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Any FIX about Mouse cursor in game?


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My mouse never disapear in game..is really not fun playing this way..Will they release any fix for it or? seems rockstar doing nothing

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i really found a fix that works 100% !!!!! (at least when you playing with a controller :))

just disconnect all your mouse devices and BAMM problems gone. (you dont need a mouse when you play with a controller anyway)

if you need your mouse for browsing or anything just plug it back in and you can use it emidiatly because its plug and play nowadays

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Just restart your computer a few times, each time trying to run the game. By the grace of RNG after a restart or two your mouse cursor will vanish, only to possibly return every time you relaunch the game, after which youll need to repeat the restart your computer step.

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Nice that we got a new patch but damn this mouse cursor is more annoying than random crashes every once in a while. 😧 Really needs fixing and no,the display pointer trails is not a fix since it removes the cursor completely.

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Yeah, trying to Google a fix myself over here and I think it's a bug with the new update. It's not the default windows cursor but the in game hand/cursor and it's annoying.

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I am having this mouse pointer issue too.  I was able to get rid of it by unplugging my 2nd monitor.  But since the latest patch now I can't get rid of it no matter what I do.  I have tried everything people have suggested and still it won't go away.  I give up.


They need to fix this.  Its ridiculous.

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