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Gold in "Visiting Hours"

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I'm playing this as quick as I can (it's the prison break out mission in chapter 6 if you don't recognise the title), and I'm struggling with both the overall time limit and the reaching the boat in time.


My main question is around whether I should be skipping the cutscenes or not. I have been doing so as if they count towards the time I'm 100% convinced gold would be impossible. That said I got gold on "Do not seek absoluting - I" without skipping the cutscenes, so I wonder if they have made some kind of patch alteration. I have heard a rumour that skipping certain cutscenes might prevent the timer from starting or stopping, but I have no idea if this is true or not.


Any other tips would be welcome. I'm doing a complete replay through, so I have tons of dead eye tonics, getting the accuracy and killing bad guys quickly isn't a problem. Other than cutscene managment, the only thing I can think of that could speed things up is to get your two companions to retreat quicker (I will avoid naming them with a PC release imminent to avoid spoilers. I've noted there are three distinct stages of retreat: 1) over the bridge, 2) through the crops fields, 3) to the boat. I'm unsure what triggers them to move and if I can make them fall back quicker.


I'm planning on adding the golds missions to my 100% completion guide in the main section - this is the first I've become seriously stuck on - will credit anyone who can provide help that gets me over the line.

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Got it.


Also beat the time without skipping the cutscenes, which mean they don’t count towards the time - has that been done by a patch?


Top tips:

Dont wait for Sadie to climb up the tower, run over and snipe the two guards straight away

Shoot the guys to the right of the prison wall after you’ve got your friend out - that triggers the retreat.

know where you’re going and run like hell when your comrades start to fall back. Listen to Sadie as she says when it’s tome to move, which is done in three phases.

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Awful Waffle
On 11/15/2019 at 4:30 PM, Jimbatron said:

Also beat the time without skipping the cutscenes, which mean they don’t count towards the time - has that been done by a patch?

it's just misinformation that has been passed around since the game was first released.

cut scenes have never counted towards the mission timer. never.


some people just got frustrated that they couldn't meet the objectives and were looking for excuses and something to blame other than themselves...

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I think the missions with Timed objectives, they tend to glitch out by skipping cutscenes, especially scenes in the middle of missions.  It's almost as if the timer doesn't start, or just keeps going.  I've done missions in the near exact amount of time skipping scenes, and watching them fully.  More often than not, it would fail me on the time when I skipped the cutscenes.  Not saying it's automatic all the time as I've gotten gold by skipping, it just seems you're more likely to run into bugs by skipping.


Which sucks cause some missions have frustrating times, and longs cutscenes, so having to watch them over, and over again not the most fun.

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Awful Waffle

a bug is a bug.

if the timer is bugged, that sucks. but when it's working correctly? the cutscnes do not count.

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I’m fairly convinced skipping the cutscenes can have either a positive or negative influence depending on the mission. This may not be by design: speculation on my part but possibly sometimes the timer doesn’t start or stop of you skip, or fails to pause if you don’t.


By recent observation and checking my records the only reason I failed the time on “The Course of True Love V” was that I didn’t skip the cutscenes. Conversely with “Visiting Hours” it was impossible to beat the time if I skipped the cutscenes.

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