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Equipping satchel-wheel items suddenly harder

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Anyone else noticed that equipping an item from the satchel seems to have become more tricky recently? As if they've made it less sensitive to touch. (Unless I'm too used to the actual game play difference?). 


Perhaps it's because before it was easy to accidentally use an item you didn't intend to on the wheel.  But now you have to hold down the right gearstick longer...



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I've noticed this issue as well and am not a fan. Equipping items (mainly the metal detector for me) used to be able to be done very quickly but now I feel it takes so long to be able to equip it because I'm not used to the change

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Pocket Fox

It's since the last patch, it made the item wheel very unresponsive and laggy.

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Yeah its been annoying me when I try take out a can of food or something in the middle of a gunfight as I'm half dead but I can't get it out on time. So annoying! 

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They finally fixed the camps but messed something else up. Probably gonna take months to fix this one now, it's especially annoying when all I play is Collector.

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It was even worse today, as if they've tried to change it and made it worse xD couldn't even switch to the horse section of the wheel in the first place now :/

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Champion Lion

please how do you make a satchel charge explode?🙏


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