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Would have you preferred if LCS used licensed music for head radio and lips 106?


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nah because rock/pop sucks.

"Let death take my enemies by surprise; let them go down alive to the grave, for evil finds lodging among them."

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Pistol Bobcat

I'm planning to replay LCS  (again) but using rockstar custom tracks to add my ideal late 90s playlist, something like this.


Garbage: Only happy when it rains

Sheryl Crow: all I wanna do

All Saints: I know where its at

The New Radicals: you get what you give

Nirvana: Come as you Are

No Doubt: Just a Girl

Meredith Brooks: Bitch

Pretty much ANY song by the Fun Lovin Criminals. 😛


As much as I do love rockstars Head Radio and Lips 106, the game sorely lacks that 90s grunge vibe we got from Radio X.

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On 11/3/2019 at 3:00 PM, Duhillestpunk said:

Nah they should’ve used licensed tracks. This game needed a rock station. I mean it would’ve fit the timeline so well.

Imagine if we had tracks like these;


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