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[SA] Ped Rework

Recommended Posts


Ped Rework 

Rework of various pedes, with different texture substitutions and much more. 

These skins are created for fun and rework purposes to make the so many skins we encounter for SA different

Skin Released

Swat 2


Beta Swat 2


The original skin is the work of Misha777




I remember that skins are only for the purpose of fun and variation. The main credits go to the authors of it. Mine is just a retexturization job. 




The skins you'll see are just previews, a pack will be released for them. Then following the post, you will find the skin pack. 

Edited by StarGTS
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Swat with second beta skin. I used the beta components in the original skin. Here's the end result. 




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Released two skins. 

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Fam2 rework 

Recolor of the fam2 skin, with blue shirt and gray jeans, a radical change from the classic green. 




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Posted (edited)

Those are not jeans they are still the khakis i could make a version with the jeans if you want StarGTS and btw try to use the ped funcs mod so that new blue shirt fam2 can spawn with the original

link of the mod: https://www.mixmods.com.br/2018/11/PedFuncs.html

Edited by Tiago_The_Gamer96
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