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Biggest tv ever -292 inch

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5 hours ago, Serg14 said:

(what pc specs do you need for that tv).

it doesnt matter what size the screen is, only the resolution. someone correct me if im wrong, but if its 8K probably no computer would, it would probably need multiple display port / HDMI cables and that is still a mess right now.





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This "TV" is probably not ment for personal use. And it is not for gaming, maybe it is for shows outside or as meeting screen in a big meeting room. For public viewing it would be good. For gaming? That's nonsense.

For GTA5 in 8k ultra with nice and stable framerate you'll need a liquid oxygen cooled 100.000$ handmade laboratory computer. People often forget about the close relationship between resolution (not size in inch!) and hardware for rendering.

It's alot of advertising with all those huge TVs. If you need it and if you can feed it with proper signals is the question. We're the Full HD generation, 4k and 8k is still to come due to immensive powerful hardware and/or bandwidth.

Even the best TV signals are not ready for that step away from Full HD. Not to mention high class HDR and things like that. I think 8k would be also far to less for such size. For a sharp gaming picture you'll need more than 8k with that size.

Look, 292" means 7,4 m - that means about 1100 pixels per meter (in 8k, ignore the diagonal). 1100 pixels per meter is not much. I was used to play in Full HD on half the size which means almost 2000 pixels per 1/2 meter. You see, this TV is not ment for gaming because is doesn't fit the criteria for a gaming monitor. Just to look at it, you must have to step back about 20 meters. This thing is bigger than my whole appartment room.

Edited by NaidRaida
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Damn negative 292 inches


Is that a black hole or something

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