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PC: I Don't Want to Sprint My Horse


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So I know the majority of people probably won't really be bothered by this at all, but I really don't like constantly running my horse at top speed and I can't seem to find a way to canter (or trot) rather than gallop or walk. I've dug through the controls lists and there is no way to toggle speeds, the only options are "walk forward" and "sprint." I also tried the tap and hold speed control, but it just let me canter for about ten feet and then switched to a gallop. I know that you can canter to regain stamina after galloping but I'd rather just canter the whole time and I'm having trouble even getting that to work. If I don't use at least half my horse's stamina bar and I release the sprint my horse just slows to a walk.


It kinda kills my immersion to sprint my horse everywhere I go and I find it really weird to gallop my wagon through towns and extremely annoying that the only alternative is to walk my horses at a slow pace. I think it would be great for Rockstar to add a toggle speed option or make the horse movement more similar to console controls where you can tap A/X a couple times until you get your desired speed and then just hold A/X to maintain that rate.

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My horse seems to have five speeds out in the wild. Tap shift once for each speed (faster) and tap ctrl once to slow down to another.

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On 11/10/2019 at 6:34 PM, 3erd43 said:

My horse seems to have five speeds out in the wild. Tap shift once for each speed (faster) and tap ctrl once to slow down to another.

Exactly, and if you tab sprint in the same pattern as you hear the hoofs hit the ground, stamina loss is almost non-existent and you can sprint over almost half the map! 😃

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