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Launched the first time it worked. Wont launch again?

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I launched RDR2 for the first time. IT worked. went into the settings, changed only one graphic option. Changed it to Directx 12. Try to relaunch it just crashes. Doesn't give a reason. Any ideas? 


Tried re installing epic, rockstar and the game. Doesn't help.


Drivers up to date.

Windows up to date. 

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I am having this same problem, runs ok with Vulkan but won't even launch in DX12.  Vulkan isn't great for my pc setup and reshade only works with dx12. 

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I have exactly the same problem. Game launched only the first time. I reset to DX12 and keep getting "Red Dead 2 exited unexpectedly" Tried running as admin and all of the other recommendations on Rockstar site. I also tried reinstalling epic launcher, rockstar, and the game x3.  It will still not launch.  Latest Nvidia driver 441.12. RTX2080Ti, 32GB ram.



Why would reinstall of game not fix this?

Could windows registry be corrupted?

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DX 12 crashes the game for some. I don't know why. It crashed my game when I changed it. You will have to delete your Settings files in Documents/Rockstar Games/Red Dead Redemption 2/ Settings.  Delete every file in that folder. The game will remake the files in the default which Is Vulkan when you run it the next time.


Also reinstalling wont fix problems like that as deleting game files do not mess with save files and config files in the Documents folders.

Edited by ViperDG

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