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Taking screenshots in Online


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Apologies if this has been asked before (I did try searching).


Does anyone have any ideas how to get screenshots in RDROnline?  (The Photo mode only seems to work in storymode)


Using Print Screen is weird - it's like it captures a screenshot from several minutes prior, even if I press it multiple times.  Eg I'll do a printscreen after being in game several minutes and what it captures is the loading screen.  I've managed to work out that to get it to capture the current screen I need to paste the first one into my graphics program to get rid of that older screenshot, then print screen again, it'll update and I'll get the current screen - but often it's including that popup of the hud (including the state banner part) -- so I usually have to try 3 or 4 times to actually get a screenshot.  Which obviously makes it impossible to get anything other than staged shots.


I've also tried running playclaw (which is what I use for video capture) but it doesn't work with the game.

(I am running it borderless window)

Edited by Obsi
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This might seem a little archaic and I apologise if PC players have a better method but you can download FRAPS for free which has a screen capture function. I use that to capture screenshots on my PC.


Does Windows 10 not have Game Bar or something like that that allows for screenhots?

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1 hour ago, RyuNova said:

Does Windows 10 not have Game Bar or something like that that allows for screenhots?

Game Bar results in massive CPU spikes when not active.



OP, try using ShareX, use CTRL+PRNTSCREEN with it to capture a certain area.

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Windows Key + Prnt Scrn works for me, making .pngs and sh*t. Not sure if that's a gamebar function but I believe I turned that off ages ago.


C:\Users\Ink\Pictures\Screenshots is where it winds up.

Heard an opp got killed, watch me do my dance.

Got a pocket full of bills, watch me do my dance.

I just popped a pill, watch me do my dance.

Hit that nigga with the steel watch that nigga dance.

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I tried with PlayClaw (which is like fraps, but I paid for it :P)  - doesn't work - can't capture the screen.

I tried ShareX  - both just the printscreen button alone and also the printscreen+ctrl  - same thing - it's taking a screenshot, but it's capturing the screen from moments earlier, not the current contents of the screen.


(I'm on Win7 by the way, surely that won't make a difference though)

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