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[SERIOUS RP SERVER] OwlGaming Roleplay Community


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Are you looking for a serious roleplay community on Grand Theft Auto V? Well OwlGaming is the perfect choice! OwlGaming has been around since 2014 on the platform known as Multi Theft Auto (a multiplayer platform/mod for GTA SA), and has recently expanded into the GTA V RP scene on the platform known as RageMP (an alternative multiplayer platform for GTA V). OwlGaming uses script made from scratch, featuring spectacular UI and scripts for people who wish to roleplay a legal, illegal or a law enforcement character. We are looking for staff members, factions and players. 

You are able to roleplay whatever your heart desires. Some things that are common and interesting to play as is a blue or white collar worker, a gang or mafia member, law enforcement or even a politician running for office! The limit is truly your imagination, you can build your own empire with fellow players, create factions, work independently or for others, open a store/company, and much more. OwlGaming is currently in beta so it will require your feedback to help it grow.

Important Factors:

  • Original Script
  • Easy to use GUIs/Interface
  • Roleplay for both legal and illegal roleplays
  • Law enforcement
  • Electable government leaders (we use a County Government system, which consists of a council and a County Commissioner, all these people are elected by the players.
  • Finance system
  • Vehicle system
  • Gun and drug system
  • Vehicle modification system

Here's a collection of screenshots of some roleplay done by myself and others recently

And here is a collection of videos made by players and our developers!





Here are some links

Forums: https://forums.owlgaming.net/
Discord: https://discord.gg/6arC2SU (almost 2,000 members!)
RageMP: https://rage.mp/
Social Club Crew: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/owlgamingrp/wall (We don't really use this very often, refer to our forums and Discord!)
OwlGaming RageMP IP:

Questions? Contact me here on forums, comment or hit me up on Discord: DrJoseEvil#1582

Edited by DrJoseEvil
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