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Stuck at begining


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Completed the first mission, shot the baddies in their camp, and then rode to find the treasure chest. Cannot go anywhere as it all goes out of area and there are no marks on the map where to go next. Just riding around in circles.

Any ideas where I should go please ??

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If you’ve just done the first mission in Chapter 1 it doesn’t let you free roam - if you go too far out of camp your horse will die in the blizzard conditions. You need to complete all the missions in Chapter 1 before free roam.

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Lone Cornflake

I think OP is referring to Online mode, not Story mode.


Because I too am stuck having cleared the camp and found the treasure chest - now I have no markers on the map and just get "leaving mission area" when I try to go anywhere.

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19 minutes ago, Erazor said:

How do I restart the whole story, no option for a fresh game ?

Go into story mode and hit escape to go to the options. Click on story and you'll see the option.

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Just did this thanks and the new game option is greyed out and say 'unable to start new game'. Also there are no saved games either ??? All I can do is resume game and then it is back to where I am stuck.

Must be a bug

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Weird it started working from the begining for no reason ? Now it is doing the first missions correctly

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