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Still can not launch game !!!


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Ok I have reinstalled 2 times and also did all the little things they mentioned like running as admin aand newest drivers.

When I hit play the launcher crashes and says launcher exited unexpectedly.....

     any ideas >? please ive been working at this for5 hours now....

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I had the same problem , try disabling your anti virus completely this worked for me, before I was just getting a black screen or maybe the rockstar shotgun splash screen but after I disabled my anti virus it worked.

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That happened to me too. Try going into your anti-virus software and turning everything off (firewall, anti-virus etc etc). I have BitDefender and turned off each piece one at a time, then launched the game to see if made a difference. Eventually  I discovered that it was the "Advanced Threat Detection" settings and all I had to do was add RDR2.exe as an exception.

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I had the problem game would crash RS Launcher almost right away. I went to windows update and did a check for updates, although it said I was up to date, i ran it anyways.

it started doing several updates and i tested the game after each reboot and it still crashed the launcher. Finally when it got to " Feature update to Windows 10, version 1903" which took about 20 min to run my game launched flawlessly. 

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Still Wont Launch after the newest updates. Get the same crash or verify errors. Bought and Refunded through Epic Store

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I found a fix for my problem on reddit. Try this: Go to your onedrive documents and delete the rockstar folder. That's it.

Edited by jester77o7
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