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[PC] The Salvucci Crime Family


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The Salvucci Crime Family is a new GTA Online crew (ON PC) looking for eligible players to join our ranks.. The goal of our crew is to provide help for gaining money and having people to chill with. In our family, everyone will have an equal opportunity to rise through the ranks. We do have a few requirements to join.

They are listed below:

1. You will need access to Discord and a Microphone.
2. We would prefer if you were 16 or older. However, if you are younger you can still apply. If you are accepted, you'll be placed on a temporary probation period where we will view how you integrate with our members.
3. It is required you are active in our crew. We understand if stuff from outside the game is stopping you from playing.

What we offer:

1. A friendly environment, for both new and old members.
2. A place where gamers can play with likeminded individuals.
3. A unique Mob atmosphere for gamers who're looking fora vibe like that within a crew.
4. Good mentorship. We're happy to admit that we do help members of the family, whether it's in-game of outside of the game we are always willing to help when it's needed.

What we do NOT allow in the family:

1. No homophobic, racist, or sexist remarks to other individuals
2. No killing other members unless it's in self-defense. (Disregard this rule if you agree to a 1v1 or it's in a special gamemode)
3. Modding

The Salvucci Crime Family doesn't have any restrictions against an individuals level or character's gender, but we do ensure that you are somewhat active and show the utmost respect for other members within the family at all times. If you're interested in joining The Salvucci Crime Family and wish to be a part of a crew that gives you that La Cosa Nostra or 'Ndrangheta feeling then click the discord link below:




This post was updated 11/8/19

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