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[ARCTIC ROLEPLAYS] PC FiveM Based | CUSTOM JOBS | Custom Cars | ELS | Custom Clothes | + Much More!

Recommended Posts



Arctic Roleplays
20+ Custom Jobs | Custom Cars | Custom Resources

We are an upcoming realistic based community with Whitelisted and unwhitelisted roles. We aim to provide civilians with as much interaction as possible with a balance economy and criminal/legal working system. We offer upwards of 9 different Law Enforcement divisions ranging from General Duties through to NOOSE and FBI


Currently Hiring

  • RTO's - We're looking for Experienced Training officers to lead our Police and EMS recruits
  • LSPD - Los Santos Police Department is responsible for all that happens in the city
  • BCSO - Blaine County Sheriffs Office is responsible for all that is north of the city
  • SERT (Special Emergency Response Team)
  • FBI/Internal Affairs - FBI/IA are responsible for all management of the LEO Departments
  • Civilians - Anyone can join this role as it is not whitelisted


Our LSPD Division has access to 5 different ranking vehicles to get their job done. You are provided with a basic set of weapons after going through training and set off to patrol the streets. There are currently Senior Supervisory Roles available within our LSPD Department. Anyone can be moved into/apply for these roles.

The LSPD ranks are not Admin locked. Anyone can enter into any rank without having Administrator permissions/roles. Have your heart set on Chief of Police? Work hard enough you may make it!

The BCSO Department is where most of our policing resources go. They have access to a wide range of vehicles and jobs. Bail bonds, warrant servings, General Policing, Prison management, Highway Patrol, HELO and Rescue Services. It's a big task with a lot of space to manage and enforce the law. Sandy Shores and surroundings has a thriving community with it's own jobs, dealership and banks.

The BSCO has 5 different internal Policing Ranks, they each branch out to a further 2 ranks for each position into our other offered divisions.


FBI / Internal Affairs

The FBI and Internal Affairs has its own set of vehicles and weapons. Investigation and dealing with high profile criminals and the newly acquired Gang Task Force. It is the job of the FBI to ensure the Rebels, Mafia and Gang groups are playing by the cities rules. 
Raid homes, bust drug operations, engage in large scale warrant and arrest operations plus much more!
This is a high intensity role that requires a lot of mental capacity. You will be tasked with predicting criminal movements and investigation criminal activities through either surveillance or going into the heart of some organisations.


Based off the North West Freeway, the SERT team is the heaviest of departments. They're called in for Bank Robberies, high class raids and large scale events. With access to high powered weapons, helicopters and other vehicles to ensure the safety of our citizens. This is a newly acquired department and is still undergoing testing/revisals


Medical and Fire

Have your heart set on our Medical and Fire Departments? Want to work from the hospital providing surgeries or be out on the streets in one of our ambulance of fly vehicles? Enter into our supply chain for Morphines, Cadeines, Bandages and other Pharmaceutical items. You are the cities saviours; the role isn't without it's hardships. Most often severely understaffed and over work, it's up to you to ensure everyone is being attended to and dealt with.



Visit our discord and more information to either join or apply for one of our whitelisted roles. We are a constantly evolving community still undergoing some serious changed. If you're looking to get into our high ranking roles then now would be a great time to apply.


DISCORD: https://discord.gg/7KV8EKA
WEBSITE: https://arcticrp.weebly.com

SOCIAL CLUB: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/-1a27-/wall

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