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There are more hidden horse stats

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There are more hidden horse stats.

We all know about the hidden courage stat. I believe that stay is quantifiable with gunfights but that hunting is the same for most horses, or that's a separate hidden state of just 3 levels.


There are however at least to other hidden stats that nobody has yet mentioned.


The first is the hidden health stat.

The description tells a bit about it, but there's no correlating bar. I tested it myself using oil lamps and timing how long it takes for each horse race to burn to death. and yes, I felt like a monster for this.. But I just had to know! A Dutch Warmblood, Belgian Draft and Missouri Foxtrotter lasted very long. 40 seconds before they collapsed. Tried it with 2 DW and same result. Morgans and Kentucky Saddlers died within 10 seconds. Tried it twice with a Morgan. All horses had bonding level 1.


The other hidden star I believe is snow tolerance. A Mustang hates snow! They drain their stamina extremely fast, and make cries of suffering the whole time.

I am actually curious to what horse is the most snow tolerant. I figure Arabians because you find one there. If others, please share.


I hope via this thread we can get some clarity in horse performance with the least amount of anecdotal evidence. (or at least separate the anecdotal from the measured)


Let's find the best horse for thing the game doesn't make concrete. The best Hunting horse, the best Snow horse, the best Damage tank.


Thanks for your particiopation :)




Horse bonding goes very fast if you ride slow with it.




Edited by FrancisMcReary
Added PS

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I'm embarressed for not thinking about this, and not knowing the hidden stats. I prefer arabians because of their speed and stamina, but they spook easily and aren't the best war horses. I have three arabians now, and my black stallion definately hates snow. I also thought that arabians were OK with snow and cold, but clearly not. I guess cold blooded horses, as drafts, would have higher tolerance for cold and snow, as in real life?


Though arabians are less suited for war, my opinion is that they are the best horses in RDR2, for sure. The Turkoman is a good option, but somehow I didn't like it :p 

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Posted (edited)
On 10/30/2019 at 1:42 AM, FrancisMcReary said:

I hope via this thread we can get some clarity in horse performance with the least amount of anecdotal evidence.

Anecdotal Evidence: Some horses are faster in snow than others.


Most of these observations have been made in online play, but I just ran a test in story mode on a Turkoman and Fox Trotter I had tested online and got matching results. 


The initial observation was that the Black Arabian I was riding seemed surprisingly fast on the trails that are heavily laden by snow, as indicated by the familiar cadence of a full speed gallop compared to the lumbering lope of other horses that get bogged down when the snow is deep.


Semi-Objective Measure - using a stopwatch on Windows. I must reach to start and stop it, but it's consistent enough to show a dramatic difference.

The route is between the end of the marked trail near Adler's Ranch to the small bridge just before Colter, starting from a dead stop.

The extra speed kicks in after 30 seconds of heavy spurring, right when this route starts to get complex.


Of the horses tested, all three Arabians and the Gold (online) and Silver (story) Turkoman ran the course in about 1:07. 

None of the other Multi or Work class breeds tested have shown the same speed, clocking in within a couple of seconds of 1:23.

I'll continue testing and will update if I find something interesting.


Other Factors: 


For now I'm sticking to the trails as best I can, and not testing for extra speed in off-trail snow. (Update: Works off-trail too.)


A test with a low level Tennessee Walker showed an increase in speed right at the end of the course. Further testing suggested that very low stamina (less than 20%) was influencing the test. Fortunately this is a short course so stamina can be managed with good saddles, frequent calming or tonics.


Since all 3 Arabians and both tested Turkomans showed the same snow ability I'm working on the premise that this property applies to all horses in the breed. So for now I'm running my tests on the cheapest horse in each breed.


Update: Arabians and Turkomans. Everything else failed the test.

Edited by OrionSR

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