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Unhandled Exception

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Hello, I'm new in this forum, and as you can see, english isn't my native language, so sorry for not explaining myself very well.


Context : .


I was playing GTA Vice City as usual, buying assets. I finished the missions for Kaufam Cabs and went to save the game and the game freezed. I closed the game with the task manager and opened it again, loaded the save game and it freezed again in the loading screen ("Please wait" or something like that). I tried to look over google if there was a fix but my bug was:




Unhandled Exception: c0000005

At Address: 00450279




And every fix was for other address. I realized that if I played other savegames or load a new game I could play smoothly, so I loaded one of my previous savegames and continued playing. As I was buying assets, I buyed every single one but the Boatyard, so I went to Viceport and bought it, the cutscene triggered and at the end it freezed again with this error: 




Unhandled Exception: c0000005

At Address: 0040778f




I simply closed it with task manager again and tried to load both copies of my actual savegames but any of them worked again, triggering the first Unhandled Exception.


. : Mods : .


The mods I installed in this GTA were: 

  • Cleo Mod
  • Widescreen fix
  • Fronten Textures
  • ENB Series

I'm pretty sure the error isn't because of some of this mods, and all of them work perfectly.


. : Computer information : .


I play in a notebook/laptop with 4gb Ram, Windows 10 and some AMD Radeon graphic card, I don't remember which one but is fairly useful for games.

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