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Void Hood

Random CTDs in Story Mode

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Void Hood

I thought my troubles were finally gone when I was able to launch the game AND fix my mouse cursor constantly showing, but alas, a new issue has reared its head.  My game will run, sometimes for 10 minutes some times for over an hour perfectly fine, and then a random action or even just riding on horseback through the wilderness will trigger a stutter for maybe half a second then the game will crash entirely with the 'game closed unexpectedly' error pop-up. I've tried everything from rolling my windows update back to 1803, using standby list cleaner, forcing the game to use 1 less core when CPU is nearing max, and running as admin. I cannot change my API to D12 without the game refusing to launch, so I haven't been able to test that yet. When the crash occurs there was no prior spike in memory usage or cpu, however. I'm also running practically everything at low/med at 1440p to keep frames from never dipping below 58 fps on my gtx 1080/6700k. I have a flash drive coming in so I can update my motherboard BIOS but I doubt that's the issue. Is anyone else experiencing this? Any suggestions? While I hope its not just my pc I also hope its not a universal issue with no solution.

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I have exactly the same issue. Do you also have an i5 processor?

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I could very well have the same issue. At one point I think I played for 3 hours before crashing. Certain places crash more often then others. As examples Strawberry and Saint Denis. This is the only real problem I have with this game. It crashes from time to time and the intervals are totally random. I am running a Geforce RTX 2080, it-7700k 4.2ghz. Its more painful when the game ends up crashing at the end or during a mission... Stupid game does not allow you to save if you're on a mission and you have to start over.
Also I am using dx2, with Vulkan the game crashes all the time.


EDIT: More info. I got to the camp, game saved and then it crashed. After that anytime I would try to enter the game the game would crash! I was saved to the camp. So with this "lucky" occurrence I started to modify the options 1 by 1 to try to figure out what was doing it. The culprit was the options called "Grass Shadows" set on " HIGH". Turned that down to medium and then it worked. So to me this is one thing that was crashing the came, it could very well be more. 
EDIT 2: Played for 4hs with the Grass Shadows on low and no more crashes. 

Edited by Xan84

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