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Main Menu Scene


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To be honest, I don't like to publish something that wasn't finished, but I did nothing in modding for about a year, except this tool(I'm still working on it), and I'm afraid the next year will be the same for me.



Main Menu Scene v.0.9



"Main Menu Scene" gives you the ability to make your own "Main Menu" scenes with custom maps and scripts, if you have enough modding experience. Mod contains simple example in "Ocean View" hotel("Hotel") and an empty menu("Empty").

Mod contains a special ASI loader by DK(winmm.dll), it's important to use it for this version of MMS.

You can also configure MMS in Menu/MainMenuScene.ini


0.9 features:

  • Now you can load the savegames.
  • You can add an almost infinite number of menus and configure the settings file to load random or one exact menu.
  • You can create your menu like with ModLoader - just place all needed files(list of supported files you can find in the ini file) and they will be loaded automatically at the menu startup. And they will be unloaded automatically at the game startup.
  • Just more customization.


Cool story:



I started MMS in 2016. It had some critical problems, so I tried to fix them. And I did it back in late 2016, BUTT!!! Something went wrong, and this mod stopped to work with the actual version of Ultimate ASI Loader. With 3.4 and older - yes, but with more actual versions - no...
I tried to solve this problem with ThirteenAG... long story, but it had no result.


The project was frozen until May 2019, when DK has released his own ASI loader, he permitted me to make it a part of MMS, and I decided to continue the work...
But because of some circumstances, I haven't enough free time, so I decided to post this mod AS IS for those who may be needed this for their mods because I don't know when I'll finish this project.


Actually, it's a quite stable version, the only thing that will be changed in the final 1.0 release - is a few new little features and maybe more menu examples.
Any menus that will be created for this version of MMS will also work in the final 1.0 release.


Just drop "Menu" and "plugins" folders and winmm.dll library into your game folder.
"Hotel" menu scene needs the last version of CLEO library(http://cleo.li).


Known problems:

  • "Heavy" collision models for "Main Menu Scene" cause a game crash when loading a new game. So please don't use them.
  • "Player Skin Setup" menu causes a game crash. That's because the menu uses a different img archive. And that's why this menu was disabled in the menu scene.


BIG thanks to Sektor, xanser, and ThirteenAG for parts of code and necessary memory addresses, and DK for his wonderful ASI loader!





I don't know, what's wrong with GTAGarage(can't submit or edit any file), so it's temporary hosted on my site


This work is not copyrighted, please feel free to modify or distribute.

Some info:


Made by Shagg_E, 2016-2019.
Co-authors: DK, Sector, xanser, ThirteenAG.




Edited by Shagg_E
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  • 1 month later...
57 minutes ago, M. Osborn said:

Wow! Very nice work, man! It brings the same atmosphere of the old Vice City flash-based promo website.

Thanks! Yeah, it was one of the sources of inspiration. But you also can do a lot of other stuff(I'll release a few examples with the 1.0 version of MMS).

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  • 1 month later...

Great idea & definitely one of the coolest mods I've seen. The radio dial even moves, wow...


I assume this plugin only works for VC as it's currently built? Would love to see III & SA support (even IV) for the empty template. I would give a GTA3 menu a try.

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8 hours ago, LCstuntman said:

Great idea & definitely one of the coolest mods I've seen. The radio dial even moves, wow...


I assume this plugin only works for VC as it's currently built? Would love to see III & SA support (even IV) for the empty template. I would give a GTA3 menu a try.

Thank you, but unfortunately I have no free time for III/SA(it's even difficult for me to take the time for VC). But all the sources(with explanations) are inside the archive, so maybe someone will port all this stuff to another game...

Edited by Shagg_E
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  • 2 months later...

Hey @Shagg_E thought i'd show off using your main menu scene mod, we are using it in the next version of back to the Future hill valley, you will ofcourse be credited for your amazing work



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Ofcourse its absolutely genius, thank you so much for your work in the community

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