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Notice: Beware of sketchy github RDR2 "patches"

Run Down That Guy

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Run Down That Guy

I'm making this thread as a warning, one that I wish I could spread a bit more awareness about.

Now that RDR2 is out, and script hook is out, there have been some sketchy github and gitlab repositories going up promising patches and fixes for crashes, bugs, blank screens etc;

Each of these repos is completely empty except for a readme.

This readme always contains a link, usually to a russian website (.ru), now I opened a few of these links in a VM and the site they link to tries to run some scripts, I'm not sure of what they are, but it's probably not good.


Do not click the links in repositories promising patches with no files and just a sketchy link; and if you DO click the link, do not download anything from whatever site it takes you to UNLESS it's a TRUSTED site like the Nexus!

Always, always, ALWAYS check the source of whatever it is you are downloading!

There was a ton of hype around the PC release of this game, and there are plenty of people willing to exploit the hype to do some bad deeds.


Good luck and stay safe out there on the old internets.


Examples: https://imgur.com/gallery/jKcJ2Ow

Edited by Run Down That Guy
Added example images
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I've just filed an abuse report over at Github in regards to the scam account in question. I'd say you guys should do the same as the more people who file similar notices, the more that Github and GitLab would be compelled to take action against these scammers.


EDIT: Looks like Github promptly took action and deleted the repository in question. 🤣

Edited by lpgunit
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