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No wonder Rockstar doesn't want to support PC from day one.

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I've been reading the thread for a bit and I'm not really one to jump in, but I will say that APB: Reloaded on Xbox One from my personal experience really doesn't feel like it's designed for consoles in mind. According to my stats I've put about 133 hours into it and over that course of time the game has had extremely crappy framerate, like 15fps on average, questionable control schemes that don't feel like a controller was considered and the UI is very "PC-like" which makes it somewhat of a hassle to use. Granted, I don't play on PC much and this stuff is seriously out of my league so take everything I say with a grain of salt.

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4 hours ago, D9fred95 said:

...APB: Reloaded on Xbox One from my personal experience really doesn't feel like it's designed for consoles in mind...

I remember checking that game out many years ago via Steam. From what I remember, it's not what I would have called 'AAA', but I'm sure your experience is legitimate. I have no reason to disbelieve you. What you describe is basically, point for point, the common experience on PC for the last ~decade**.


Despite what another user said several months ago (not Jason), games aren't just designed in the ether, and then plopped onto a market afterward--there are considerations such as you described, plus others including the gameplay sensibilities of the players themselves, that must be taken into account.


** Re: performance, not that it's 15 fps, but that it's considerably worse than it should be. This lack of specific coding and optimization, instead relying on PCs to brute force through the console code, has actually been admitted on at least one occasion (not that something that obvious needed to be).

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