some kind of connection or geological aspect to my crashes relating to the sheriff's office. After refusing to do anymore wanted bounty quests and this recent hitching my horse to the post outside the sheriff's office I didn't have a crash for 2 days.  I've only played single player.  Unfortunately, I don't have any help for your crashes, I haven't updated any drivers or BIOS as everything was up to date prior to playing.


Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Xtreme

i7 9700k

GSkill 3000Mhz 32Gig

EVGA 2080Ti XC

Corsair AX1600i

4x Samsung SSD 256, 256, 500, 1Tb

Corsair Obsidian 1000D

All water cooled


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So I don't know if I cured it, but I found a solution sort of...


Luckily this issue isn't deemed "unplayable". Annoying sure, but I found a work around. Here are the changes I made:


-Every time I play the game, I go to task manager, go to details and find the rdr2.exe. Right click it, set priority to high. I used to do this years ago back when I had a crap computer before I built my PC. 

-Stick with Vulkan. It's as if the game was built for this over DirectX12

-Dunno if this matters but leaving Vsync on. I'm not sure how this setting works I'm not very savvey when it comes to how settings work in regards to performance but leaving this on makes it feel smoother. 


Over all framerate is never a Issue. My game runs solid and never drops 60 frames unless I'm in a huge city, which lowest I seen dropped to 53 for a few moments. I keep a routine going where every 3-4 big missions I'll quickly restart the game after sleeping to save. I noticed the unexpected crashes happen at a min of 1 hours to 2. Some thing I noticed is I use discord a lot, so I'll alt tab to message friends and just recently i did this and the game said "nope" and crashed. Overall this is doable. Online mode I've experienced no issues.


Love this game. So much fun, its really addicting. Glad it game out for PC. Hope over time Rockstar can make performance more stable. 




i7 6700

16gb DDVR

Windows 10

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