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So far, my experience with RDR2 PC has been really enjoyable with a smooth gamplay on high 1080p settings. The graphics are great, but I have noticed some textures do not look great when zoomed in. Take a look at that tree for example. Is it a bug and something is not loading properly or am I expecting too much? Also, I'm running everything on high with tree and texture quality on ultra.



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I changed texture resolution from high to ultra because of the potato textures, definitely there's something broken with the option.

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5 hours ago, VIPΣR said:

I think it has something to do with TAA


Yes, TAA is a must for this game as there quite a few aliased edges, especially in towns on buildings. Using medium is the better option as it doesn't blur so much and keep the sharpening of TAA right up. Using MSAA is much more taxing and FXAA is too weak for the amount of jaggies unless you use 4K. Just a few notes :) 

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Indeed TAA is the best option, when it comes down to sort out those jagged edges while  not being to taxing on the Hardware. But it looks so goddamn blurry, that was my main problem with the PS4 Pro Version. It feels like it adds another low quality layer of foliage to the trees. Looks to "plasticy" for me and washed out.


Currently I am using ingame FXAA, FXAA (nvidia control panel) and MFAA (nvidia control panel). Edges don't look as smooth but screw it. I'd rather have a sharper, crispier and more detailed image. With TAA it feels like it has a layer of fog. 

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I'm using ultra textures and ultra tree quality as well as MSAA 2x and TAA on medium. I also tried turning TAA off to no avail, so I don't think this is an issue. Are the textures normal for you guys? By the way, the location is the camp in chapter one.


Also, take a look a this post. :D




Edited by gregorius11
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